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The Best BMX Websites to Read

Best BMX Websites

Stuck inside on a rainy day, then why not look at our best BMX websites to read list! On these websites you can kill some time by learning a new skill or talk to some likeminded riders.

BMX websites can vary in quality, and so to can the content they provide as some have an aim with providing detailed product review articles, others can be forums or even simple blogs.

Although as a team we’ve gathered a list of the top ten best BMX websites to read to help you kill some time on those days when its too wet to ride. We’ve also created a list on the best BMX YouTube Channels if you’re interested too.

Best BMX Websites

1. Vital BMX – Best BMX Websites

Vital BMX Best BMX Websites

Searching for a community of like-minded BMX riders, then one of  the best BMX websites for you online is Vital BMX. Vital BMX has probably the largest forum online for BMX riders, with a huge amount of information and discussions to offer its members.

Vital BMX is an awesome online website for those who are new to BMX riding as you’re able to raise questions and talk on forums on your BMX setup or issues you might be having trying to learn a new trick.

Vital BMX also features product guides and films from professionals in the BMX industry, so its a perfect place to kill a lot of time!

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2. Skate Park Hunter

Skate Park Hunter Best BMX Website

A great website for those who are searching for a new skatepark to try out or to go on a day to trip in a new area is Skate Park Hunter. This is an awesome website that displays all of the skate parks in different areas of your country.

It’s one of the best BMX websites to plan a day trip to a different area of your country to explore new skate parks. Furthermore it covers USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand too.

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3. BMX NEWS – Best Racing BMX Websites

BMX NEWS – Best Racing BMX Websites

If you’re into BMX racing and wish to be updated with current information on worldwide events, trends, races and photos, then one of the best BMX websites for you is BMX NEWS.

This is probably the best source online for you if you want to keep up to date on current BMX racing news, they even have a podcast from the owner of Mike Carruth himself!

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4. Ride UK BMX – Best UK BMX Websites

Ride UK BMX - Best UK BMX Websites

A great BMX website for our friends in the scene in the UK is Ride UK BMX. This is an amazing website that showcases all of what the UK has on offer whether its street, freestyle and flatland BMXing.

Ride UK BMX has an awesome catalogue of articles and blogs that you can kill a load of time reading, also it should encourage you to go on a road trip if you’re in the UK! If  you do plan on going on a road trip, check out our article on the best way of transporting your BMX!

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5. Reddit BMX

Reddit BMX

An awesome place online that you may already have an account is Reddit, but we recommend that you should delve into its BMX sub-Reddit. This is an awesome spot for like-minded BMX riders to post content like awesome homemade edits or start a discussion about your setup.

Furthermore its follows the usual Reddit rules where you can up-vote or down-vote posts, so that you can push great content for other users. The BMX sub-Reddit is awesome as its probably the most active forum website for BMX riders online and great for forming new friendships!

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6. BMX Ultra

BMX Ultra

Another awesome website for those who are keen BMX racers is BMX Ultra. This is an awesome website that keeps you up to date with all current events and trends surrounding BMX racing.

In addition to that BMX Ultra showcases content such as BMX racing components reviews which are created by those who actually test the components on the track! Moreover, BMX Ultra has a forum to discuss anything to do with BMX racing and has world class interviews with the racers themselves!

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If you’re interested in the BMX street scene then there is a great BMX website for you called DIG BMX. It initially started off as one of the leading BMX magazines, however they migrated online too where they showcase some of the best BMX edits that you can find online.

DIG BMX is awesome as they service the needs of not just the American rider, but for the Europeans too, as some website seem to focus solely on the American side of the pond.

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8. Red Bull BMX

Red Bull BMX

If you’re searching for some of the most extreme BMX content online. then Red Bull BMX is the perfect website for you. Red Bull have created a huge name for themselves in the BMX scene as they’ve sponsored some of the best events and riders such as Kriss Kyle or Lara Lessmann.

So if you’re searching for some crazy edits or unique BMX riders, then Red Bull BMX is an awesome website that you should check out!

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One of the best old-school websites that are still sticking around these days is BMX UNION. BMX UNION started back in 2007, since then has grown into one of the largest and most popular BMX blogs today.

The site is very BMX rider drive, so focuses on useful guides such as component geometry guides, tool guides or even spoke calculators! This is an awesome website to use if you’re building a new setup as a beginner!

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10. BMX Weekly


A final awesome website that is a notable mention is BMX Weekly. These guys are awesome and have a humble website that focuses on producing top quality blogs, podcasts and coverage across racing events.

Furthermore they have interesting content that focuses on BMX history and interviews with some pretty awesome riders!

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