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Is Longboarding Safe To Do?

Is Longboarding Safe To Do?

Before discussing the area of ‘is longboarding safe to do’, its important to understand the difference between a longboard and a skateboard. This is because of a longboard’s larger length and dimensions, which makes it more stable.

This leads to beginners preferring to begin with a longboard, as its stability is better and its easier to control, making it much safer to do in-comparison to skateboarding. More on the differences between skateboarding and longboarding can be found here.

Although you may discover that longboards are easier to use and control, there are still some aspects and precautions that you must take into consideration to stay safe.

Is A Longboard Safe To Ride?

Is A Longboard Safe To Ride

Due to longboard decks being much more wider and longer, this enables great stability and balance in comparison to their skateboard counterparts. However this doesn’t mean that you can ride without protective gear, so ensure you wear a helmet and wrist guards to prevent injuries.

Before you buy a longboard, you should follow this process:

  • Check out the best beginners longboards, which are designed for new-starters.
  • Don’t begin skating in streets with traffic.
  • Practice in a car park or somewhere with open space.
  • Skate with other friends who can help you improve.
  • Purchase some longboard shoes, as these are design to provide you with excellent grip to your longboard.

By completing these steps, it’ll assist you with gaining more confidence when learning how to skateboard or longboard.

What Is Safer, Skateboards Or Longboards?

What Is Safer, Skateboards Or Longboards

Many people ask the question, is longboarding safe to do, when compared to skateboarding? Many would suggest that this is the case, as longboards are more commonly associated with commuting or travelling long distance, when skateboards are used for travelling shorter distances, whilst preforming tricks in skateparks.

Although both skateboarding and longboarding require a basic level of skills to skate safely, due to a longboards wider and longer platform they are much more controllable and provide better balance.

Moreover, in terms of safety a lot of basic entry longboards are designed for beginners who typically find smaller skateboards difficult to control. This is due to its length and rigidness for stability.

We have provided you with a process with a list of aspects that you should consider before skating:

  • Wear your protective gear! This includes helmets, gloves and even padded shorts to protect your hips!
  • Practice in open spaces like parking lots, before skating in the streets!
  • Don’t buy cheap gear, as most of it isn’t properly tested or certified!

By following these steps, it’ll ensure you’re kept safe away from injuries!

Another factor to consider is that because longboarding skating involve high speed skating down hill, there is a chance of high-impact injuries, so there is a need to be protected!

How To Make Longboarding Safe

How To Make Longboarding Safe

Longboarding is one of the most enjoyable past times that you can do with your friends, although can longboarding be safe. To make longboarding safe, we’ve created a small list to follow:

  • Buy the proper gear, ensure its safety certified and check out its customer reviews! We have created articles which could help you find the perfect helmet or lighting so that you can be seen at night!
  • Practice on a flat surface before you tackle potentially bumpy roads!
  • Ride with people at the same skill level, so you don’t push yourself too much.
  • Practice braking and using your body in turns at lower speeds!

Practice these steps before hitting the road, then you’ll boost your confidence and riding ability.

Should You Wear A Helmet When Riding A Longboard?

Should You Wear A Helmet When Riding A Longboard

Without a doubt, wearing a helmet makes longboarding safe. Some skaters may find it uncomfortable, although when it comes to falling off and potentially having a head injury, a helmet is a must have!

We have created  guide on the best longboard helmets, in addition to that you should make sure that your helmet has some sort of safety certification such as it being CPSC & ASTM certified.

How To Make Downhill Longboarding Safe

How To Make Downhill Longboarding Safe

Downhill longboarding can be the most thrilling form of longboarding. This also brings an element of danger with the high speeds that you can reach whilst racing. However there are ways that you can make downhill longboarding safe, which include:

  • Being fully protected and suited up with slide gloves, padded shorts and helmets.
  • Skating with the friends at the same skill level, they can give helpful tips!
  • Practice, practice and practice!

Moreover if you’re thinking of getting into professional racing, make sure the organisers close off the road and that you wear full body leathers. Additionally, you should consider looking at our article on the best downhill longboard.

Can Cruising On A Longboard Be Safe?

Can Cruising On A Longboard Be Safe

If you’re worried about taking too many risks while skating, the safest form of longboarding by a long shot is cruising. This is when you’re doing some relaxed riding over flat ground, so you don’t reach excessive speeds such as in downhill longboarding.

Although there is always a risk of danger as you could hit a crack or a small stone, just make sure you skate with protective gear. Also make sure that you have the best longboard for cruising, as if you’re not using a suitable longboard it can make it harder to do.

Can Longboard Dancing Be Safe?

Can Longboard Dancing Be Safe?


Longboard dancing can be one of the most creative forms of longboarding, more can be found out about them here. Although this form of longboard has the greatest chance of injury, as it can be easy to fall whilst attempting to preform a trick.

To counteract this you should definitely think about investing in a helmet and a good pair of shoes for longboarding, as you’ll want to protect your ankles.

Is It Safe To Use A Longboard For Commuting?

Longboard For Commuting

Longboarding can be a great and eco-friendly method of commuting to work, school or around town. Although you have to consider the factor of other road users or even other cyclists and skaters!

We do recommend you investing into a set of longboard lights, as these will help with being visibile in the darkness, keeper you safe. Moreover, wearing a full face helmet may be the better option here for all out protection.

Finally you have to respect the road rules, similarly to a car or cyclists as you can risk being in an accident if you ignore road signs!

Is Freestyle Longboarding Safe?

Is Freestyle Longboarding Safe

Freestyle or freeride longboarding can be a challenging form of longboarding. This is because you’re racing downhill, whilst carving and sliding which can be dangerous at speed.

Although if you have a suitable pair of slide gloves and wearing a safety certified helmet for protection. It may be worth researching on YouTube on how to roll into and out of a fall, so you’re fully prepared in an event of an accident.

Check out our post on drop-through freestyle longboards in order to discover more about the topic.


Is Longboarding Safe

Overall longboarding is definitely safer for a beginner than skateboarding. This is due to its design as it’s wider platform is better for control and balance for higher speeds. However it is important to consider getting protective gear such as a helmet, padded shorts and slide gloves so that you can prevent any chance have obtaining an injury in an event of a accident.

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