Important Longboarding Tips for Beginners

Important Longboarding Tips for Beginners

Beginning longboarding can be a challenging task, as there are variable styles and types of longboards to choose from. However in this guide we go over the most important longboarding tips for beginners. This is the best guide, that you should prepare with, as many longboarders will take to the hills without the knowledge of […]

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How Fast Are Longboards

How Fast Are Longboards?

Longboards are awesome and entertaining methods of transportation. Although in comparison to other methods of commuting, how fast are longboards? Typically, longboards are known to be much faster than their skateboard counterpart, due to large wheels and wheelbase. So how fast can you go on a longboard? It is known whilst cruising, you average between […]

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Measure Your BMX Handlebars

How to Measure Your BMX Handlebars

One hurdle you may experience when upgrading your bike, is how to measure your BMX handlebars. This is because you’ll want to have suitable size for your bike setup. If you have handlebars that are too large or small, it can lead to great discomfort and lack of control of your BMX, in comparison to […]

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What Are The Best BMX Handlebars For You?

What Are The Best BMX Handlebars For You?

Whilst searching for better parts so that you can upgrade your BMX , you may be wondering what are the best BMX handlebars for you. This can be a challenging, as there are so many different types off BMX handlebars on the market, which offer many benefits to your riding style in order to enhance […]

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How To Adjust BMX Handlebars

How To Adjust BMX Handlebars

If you’re a regular BMX rider, you’ll know that one of the most vital components to a BMX is the handlebars. This means knowing how to adjust BMX handlebars is essential. If you’re looking to replace your handlebars, then knowing how to re-position them correctly is important. Its essential to position your handlebars parallel to […]

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How Wide Should BMX Handlebars Be?

How Wide Should BMX Handlebars Be?

When considering the purchase of new handlebars for either an upgrade or a replacement, one question will always strike to your mind. How wide should BMX handlebars be? This is because you want a set of handlebars that keep you comfortable and able to ride your style type, as some BMX handlebars can be either […]

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How To Stop BMX Handlebars From Moving

How To Stop BMX Handlebars From Moving

One problem among riders is that they notice that your BMX handlebars become loose. This can be frustrating, as you want to stop BMX handlebars from moving. Without proactively going to stop your BMX handlebars from moving, this can make tricks difficult. This happens because you haven’t fitted the bar securely on the stem. Another […]

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How To Remove The BMX Stem

How To Remove The BMX Stem

Many riders who have been riding for a while may get the urge to upgrade their BMX stem. To begin upgrading your stem, you’ll firstly need to remove the BMX stem. There are different types of BMX stems that you can upgrade with, so be confident on the type you wish to choose. By upgrading […]

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Top Load Or Front Load BMX Stem

Should You Use A Top Load Or Front Load BMX Stem

If you’re a new BMX rider who is looking to build their own bike setup, you may be questioning whether you should use a top load or front load BMX stem? When trying to decide between a front load or top load BMX stem, you should consider their beneficial attributes and drawbacks. If you want […]

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Different Types Of BMX Stems

What Are The Different Types Of BMX Stems?

Arguably the most vital component of a setup, is a BMX’s stem. Whilst searching for the most suitable BMX stems, you need to ensure that the one you choose provides excellent balance whilst riding. Before choosing a BMX stem for your bike, you should be informed on specifications and types of BMX stems that exist, […]

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Pivotal BMX Seat

How Does Pivotal BMX Seat Work?

Pivotal BMX seats are one of many different types of seat post filaments. This refers to the component that connects the seat post to the BMX saddle. One of most common and best types of BMX seat filaments is the pivot BMX seat. Pivotal seats have a moulded seatpost with adjustment grooves, where the saddle […]

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Why Are BMX Seats So Low?

Why Are BMX Seats So Low?

When you first begin to get involved with BMX bikes, you may notice that there are certain aspects to them which are different to conventional bikes. One of those aspects is that their BMX seats are low, there are many reasons for this, which include their purposes originating from a racing background. Additionally, BMX riders […]

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BMX Bike Saddle Tilted Back

Why is BMX Bike Saddle Tilted Back?

You may notice after trying out your friend’s BMX’s, that riders have different preferences when it comes to their BMX seat’s position. This is because most riders prefer their BMX bike saddle tilted back. Typically, this can be due to a rider’s riding style or stance, however having your BMX bike saddle tilted back alleviates […]

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Different Types Of BMX Saddles

What are the Different Types of BMX Saddles ?

