How To Stop BMX Handlebars From Moving

How To Stop BMX Handlebars From Moving

One problem among riders is that they notice that your BMX handlebars become loose. This can be frustrating, as you want to stop BMX handlebars from moving.

Without proactively going to stop your BMX handlebars from moving, this can make tricks difficult. This happens because you haven’t fitted the bar securely on the stem.

Another potential solution to stop BMX handlebars from moving, is by replacing the stem, as sometimes they don’t match their handlebars. If you do not prevent your BMX handlebars from moving, this can make your bike difficult to control and be dangerous.

How To Secure Your BMX Handlebar

  • Firstly you’ll need to is look at your design on your BMX’s stem. By checking this, you’ll understand if the clamp requires a single pinch-style bolt or a pair of bolts. Typically, more commonly than not, BMX’s stem face-plate use a four bolt design.
  • Next, you’ll need to straddle your front BMX wheel and center the bars horizontally, this ensures a suitable position. This means that the bars should be positioned in a manner where both sides are equal distance from the stem.
  • Following from this, you’ll be required to tighten the singular pinch bolt, using a 6MM Allen wrench. Alternatively for double face-plate bolts, you’ll need to a 5MM Allen wrench for those.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: Make sure that you leave additional rotational adjustment, so that the handlebars have a horizontal position.
  • Next you’ll need to rotate your bars, so that the drops are horizontal, when they are position towards the ground.
  • Then begin to start to tighten the bolts and rotate the Allen key on the pinch-style bolt.
  • You’ll then need to tighten the paired face-plate bolts, so that there will be a slight gap between the face-plate and the stem end.
  • Tighten these bolts with your 6MM  Allen wrench.
  • To ensure you do this with equal amounts of pressure, you should do it in a ‘criss-cross’ fashion.

Easy Method To Stop BMX Handlebars From Moving

An alternative reason to why your handlebars may be moving or be loose, is that the clamp isn’t equally secured with pressure around the handlebar. This can be something that happens over time from preforming tricks, especially those where you have high-impact landings.

A popular method of stopping this from happening, is to outright replace the handlebars and the stem. Although before you do this, you should remove the handlebar from the stem’s clamp, to check if the clamp surface is rounded or not.

Stop BMX Handlebars From Moving

To assist you with this, it may be wise to use a caliper. If the area is round, then its suitable to re-fit the bars in the clamp. However this time you should ensure that you use the ‘Criss-Cross’ or ‘X’ pattern method of tightening the clamp.

By doing this method, it ensures that each bolt on the stem has equal amounts of pressure applied, which will stop BMX handlebars from moving.


Having a set of BMX handlebars that are loose can be incredibly annoying, as well as dangerous, as you cannot control your BMX suitably. Although with the correct Allen wrench’s and with a bit of elbow grease, you can stop BMX handlebars from moving.

The good situation of fixing handlebars that are loose, is that even the most basic mechanic can do it. The most important aspect you need to remember about stopping BMX handlebars from moving, is by using the ‘X’ or ‘Criss-Cross’ pattern to reinstall it evenly. This ensures pressure has been applied to the stem clamp bolts evenly, keeping your handlebars securely positioned.

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