What Is the Difference Between Longboard and Skateboard?

Difference Between Longboard and Skateboard

A lot of newbies can be confused around the discussion of what is the difference between a longboard and skateboard, as they share a surprising amount of properties.

Interestingly, longboards are an actual variation of skateboards, as essentially its a longer skateboard deck. There are many manufacturers that design these boards in different shapes and designs. The purpose of having these various designs, is so they’re more suitable for different skating styles, such as longboards for cruising.

Down below we have created a detailed article on the key differences and similarities between longboards and skateboards.

What Skateboards And Longboards Have In Common

Both sports originate from surfing in the early days. This was a method for surfers to practice moves on land, when the waves weren’t great. This then transpired into pool skateboarding and a the concept of a skateboard came to be.

Skateboards And Longboards Have In Common

They both share their own subcultures and clothing. But both share a similar lifestyle and reason to meet up with your friends for a shared interest. However many of the components are similar such as their bushings, wheels and trucks, they have very different capabilities.

Skateboard .Vs. Longboard Components


Understandably, longboards are typically longer than their skateboard counterparts. You may discover that most skateboards are 27.5 to 35.0 inches long and 7.5 to 10.0 inches wide.

Skateboard .Vs. Longboard


Longboards typically are 34.0 to 60.0 inches long, whilst being 9.0 to 10.0 inches wide. They are typically wider as this gives you greater balance and control at higher speeds, but also makes it easier for beginners.

Shape And Design

You may discover that most common decks are a distinct shape, where their ends are curving upwards. However longboards can come in a wide range of shapes such as a drop through longboard or a downhill longboard.

longboard or skateboard

Longboards you may discover, have no curving at the ends and are narrow, this makes them easier to control whilst cruising or riding downhill.

Longboard .Vs. Skateboard Wheels

Longboards more then not, will have larger and softer wheels when compared to their skateboard alternatives. This is because they require better shock absorption, as you’ll be skating in rougher terrains such as roads or downhill.

Longboard .Vs. Skateboard Wheels

You’ll find that skateboards will have much smaller wheels and will have a harder durometer rating, as it makes preforming tricks much easier.

Is Longboarding Easier Than Skateboarding?

Dependant on who you ask, many people may state that longboarding is much easier than skateboarding in terms of general skating. This is because they have longer wheel bases, along with larger decks. This means that you have more room for a comfortable stance and have better balance on a wider platform.

Is Longboarding Easier Than Skateboarding

However it is relative to the skate orientated activity that you’re doing. For instance longboards are perfect for cruising at high speeds, carving on downhill runs. Although skateboards are much better at urban skating, where you preform tricks on rails or doing kickflips down a stair set.

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner who is looking to just get experience in balancing on a board, then a longboard is most likely the best choice.

Longboard Or Skateboard For New Starters?

There cannot be a definite answer for this, as there are many differences between longboards and skateboards. Although as previously mentioned, as a brand new skater, a longboard is a much better choice for a beginner.

Longboard Or Skateboard For New Starters

This is because you have a wider platform for balancing and pushing, although you can begin to progress to a skateboard once you’ve learnt the basics. Moreover when you begin to advance and want to preform tricks, you’ll need a skateboard as you won’t be able to preform the same arsenal of tricks on a longboard.

Which Is Best, A Longboard Or Skateboard?

This is all dependant on the type of skater that you are. Some skaters may prefer to cruise around their towns on a longboard, where in comparison many may prefer performing tricks on a skateboard.

Longboards Or Skateboards

Longboards are much better at cruising, as their wheels are much softer and wider to tackle much more tougher terrains. Skateboards are ideal for those who prefer to spend their time in skateparks or at spots in the city preforming tricks.

Ultimately this is all dependant on your skating style and the type of skating that you preform.


Overall the choice between a longboard or skateboard is solely up to your needs, as your preference and styles will alter your choice between the two. Just be sure that you research into the variable options and read up on articles that we’ve created on the best beginner longboard, if you’re looking to get into that area.

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