BMX saddles are one of the most essential components to a bike. Although, distinguishing between the correct type to use is difficult, as there are so many types of them. If you wish to find the best BMX saddles online today for beginners and experienced riders, you can check them out here. However to guide […]

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Is Longboarding Safe To Do?

Is Longboarding Safe To Do?

Before discussing the area of ‘is longboarding safe to do’, its important to understand the difference between a longboard and a skateboard. This is because of a longboard’s larger length and dimensions, which makes it more stable. This leads to beginners preferring to begin with a longboard, as its stability is better and its easier […]

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best floor for roller skating

What Is The Best Type of Floor is for Roller Skating?

Many newbies to roller skating have trouble finding spots to have a session, so it may lead them to be looking at the what type of floor is best for roller skating? Or alternatively know which surfaces may be preferential them. To construct the best area for roller skating, the surface of the floor is […]

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Difference Between Longboard and Skateboard

What Is the Difference Between Longboard and Skateboard?

A lot of newbies can be confused around the discussion of what is the difference between a longboard and skateboard, as they share a surprising amount of properties. Interestingly, longboards are an actual variation of skateboards, as essentially its a longer skateboard deck. There are many manufacturers that design these boards in different shapes and […]

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Best Longboard Deck

The Best Longboard Deck 2020

Finding the best longboard deck can be time-consuming, as there are so many attributes which can effect your performance, such as deck dimensions and shape designs. The best longboard deck is the Loaded Boards Bhangra Deck, as its durable and has a two vertical core design that promotes stability for commute skating. In this article […]

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Best Longboard Brands

The Best Longboard Brands 2020

If you’re new to longboarding, you may be searching for guidance on the best longboard brands. This is why we’ve created a guide on the best brands for you to use, in order to buy the perfect longboard for your skating style. If you have been reading our guide on the best beginners longboard, this […]

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Best Skateboard YouTube Channel

The Best Skateboard YouTube Channels 2020

Finding the ultimate skateboard YouTube channel can be difficult as there are so many creators online, all with their own skating styles and unique forms of content creation. Thousands of skating videos are posted everyday, so we’ve created a list on the best skateboard YouTube channels, based on popularity and entertainment value! To narrow down […]

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How To Become A Pro BMX Rider

How To Become A Pro BMX Rider

So many riders these days in the BMX industry always ask the same question, is there a guide on how to become a pro BMX rider? The short answer is no, otherwise everyone would be a pro BMX rider, although we’ve complied some advice from pro and amateur BMX riders for some guidance. It is […]

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Best BMX YouTube Channels

The Best BMX YouTube Channels For BMX Lovers

The best BMX YouTube channels can be challenging to find online! There are a huge amount of videos posted everyday, so its hard find the best ones! So we’ve created a list of the best and most popular BMX YouTubers, that produce the most creative videos out there! These are both riders from the UK […]

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Best BMX Sponsors

The Best BMX Sponsors

Becoming sponsored by BMX sponsors is one of the highest accolades you can achieve as a BMX rider. This is because you get paid or given free products for BMXing. To make your life easier, we’ve complied a list of BMX brands that are seeking out riders and have a reputation of bringing regular and […]

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How To Become A Pro Skater

How To Become A Pro Skater

Many people who are industry always ask is there a simple guide on how to become a pro skater? Well put simply, there’s no correct answer, but we’ve interviewed some pro skaters and have done research to give you a simple guide on how to become a pro skater. It’s essential to understand what a […]

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Best Skateboard Sponsor

The Best Skateboard Sponsor

Having a skateboard sponsor is one of the best achievements that you can reach as a skater. This is because you get free stuff for your setup and clothing, along with other perks. Although to become a sponsored skater, you need to have a great skill set and in this day in age a following […]

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Best Cheap Longboard

The Best Cheap Longboard 2020

Finding the best cheap longboard can difficult, as you’re trying to find an affordable longboard that maintains high performance standards and great build quality. The best cheap longboard is the Quest Super Cruiser, as it’s an affordable longboard which has high performance capabilities and an impressive build quality. Within this article are the best recommendations […]

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Best Beginners Longboard

The Best Beginners Longboard 2020

As a new starter, finding the best beginners longboard can be challenging. This is because you’re new to the sport and don’t know the importance of a deck, trucks or wheels. The best beginners longboard is the Minority Longboard, as it uses high-grade components, which gift the longboard with unrivalled performance standards for its price. […]

