The Best Kids Dirt Bikes 2021

Best Kids Dirt Bikes

If you’re part of a family and you’re keen to get your kids into dirt biking, then you’re probably going be looking for the best kids dirt bikes. In this article will be a basic guide on the best dirt bikes for kids who have different skill sets and abilities.

You may have read our article on the best riding tips for new starters, which may give you the urge to get your kids into dirt bike riding!

Within this post will be our recommendations on the best kids dirt bikes. Be sure that you look at certain parts of a dirt bike, such as its transmission, engine type and frame type, because these may impact you kid’s riding performance.

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In our guide on the best kids dirt bikes, we do not actually follow certain rules that position a dirt bike on our list. These positions are solely based on what riders in the community have stated about them and opinions from professional reviewers online.

The post will solely feature the best kids dirt bikes for beginners and experienced riders. So if you’re a parent who is searching for dirt bike for your kids, then this article should be a great resource for you!

Views that may alter your choice could be:

  • Community Perspective
  • Construction Quality
  • Price Range
  • Design

In this article below is a list on the best kids dirt bikes.

The Best Kids Dirt Bikes

1. Honda CRF50F

Honda CRF50F

If you’re searching for an easy-riding kids dirt bikes that will allow your kids to build easy riding confidence, then CRF50F kids dirt bike is a simple setup for a junior to get into as its a dependable strong chain bike that has effective drum brakes for control.

In terms of features of the Honda CRF50F, they include:

  • Displacement: 50 cc
  • Design:Air-cooled 4-stroke 2-valve SOHC single
  • Transmission:3-speed with automatic clutch
  • Ground Clearance: 146 MM
  • Frame Design: Mono-backbone; steel tube
  • Weight: 50.0 KG

Overall the Honda CRF50F is an awesome introductory dirt bike for kids, as the stable 50cc engine platform with its 3-speed automatic clutch makes a great stable platform to learn power, control and balance.

2. Yamaha PW50 Kids Dirt Bike

Yamaha PW50

If you’re in need of a kids dirt bike that is perfect for learning throttle control, then the twist-to-go Yamaha PW50 is perfect! The automatic gearbox makes for easy control and the most important part is that you can pick up a second hand one for around $600.

Features of the Yamaha PW50, they include:

  • Displacement: 49 cc
  • Design: Air-cooled 2-stroke; reed-valve induction
  • Transmission: Fully automatic transmission
  • Ground Clearance: 93.3 MM
  • Frame Design: Backbone steel tube
  • Weight: 38.0 KG

Overall, this is an awesome dirt bike for kids who are new starters who are just learning the basics and we couldn’t recommend it enough.

3. Yamaha TTR-50 Dirt Bike

Yamaha TTR-50

The most reliable kids dirt bikes on the market tend to be Yamaha’s, and especially the TTR-50’s as they’ll go on for years and years. In addition to that this means that second hand Yamaha TTR-50’s aren’t to risky to buy as they’re so reliable

In terms of features of the Yamaha TTR-50, they include:

  • Displacement: 49 cc
  • Design: air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke; 2 valves
  • Transmission:Constant-mesh 3-speed; automatic clutch
  • Ground Clearance: 134 MM
  • Frame Design:Curved steel backbone frame
  • Weight: 57.0 KG

Overall the Yamaha TTR-50 is a great choice for a kids dirt bike, as they have a great second hand parts market, making maintenance easy and its throttle control isn’t too delicate for ease of control.

4. Honda CRF125F

Honda CRF125F

Another Honda dirt bike that is ideal for young kids aged 10 and over is the Honda CRF125F, which is perfect for kids that want to pursuit their dirt track passion with a reliable and punchy dirt bike.

Features of the Honda CRF125F, they include:

  • Displacement: 124.9 cc
  • Design:Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Transmission:Four-speed chain
  • Ground Clearance: 210 MM
  • Frame Design:Mono-backbone; steel tube
  • Weight: 88.0 KG

Ultimately the Honda CRF125F is an exceptional dirt bike for older kids, who are looking to progress their abilities with a larger motor. The robust, air-cooled, four stroke has been created for novice-friendly, bottom-end torque, to help learn throttle control, traction skill and balance.

5. KTM 65 Kids Motocross Bike

KTM 65 SX Dirt Bike

If you’re looking for one of the best high-performance kids dirt bikes, then the KTM 65 SX is ideal for young races of the age of 8 – 12 years old. This is because of its awesome look and features, which has cool graphics and amazing market bench-marking performance.

In terms of features of the KTM 65 SX, they include:

  • Displacement: 64.9 cc
  • Design: air-cooled 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Ground Clearance: 280 MM
  • Frame Design: Central-tube frame with double-cradle
  • Weight: 53.0 KG

Overall if you’re searching for incredible design and build quality to help your kids in placing in pole position in their dirt bike races, then the KTM 65 SX is an awesome candidate for them!

6. KTM 50 Kids Dirt Bike

KTM 50 SX Dirt Bikes


If you’re looking for a similar dirt bike to the KTM 65 SX, but have younger children, then you’re in luck as they produce a KTM 50 SX model. This is again a high performing dirt bike, suitable for track races and trails, but is more suited for the ages ranges of 4 – 10 years old.

Features of the KTM 50 SX, they include:

  • Displacement: 49.0 cc
  • Design: air-cooled 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine
  • Transmission:Single-speed automatic
  • Ground Clearance: 252 MM
  • Frame Design: Central-tube frame with double-cradle
  • Weight: 41.5 KG

Overall the KTM 50 SX is an incredible motocross dirt bike for kids that are into competition racing. Moreover it has manageable power, as it has an automatic clutch that is ideal for novice riders.

7. Husqvarna TC85

The best budget kids dirt bikes is the Husqvarna TC85, as its a big name brand rivaling manufacturer that produces top of the line dirt bikes at minimal prices. In addition to that, you can pick up a second hand one for around $2,000.

In terms of features of the Husqvarna TC85, they include:

  • Displacement: 85 cc
  • Design: air-cooled 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Ground Clearance: 362 MM
  • Frame Design:Chromium Molybdenum steel frame
  • Weight: 68.0 KG
Ultimately the Husqvarna TC82 dirt bike is a great present for your kid, especially considering its high performance attributes such as its lightweight Chromium Molybdenum steel frame and its punchy two-stroke TC 85 motor.


Overall you should not make your entire choice on a new dirt bike based on this article by its self, you should use it as a helpful guide. It’s essential that you research factors into your dirt bike such as its design, price range, construction-quality and its community perspective.

Best Kids Dirt Bike

As long as you cover those area’s, then you should be on your way to finding an awesome kids dirt bike to start for members of your family to start riding. Additionally its important that you have necessary dirt bike gear before you start riding, such as dirt bike knee guards and dirt bike goggles as these will keep you safe from injuries!

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