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The Best Skateboard Bearings 2021

Street Skateboard Bearings

Finding the perfect skateboard bearings can be a difficult task in an over saturated industry, as there are many different quality standards to take into consideration as well as different materials to opt for.

The best skateboard bearings are the Bones Super Swiss 6, which has SKATED RATED quality standard along with a high speed nylon ball retainer for greater speed.

Within this article will be examples of skateboard bearings for different riders. Skateboard bearings have various critical factors that you should take into account like their quality standard or the material they’re manufactured from.

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Best Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard BearingsGradeMaterial
Bones Super Swiss 6Skate Rated™Steel
Yellow Jacket StreetABEC 9Steel
Bronson Speed Co, G3ABEC 7Steel
Bones Bearings Ceramic Super Reds Skate Rated™Ceramic
Oldboy Premium ABEC 9Ceramic
Bones Super RedsSkate Rated™Steel
Fireball DragonABEC 9Steel
Bones Bearings Reds Skate Rated™Steel

It is important to take into consideration different factors of a skateboard bearing, such as the addition of having performance enchaining washers or spacers that will potentially improve the performance of your bearings significantly.

Other factors that should play a role in your decision would be whether the bearings you choose are ceramic or steel ones as either have their benefits or drawbacks.

Below is a list of the best skateboard bearings that provide improved performance and longevity whilst riding street and park.

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings 

The best skateboard bearings exclusive to purchase online are the Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings, which are a unique set of bearings that offer the rider with special designs.  There include being provided with 6 larger diameter balls that measure at a staggering 8MM instead of 7MM that is a norm standard of the market.

By offering the rider with this larger diameter benefit, it improves the riders speed limit to a higher limit in comparison to other products which brings other advantages such as providing the rider with incredible durability with high levels of strength.

Other features of the Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings include:

  • Balls Diameter : 8MM
  • 6 Balls
  • Rating : Skate Rated™
  • Set of 8 bearings
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect
  • High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed
  • Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction; pre-lubricated with Speed Cream

Further advancements that Bones have also made include innovative ideas like the concept of having the bearings outfitted with rubber shields which makes cleaning easier and quicker for skaters all round.

Additionally, the manufacturers have ensured that it remains the best precision grade bearings that have been released to the market for purchase.

Moreover, additional outstanding features include its competition-grade lubricant as well as having a manufacturing  lifetime warranty which ensures top customer service and reliability levels from Bones.

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Yellow Jacket Street Skateboard Bearings

The Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard bearings are among some of the most highly regarded skateboard bearings out on the market today, especially perfect skateboard bearings for street.

This is because the Yellow Jacket has unique features such as its cool engraved colored seals for bright colors. Furthermore they’re protection from dirt, rocks, dust, to lengthen the life of the bearing and maintain precision.

Additional advantages from the Yellow Jacket which make it ideal for street skating are that it has ultra-fast lube for Guaranteed High Speeds and minimal friction. Yellow shield seals lubricant inside bearing and wheel, making the bearings easy to maintain and reliable.

Other features of the Yellow Jacket Street Skateboard Bearings include:

  • Balls Diameter : 7MM
  • 8 Balls
  • Rating : ABEC 9 or 11
  • Set of 8 bearings
  • 6 Color-way options

Final points to make are that the high quality materials used to make these bearings help yellow jacket stand out from the crowd. The bearings include quality balls designed with premium chrome steel, a bearing cage built with high speed nylon, and a stainless steel roller cage injected with high speed race lube.

Additionally, it also comes with a ‘hassle-free money back guarantee’ that ensures that if for any reason you’re not satisfied, you can return your Yellow Jacket Bearings for a full refund.

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Bronson Speed Co, G3 Street Skateboard Bearings

The Bronson Speed G3 is the best budget premium set of bearings available online for purchase for any level of rider, mainly targeted towards skateboarding street.

