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The Best Dirt Bike Knee Braces 2020

Best Dirt Bike Knee Braces

Dirt bike knee braces are incremental for riders who are looking to prevent ACL and MCL injury, through hyper-extension during high impacts.

The best dirt bike knee braces are the Leatt C-Frame’s. This is because the chassis has impressive hyper extension limitations for ACL injury potential.

Down below in the article is an informative list on the best dirt bike knee braces. These knee braces are ideal for all various conditions & needs. Its important to look at areas like hyper extension limits and chassis material construction of knee braces.

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Dirt Bike Knee Braces Comparison

Knee BracesSizesFrame Material
Leatt C-FrameSmall to XX-LargeCarbon Composite
Mobius X8Small to Large6061-T6 Aluminum
Leatt C-Frame Junior SmallCarbon
Scoyco Large to XX-LargeInjection Molded PC
EVS SportsLargeInjection Molded PC
POD K4X-Large & XX-LargeReinforced Polymer
Leatt X-FrameLarge to XX-LargeCarbon Composite
EVS AxisLarge & X-LargeCarbon Fiber

Whilst on the hunt for the best motocross knee braces, you should consider a few points before buying. These include if they have a low profile inner knee for a better feel or if TPR tabs for tightening your fit.

Moreover, you should check if the knee braces have a removable foam kit for a custom fit and their safety certification.

Below is an article on the best dirt bike knee braces for motocross riders.

The Best Dirt Bike Knee Braces

1. Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces

The best dirt bike knee braces available for any level rider today are the Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon’s. This is down to the fact that it has innovative attributes which benefits them massively, such as its three-point force distribution with stiff forged ‘C-arm’ mono hinge construction.

This provides a great amount of support for the rider as it reduces forces and pressures on the area, which in return limits potential knee injuries to your MCL and ACL.

In terms of the features of the Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Bracesthey include:

  • CE tested & certified for knee protection.
  • Certified medical protection gear : USA FDA 10048761 & EU CA14741.
  • Hyper extension limitations with 10º, 15º, 20º and 25º for ACL injury potential reduction.
  • The C-Frame chassis construction that breaks before injuring your shin bone & thigh bone.
  • Incredible low-profile inner knee for superior bike feel for better control.

Ultimately if you’re looking for the best protection for your legs whilst dirt bike riding, then look no further than the Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon knee braces. This is down to the fact that it has innovative specifications that make them unique.

Features such as its metal geared out hinge for precise movement and durability make the knee braces far superior than the rest of the market in regards to lightweight and agile protection.

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2. Mobius X8 Dirt Bike Knee Braces

The best premium dirt bike knee braces for the more experienced riders and who want the highest quality standards are the Mobius X8’s. This is because it has high grade features as they has a Continuous Cable Routing System, that allows you to adjust the fit with a simple turn of the locking CNC Forged 6061-T6 aluminum dial.

Moreover the Mobius X8’s have plush molded EVA foam that has incredible impact absorption qualities to provide excellent internal padding for any rider.

Other features of the Mobius X8, include:

  • CNC Forged 6061-T6 anodized aluminum hinge plate protection.
  • Lightweight PIM glass-filled Nylon that provides a conforming shell protection.
  • Overlapping patella area with zero degrees CNC forged 6061-T6 Aluminum stop that leaves no exposure.
  • Velcro straps with TPR tabs for tightening to ensure a proper fit.
  • Replaceable foam kit that allows you to tailor a fit.

Overall if you’re in the market for a premium pair of dirt bike knee braces, then the Mobius X8 knee braces are the best candidate for you!

There are many features on the Mobius X8’s that you will not find elsewhere, such as its figure-8 cable, behind he knee adjust pad which can greatly strengthen the joint but still allow you to move freely.

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3. Leatt C-Frame Junior Motocross Knee Braces

The best junior dirt bike knee braces are the Leatt C-Frame’s. This can be down to the fact that they’re produced from one of the most notable dirt bike protection gear brands in the world.

Moreover the  Leatt C-Frame knee braces have a low profile shin bone plate that gives the younger rider a more comfortable and controlled feel.

Other features of the Leatt C-Frame Junior Knee Braces, include:

  • Load distribution pad that fits inside all boots.
  • Low profile inner knee for a more natural bike feel.
  • Certified as medical device: EU CA014741, USA FDA 10048761
  • Three-point force distribution with super rigid forged C-arm mono hinge design.
  • Reduction of forces to limit knee injuries: ACL, Meniscus & MCL.

