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BMX Hacks

Riding BMX can be a really enjoyable past time which at times can be tough or expensive, however amongst the riding community there are a lot of BMX hacks or tips that can make your riding life that much easier or cheaper as a keen rider. Here is a blog of the most useful BMX hacks or tips collected over the years from the BMX community to make your life on your bike that much more easier by adding modifications, DIY or saving money.

Weight – Cut

A lot of people as well have a solution to your frame being too heavy, by cutting your handle bars which will in theory reduce the weight of them and with the frame some people drill into them in order to remove the overall material mass of it, so in theory your bike is lighter which may enable you to bunny-hop or jump higher with greater ease. Furthermore by cutting the handle bars, you reduce the width of them also, which may make bar spins a lot easier however it is recommended that you purchase lighter parts such as handlebars or frames as removing/cutting parts of the BMX frame can weaken the overall structural integrity of the BMX on a whole.

Loosen Up

Whilst riding BMX, you will come to learn that you may be taking a few falls here and there which may lead to your BMX hitting the ground a few times which could lead to parts such as brake leavers getting knocked about. Various bloggers back up the statement that obviously you should tighten certain parts of your bike very tightly to your BMX however, some recommend for parts such as the brake leaver, you should loosely tighten them on since this gives them flex to move in a fall instead of them snapping off. This could be a small hack/tip that may save you a bit of money of parts as it could prevent them from breaking!

Using Fairy Liquid on Greasy Clothes

A problem every rider encounters whether they’re a BMX riding or even mountain bike rider is the problem of when you’re having to do a quick bit of work on your bike and you start getting grease from the chain for example onto your clothes which becomes nightmare as oil can ruin a really good t shirt as it can be quite the task to remove said stains. A lot of people will argue that if you chuck it straight in the washing machine within a few minutes you may potentially be able to remove the stain and saving your shirt however most times this is unsuccessful especially if said stains are not discovered until a while after.

Fairy liquid, Dawn or any old washing up liquid is a perfect little solution in removing these stains which prove to be actually very effective at removing any grease stains that you’ve made from your dirty hands or from making contact with your BMX’s chain or hub. An important factor to remember is that you must apply the washing up liquid onto the stain before you put your piece of clothing into the washing machine, otherwise the effectiveness of it will be reduced significantly. Then once you have applied and rubbed in the washing up liquid, afterwards you should put it into the washing machine with the end result being a fresh piece of clothing with hopefully a high chance of it looking untouched!

Bonus Tip!

As mentioned in the ‘Best BMX Bar Grips’ blog, washing up liquid can also be very effective when applying or unsticking BMX bar grips as it makes the handle bars very slippery allowing you to hopefully freely move the bar grips! – However as a warning slowly apply the washing up liquid as too much will make your bars slippery for a long time!

Using Furniture Polish for Your BMX Frame!

A cheap and practical tip can be using old furniture polish lying around your house to clean your BMX to keep it in pristine condition. This is a great tip for those of you who like having a clean and shiny BMX as it can be relatively inexpensive compared to using the actual bike polishes out there which can be very pricey. A little thing to remember is not to rub the polish all over your BMX on parts such as the outer rim as it can have a serious implication on the brakes performance.

The Double Toothbrush Chain Cleaner!

The next tip is an incredibly useful one to know as having a BMX chain in good condition  that everyone can use, well as long as you brush your teeth anyway. Cleaning and spraying your BMX’s chain can be quite the challenging, but important task that needs to be done on a fortnightly basis. A lot of BMX riders are too lazy to remove the wheel, to take of the chain to do it properly so they would rather do it when it’s on. So this becomes an issue of spraying your chain at the risk of spreading the WD40 oil or cleaner onto the brakes or wheels, which can hinder brake performance on your BMX.

So the simple fix to this issue that many riders online have recommended heavily as a reliable solution is the double toothbrush method. This is where you tape two toothbrushes together, facing each other. Then you’re able to run the chain through the two sets of toothbrush bristles, allowing you to remove any excess that you do not want.

Next you can rub the cleaner or the WD40 oil onto the bristles of the tooth brush and run your chain through them. By doing this you contain the amount the oil or cleaner can spray around the BMX frame or wheels, which was the previous problem before this solution. This will ensure that your BMX is not attracting any unwanted dirt or liquid and at the same time keep your chain lubricated ensuring that you have an easier and efficient ride. Ensure after a few spins of your crank or after the first ride, you give your frame and wheels a wipe down to ensure no excess oil or cleaner has landed onto them hindering your brake performance.

BMX Tips

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Quick Puncture Fix – ‘The Dollar Fix’

Punctures are a very annoying, yet common problem you’re going to face on a daily basis as a BMX rider that can have the potential to ruin your day however, there is a BMX hack called ‘The Dollar Fix’. This isn’t a permanent solution to your tire issues although it can aid you in preventing them  as ‘the dollar fix’ involves you using your dollar on a cut/slit tire that has a hole and involves you using a dollar note to patch the gap of the tire up, which then in return allows you to pump the inner tube back up with better protection otherwise small stones could even puncture an inner tube in a BMX tire as they’re usually very high  PSI. By doing this fix, it’ll allow you to at least get your BMX home to make a more permanent solution to the problem as it creates a solid seal for the tire to protect the inner tube.

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