One feature of the Bronson G3 skateboard bearings that separates itself from the rest of the market is it’s uniqueness surrounding its high standard of reliability. This is most likely due to the deep groove raceways balls deep in the channels that reduce side impact damage and breakage which prolongs the bearings product life-cycle.

Bronson Speed G3 bearings arrive in a very clean and nicely laid out packaging, this presentation and user friendliness continues along to its straight edge, friction less shields that holds in the oil to keep a smooth ride. Additionally whilst resisting dirt and moisture from impacting the precision bearings efficiency.

Other features of the Bronson Speed Co G3 include:

  • Balls Diameter : 7MM
  • 8 Balls
  • Rating : ABEC 7
  • Set of 8 bearings
  • 3 Variants

Additionally, the skateboard bearings feature micro groove raceway surfaces that have a linear microgroove surfaces. This is beneficial as it aids the rider with improved bearing lubrication, speed and spin.

What makes the Bronson Speed G3 bearings such a standard above its competitors are that it has max impact cage design no distortion custom cage which keeps the balls precisely spaced and allows for the oil to keep circulating.

Final points to put out there about the Bronson Speed G3 is that it has a great reputation among the community for its speed benefits as it has a balls out technology which eliminates shield and cage contact on impact. This enables to go fast and remain fast bearing allowing for any skater to build up speed quickly in a short time which makes the Bronson Speed G3 a perfect skateboard bearing for street skating.

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Bones Bearings Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

The Bones Bearings Ceramic Super Reds are the perfect set of skateboard bearings if you’re looking for ceramic set of skateboard bearings. This is because it has premium features that are above any other else in the market such as a high speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed.

Additionally, the Ceramic Super Reds are exceptionally light and enable you to have faster acceleration with less friction. Moreover, as dirt collects inside of the bearings that ceramic balls re-polish the steel races flat again proving its premium quality as a skateboard bearing.

Other features of the Bones Bearings Ceramic Super Reds Bearings include:

  • Balls Diameter : 8MM
  • 8 Balls
  • Features grade 5, silicone nitride, hot isostatically pressed ceramic balls.
  • Rating : Skate Rated™
  • Set of 8 bearings + 8  bearing spacers
  • 3 Variants
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect
  • Single non-contact removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction.
  • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant.
  • Skate Rated clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.

Overall these are a great set of ceramic skateboard bearings as they are lighter and provide faster acceleration because the balls weigh less. They have a lot less friction than the regular Super Reds as mentioned earlier which therefore makes them a lot faster with or without lubricant.

Moreover, as they’re ceramic they do not rust either which gives them a higher reliability and longevity standard than its steel competitors in the industry.

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Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

The Oldboy Ceramic Bearings are the best set of skateboard bearings for beginner riders replacing their original manufacture bearings with their skateboard. This is because they have super tough ceramic balls that are pre-lubricated to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear at the higher speeds on your board.

Beneficial features for beginners with these skateboard bearings are that it has heavy lubrication that prevents wear and tear, resistance from water which improves reliability. This prevents rust or damage which additionally halts the nylon bearing cage from cracking.

Other features of the Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings include:

  • Balls Diameter : 7MM
  • 8 Balls
  • Rating : ABEC 9
  • Set of 8 ceramic bearings
  • The density of the ceramic balls is 7.80 g/cm3 — making them virtually indestructible
  • Ceramics will take abuse and last much longer than metal bearings.

Overall the Oldboy Ceramic Bearings is an ideal set of skateboard bearings for beginner skaters, features such as the one shield design for a more convenient time cleaning as there is no need to pry open a shield when cleaning or adding lube.

This makes the Oldboy Ceramic skateboard bearings very user friendly and perfect for a beginner skater.

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The Bones Super Reds are the very exceptional skateboard bearings for street skating. This is because it stands out from the rest of the industry standard as it has higher quality steel races, with better quality grade balls that have a higher-level finish compared to its rivals.

