The Best BMX Sponsors

Best BMX Sponsors

Becoming sponsored by BMX sponsors is one of the highest accolades you can achieve as a BMX rider. This is because you get paid or given free products for BMXing.

To make your life easier, we’ve complied a list of BMX brands that are seeking out riders and have a reputation of bringing regular and amateur riders on to their teams.

How To Become A Sponsored BMX Rider

BMX sponsors are more accessible these days, than they were back in the 1990’s. This is because BMX riders can now distribute their ‘sponsor me’ videos and edits online on websites and social media applications such as YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo.

Types Of BMX Sponsors

Amateur BMX Sponsors

Amateur BMX Sponsors are almost at the level of professional sponsorship, where you may feature in advertisements for the brand, plus they may offer occasionally payments to you or some resources, but not reoccurring.

Professional BMX Sponsors

This is the ultimate form of sponsorship as a professional BMX sponsor as they are fully employed by the BMX business. This would mean that you’re on the companies team and have full obligations to support the BMX company.

Best BMX Sponsor

Moreover, you will be provided with a salary and full benefits like any other full-time job, you would get. Some professional BMX riders who are sponsored benefit even from royalties.

BMX Shop Sponsorship

This is the most accessible choice for a BMX rider, as this is when you get products from your local BMX shop. Typically they’ll sponsor your local events too, in return they may give you a t-shirt with their shop name on it. Moreover, they offer a decent discount rate for you at the shops to purchase more products.

The Best BMX Sponsors

1. WeThePeople BMX Sponsors


WeThePeople are one of the best and community engaging BMX brands out there, we even ranked them highly on our article on the best BMX brands, which can be found here.

They currently have a versatile sponsorship program and team. Plus they feature a very detailed guide on sponsorship programs which can be found here. They discuss sponsorship’s and general guidance around them.

2. Sunday Bikes BMX

Sunday BMX Bikes

Another one of the popular BMX sponsors is Sunday BMX Bikes. This is because they are very active on online, especially with social media applications like Instagram. So creating great quality content online is one way of getting their attention.

So overall the best method of getting Sunday BMX Bikes attention for a sponsorship is by developing your online personal brand and tagging them or even direct messaging them with unique content.

3. Maxxis Tires

Maxxis BMX Tire Sponsor

The best tire BMX sponsors are Maxxis, as again they’re a very engaging online and like engaging with those who can replicate their style of marketing. The best form of contacting them is through their Instagram Account via tagging them in your most impressive content or direct messaging them.

They’re a very innovative company, as discussed in our best BMX tires article here. This leads to them collaborating with innovative creatives online, so if you’ve got the skill set and the personality, then try and get their attention!

4. Prophecy BMX

Prophecy BMX Sponsorship

One of the most accessible BMX sponsors is Prophecy BMX, as they actually have a full BMX sponsorship form which can be found here. They provide a great guide for the basis of what BMX brands are looking for if you choose to start emailing BMX businesses for sponsorship’s.

It may be a good idea to approach lesser known brands such as Prophecy BMX as you’ll be more likely to achieve some form of sponsorship from them. This is because the lesser known brand, the less competition for sponsorship there is and the more of a chance you’ll have.

5. Eastern Bikes

Eastern BMX Sponsors

A final BMX brand that is very active online and maybe worth contacting is Eastern Bikes on their Instagram. On their website they state that they’re searching for riders who can match or out perform their content standards.

So this means that if you have a serious skill set and a decent standard of editing content online, then it may be worth a shot in messaging them on their Instagram page.

Steps To Becoming A Sponsored BMX Rider

Having a great skill range will get you far in terms of becoming a sponsored rider, however also being a key member of your local area or having an ability of personality can get you far.

Best BMX Sponsorship

Down below we have created some key factors that you’ll need to be on your way to becoming a sponsored rider:

  • Develop your editing skills with filming.
  • Becoming committed to BMX riding, as many riders give up too early.
  • Become a known BMX rider in your local community.
  • Try out at competitions and least stand out.
  • Develop your skills to a professional standard.

Getting Sponsored With ‘Sponsor Me’ Videos On Youtube

The ultimate method of getting recognised is through ‘Sponsor Me’ films on YouTube and Instagram. This is because you’re able to create a following/fan base and you can easily demonstrate your skills.

What Responsibilities Are There Being A Sponsored BMX Rider

  • Helping out the production staff with developing their products, with insights from someone who tests the product.
  • You’re a spokesperson for the brand and compete for them in tournaments.
  • Help with developing other team members skills through content and training sessions.

How To Contact A Brand For A BMX Sponsor

There are many avenues of communicating with a BMX business in order to get sponsored. Mainly, being a marketable and likeable rider who creates online content, makes you more attractive for a BMX brand to sponsor.

Best BMX Sponsorships

In addition to that, you could work with more local brands and BMX shops to build up your portfolio online and ask to compete in local events to build your profile locally.


Overall, being a sponsored rider is amazing, especially if you’ve been skating for a good part of your existence and have dedicated a lot of time and work into it. Although, you shouldn’t ride for solely for the sponsors, you should do it for the enjoyment.

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