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Best Carving Longboard

The Best Carving Longboard 2020

A carving longboard is by far one of the most popular forms of longboarding, as it replicates surfing or snowboarding, whereby you can carve down a street or a path. The best carving longboard is the Loaded Boards Icarus, as it is created for snowboard style carving and has drop-through truck mounting design for stability […]

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Best Drop Through Longboard

The Best Drop Through Longboard 2020

A drop through longboard is designed for agility and speed, which makes them ideal for downhill racing and freestyle riding, as they tend to be more responsive to leverage. The best drop through longboard is the Atom Drop Through Longboard, this is because of its low-profile design which ensures high-grade stability for downhill racing. In […]

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Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

The Best Skateboard Wrist Guards 2020

Skateboard wrist guards are important pieces of safety gear. Similar to slide gloves and helmets they protect you against injury, if you fall off whilst skating or longboarding. The best skateboard wrist guards are the 187 Killer Pads Skateboard Wrist Guards, as they have a contoured design for a comfortable fit and have thick splint […]

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Best Padded Shorts For Skating

The Best Padded Shorts For Skating 2020

Padded shorts for skating can make a massive difference in terms of obtaining or preventing an injury whilst skating to your hips, thighs and wishbone area of your body. The best padded shorts for skating are the Triple Eight Bumsaver Shorts, as they provide substantial protection, whilst fitting comfortably and discreetly under clothing. Down below […]

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Best Downhill Longboard

The Best Downhill Longboard 2020

Downhill longboarding is a type of style where you try to maximise your speed on a downhill longboard, which means that you’ll need a solid design and setup for acceleration. The best downhill longboard is the Minority Downhill Longboard, as it’s a great all-rounder in terms of performance standards and its an affordable setup for […]

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Best Longboard For Cruising

The Best Longboard For Cruising 2020

Searching for the best longboard for cruising can be difficult, as there are so many variations of longboards that are suitable for different skaters, styles and environments. The best longboard for cruising is the Quest Super Cruiser, as it is an exceptionally versatile longboard due to its high quality components, such as its super-flex bamboo deck. […]

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Best Longboard Backpack

The Best Longboard Backpack 2020

Finding an awesome longboard backpack makes transporting  your longboard much more convenient. This is because they produce multipurpose backpacks that have additional straps, so that your can carry your longboard with you. The best longboard backpack is the Burton Kilo, as it has a large capacity at 27 liters, along with an ergonomic shoulder harness […]

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Best Longboard Lighting

The Best Longboard Lighting 2020

Finding the perfect setup for your longboard lighting can be a challenging task, however finding a set that provides you with excellent battery life and lighting performance can improve your safety and ability to see further. The best longboard lighting is the Board Blazers Longboard Lighting, as they have a long battery lifespan of 30 […]

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Best Shoes For Longboarding

The Best Shoes For Longboarding 2020

Searching for best shoes for longboarding can be a difficult job to do, as finding a pair that provides you with mobility, comfort and flexibility can be a hard challenge. The best shoes for longboarding are the Nike Stefan Janoski’s, as they have a stylish low-profile silhouette and air-cushioned mid-soles to offer you protection and […]

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Best Longboard Bearings

The Best Longboard Bearings For Speed 2020

Longboard bearings can have a profound effect on the performance and agility of your longboard, as they can be constructed from many materials and have various standards. The best longboard bearings are the Bones Red Longboard Bearings, as they are affordable and have a high-speed Nylon ball retainer for exceptional speed and strength. Within this […]

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Best Longboard Slide Gloves

The Best Longboard Slide Gloves 2020

Longboard slide gloves are essential accessories to have, for riders who skate and slide down steep hills. Moreover, they can give you confidence that you’re able to stop safely.   The best longboard slide gloves are the Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves, as they have reinforced Kevlar fingertips for swift mobility, whilst maintaining protection. Down below […]

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Best Longboard Helmet

The Best Longboard Helmet 2020

Having the best longboard helmet is incremental for your safety and protection from any serious injuries, without protection potential injuries could be life-changing. The best longboard helmet is the Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet, as it offers full face protection, as well as being CPSC and ASTM safety certified to guarantee their safety. In this […]

