Best Skateboard Trucks

The Best Skateboard Trucks 2020

Searching for the best skateboard trucks can be a time-consuming task. You want to find a set that offer you incredible mobility, strength whist not breaking the bank. The best skateboard trucks on offer today is the Independent Stage 11’s, which has impressive aluminium construction & grade 8 kingpin design. In this article are suggestions […]

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Best Skateboard Deck

The Best Skateboard Deck Brands 2020

In the more recent years, it is becoming more common to customize your skateboard. This includes finding new wheels, grip tapes or even a custom skateboard deck. In this article, will be the best skateboard decks online today. In this list will be factors that you’ll need to consider before choosing a deck suited to […]

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Best Skate Shoe

The Best Skateboard Shoes Brands 2020

Finding the best skateboard shoes brands can be a challenging task as you want to find the best blend that offers flexibility, mobility and whilst being affordable. The best skateboard shoes available online today are the Adidas Seeley’s, which offer incredible flexibility, ankle mobility, whilst offering comfortable cushioning. In this article are many examples of […]

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Best Budget Electric Skateboard

The Best Cheap Electric Skateboard 2020

Finding the best cheap electric skateboard can be difficult as you want to find the perfect board. One that offers a flexible ride, with innovative developments, whilst remaining affordable. The best cheap electric skateboard on the market today is, the Teamgee H5, which has the most flawless performance capabilities, battery efficiency and tech.   In this […]

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Best Skateboard Hardware

The Best Skateboard Hardware 2020

It is essential for skaters to find the best skateboard hardware, as it is used to connect your trucks to your skateboard deck. It is important to have a decent set as it effects a skaters performance. The best skateboard hardware is the Independent Genuine Hardware Bolts, which have the best material construction, size & […]

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Best Skateboard Wheels for Street

The Best Skateboard Wheels For Street 2020

It is important for skaters to find the best skateboard wheels for their style of riding. This is because it can effect the comfort of the ride as well as the performance and balance the skater has on their board. The best skateboard wheels for street are the Spitfire Classic Series, which have the perfect […]

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BMX Footwear

The Best BMX Shoes 2020

Exploring online for the best BMX shoes can be an important task for any BMX rider as they are a fundamental connection between the rider and the BMX, it can also be a challenging task especially for those who are beginners into the area. The best BMX shoe is the DC Men’s Court Graffik’s as […]

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Best Skateboard Backpack For Adults

The Best Skateboard Backpack 2020

Investing into a quality skateboard backpack can make transporting your skateboard much more practical, convenient and double up as being multipurpose as it can carry your day-today items. The best skateboard backpack is the Dakine Mission, which has a large capacity, 17 color variants and breathable air mesh on shoulder straps to keep you comfortable. […]

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Best Skateboard Helmet for Street

The Best Skateboard Helmet 2020

If you’re looking to start skateboarding, it is heavily required for safety reasons that you should wear a skateboard helmet. This is because in an event of an accident, the helmet you choose may make the difference between a serious or minor injury. The best skateboard helmet is the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet, which […]

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BMX Roof Rack

Guide On Transporting Your BMX

Some times some of the best BMX skate parks or spots aren’t in your local area. This will require you to travel by car with your bike. Within this article, I have brought together the most useful guide full of tips and tricks whilst travelling on trips to your favourite areas to ride BMX. Additionally, […]

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Street Skateboard Bearings

The Best Skateboard Bearings 2020

Finding the perfect skateboard bearings can be a difficult task in an over saturated industry, as there are many different quality standards to take into consideration as well as different materials to opt for. The best skateboard bearings are the Bones Super Swiss 6, which has SKATED RATED quality standard along with a high speed […]

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BMX Freestyle

The Best Freestyle BMX Bikes 2020

Freestyle BMX’s are the more common riding platform of BMXing as it involves stunt riding, preforming tricks across five main areas of riding which include; street, park, vert, trails & flatland riding styles. The best freestyle BMX is the Mafiabikes Kush 2 BMX, which is renowned for its 2.4 inch Fat Crawler Street Tires which have […]

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The Best BMX Wheels 2020

BMX wheels are a vital piece of a BMX setup as they’re designed with key performance considerations in mind such as being lightweight so the rider will be able to propel themselves further and faster, as well as being heavy duty to high impact landings for the riders using them. The best BMX wheels are […]

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The Best BMX Travel Bag 2020

BMX Travel Bags are vital tools for riders who are packing up their BMX; relocating & transporting it efficiently whilst keeping the BMX safe, in the storage of the bag without causing the rider inconvenience during said travel. The best BMX travel bag is the Callaway Odyssey BMX Travel Bag as it offers the best attributes for […]