Additionally the Bones Super Reds are extremely user-friendly. This is because they have a single removable shield that’s non contact for easier cleaning and less friction.

Other features of the Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings include:

  • Balls Diameter : 8MM
  • 6 Balls
  • Rating : Skate Rated™
  • Set of 8 bearings
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect
  • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant

Overall the Bones Super Red Skateboard Bearings are an awesome set of skateboard bearings for street skating as they’re ‘Skate Rated’ bearings which have clearances, tolerances and lubricant that provide the most exceptional performance and durability attainable.

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Fireball Dragon Street Skateboard Bearings

The best set of budget set of street skateboarding bearings available online are the Fireball Dragon bearings. This is because these bearings offer ideal features for street skating. These features include that the bearings come with two shields on either side of the bearing for ultimate protection from the elements ensuring its constant and reliable performance.

Other features of the Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings include:

  • Balls Diameter : 8MM
  • 6 Balls
  • Rating : ABEC 9
  • Set of 8 bearings
  • Dual Labyrinth Shields 
  • Fireball Beast Guarantee which promises 100% satisfaction

Overall the Fireball Dragon is an awesome bearing set to start of with if you’ve just gotten into street skating. This is because it’s a super reliable product as each bearing is doubled sealed, tightly with non contact labyrinth seals which prevents dirt and gunk from hamper performance.

It has additional benefits to a street skater such as the option to have optional lubricant of either ‘RACE’ or ‘ENDURE’. ‘RACE’ lubricant is a light oil that is applied which promotes high speed for the rider, whereas ENDURE has a slightly heavier grease which maximises longevity.

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Bones Bearings Reds Skateboard Bearings 

The best set of reliable skateboard bearings you can find online today are the Bones Bearings Reds. This is because have a simple single, non contact removable rubber shield that makes for easy cleaning and less friction whilst riding.

Additionally, they have a high speed nylon ball retainer which leads to their great strength and higher speeds than most other rivals in its market. This is probably why they’re the best selling skate bearing brand in North America.

Other features of the Bones Reds Bearings include:

  • Balls Diameter : 8MM
  • 6 Balls
  • Rating : Skate Rated™
  • Set of 8 bearings
  • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream lubricant

Overall the Bones Reds Bearings are the best selling skateboarding bearings online to date as they cover all areas excellently. Moreover, its Skate Rated clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant prove its level of quality and for the price its an awesome deal.

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Skateboard Bearings Buying Guide

Skateboard bearings are round metal pieces that fit within the wheels to mount onto the wheels to the axle. Bearings are usually sold in sets of eight, as per wheel they’ll require at least two bearings.

Whatever the wheel size, all skateboard bearings are a standard size. This means all of the bearings on this article will fit all skateboard wheels available to you online. The standard measurements are 8MM diameter, 7MM width & 22MM outer diameter.

To help you with choosing the correct bearings for your preference of riding and required needs, follow the buying guide below to put you in the right direction.

Best Skateboard Bearings

Bearings Quality Ratings

A large portion of the skateboard bearings in the industry have a rating proving its performance and quality. These ensure that the bearings you are purchasing live up to certain speed limits/acceleration and  reliability standards.

A decent amount of the skateboard bearings use the quality rating system called the ABEC rating. Although notably, the one of the largest players in the market ‘Bones’ do not use this quality rating system. ‘Bones’ use the ‘SKATE RATED’ quality system.

ABEC Rating

More than likely if you purchase a set of skateboard bearings that are not the ‘Bones’ brand, they will use the ABEC rating. The ABEC rating is a scale for ABEC 1 – ABEC 9, this corresponds to which tier quality/class the bearings belong in. The higher the ABEC number, the better performance the bearing will provide you with.

Moreover the higher the ABEC rating is, the more accurate and precise the bearing will be for the skater. However, the ABEC rating does not include critical factors to a skater, these factors include as follows:

  • Load Handling Capabilities
  • Ball Precision
  • Materials,
  • Material Rockwell Hardness
  • Degree of Ball
  • Raceway Polishing
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Lubricant

Due to these factors that aren’t included, you can begin to understand why the ‘Bones’ brand do not use the ABEC quality rating system.