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Best Longboard Trucks

The Best Longboard Trucks For Carving & Downhill 2020

Searching for the best longboard trucks for carving and downhill can be challenging, as small factors such as material construction and axle width can effect your control. The best longboard trucks are the Paris V3 Longboard Trucks, as they’re highly compatible for variable boards and  are constructed from T6 heat treatment steel alloy. Down below […]

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Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising

The Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising 2020

Longboard wheels for cruising can be hard to come by, but they’re essential for ensuring a smooth ride. Moreover it is important that they’re able to tackle rough terrains too. The best longboard wheels for cruising are the Orangatang In Heat Wheels, as they’re produced from high-strength Urethane and have a large diameter for an […]

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Best Longboard Grip Tape

The Best Longboard Grip Tape 2020

Longboard grip tape is an essential part of your setup, that allows you to maintain grip onto your deck. Great grip tape can aid your style of skating, whilst helping keep your balance. The best longboard grip tape is the Black Diamond Grip, as it provides a highly rated 80 grit coarse carbide silicon for […]

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Benefits Of Rollerblading

The Top Ten Benefits Of Rollerblading

Before diving into a new sport, it’s good to evaluate them to see how they can effect your life in a more positive manner. So we’ve decided to create the top ten amazing benefits of rollerblading, to encourage you to buy a pair! Although rollerblading is not a conventional sport such as baseball or football, […]

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Is Motocross Dangerous

Is Motocross Riding A Dangerous Sport?

Is motocross riding dangerous? The short answer is yes, it can be a dangerous sport, but you can minimise your risk to injury and accidents greatly. The sport of motocross riding began to pick up steam in the early 1990’s and is world renowned for being a mentally and physically demanding sport. In the sport […]

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Best Dirt Bike Helmet Brands

The Best Dirt Bike Helmet Brands 2020

Whether you’re a new or experienced dirt biker, you know its important to ride with a helmet for your own protection and safety. Due to the over-saturated market, it can be difficult to find the best dirt bike helmet brands, as many are designed for specific people and riding styles. You may of read articles […]

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Best Kids Dirt Bikes

The Best Kids Dirt Bikes 2020

If you’re part of a family and you’re keen to get your kids into dirt biking, then you’re probably going be looking for the best kids dirt bikes. In this article will be a basic guide on the best dirt bikes for kids who have different skill sets and abilities. You may have read our […]

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Best Beginners Dirt Bike

The Best Beginners Dirt Bike 2020

If you are new to motocross or adventure riding, then you are probably searching for a guide for the best beginners dirt bike. Within this article is a basic guide on the best dirt bikes out there for new starts of variable abilities, to assist you to find the perfect one! If you have been […]

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Best Dirt Bike Gearbox Oil

The Best Dirt Bike Gearbox Oil 2020

Dirt bike gearbox oil is an additive to your transmission which protects it and transfer cases. Moreover, it keeps your gearbox protected from contaminates and avoids corrosion. The best dirt bike gearbox oil is the Maxima Premium Gear Oil, as it has innovative high-shear strength polymers, thus provides long-lasting protection for your transmission. Below is […]

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Best Motorcycle Wheel Cleaner

The Best Wheel Cleaner For Motorcycles 2020

A wheel cleaner for motorcycles makes detailing your bike much easier to do, as they have special formulations that are specifically developed to dissolve brake dust and dirt. The best wheel cleaner for motorcycles is the Adam’s Polishes Wheel Cleaner, as it has a special formula to remove layers of dirt to leave you with […]

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Best Motorcycle Air Filter Oil

The Best Motorcycle Air Filter Oil 2020

Motorcycle air filter oil can have a huge effect on your air filter’s air flow performance, in addition to that they also prevent harmful particles from effecting your engine. The best motorcycle air filter oil is the Maxima Motorcycle Air Filter Oil Treatment, as it has a new Polymer formula, which allows for 4% – […]

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Dirt Bike Goggle Guide

How To Choose The Correct Dirt Bike Goggles

Choosing dirt bike goggles is important as you need to protect your eyes from dirt, flying rocks and dust. Up until the best few years, the choices between brands and type of dirt bike goggles have been limited, although these days there has be an advancement in innovation. Dirt bike goggles now have over the […]

