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10 Health Benefits Of Riding BMX

Health Benefits Of Riding BMX

There are many health benefits of riding BMX, these can be physical and mental. Long term health benefits of riding BMX’s include weight loss and improved stress levels.

Riding your BMX bike with friends can boost serotonin levels, as well as burning calories. This makes it a great form of exercise and entertainment.

Health benefits of riding BMX bikes are endless, although to encourage you to get out riding more we’ve created an article to show you the positive aspects and effects of BMX!

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Riding BMX

1. Reduces Stress And Improves Mental Health

A great health benefit of riding BMX is that its shown to massively improve your mental health well-being. This can be due to the fact that it’s popular and a very sociable hobby.

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Riding BMX

By being a sociable sport/hobby, it helps you make life-long friends and have a sense of a connection to a BMX community in your area. Due to the fact that its a skill based sport, you can slowly improve your skill set and along with this your confidence.

By BMXing more, building your confidence, you therefore reduce your anxiety levels which decreases your stress levels. Even if you go out for five minutes a day, it gives you a chance to take a break from the world.

2. Helps You Lose Weight

Depending on your pace and weight, its stated that riding your BMX can help you to burn anywhere between 240 – 355 calories every half hour according to Healthline.com . So this makes it a much more enjoyable method of weight loss.

If you hate the gym, then you should seriously consider BMXing as an alternative aerobic exercise. If you’re riding more frequently, it will help increase your metabolism too.

3.  Builds Your Muscles And Strength

As well as being a great cardiovascular exercise, due to styles of BMX riding and their single chain hubs they help tone your lower body muscles. In addition to that, it’ll also improve your arm strength, dependant if you use the handlebars to preform tricks.

BMX Builds Your Muscles And Strength

In conjunction with losing calories, improving your body’s health and the way you feel about yourself can be drastically improved by riding BMX!

4. BMX Strengthens Your Back Posture

A weird, but wonderful health benefit of riding BMX is that due to the position that you have to put yourself into, it forces you to improve your posture. This is incremental for the longevity of a health spine and back.

Because you’re forced not to slouch whilst riding your BMX and keeps you up, you’ll start to notice over a period of time your back muscles will strengthen.

5. Improved Heart Health

Due to the fact that BMX riding is a aerobic exercise, it’ll improve heart health as it reduces the chance of developing cardiovascular diseases. Other similar benefits include improved blood circulation and blood oxygen levels due to the nature of the exercise.

Benefits Of Riding BMX

So whilst being young and enjoying yourself with mates on your BMX, it’ll improve your health in the long run. You can do as little as five minutes or a whole day, it’ll all add up and improve your health.

6. BMX Benefits Your Sleeping Pattern

By frequently riding on your BMX , a big health benefit that you may start to notice over time is the fact that your sleeping pattern improves. This is down to the fact that your Cortisol levels become reduced. These are stress hormones which effect sleeping patterns and reduces stress.

By improving your sleeping pattern and improving Serotonin levels in your brain, it’ll drastically make you a happier person.

7. Helps With Creativity

You may not notice this, but BMX riding gradually over time will drastically improve your creative thinking abilities greatly. This can be partly due to the fact that your attempting new lines of tricks, or ways of riding certain spots.

BMX Helps With Creativity

All in all, if you’re a freestyle or street rider your pragmatic and creativity abilities will be awesome! You’ll become a master problem solver over time without noticing it yourself.

8. Improves Your Commute

If you work at a local or part-time job near by where it isn’t a necessity to travel in a car for miles and miles, then riding a BMX for your commute can be great!

By being able to get to work quickly on your BMX because you don’t have to worry about busy traffic, it reduces your stress levels greatly!

9. Riding BMX Increases Your Balance And Coordination

One of the great health benefits of riding BMX bikes, is that its greatly improves your balance and coordination. This is awesome as these are transferable across different aspects of life and other sports too.

Increases Your Balance And Coordination

By improving your coordination and balance over-time, it’ll assist with stabilization in general whether its with BMX riding or other sports. This in return reduces the chances of injuries from a fall.

10. Its Really Fun And Makes You Feel Good

All in all, BMXing is incredibly fun and it makes you feel awesome after a good ride. There’s nothing better than going out for a ride and landing a trick that you’ve been attempting for ages!

By achieving mile stones in your skill set in BMXing, it boosts your confidence and the serotonin levels in your brain which make you feel amazing.

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