The Best Skateboard Sponsor

Best Skateboard Sponsor

Having a skateboard sponsor is one of the best achievements that you can reach as a skater. This is because you get free stuff for your setup and clothing, along with other perks.

Although to become a sponsored skater, you need to have a great skill set and in this day in age a following online, so that you can promote products online too.

However, we have created a list of skateboard companies who are seeking out skaters to sponsor and have a reputation of sponsoring skaters from different areas of the world who have unique styles of skating.

How To Become A Sponsored Skateboarder?

A skateboard sponsorship is when a brand gives you their product to promote, in order to increase their visibility to sell their products. In return, they typically give you the products for free or may often pay you as a team skater.

Skateboard Sponsor

Typically you’d advertise their gear through social media, putting on local events or even competing in competitions whilst wearing/using their products.

Types Of Skateboard Sponsors

Amateur Skateboard Sponsor

This is almost at the level of professional skateboard sponsorship, where you may feature in advertisements for the brand, where they may offer occasionally pay or resources.

Professional Skateboard Sponsor

The best form of sponsorship is a professional skateboard sponsor as they are fully employed by a skateboard brand. This would mean that you’re on the brands team and have full obligations to support the company.

Skateboard Sponsorship

In addition to that, you will be provided with a salary and full benefits like any other full-time job. Some professional skateboarders who are sponsored benefit even from royalties.

Skateboard Shop Sponsor

This is the most accessible choice, as this is when you get products from your local skate shop. Typically they’ll sponsor your local events too, in return they may give you a t-shirt with their shop name on it. Moreover, they offer a decent discount rate for you at the shops to purchase more products.

The Best Skateboard Sponsors

1. Bones Wheels Skateboard Sponsor

Bones Wheels

The best skateboard sponsors are Bones Wheels, as they need no introduction as they’ve been a front-runner and one of the most notable skate brands around. If you’ve read our skateboard wheels article, you’ll know that they produce some of the best skateboard wheels and bearings on the market. Although due to their presence and highly regarded view as a skateboard brand, it may be more difficult to obtain a sponsorship from them. However they have an easy to complete ‘sponsor me’ page here!

2. Gullwing Truck Co

Gullwing Truck Co

If you’re into your longboards or cruiser skateboards, then you’ll heard of Gullwing Trucks. These are the best skateboard sponsor for trucks as they’ve been around since 1980’s and have been distributed through the NHS distribution chain. In addition to that, their skateboard trucks have been some of the most highly regarded ones on the market for their durability and performance capabilities.

We have rated them highly on our blogs on the best skateboard trucks and the best longboard trucks. This can be down it their unique designs, such as their Gullwing Pro III and its innovative hanger. They are a rapidly growing, that can be contacted for a sponsorship through their Facebook page.

3. Bamboo Skateboards Sponsor

Bamboo Skateboards Sponsor

As we all know, environmental products are becoming ever more popular. This is why the best eco-friendly skateboard sponsor is Bamboo Skateboards, as their decks are created from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, which match up to the build quality of leading decks. If you’ve ever skated a Bamboo deck, you’ll know that they’re shock absorbent and bouncy, due to the Bamboo Construction.

They currently sponsor a lot of riders, which makes them more accessible than other skateboard deck sponsors. In addition to that, their decks are of high-quality and extremely durable, which is why we’ve featured them as recommendations on our articles on the best skateboard decks. If you’re interested in applying for their ‘sponsor me’ campaign, then feel free to apply here!

4. Atlas Longboard Trucks

Atlas Longboard Trucks

If you are a longboarder who is searching for a longboard sponsorship company, then a great choice would be Atlas Trucks! This is because they are a widely known longboard and skateboard brand that have been a rapidly growing organisation who make quality products. They too have a specific ‘sponsor me’ page with a simple guide to follow on how to get sponsored by them, which can be found here.

5. Loaded Boards Skateboard Sponsor

Loaded Boards Skateboard Sponsor

One of the most popular longboard sponsorship brands is Loaded Boards, as they are known to be generous with their sponsorship choices and handouts of gear. They too, similar to Atlas Trucks have a clear and easy process to apply for a sponsorship, which can be found here. When compared to the other brands that we’ve recommended to contact on this list, Loaded Boards are the best chance of a skateboard sponsor in our opinion.

6. Creature Skateboard Sponsor

Creature Skateboard Sponsor

Another notable skateboard sponsor brand in the community is Creature Skateboards, as they’ve been around for years with an amateur team of skaters. This is great because this means they accommodate new and upcoming talent, as long as you’ve got a great standard of riding! The best way of contacting them for a sponsorship is through their Facebook page.

7. DB Longboards Sponsorship

DB Longboards Sponsorship

A great company for longboard sponsors is DB Longboards. This is because they’ve been producing quality longboards, and tend to have a big push to sponsoring freestyle and dancers from across the globe. In addition to that, they have an easy to follow ‘sponsor me’ page which can be found here. This page is easy to follow and gives you a step by step process on how to become sponsored!

8. Paris Trucks Co.

Paris Trucks Co.

Another great skateboard sponsor brand is Paris Trucks Co, who are reputable to listening to their community. Moreover they have their direct messages open on Instagram and will directly reply to you. They have an already existing dancer and downhill team, if you want to contact them its best to go through their Instagram.

9. Riptide Skateboards

Riptide Skateboards

A popular skateboard bushing manufacturer that are popular sponsors are Riptide. These are generally great bushings for cruising and longboarding. Their sponsorship application process is relatively simple, with a guide that is attached to it. This page can be located here.

10. Whatever Skateboards Sponsorship

Whatever Skateboards Sponsorship

One of the best solutions for a skateboard sponsor is to go smaller, such as Whatever Skateboards. They’re a small business in the states. They cover a range of skateboard and longboard media, which makes them versatile as a skateboard sponsor. So if you’re interested, then check out their easy-to-use skateboard sponsor form here.

Steps To Becoming A Sponsored Skateboarder

Having a decent skill set will get you far in terms of becoming sponsored, although also being a key member of your local community or having an ability of marketing can get you far.

How To Become A Sponsored Skater

Down below we have created some key skills that you’ll need to be on your way to becoming sponsored:

  • Become a known skater in your local area.
  • Try out at competitions and aim to win or at least stand out.
  • Develop you skill set to an impressive standard.
  • Becoming committed to skating, as people give up too early.
  • Develop your skills in terms of filming and editing.

Getting Sponsored With ‘Sponsor Me’ YouTube Videos

The best method through getting recognised is through ‘Sponsor Me’ videos on YouTube. This is because you’re able to create a following and demonstrate your skill set.

What Responsibilities Are There Being A Sponsored Skater

  • Assisting with developing the product range, with insights from someone who actually tests the product.
  • Becoming a spokesperson for the brand and compete for them in competitions.
  • Aid with developing other skaters skills through online content and training sessions with other team members.

How To Contact A Brand For A Skateboard Sponsor

There are many methods of contacting a skateboard brand in order to get sponsored. Firstly, being a marketable person who creates online content, makes you more attractive.

How To Get Sponsored By A Skateboard Company

Moreover you could work with more local brands and shops to build up your profile online and ask to compete in local events to build your profile regionally.


Ultimately, being sponsored is awesome, especially if you’ve been skating for a good portion of your life and have dedicated a lot of time and effort into it. However, you shouldn’t skate for solely the money, you should do it for fun and that can be a great addition to your life.

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