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The Best Dirt Bike Gear Bags 2020

Best Gear Bags For Dirt Bikes

Dirt bike gear bags are practical accessories for riders who like to travel cross-country, with their motocross gear. They can have various benefits, for different situations.

The best dirt bike gear bag is the Fox Racing Podium Cota. This is because its offers a suitable amount of space for all of your gear, at a reasonable price.

In this article is a list of the best gear bags for dirt bikes. These gear bags are ideal for various travel situations. It is important that you look over areas, such as volume and dimension sizes, so that you’re sure that your gear will all fit.

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Dirt Bike Gear Bags Comparison

Dirt Bike Gear BagsDimensions (Inches)Cubic Inch Capacity
Fox Racing Cota34.8 X 15.312.0
OGIO Rig 980034.0 X 16.515.25
O’Neal TX800034.0 X 18.017.0
Alpinestars Komodo 39.0 X 16.816.0
Fox Racing Shuttle36.0 X 24.013.0
Factory FMX29.0 X 17.516.0
Shift Duffle8.0 X 8.0 8.0
Fly Racing16.6 X 7.033.4
Fox Racing Divizion35.0 X 16.018.0
Alpinestars Goanna33.0 X 18.116.0

Whilst on the hunt for the best dirt bike gear bags, you should evaluate some areas before buying. These areas include their material construction for durability and handle grips for handling your bag.

Moreover, it is important to look at a gear bag’s sealed storage for wallets and padded shoulder support.

Below is a article on the best gear bags for dirt bikes for motocross riders.

The Best Dirt Bike Gear Bags

1. Fox Racing Podium Cota Motocross Bag

The best dirt bike gear bags is the Fox Racing Podium. This is because it has an abundance of features that it is shared with those with a much higher price range, although at an affordable price.

Some of these premium features include its durable 600d Polyester fabric construction which enables it to protect all items that you store inside of the bag, within the compartments extremely safely.

Other features of the Fox Racing Podium 180 Cota, include:

  • Relatively affordable price when compared to its rivals.
  • Spacious motocross boot compartment.
  • Padded shoulder strap for support.
  • Storage for goggles in top flap.

Ultimately if you’re searching for the best gear bag for your dirt bike gear, then look no further than the Fox Racing Podium. This is down to the fact that it offers a great equilibrium for a great product, with incredible features and a reasonable price.

Moreover Fox Racing has been producing incredible products for the motocross industry for over four decades. They have been the leader in the action sports industry for being the leaders in innovation and product quality, so you are able to trust them with their reputation.

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2. OGIO Rig 9800 Dirt Bike Gear Bag

The best premium dirt bike gear bag today is the OGIO Rig 9800. This is due to the fact that it has an abundance of features that is unrivaled in the dirt bike gear bag marketplace.

These include features such as its heavy duty, oversized wheels that allow you to take your OGIO Rig gear bag in any environment or terrain without any issues.

Other features of the OGIO Rig 9800, include:

  • Convenient telescoping pull handle.
  • Practical wide lid mouth, which gives you an easy access for compartments.
  • The main compartment is one of the largest on the market.
  • Adjustable dividers in the main compartment.

Overall if you’re in the more premium market of dirt bike gear bags, then the OGIO Rig 9800 is the best one in the market for you.  With feature such as an ‘SLED'(structural load equalizing deck) for increased durability whilst handling the bag, you know your gear will always be secure.

Additional features that are unique to the OGIO Rig 9800, that may be of benefit for you is the padded helmet chamber which can be practical for long journeys.

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3. O’Neal TX8000 Dirt Bike Gear Bag

One of the most highly regarded gear bags on the market for motocross riders is the O’Neal TX8000. This is down to the fact that it is set a relatively affordable price, with an expansive amount of practical features for your gear.

In terms of the features of the O’Neal TX8000they include:

  • Removable padded shoulder strap for comfort.
  • Easy to transport with three fabric handles & two plastic grip handles.
  • Constructed from durable 600D Polyester with a PVC layer.
  • Heavy duty zippers & pull tabs which makes comportment closure easy.

Ultimately if you’re searching for an amazingly practical dirt bike gear bag, that it highly regarded then the O’Neal TX8000 is a perfect candidate for you.

It has practicality that s unrivaled as it has useful features like the plastic skid plates on the bottom to protect your gear and two end boot compartments to keep your dirt boots off your gear.

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4. Alpinestars Komodo Motocross Gear Bag

One of the best ‘riders’ dirt bike gear bag is the Alpinestars Komodo. This is because it has been produced with the regular riders in mind, this can be shown by the tarpaulin & durable polyester reinforcement panels in order to give you years of use out of it.

Other features of the Alpinestars Komodo, include:

  • TSA approved lockable zippers.
  • Waterproof tarpaulin that is removable.
  • Constructed from durable ballistic Nylon & Polyester.
  • Protective hard bumpers on the base corners to keep your gear safe.

Overall the Alpinestars Komodo is a great dirt bike gear bag for those riders who will be using it regularly as it has innovative features that’ll improve your day-to-day usage such as its two ventilation panels on the side and flat top pocket for document storage whilst travelling.