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Top 5 Dirt Bike Riding Tips

Top 5 Dirt Bike Riding Tips For New Starters

Riding dirt bikes and motocross is a hugely popular and forever growing sport. We’ve had some sketchy experiences through doing whiskey throttles and crashes whilst progressing our skill set, which is why dirt bike riding tips are important for beginners. Due to the variety of different riding styles and sports types such as trials, supercross, […]

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Greatest Motocross Riders Of All Time

Top Ten Greatest Motocross Riders Of All Time

Trying to create the best definitive list of the worlds greatest motocross riders of all time is extremely difficult, although we’ve decided to tackle it through their championship wins and accolades in motocross. We have taken into consideration factor such as riders who have been out due to injury, or in certain circumstance have retired […]

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Dirt Bike Chain Lubricant

How To Clean A Dirt Bike Chain

Maintaining your dirt bike is important, as if you look after your dirt bike, it’ll look after you on the trails. Knowing how to clean a dirt bike chain is an important aspect of up-keep and maintenance with your dirt bike. Cleaning your dirt bike chain is actually really simple and will only take you […]

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Best Wheel Brush For Motorcycles

The Best Wheel Brush For Motorcycles 2020

Motorcycle wheels are the most time consuming and menial parts of washing a bike. A wheel brush for motorcycles can be more effective and speed up this process. The best wheel brush for motorcycles is the Adam’s Polishes Wheel Woolie. This is because it has a large length reach and has a 45 degrees angled […]

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Best Bug Remover For Motorcycles

The Best Bug Remover For Motorcycles 2020

Bug splatter can be a problem in regards to marking and damaging you motorcycles bodywork. Bug remover for motorcycles is an effective solution when it comes removing it and preventing bugs and dirt from sticking. The best big remover for motorcycles is the McKee’s 37 Bug Remover, as it effectively removes bugs and debris without […]

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Best Motorcycle Dryer Blower

The Best Motorcycle Dryer Blower 2020

Using a drying towel to wipe your motorcycle dry, can be potentially dangerous as it can damage the paint. Alternatively you can use a motorcycle dryer blower, which can remove the water without marking the bodywork. The best motorcycle dryer blower is the Metro Vacuum Masterblaster. This is down to its punchy motor that delivers […]

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Best Vegan Skateboard Shoes

The Best Vegan Skateboard Shoes 2020

Vegan skateboard shoes are an alternative to skate shoes that use materials such as leather. Whilst being vegan, it’s important to offer great comfort and flexibility still. The best vegan skateboard shoes are the Adidas Originals Vegan Adiease. This is down to its grippy vulcanized out-sole for precise board feel and canvas upper for breath […]

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Best Motorcycle Solar Battery Charger

The Best Motorcycle Solar Battery Charger 2020

A motorcycle solar battery charger is the best method to charge your battery. Opposed to a traditional charger, it wont need an AC outlet and uses sunlight to charge the battery. The best motorcycle solar battery charger is the Battery Tender Solar, that is available in 5, 10 or 15 watt power choices and uses […]

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Best Skateboard Tool

The Best All In One Skateboard Tool 2020

A skateboard tool is an extremely useful accessory to carry around. This is because it can help you repair or maintain your setup to ensure its performing properly. The best skateboard tool is M Merkapa All in One Skate Tool. This is because it offers a huge range of tools to use and has an […]

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Best Skateboard Wax

The Best Skateboard Wax 2020

Skateboard wax is a common accessory that skaters carry around, as when its applied to a curb or rail it makes it easier to grind along them with less friction. The best skateboard wax is the Bones Rat Wax. This is because it has a unique wax blend that maximises slide-ability and has an extremely […]

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Best Skateboard Rack

The Best Skateboard Rack & Stands 2020

A Skateboard rack is a practical method of storing your skateboards safely in your home, whilst keeping dirty wheels away from marking your walls and furniture. The best skateboard rack is the StoreYourBoard Skateboard Rack. This is because it is produced from a durable ABS plastic and can store multiple skateboards. Down below is an […]

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Best Motorcycle Lift Table

The Best Motorcycle Lift Tables 2020

A motorcycle lift table is a motorcycle enthusiasts dream tool in the garage. This is because a lift table keeps your bike in a elevated position for repairs, making it easier to work on. The best motorcycle lift table is the APlusLift MT1500 Motorcycle Lift Table. This is because its offers the best mobility with […]

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Best Motorcycle Jack Lift Stand

