How Wide Should BMX Handlebars Be?

How Wide Should BMX Handlebars Be?

When considering the purchase of new handlebars for either an upgrade or a replacement, one question will always strike to your mind. How wide should BMX handlebars be?

This is because you want a set of handlebars that keep you comfortable and able to ride your style type, as some BMX handlebars can be either too large or small in terms of width.

Down below, we discuss factors that could effect your decision on how wide your BMX handlebars should be and have a guide that should aid your to finding the suitable width of your handlebars.

BMX Handlebar Size Chart

Rider Height (Feet)Handlebar Rise (Inches)Handlebar Width (Inches)BMX Frame Type
Under 5.53.5 - 5.022.0 - 25.0Junior
5.6 - 5.108.0 - 9.027.0 - 30.0Regular BMX
5.11 - 6.29.0 - 9.527.0 - 30.0Professional
6.3 +9.5 - 10.28.5 - 30.0Big BMX Bike

Width & Rise Of Your BMX Handlebars

Over the past decade there have been huge innovations and developments to the width and rise of BMX handlebars. This is because these two dimensions can effect your riding style significantly. For instance if youre a freestyle rider, it would be suitable to have a larger width BMX handlebar and a larger rise to suit your style more suitably.

Rise Of A BMX Handlebar

The rise of a BMX handlebar refers to the height that is measured between the bottom of the knurled clamping surface of your handlebars, to the top of the grip surface of them.

Rise Of A BMX Handlebar

Larger BMX riders may have a preference to have a higher rise, to prevent them hunching their back over more. Similarly smaller BMX riders may also prefer larger bars, as they’re be more comfortable.

Having a larger rise BMX handlebar, then it’ll provide you with more leverage when attempting basic BMX tricks, such as a ‘Bunny-Hop’. Although a BMX handlebar rise should never be larger than 9.5 inches in dimensions.

What Width Should MY BMX Handlebars Be?

Typically, the handlebars of a BMX is measured from one end of the grip, horizontally to the other side. Typically BMX handlebars are between 27.5 inches to 30.5 inches, dependant on the BMX and frame type that your purchase.

Some more experienced riders may actually cut their bars to becoming narrower, as this gives them a more personalised fit. Usually this is only done by a quarter of an inch.

BMX Handlebar Size Chart

On the other hand, the more common width of a BMX handlebar is 28.0 inches, this is because many people will have their handlebars the same width as their shoulders!

The larger 30 inch handlebars are better suited for larger riders, who ride big BMX bikes for adults. This is similar to the rise of a handlebar, where the larger handlebars are suited for larger riders.

Benefits Of Larger Width BMX Handlebars

The major draw for a lot of riders for larger width BMX handlebars, is that they grant you with more space, especially when attempting a ‘bar-spin’. Wide BMX handlebars mean that you can better stretch your hands.

In addition to that, larger width BMX handlebars can give you better stability at higher speeds, especially if your a dirt jump BMX rider. The only downside to this, is that because the handlebars are literally bigger, they tend to weigh more.

Advantages Of Narrower BMX Handlebars

Narrower BMX handlebars can bring many advantages for certain riders. For instance, if you’re a street or flatland BMX rider, than a narrower set of BMX bars would benefit you greatly.

This is because they grant you a larger amount of clearance, which is better for those tighter street spots! Moreover, narrower bars can bring benefit to those who require a more responsive feel. Also, opposed to larger width bars, they are much lighter and can make transporting your BMX much easier!

Advantages Of Narrower BMX Handlebars

If you have already purchased a handlebar set for your BMX and discover them to be to large width-wise, you can cut them down to a more suitable size if required.

Cutting your BMX handlebars can give you more clearance in regard to preforming tricks such as ‘bar-spins’. However when cutting your BMX bars, ensure that you have taken careful measurements and cut to size evenly of both size.


Ultimately a BMX handlebars width can be an important factor in deciding what type of BMX handlebars that you want to buy. Although if follow the rule of thumb of searching for a width, that matches the width of your shoulders, then you should find something suitable. Typically most riders choose a region of around 28.0 inches for their width. Although larger BMX riders or those who rider big BMX bikes for adults, will typically purchase BMX bars at around 30.0 inches width.

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