Moreover it is incredibly practical for your dirt bike gear storage as it has two mesh pockets on the internal sides of the bag, webbing reinforcement to give better protection to the structure of the bag and a hard internal base with eternal slide rails for secure storage of your gear.

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5. Fox Racing Shuttle 180 Motocross Bag

The best mobile motocross gear bag is the Fox Racing Shuttle 180. This is because it is designed with airport travel in mind, as it has incredibly durable Urethane wheels which roll smoothly and can take massive abuse.

Other features of the Fox Racing Shuttle 180, include:

  • Large protective helmet compartment.
  • Global leader in action sports equipment.
  • Hard wearing Urethane wheels.
  • Constructed from long lasting 600D Polyester.

Ultimately if you’re looking at getting a super durable lightweight bag for your motocross gear, then this will be the perfect candidate for you.

Other features which benefit the Fox Racing Shuttle’s practicality are its retractable aluminum handle with a rubber grip, which assists you rolling it along the ground as you walk instead of carrying it.

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6. Factory FMX Motorcross Gear Bag

The best budget dirt bike gear bag that you can find nowadays is the Factory FMX. This can be down to two simple factors; its a affordable at under the average market price for a MX gear bag & it has incredible durability with its 1200 Denier rip-stop nylon construction.

Other features of the Factory FMX, include:

  • High-quality zippers to keep closure.
  • Huge compartment size.
  • Separate large boot compartment.
  • Three external pockets for smaller items such as goggles.

Overall this is an awesome motocross gear bag as it delivers amazing value for money, especially when compared to the rest of its competitors. Features like its mesh venting on compartments to reduce the chances of having damp gear.

Moreover the Factory FMX gear bag has sealed pockets for important items such as your wallet and double stitched seems for tougher conditions that you may encounter whilst travelling.

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7. Shift Duffle Gear Bag for Dirt Bikes

The toughest motocross gear bag on the market is the Shift duffle gear bag, as it is produced from extremely hard-wearing, heavy canvas material for long term durability.

Other features of the Shift duffle bag, include:

  • Large main compartment with external sealed compartments for mobile phones.
  • Constructed from heavy canvas material.
  • Polyester internal lining for protection.
  • Shoulder strap is removable.

Ultimately this is an extremely practical & durable gear bag for any dirt bike rider. This can be down to reasons such as its heavy  webbing attachment system for adding modular items to your bag and its reinforced heavy-duty carry handles for longevity.

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8. Fly Racing Dirt Bike Grande Bag

If you are looking for a perfect new starter beginner gear bag for new motocross riders, then this Fly Racing Dirt Bike Grande Gear Bag should be an amazing suggestion for you. This is because its an exceptionally user-friendly gear bag, that comes in at an affordable price.

In terms of the features of the Fly Racing Grandethey include:

  • Produced from a tough 1680D ultra-durable PVC Nylon.
  • Smooth rolling Urethane wheels for mobility.
  • Mesh panels along bag for breath ability.
  • Large main compartment with two separate pockets at each end for boots and helmet.

Ultimately this is an entirely user-friendly motocross gear bag for any new starter who is very mobile. Features that are useful for transportation include its adjustable strap with a telescopic handle so it is easier to handle whilst rolling around airports or train stations.

Moreover it has practical specs to it like its tool storage pocket for when you’re in need away from you garage, as well as having a clear exterior card sleeve for airport travel.

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9. Fox Racing Shuttle Divizion Gear Bag

The best women’s motocross gear bag is the Fox Racing Shuttle Divizion. This is because it has unique qualities that are more beneficial for women such as the graphics and the lightweight construction when compared to its competitors.

Other features of the Fox Racing Shuttle Divizion, include:

  • Impressively well-sized main compartment.
  • Tough wearing Urethane wheels.
  • Below average market price.
  • Eye-catching graphic design.

Overall along with having its unique benefits to suit female riders, the Fox Racing Shuttle Divizion has other useful attributes such as its protective helmet compartment and boot compartment for keeping gear clean and separate.

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10. Alpinestars Goanna Motocross Gear Bag

If you’re a casual dirt bike rider who is just looking for a gear bag that has many benefits to everyday riding, then the Alpinestars Goanna would be ideal for you. This is because it has unique attributes like it’s bottom and side panels that are constructed from waterproof tarpaulin to keep the bag dry.

Other features of the Alpinestars Goanna, include:

  • Two strap handle for easier lifting.
  • Reinforced webbing support to give the bag better structure.
  • Internal compartment walls can be removed for larger space internally.
  • Breathable material to reduce dampening.

Ultimately the Alpinestars Goanna is an ideal candidate for a rider that needs a reliable bag that will allow them to transport their gear securely, especially when considering its produced from reinforced Polyester which is perfect for longevity.

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Ultimately whilst searching for the best motocross gear bag, then you should research into a set criteria. This includes a gear bags material construction, value for money, compartments and customer reviews. When all of these areas are covered, you should be well equipped with a perfect bag to transport your dirt bike gear!

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