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Best Dirt Bike Handguards

The Best Dirt Bike Handguards 2020

Dirt bike handguards are an important bit of kit when it comes to protecting a rider and keeping them safe on their bike. Handguards can be produced from various materials such as hard-shell plastic and aluminum for stability.

The best dirt bike handguards are the Cycra Probend CRM, as they offer a rider with the best protection through its shields and have high strength aluminum brackets for rigidness.

Within this article below are the best dirt bike handguards. These dirt bike handguards are suitable for various climates, types of outdoor bikes & ATV’s. It is essential to verify certain details such as ventilation, clearance for cables & handlebar diameter fit.

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Dirt Bike Handguards Comparison

Dirt Bike HandguardMounting Brackets IncludedHandlebar Fit
Cycra CRMYes1-1/8"
Acerbis Rally Pro Yes1-1/8"
PowerMadd SentinelNo1-1/8"
Cycra Stealth DX Yes7/8"
Acerbis UnikoYes7/8"
JFG-RacingYes7/8" & 1 1/8"
Cycra UltraYes1-1/8"
Tusk D-FlexYes7/8"

If you are browsing on the web for dirt bike handguards, check out some important details before buying a set. These details can be factors like whether or not they include mounting brackets & how much clearance they offer for cables.

Moreover, other areas you should check out that may be of interest are the motocross handguards color-design & if they come with an installation kit.

Down below is a list on the best dirt bike handguards for all environments and climates.

The Best Dirt Bike Handguards

1. Cycra Probend CRM Dirt Bike Handguards

Cycra are the best dirt bike handguards that you can get a hold of today. This can be down to the fact that they’re a reputable motocross brand that have been producing top level quality gear and equipment for decades, which are American made!

The Cycra Probend CRM handguards are the best protective abrasion handguards as they offer a unique set of features like no other on the market to protect your hands. These impressive features include its solid & sturdy hard-shell plastic patented construction.

Other features of the Cycra Probend CRM Dirt Bike Handguards include:

  • Comes with a ‘power-grip’ alloy bar ends.
  • 1 inch spacers.
  • Wide color range.
  • Hard-shell plastic body work construction.
  • Aluminum mounting hardware.
  • Center Reach Mount(CRM) system avoids problem of fixing the clamp on the bend/curved part of the handlebar.

Ultimately if you’re interested in getting the best protective dirt bike handguards that are durable and user friendly, then the Cycra Probend CRM’s are perfect for you. This is because of its user-friendly features such as it has a central bar fixing, which enables you to have maximum reach and clearance of different gear fixed to your bars.

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2. Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong Handguards

The Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong handguards are one of the most popular dirt bike hand guards on the market. This can be down to many factors such as its ability to be a universal fitting handguard that’ll fit either stock or fat handlebars.

Moreover, they have great value for money with an indexed steel bar-end fitting to prevent the handguards from rotating or spiting if you crash.

Features of the Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong Handguard include:

  • Universal fit for all dirt bike handlebars.
  • Variety of color options.
  • Room for brake lines/no interference.
  • Strong aluminum bar insert.
  • Mid range product.
  • Comes with installation kit.

Overall the Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong Handguards are one of the most reliable and hard wearing products on the market, which can be mostly down to the fact that they have a injection-molded Nylon composite with  an aluminum inner bar. These features prevent them from snapping and providing you with the protection you need.

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3. PowerMadd Sentinel Motocross Handguards

If you’re a little tight for cash and you’re in need of a more budget dirt bike handguard that does not sacrifice quality for a low price, then the PowerMadd Sentinel Motocross handguards are the ideal candidate for you.

This can be down to the fact that they offer premium features, whilst maintaining a market low price. These features include its vented design, which come with additional covers to enable you to improve airflow on hotter days or prevent it in cooler weather conditions.

Other features of the PowerMadd Sentinel Handguards include:

  • Two piece plastic design for stiff outer shell & flexibility.
  • Well vented, with vent covers included for airflow control.
  •  Wide variety of color-schemes offered.
  • Futuristic look.
  • Does need a mount kit to install(mounting brackets needed in addition)

To round up, if you’re in need for a budget replacement set of handguards for your dirt bike, then these are more than ideal for you as they offer more than a cheap solution. They offer the same premium features that the big brands offer themselves for a lower price, such as its functional two type plastic hard & soft shell design for functionality.

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4. Cycra Stealth DX Motocross Handguards

The best all inclusive motocross handguards are the Cycra Stealth DX handguards. This is because they have extremely compatible and user-friendly features such as an aluminum mounting brackets included with them, that ensure its durability and rigidness.

