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How Does Pivotal BMX Seat Work?

Pivotal BMX Seat

Pivotal BMX seats are one of many different types of seat post filaments. This refers to the component that connects the seat post to the BMX saddle.

One of most common and best types of BMX seat filaments is the pivot BMX seat. Pivotal seats have a moulded seatpost with adjustment grooves, where the saddle sits.

Within the article below, we detail the benefits of a pivot BMX seat. We will discuss its features in depth, along with the best BMX pivotal seats on the market.

What Are Pivotal BMX Seats?

A pivotal BMX seat is one of the most innovative BMX seat designs. This is because it has a unique molded design, that has a series of adjustment grooves, whereby the BMX seat is positioned. Then the two separate components are joined together by a singular bolt, which is connected to the top of the seat.

What Are Pivotal BMX Seats?

Opposed to other BMX seat designs, pivot seats can be easily recognized by their singular bolt slot. The singular bolt is positioned from the tail of the seat to the nose.

One key factor that you need to remember about pivot seats, is that they are only compatible with pivotal seat posts. This means that you cannot attach a pivotal seat to a standard BMX seat post.

Benefits Of Using A Pivot BMX Seat

  • Angles: In-comparison to other BMX seats, they offer a great amount of variation of angles for positioning.
  • Weight: Pivot seats are heavier in comparison to other BMX seats, which gives them better durability and comfort-ability.
  • Adjust-ability: Opposed to other BMX seats, a pivotal BMX seat are simple to adjust for a suitable fit.

Disadvantages Of Using Pivotal Seats

  • Expensive: When compared to other options of a BMX seat, they tend to be the most expensive.
  • Usability: Pivotal saddles only work with Pivot seat posts, they’re not compatible with others.
  • Longevity: A big problem associated with pivotal seats, is that they become loose over time which can cause breakage.

The Best Pivotal BMX Saddles 2020

To assist you with finding the best pivotal BMX saddles for your bike, we have gathered a few of the best online for your setup.

1. Answer BMX Pivotal Saddle

The best Pivotal BMX saddle is the Answer Seat, as it has a slick style design. This gives it a lightweight feel and minimal foam padding for a sporty feel. Additional points to mention are that it has a grippy vinyl cover with a faux Carbon fiber pattern. Plus it has plastic bumpers for added durability.

You’ll duly note that the Answer Pivotal BMX Seat has a unisex design, that is perfect for any rider and an awesome weight-saving hollow pivotal bolt design.

2. Promax VL-7101 BMX Freestyle Pivotal Seat

One of the best BMX pivotal saddles for beginners is the Promax VL-7101 Freestyle seat. This is because it has a very lightweight design as it has reduced padding along with a hollow pivotal bolt.

In addition to that, it has a minimal contoured profile, with grippy outer material, which makes it great for keeping the seat securely positioned between your legs whilst preforming tricks such as barspins.

3. Tioga D-Spyder S-Spec Pivotal Saddle

The most innovative pivot BMX saddle is the Tioga D-Spyder Pivotal Saddle. This is because the unique saddle has been molded of Tioga’s proprietary Carbonite O2 composite material which gives it incredible lightness.

Another important aspect is its web shell technology saddle base design which enables incredible flex, along with increased comfort and weight reduction when comfort to every other pivot saddle on the market.


Pivotal BMX seats are by a long way the most beneficial seat types that you can get for your BMX. Although they may be heavier in comparison to alternative seat types, they are immensely lightweight and have great durability. If you feel as though you may want to check out the best range of pivotal BMX saddles, in comparison to other seat types, then check out our guide here.

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