Furthermore  because of these factors, you could in theory state that an ABEC 5 standard bearing could preform better than a ABEC 9 bearing set.

ABEC RatingISO 492


To better help you understand the ABEC scale and what it means, I’ve listed off what each ABEC rating refers to:

  • ABEC 1 : Tend to be cheap and low quality. Do not have a high accuracy factor and steel quality is on the low end of the spectrum.
  • ABEC 3 :Prices are slightly higher than ABEC 1, although still relatively cheap when compared to the scale on a whole. Do not roll smoothly or efficiently, slightly better than ABEC 3.
  • ABEC 5 : Usually a better choice for casual and beginner skateboarders. Standard type you’d get with a completed skateboard deck. Fast speed and acceleration with better value for money.
  • ABEC 7 : These are more costly than previous ABEC ratings mentioned. Although the quality standard increase significantly with greater speed and smoothness yielded .
  • ABEC 9 : The best rating a bearing can achieve on this quality rating system. These are usually on the high end of the price spectrum, but are extremely fast with great speed limits. Recommended for skating with downhill skating for navigation and speed.


The reason to why the ‘SKATE RATED’ system was developed and used by Bones is because their bearings are superior in performance. Moreover the ABEC rating does not take into account a lot of quality factors that Bones bearings manufactures prides itself on.

If a skateboard bearing has this quality certification, it probably is more reliable with its performance and quality standards.

The Compounds of a Skateboard Bearing

Skateboard bearings are surprisingly complex and intricate considering that they’re small mechanisms. Many people, including beginner skaters make the mistake of not valuing their importance.

When doing maintenance on them, you’ll find that they’re a very different competent. You’ll have to spilt them up and discover what’s inside of them. Ensure that you regularly maintain your bearings to ensure that all components are preforming effectively, otherwise the bearing as a whole will note run smoothly or efficiently.

Components that you’ll find within a skateboard bearing include:

  • Rubber Seal : This is a soft rubber ring outside of the bearing. Prevents entry of any dirt that may hamper the interior of the bearing
  • Ball Retainer : Ensures that the ball bearings and held promptly, whilst enabling the the casing to spin on the axis!
  • Steel Balls : These come in a set of six or seven. Additionally, they can be produced in ceramic. Without them the bearings would not work, as they ensure that the bearing casing spins around them. They rest in the ball retainer as previously mentioned.
  • Inner Ring : Fits within the out ring, the axles fits through when the bearing is being slipped onto the axles.
  • Outer Ring : is the metal exterior that all parts previously mention should fit into it, including the inner ring.
  • Bearing Shield : This is a medium sized ring that is on the side of the bearing. Prevents dirt from entering the ball bearings space.
  • C-Ring :  This is the groove on the outside of the bearing. Makes sure that the shields are locked.

Best Skateboard Bearings for Park

What Types of Skateboard Bearings can you get?


A vast majority of skateboard bearings that you’ll find online or in shops will be manufactured from steel. The quality of said steel bearings can vary largely from brand to brand.

Simply put, the more you spend, the better quality bearings you’ll have. This is because cheaper bearings will be created from cheaper materials. Where as more expensive bearings have better quality materials, more inner ball bearings and better sealing to protect them from dirt.

A noticeable difference can be made when you come to a full stop whilst riding on your skateboard. This is because your wheels may stiffen up and create a screeching sound. This is because the cheap bearings are likely to be significantly more susceptible to dirt and rust from rain water.

That is why I 100% recommend to spend a bit more cash on better quality bearings as they’ll last longer and deliver you incredible performance.


More often than not, skateboard bearing manufacturers are starting to produce ceramic bearings. These are a great innovation because they’re incredibly smooth and have much less friction compared to their steel counter parts.