Moreover, they come at a mid-range price whilst being top level professionally designed for the Monster Energy racing team. The aluminum brackets are aircraft-grade 6061T, which is the most durable you’ll find out on the market.

Other features of the Cycra Stealth DX Motocross Handguards include:

  • Produced from aircraft-grade aluminum 6061T-6
  • Rotating bolt plate, which lets the brackets to be mounted above or below the levers.
  • MX style gives room for maximum freedom of adjustment and space for levers.
  • Expansive range of color options.
  • Fits on an ATV, full-size & mini dirt bike.

Ultimately,the Cycra Stealth DX’s are the best all in one, inclusive motocross handguards out on the market. This is because you will not find any other easy to install handguards that have a construction of durable injection-molded plastic with molded rubber edges to provide better protection against stones and branches.

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5. Acerbis Uniko Vented Handguards

The most popular motocross handguards for casual riders are the Acerbis Unikos. This can be down to the fact that they’re an easy to install, lightweight and protective set of handguards that come in at a great value for money price.

The Acerbis Uniko’s are a great competitive set of motocross handguards as they’re extremely hard-wearing against dealing with encounters such as dirt, branches and stones, whilst maintaining an extremely light weight.

Features of the Acerbis Uniko Vented Handguards include:

  • Wide range of color options.
  • Constructed from a blend of nylon & polypropylene for durability.
  • Includes a removable spoiler for protection against derby.
  • Innovative vented design.
  • Universally compatible nylon mounting kit included.

Overall the Acerbis Uniko motocross handguards are a great set for any casual rider, who wishes to have the luxuries of the more expensive handguards, without the price tag associated with them.

These include the fact that they’re versatile & provide maximum protection, whilst having an innovative large venting panel that is strategically placed for the best airflow past the levers.

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6. JFG-RACING Dirt Bike Handguards

The best beginner set of dirt bike handguards are the JFG-Racing Dirt Bike Handguards. This is down to the fact that they’re incredibly user-friendly to install, cheap, whilst being compatible with other off-road vehicles like ATV’s & Pit Bikes.

The JFG-Racing dirt bike handguards are produced from an innovative blend mixture of Aluminum alloy & Polypropylene to protect your hands from rocks, mud branches.

In terms of the features of the JFG-Racing Dirt Bike Handguards they include:

  • Extensive range of colors to choose from.
  • Plenty of room for brake cables and other devices.
  • Aluminum alloy brackets for durability.
  • Compatible with all handlebars range.
  • Affordable price.

Overall, these are a great first set of dirt bike handguards for new starters who are looking to ride. It rivals higher end dirt bike handguards from brands such as Acerbis & Cycra, whilst maintaining an honest and budget price.

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7. Cycra Pro Bend Ultra Dirt Bike Hand Guards

The best pro dirt bike hand guards are from Cycra with the Pro Bend Ultra handguards. This can be down to the fact that they’re based on Cycra’s already existing superior material construction design, along with a new innovative design and proven clamp technology for rigidness.

In terms of the features of the Cycra Pro Bend Ultra Dirt Bike Handguards they include:

  • Variable range of colors to choose from.
  • Expansive amount of room for cables.
  • Easy to install & adjust.
  • Benchmark in the motocross handguard market for durability & protection.
  • 6061 billet Aluminum ‘Probend’ bars and mounts.

Ultimately these are the best handguards for pro dirt bike riders, as they offer no exceptions when it comes to a durable design, that’ll protect you from any debris and in worst case scenario of a crash, the Pro Bend Ultra’s will not crack or break.

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8. Tusk D-Flex Handguards 

If you’re in the market for some durable motocross handguards, then the Tusk D-Flex may be an ideal candidate for you. This is because they feature a hard-shell plastic shield design that has aluminum brackets for proper structure support.

In terms of the features of the Tusk D-Flex Motocross Handguards they include:

  • Variable range of colors to choose from.
  • Compatible with most dirt bike handlebars on the market.
  • Designed with a large bend, allowing for clearance for wires.
  • Only for motocross handlebars, not compatible with ATV’s.
  • Standard mounting with big bar adaptors.

Overall, the Tusk D-flex motocross hand guards have developed an incredible reputation over the past few years for being the best hand guards on the market. This can be solely down to their hard-wearing, aluminium design with their exceptionally durable hard shell shields.

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Ultimately, making a decision on a new set of dirt bike handguards can be over complicated if you do not follow a few rules. These rules include having a mixed bag of a  relatively reasonable price, for high quality hard shell protective shields and durable luxuries such as ventilation for those hot summer rides.

Moreover if you find a set of handguards that fit your standard dirt bike handlebar size(check manufacturers specs before buying), that also have high grade aluminum mounting brackets, then you’ll be on track for buying the best dirt bike handguards for your needs!

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