The Best Motorcycle Jack Lift Stands 2020

A Motorcycle jack lift stand is becoming ever more important these days in garages. This is because they help you with lifting your motorcycle easily, so that you can work on it. The best motorcycle jack lift stand is the Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Lift Jack. This is because it is the most user-friendly and high-lifting […]

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Best Motorcycle Paddock Stands

The Best Motorcycle Paddock Stands 2020

A motorcycle paddock stand is a garage essential. This is because it lifts the rear wheel off the ground, making it easier to maintain the left side of the motorcycle. The best motorcycle paddock stand is the Extreme Max. This is due to it’s versatile maximum wheel width limits and its rubber padding to prevent […]

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Should You Wear Earplugs On A Motorcycle

Should I Wear Ear Protection While Riding A Motorcycle?

Numerous motorcyclists are quick to purchase boots, gloves and helmets to protect themselves from potential injuries from accidents. Although they seem to overlook progressive problems that can arise from riding such as hearing loss, which can be prevented through the usage of ear protection. It is likely that you will damage your hearing due to […]

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Best Motorcycle Leather Cleaner and Conditioners

The Best Motorcycle Leather Cleaner And Conditioner 2020

A motorcycle leather cleaner and conditioner can go a long way when it comes to protecting your motorcycle seat against UV damage and providing you with a shine. The best motorcycle leather cleaner and conditioner is the Meguiar’s. This can be down to its incredible blend of moisturizer and nutrients to produce supple leather. Below […]

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Best Motorcycle Earplugs

The Best Motorcycle Earplugs 2020

Motorcycle earplugs are incredibly essential when it comes to protecting your hearing from loud noise exposure, which prevents problems such as tinnitus from developing. The best motorcycle earplugs are the Eargasm High Fidelity Motorcycle Earplugs. This is because they have a discreet design and are comfortable for prolonged wear. Below is a article based with […]

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Best Motorcycle Face Mask

The Best Motorcycle Face Mask 2020

A motorcycle face mask can be useful piece of clothing, that can keep you comfortable and protected from the elements whilst riding in colder climates. The best motorcycle face mask is the Grace Folly Half Face Mask. This is down to its angled nose for breath-ability and Velcro for easy fitting around the contours of […]

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BMX Riding Stance

BMX Riding Stance | Regular Or Goofy Riding Style

BMX riding stance can be a useful bit of knowledge to understand before you start to under go attempting some tricks. Although the foot stance you ride with is rarely thought about, especially outside BMX riding. If you’re on a daily commute, your riding stance is of little importance to you. However for a BMX […]

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Skateboarding In The Rain

Is It Bad To Skateboard In The Rain?

Skateboarding outdoors whilst its raining is not the best idea or situation to be involved in. This is because your skateboard deck is produced from wood, which will absorb the rain water. Moreover the skate bearings do not perform well whilst being wet from water. Unless it is an emergency situation, you should not skate […]

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Best Motorcycle Horn

The Best Motorcycle Horn 2020

A motorcycle horn is a critical bit of safety gear as it may prevent you from getting into an accident. This is because they’re used alert people of your presence on the road. The best motorcycle horn is the FIAMM Freeway Blaster. This is due to it’s durable design with a corrosion resistant steel housing, […]

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Best Motorcycle Wax

The Best Motorcycle Wax 2020

After you have used a motorcycle polish to clean and remove defects on your motorcycle, you’ll want to protect it and increase the shine. To do this, you will need a motorcycle wax kit, that can be applied to clean the surface of your motorcycle by hand or machine polisher. The best motorcycle wax is […]

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Best Motorcycle Chain Lube

The Best Motorcycle Chain Lube 2020

Motorcycle chain lube is an important additive which can improve the performance of your drive-chain greatly. They also protect against rust & corrosion by repelling water. The best motorcycle chain lubricant Maxima Chain Wax. This can be down to its properties which provide superior lubrication for all types of chains and extends their lifespan. Down […]

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Best Motorcycle Tank Bag

The Best Motorcycle Tank Bag 2020

A motorcycle tank bag is a useful accessory that any rider can have mounted to their motorcycle for commuting, as you’ll be able to transport items with ease & securely. The best motorcycle tank bag is the Coleman Magnetic. This is because it has super strong magnets that are scratch resistant against paint, and has […]

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Best Motorcycle Exhaust Heat Wrap

