Best Gifts for Skateboarders

The Best Gifts For Skateboarders 2020

Buying gifts for skateboarders, especially around Christmas time is difficult, as you’re not sure whether the person who is receiving the gift will love it. Whether they are a skateboard related Christmas gift or a random present, there are thousands of skateboard gifts online. If you are not a skateboarder, you will most likely not […]

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Best Skateboard Grip Tape

The Best Skateboard Grip Tape 2020

Skateboard grip tape is an incremental part of a skateboard setup. The grip tape provides the rider with friction between their deck and their shoes which in return provides grip for the rider to maintain his/her balance on the board whilst skating. The best skateboard grip tape available to purchase online today is the Grizzly […]

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Best Skateboard Trucks

The Best Skateboard Trucks 2020

Searching for the best skateboard trucks can be a time-consuming task. You want to find a set that offer you incredible mobility, strength whist not breaking the bank. The best skateboard trucks on offer today is the Independent Stage 11’s, which has impressive aluminium construction & grade 8 kingpin design. In this article are suggestions […]

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Best Skateboard Deck

The Best Skateboard Deck Brands 2020

In the more recent years, it is becoming more common to customize your skateboard. This includes finding new wheels, grip tapes or even a custom skateboard deck. In this article, will be the best skateboard decks online today. In this list will be factors that you’ll need to consider before choosing a deck suited to […]

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Best Skate Shoe

The Best Skateboard Shoes 2020

Finding the best skate shoes can be a challenging task as you want to find the best pair. A pair that offers flexibility, mobility, with futuristic developments, whilst being affordable. The best skateboard shoes available online today are the Adidas Seeley’s, which offer incredible flexibility, ankle mobility, whilst offering comfortable cushioning. In this article are […]

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Best Budget Electric Skateboard

The Best Cheap Electric Skateboard 2020

Finding the best cheap electric skateboard can be difficult as you want to find the perfect board. One that offers a flexible ride, with innovative developments, whilst remaining affordable. The best cheap electric skateboard on the market today is, the Teamgee H5, which has the most flawless performance capabilities, battery efficiency and tech.   In this […]

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Best Skateboard Hardware

The Best Skateboard Hardware 2020

It is essential for skaters to find the best skateboard hardware, as it is used to connect your trucks to your skateboard deck. It is important to have a decent set as it effects a skaters performance. The best skateboard hardware is the Independent Genuine Hardware Bolts, which have the best material construction, size & […]

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Best Skateboard Wheels for Street

The Best Skateboard Wheels For Street 2020

It is important for skaters to find the best skateboard wheels for their style of riding. This is because it can effect the comfort of the ride as well as the performance and balance the skater has on their board. The best skateboard wheels for street are the Spitfire Classic Series, which have the perfect […]

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Best Skateboard Backpack For Adults

The Best Skateboard Backpack 2020

Investing into a quality skateboard backpack can make transporting your skateboard much more practical, convenient and double up as being multipurpose as it can carry your day-today items. The best skateboard backpack is the Dakine Mission, which has a large capacity, 17 color variants and breathable air mesh on shoulder straps to keep you comfortable. […]

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Best Skateboard Helmet for Street

The Best Skateboard Helmet 2020

If you’re looking to start skateboarding, it is heavily required for safety reasons that you should wear a skateboard helmet. This is because in an event of an accident, the helmet you choose may make the difference between a serious or minor injury. The best skateboard helmet is the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet, which […]

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