Ultimately the Leatt C-Frame braces are exceptional pieces of gear that will not fail you. This can be down to the fact that it is designed to break during impact, as the chassis protects the shin and thigh bones from injury.

The Leatt C-Frame’s has innovative hyper extension limitations of 10º, 15º, 20º and 25º for ACL injury reduction which is way ahead of its competitors.

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4. Scoyco Armor Dirt Bike Knee Braces

The best budget dirt bike knee braces that provide exceptional value for money are the Scoyco Armor braces. This is because they offer incredible mobility with the triple mobile design having a joint 30-180° rotation, allowing you to move freely and stably.

Additionally, the PP shell protects your tibial anterior on a large area, with impressive shock resistance.

Other features of the Scoyco Armor braces, include:

  • Adjustable elastic strap with buckle strap.
  • Free movement with 30-180° rotation.
  • Metal mesh provides breath-ability.
  • Can match with SCOYCO thermal lining for colder climates.

Overall if you’re looking at great value for money when buying dirt bike knee pads, then these are perfect for you as they offer the best equilibrium for an affordable price along with its exceptional attributes.

Moreover its high impact injection molded PC material offer great protection that is rivaled among the Scoyco’s more expensive rivals!

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5. EVS Sports Dirt Bike Knee Braces

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of dirt bike knee braces, then these EVS Sports braces will be ideal for you, this is because they offer impeccable levels of comfort and protection.

In terms of the features of the EVS Sports Dirt Bike Knee Bracesthey include:

  • CE tested & certified for knee protection.
  • ‘Tru-Motion’ 2.0 anatomically correct hinges.
  • ‘ClickTec’ quick release buckle system.
  • Versatile adjustable hyper-extension lockouts.
  • Dual defense full coverage knee cup.

Ultimately the EVS Sports knee brace is an excellent purchase if you’re seeking comfort as it has a lightweight ‘FormFit’ frame with impact resistant injection molded shell to increase airflow to keep comfortable for those longer rides.

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6. POD K4 Motocross Knee Braces


If you’re a casual rider who is looking for a practical pair of motocross knee braces then the POD K4’s should be your choice. This is because the POD K4’s have the option of interchanging the parts on the frame, which means that you can easily maintain and customize your own base.

In terms of the features of the POD K4 Motocross Knee Bracesthey include:

  • Glass reinforced Polymer frame construction.
  • Zero pressure points which enable superior comfort.
  • Control Range of Motion : (0 to 25 Degree extension stops).
  • 12 month warranty on frames.
  • Strap set adjusts to all leg sizes with a secure fit.

Overall the POD K4’s knee braces are an awesome purchase. They are the first fully featured knee brace that are at an affordable price, that is able to compete with the top dogs in the market.

7. Leatt X-Frame Off-Road Motorcycle Knee Braces

The best dirt bike knee braces for someone who is a beginner or a new starter, then the Leatt X-Frame’s are perfect for you. This is because they provide you with extra support that is not offered with other knee braces, such as with the 40% slimmer inner hinge for more superior bike control.

Other features of the Leatt X-Frame knee braces, include:

  • Low-profile shin bone pad that fits in all boots.
  • Constructed from injected Carbon Composite frame.
  • Produced from a renowned brand,
  • Innovative asymmetrical design for support.

Overall the Leatt X-Frame’s are more than ideal for new starters who are looking for a set of knee braces that provide immense protection for those potential falls, whilst giving you a good feel for you bike so that you can have great control.

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8. EVS Sports Axis Pro Knee Braces

If you’re a fairly active rider who is in need for a set of versatile motocross knee pads, then the EVS Sports Axis’ are ideal for you. This can be down to the fact that they ‘Tru-Motion’ 2.0 anatomically correct hinges which enables great mobility for the wearer.

In terms of the features of the EVS Sports Axis Knee Bracesthey include:

  • Adjustable hypertension lock-outs for personalized fitment.
  • Thermo-fit liner for winter climates.
  • Dual defense patella guard for total tracking knee cup design.
  • Ultra-lite construction.

Ultimately if you’re a fairly active rider who needs an innovative and versatile motocross knee brace, then the EVS Sports Axis is an exceptional choice. This is even more a choice, considering the fact that it is an industry first with aluminum and Carbon Fiber construction design. giving it a lightweight and rigid feel.

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Ultimately whilst on the hunt for a pair of knee braces for dirt bike riding, then you’ll need a set criteria so that you get a perfect pair. This criteria includes value for money, build quality, safety certification and customer reviews. When you find a pair knee braces that are covered by this criteria, then you know you’ve found the ideal candidate for you!

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