The Best Motorcycle Exhaust Heat Wrap 2020

A motorcycle exhaust heat wrap is an essential piece of kit, when it comes to improving performance and reducing vibration from your exhaust system on your motorcycle. The best motorcycle exhaust heat wrap is the ARTR Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap. This is because it withstands temperatures of 1800°F and is a universal fit for any […]

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Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket For Protection

The Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket For Protection 2020

Searching online for the best leather motorcycle jacket can be a difficult task, as there are so many variations and brands that can offer you great attributes! Down below is a guide on the best leather motorcycle jackets online, along with suggested brands that may be suited to you. Areas that we have analysed are: […]

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Best Soft Panniers For Adventure Motorcycles

The Best Soft Panniers For Adventure Motorcycles 2020

Soft panniers for adventure motorcycles can be important attributes, especially considering their helpful attributes & benefits of carrying gear whilst travelling long distances. The best soft pannier for adventure motorcycles is the Nelson-Rigg Sierra Dry. This is due to it’s build quality, because it is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. Down below is an article on […]

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Best Dirt Bike Engine Oil

The Best Dirt Bike Engine Oil 2020 : 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke

Dirt bike engine oil is a necessary lubricant to regularly change for you bike. This is due their special additives that are designed to maintain the engine. The best dirt bike engine oil is the Maxima Castor 927 oil. This is because its biodegradable and is suited for unleaded & leaded fuels. In the article […]

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Best Motocross Neck Brace

The Best Motocross Neck Brace 2020

A motocross neck brace is a necessity when it comes to riding safely on your dirt bike. This is because they prevent any injuries to your collarbone or neck.  The best motocross neck brace is the Leatt DBX 6.5. This is due to its innovative ‘MaxiWeave’ Carbon matrix design for increased rigidity and light-weight. Below in […]

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Best Dirt Bike Knee Guards

The Best Dirt Bike Knee Guards 2020

Dirt bike knee guards are necessary components of a motocross rider’s gear, as it provides them with substantial protection whilst riding in challenging conditions. The best dirt bike knee guard is the Fox Racing Titan Pro. This is due to them being a market leader with their dual pivoting bio-mechanical hinge design. In this article […]

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Best Dirt Bike Knee Braces

The Best Dirt Bike Knee Braces 2020

Dirt bike knee braces are incremental for riders who are looking to prevent ACL and MCL injury, through hyper-extension during high impacts. The best dirt bike knee braces are the Leatt C-Frame’s. This is because the chassis has impressive hyper extension limitations for ACL injury potential. Down below in the article is an informative list […]

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Best Gear Bags For Dirt Bikes

The Best Dirt Bike Gear Bags 2020

Dirt bike gear bags are practical accessories for riders who like to travel cross-country, with their motocross gear. They can have various benefits, for different situations. The best dirt bike gear bag is the Fox Racing Podium Cota. This is because its offers a suitable amount of space for all of your gear, at a […]

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Best Dirt Bike Grips

The Best Dirt Bike Grips 2020

Dirt bike grips are essential for a riders comfort and control whilst riding. Grips can offer variable patterns with benefits for different styles of riding. The best dirt bike grips are the Renthal G091’s. This is because they come in variable patterns for comfort needs & riding styles, as well as optional color choices. In […]

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Best Hydration Packs For Dirt Bikes

The Best Hydration Packs For Dirt Bikes 2020

Dirt bike hydration packs are important pieces of gear when it comes to keeping a rider cool & comfortable in warm climates. Packs can also offer additional storage options. The best dirt bike hydration pack is the CamelBak Mule as it offers the ideal blend of a large water reservoir with a great amount of […]

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Best Dirt Bike Foot Pegs

The Best Dirt Bike Foot Pegs 2020

Dirt bike foot pegs are important factors to a riders bike whilst riding in difficult terrains. Motocross foot pegs can be produced from various materials for better support. The best dirt bike foot pegs are the Pivot Pegz Mark 3 MX foot pegs. This is due to the fact that they have high-strength titanium teeth, […]

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Best Dirt Bike Boots

The Best Dirt Bike Boots 2020

Dirt bike boots are vital pieces of gear when it comes to a rider, riding as it keeps them comfortable & versatile in various terrains. Dirt bike boots can be constructed from diverse materials for support & protection. The best dirt bike boots are the Alpinestars Tech 7 boots. This is because they offer the […]

