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Best Skateboard YouTube Channel

The Best Skateboard YouTube Channels 2020

Finding the ultimate skateboard YouTube channel can be difficult as there are so many creators online, all with their own skating styles and unique forms of content creation.

Thousands of skating videos are posted everyday, so we’ve created a list on the best skateboard YouTube channels, based on popularity and entertainment value!

To narrow down the list, we’ve based this on a criteria of subscribers, views, reputation among forums and bloggers appraisals of them. So check our list down below!

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The Best Skateboard YouTube Channels

1. Braille Skateboarding YouTube Channel

Braille Skateboarding YouTube Channel

If you have ever Google’d a ‘How-To’ around anything to do with skateboarding, you’ve likely encountered Braille Skateboarding YouTube Channel. It is a full-blown skateboard brand and business that deals with boards and apparel.

In addition to that, the channel was originally a method of Aaron Kyro to communicate and promote his skateboard program for skating beginners. They now produce a lot of entertaining experimental videos such as trying to skate on a iPad or even a Lego skateboard.

Overall if you’re searching for an all-rounder great skateboard YouTube channel, then this is the best one out there by a long shot! It’s by far one of the most popular skateboard YouTube channels out there with almost five million subscribers.

2. RIDE Channel

RIDE Channel

A great large network skateboard YouTube channel, which features the largest names in the skate industry is the RIDE Channel. Their videos are most likely the highest quality skating videos online, that cover every area of the community.

The video library contains a wide variety of videos which include pro-skater interviews, ‘How-To’ tricks and skateboard news to be covered.

Some of the notable features on the channel include Tony Hawk, who’s attempting a spiral loop, as well as Steve Caballero producing awesome online content.

3. VLSkate Skateboard YouTube Channel

VLSkate Skateboard YouTube Channel

If you’re a new skater and are looking for the easiest beginner trick tutorials, the best skateboard YouTube channel for you is VLSkate. This is because its an accessible YouTuber who makes resourceful ‘How-To’ skate videos that you can practice at home.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to become the next legend in street skating, then you need to begin with VLSkate’s Skateboard YouTube Channel, as he has helpful videos on ‘How To Frontside 180’ or ‘How To Inward Heelflip’.

His YouTube channel is user-friendly for you to navigate and films his videos in an enjoyable, yet easy to understand format!

4. AndrewSchrock


Another great authentic skateboard YouTube channel is AdnrewSchrock! This is because he has a perfect blend of being a family man, who creates a different aspect of skateboard videos. This includes increating ‘vlogs’ into his skating videos.

In addition to that he also has created a skateboard brand called Revive Skateboards. This is a YouTube based skateboard company, that sponsors YouTube skaters, which makes for a more entertaining team.

In his videos he features the Revive Warehouse, where they create trials, challenges, obstacles and play games of SKATE. On the other hand he includes non-skating based videos with his son which will provide you with plenty of laughs!

5. Nollie Skateboarding

Nollie Skateboarding

If you’re a beginner looking for tutorials of the highest quality, then the best skateboard YouTube channel for you is Nollie Skateboarding. This is because they cover the basic tricks in great depth such as preforming an ‘Ollie’ or a ‘360 Shove’.

On top of that similar to our articles on the best skateboard gear that you can find online. Like our deck and trucks articles, they do the same service but in video format, so you can get a better look at the products.

6. The Berrics Skateboard YouTube Channel

The Berrics Skateboard YouTube Channel

One of the most popular and leading skateboard YouTube channels is ‘The Berrics‘. They have been one of the biggest  skateboard YouTube channels for years, as they have a frequent output of pure skateboarding videos with amateurs and professional skaters from around the globe.

Moreover, it’s based and filmed in one of the most notorious skate parks in the USA! We highly recommend their channel out, here are a few of the popular segments they put out:

  • Battle at the Berrics – Winner takes all game of SKATE!
  • First Try Fridays – Pro skater shows up and are give three attempts at a trick.
  • Chris Coles Ultimate Battle Royal – Two teams against each other in a game of SKATE.

7. The Nine Club YouTube Channel

The Nine Club YouTube Channel

An awesome skateboard YouTube channel where they interview professional skaters, skate brand owners and film producers is The Nine Club. This is down to their authentic team and filming process, where its a channel for skaters, by skaters.

They additionally have a second YouTube channel, where they show highlights in the skateboard industry and how they’re effecting skaters and you.

On top of that, they discuss team changes in skate teams, new board releases and contest highlights, with their results.

8. Street League Skateboarding YouTube Channel

Street League Skateboarding YouTube Channel

Street League Skateboarding is one of the largest skating YouTube channels out there. This is because its an annual tour that has the top tier of professional skaters from different areas of the world.

Moreover, it set a great bench mark for those who are looking to go pro, as it shows the standard of skating that you’ll need to match. More details on ‘How To Become A Pro Skater’, can be found here.

9. Metro Skateboarding

Metro Skateboarding

Metro Skateboarding is a skateboard YouTube channel that is primarily focused on professional skateboarders. In addition to that, they highlight the underground skating scene with the acceptance of viewer submissions.

If you are skating to a standard and are looking at getting some exposure, it may be worth sending in some clips of yourself to be reviewed. This may be a great stepping stone to developing a following.

Although they do make skater culture videos, that are equivalent of ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ for the skateboarding community.

10. Nike Skateboarding

Nike Skateboarding

A final notable skateboard YouTube channel that you should subscribe to is Nike Skateboarding. This is because their Nike SB division make some of the highest quality skating edits that you can find out there, that is produced by a brand.

Also, they show some historic videos from the 1990’s, which can kill a couple of hours, along with edits from some of the best skaters in the world.

Other Popular Skateboard YouTube Channels

  • Rad Rat Video
  • Jonny Giger
  • Skate Or Die
  • Ben Degros
  • Ninja Lifestyle
  • Chris Chan

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