Moreover, they are less susceptible compared to steel with heat. This means that they will not expand as much. Although, ceramic bearings are more expensive than steel ones. But this is the price you pay for extremely high quality standards for bearings that shouldn’t leave you with a large amount of maintenance to do.

Whilst having ceramic bearings means only the balls within are ceramic. The surrounding steel parts tend to also be of much higher quality. This combination of materials is most likely the reason to why they’re more expensive. However ceramic bearings will out preform the metal counterparts as of the ceramic balls and higher quality grade of steel.

The ceramic bearings are super high quality as they have an incredible exterior, but the interior is ceramic powder. This makes them incredibly lightweight, but if you damage the exterior then it can pretty much all fall apart from each other.

Another benefit is that ceramic bearings have more balls, which increases performance in areas such as acceleration! Additionally they require less maintenance as they do not get effected by rust, so will not need to be replaced frequently like their steel counterparts.

Ceramic Vs Steel Bearings

Overall, if you’re looking to create a decent new skateboard setup, or lacking in the speed department I think that you should heavily consider purchasing ceramic skateboard bearings.

They’re far better than their steel counterparts as they require less maintenance as they’re not susceptible to rust, if water get within the components.

Furthermore ceramic bearings have more balls, this leads to an increase in performance and they have an incredibly strong interior so the level of quality is outstanding compared to their steel counterparts.

If you’re a casual or beginner skater then you should probably stick to steel bearings as they would suit your preferences more, at a cheaper price that won’t break the bank.

However, if you’re a hardcore/experienced who rides everyday, you’ll see the benefits clearly with ceramic bearings which I’d highly recommend for you to choose out of the two.

Best Skateboard Bearings for Park

Skateboard Bearings for Street

If you’re looking for skateboard bearings for street you should consider getting the highest quality rated ones. Either aim for ABEC 9 or ‘SKATE RATED’  skateboard bearings you should ideally aim for if you have this preference.

Skateboard Bearings for Park

If you’re riding park, similarly you should aim to purchase higher quality bearings. But consider getting ceramic bearings as they have stronger mechanical properties and should be more reliable long term wise if you’re a keen park rider.

Bearing Options

Bearing Spacers

Bearing spacers are small metal cylinders that sit into the wheels that are found in the middle of the bearings. It has the benefit of reducing the weight of every bearing.

The consequence of this is that the skateboard turns are a lot smoother and stable. Additionally, it increases the longevity of the bearings on a whole.

Another added benefit is that these are a relatively inexpensive addition to your skateboard, so shouldn’t break the bank.

An important factor to take into consideration is the measurement of the bearing. There are two factors that should determine size which are the axle diameter and the total spacer width(skateboard wheels will take 8mm).

To install the bearing spacers, you should begin by sliding in your first bearing and then flip the wheel over to press the spacer inside.

Then it should be firmly in the wheel core, be considerate if the spacer moves around at all as it’ll mean their too small.

Although if it has been pressed fully into the center of the wheel, slider the other bearing into place on the other side and it should be compete!

Bearing Washers

Bearing washers are thin metal washers like you’d see commonly. Typically they are located over the axle in the middle of the nut and bearing.

It’s purpose is to reduce the amount of friction to allow for the wheel to turn faster. It acts as a buffer, between the nut and bearing.

If you have an aim of going at high speeds on your board, you should definitely aim to have these on you skateboard setup as they’ll allow you to go faster.

The size that you choose is dependent on your axle diameter, typically for skateboards you should be seeking a washer fit for an 8MM diameter.

Overall they’re easily to replace and easy to interchange. Additionally they’re inexpensive and if you’re an experienced skater who would notice, it would probably be a good idea to get some to boost your performance.


Overall, if you’re looking to purchase a new set of bearings do take into consideration their rating scales whether it be a ABEC or ‘SKATE RATED’ scale.

Additionally, you should also consider the optional extras of making use of premium bearing washers or spacers to improve the performance of your bearings.

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