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Best Dirt Bike Handguards

The Best Dirt Bike Handguards 2020

Dirt bike handguards are an important bit of kit when it comes to protecting a rider and keeping them safe on their bike. Handguards can be produced from various materials such as hard-shell plastic and aluminum for stability. The best dirt bike handguards are the Cycra Probend CRM, as they offer a rider with the […]

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Best Dirt Bike Body Armor

The Best Dirt Bike Body Armor 2020

Dirt bike body armor is a vital piece of gear that all riders should wear for their own safety & protection. Dirt bike body armor is produced from a variety of materials such as molded EVA foam or High-Density Poly Ethylene for quality protection. The best dirt bike body armor is the Leatt 4.5. This […]

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Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp

The Best Aluminum Dirt Bike Loading Ramps 2020

Dirt bike loading ramps are incredibly useful tools to transport a dirt bike around the country. Dirt bike loading ramps are primarily compromised from high tensile strength aluminum which is able give loading ramps a high weight carrying capacity. The best dirt bike loading ramp is the Titan HD Ramp. This is down to the […]

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Best Dirt Bike Gloves

The Best Dirt Bike Gloves 2020

Dirt bike gloves are essential pieces of gear for dirt bike riders as they offer them comfort and protection. Dirt bike gloves can be constructed from various materials such as perforated leather which can offer better ventilation & comfort. The best dirt bike gloves are the Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves. This is because they offer […]

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Best BMX Tires

The Best BMX Tires 2020

BMX tires are incredibly important, as it can effect a riders performance & style of riding. This is because it can make a huge difference on their stability and control whilst riding their BMX bike. The best BMX tire is the Sunday Street Sweeper, which has a wide width and a high PSI level making it […]

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Best Gifts for Skateboarders

The Best Gifts For Skateboarders 2020

Buying gifts for skateboarders, especially around Christmas time is difficult, as you’re not sure whether the person who is receiving the gift will love it. Whether they are a skateboard related Christmas gift or a random present, there are thousands of skateboard gifts online. If you are not a skateboarder, you will most likely not […]

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Best Gifts for BMX Riders

The Best Gifts For BMX Riders 2020

Looking for gifts for BMX riders, importantly around Xmas time can be complicated, as you’re unaware whether the receiver will enjoy the gift or not. Whether they are a BMX related Xmas present or a random one, there are hundreds of BMX gifts online. If you’re not a BMX rider yourself, you will most likely […]

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Best Dirt Bike Goggles

The Best Dirt Bike Goggles 2020

Dirt bike goggles are vital pieces of protective gear for a dirt bike rider. This is because dirt bike goggles offer UV protection from the sun and lens’ to protect you from dirt & dust on the rigid terrains that you may be riding on. The best dirt bike goggles are the Oakley O-Frame Dirt […]

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Best BMX Helmet

The Best BMX Helmet 2020

BMX helmets are important for any rider of any level, as they provide protection to the most important part of your body. Whatever discipline/style of BMX doesn’t matter regarding having a helmet; it is a must as it can prevent serious injuries such as concussions. The best BMX helmet is the Flybar Helmet as it […]

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Best Dirt Bike Stand

The Best Dirt Bike Stands 2020

Dirt bike stands can be a vital tool for any rider who is looking to maintain their dirt bike, as they allow you to lift the bike to work around it. An awesome dirt bike stand will be able to lift heavy bikes & raise them to a high height, whilst keeping the dirt bike […]

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BMX Saddle

The Best BMX Seat 2020

BMX seats are important pieces of equipment to take care with when choosing to buy one for your BMX setup. This is because without them long rides and big impact tricks can become difficult & uncomfortable! The Best BMX seat is the Eastern Fat Combo BMX Seat, as it has impressive features for the rider […]

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Best Fitness Rollerblades

The Best Fitness Rollerblades 2020

Fitness rollerblades can possibly be the most entertaining form of endurance exercise, as they allow you to travel far distances in an enjoyable way. An awesome set of fitness rollerblades are good for life, as they’ll keeping you rolling for hours comfortably. The best fitness rollerblades online now are the RBXL Rollerblade Fitness Skates. This […]

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Best BMX Bike Brand

The Best BMX Bike Brands 2020

If you’re new to BMX riding or an experienced rider, you may be looking for a guide on the best BMX bike brands. In this post below is a guide on the best BMX brands, for you to use to purchase the best BMX for your riding style. If you’ve been reading our guide on […]

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