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BMX Handlebars

The Best BMX Handlebars 2020

BMX handlebars have a significant effect on how your BMX handles, as they are your main contact point of the BMX and most of them look seemingly similar although there are small differences in geometry which can effect your control and tricks. The best BMX handlebars are Odyssey 10-4 as they’re the best all-round 2-piece handlebars for […]

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BMX bike

The Best BMX Frame 2020

All BMX bikes start off with a frame, there are three main types; classic BMX which is a great choice if you chose to decide to preform regular tricks, a jumper BMX is the best bike for dirt/vert riding where you get serious air on ramps and finally a freestyle BMX where you can perform […]

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BMX Stopping

The Best BMX Brakes 2020

A proper set of BMX brakes is a vital part of your BMX as they’re responsible for stopping you from endangering yourself and prevent accidents as they’re able to slow down you down effectively. The best BMX brakes are the ODYSSEY Springfield brakes as they offer the rider with effective stopping power from a simple U-Brake system that […]

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BMX Moving

The Best BMX Pedals 2020

BMX pedals are an important part of the bike as they are an incremental factor in balance and control whilst riding, whatever style, level and discipline you perceive yourself as a rider. The best BMX pedals are the ODYSSEY Twisted Pedals as it offers the rider with 10 different color-ways with the comfort of being extremely […]

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BMX Chain

The Best BMX Chain 2020

A Suitable BMX chain is an incremental part of your BMX as they’re responsible for transferring power from the rider’s force down to the rear sprocket in order to propel the BMX in a forward momentum. The best BMX chain is  the KMC Z410  as it offers the rider with 12 different color-ways with the […]

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Child BMX

The Best BMX for Kids 2020

BMXing is becoming a huge trend in the cycling and extreme sports world, whilst having a large market of BMX’s out there to choose from it also should has the offerings out there for BMX’s for kids. Some of peoples happiest moments of their childhood were on a bike so why not find a BMX […]

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Rear Hub

The Best BMX Hub 2020

A BMX hub can be one of the more complicated, yet incremental parts of a BMX build as they’re a key part of the BMX drivetrain, so finding the perfect one that suits your style is a task you shouldn’t take lightly. The best BMX hub available online today is the Odyssey Clutch V2 for […]

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BMX Drivetrain

The Best BMX Sprocket 2020

BMX sprockets are difficult parts for a BMX to discover online, finding the perfect sprocket can be time-consuming but it is an important task as it can effect speed and riding efficiency hugely, a decent sprocket can allow you pedal further with a lesser amount of effort. The best sprocket on the market today is […]

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Steerer Clamp

The Best BMX Stem 2020

Having a strong and durable BMX stem is an important part of your BMX as they’re responsible for maintaining control from the rider’s upper body control of the handle bars to the frame of the BMX in order to propel and control the BMX. The best BMX stem is  the Eastern Topload Throttle as it offers the […]

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Handlebar Grips

The Best BMX Grips 2020

BMX grips are essential on a BMX bike as the finest grips allow the greatest control of the BMX whilst using the handlebars. The best grips are the Vans x Cult Flangeless Grips as they offer the rider with 3 different color-ways with the comfort of being soft grips with a large length to ensure the rider […]

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BMX Suspension

The Best BMX Forks 2020

Having hard wearing and durable BMX forks is an important part of your BMX bike as they’re responsible for maintaining control from the rider’s upper body control of the handle bars to the frame of the BMX in order to propel and control the BMX. The best BMX stem is  the Odyssey R-32 as it offers […]

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Tricks for BMX

Basic BMX Tricks Guide

The aim of this blog post is to improve and guide you on your trick goals and progress whilst learning to ride a BMX. By nailing a few basic tricks, this will improve your riding experience massively as you can expand your skill set and be able to perform and practise these tricks at cool […]

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BMX Crankset

The Best BMX Cranks 2020

An important part of building a BMX is seeking out strong and efficient  BMX cranks as they can have a huge impact on your riding performance and comfort whilst riding your BMX as a decent set of BMX cranks can propel you further on your BMX. The best cranks are the Odyssey Sunday Saker v2 for […]

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BMX Grind

The Best BMX Pegs 2020

BMX pegs are accessories for BMX bikes that are usually fixed to the rear and front axle of the BMX bike. The benefit of using pegs on a BMX is that it expands the vocabulary of tricks a rider can do as this opens up the doors to tricks such as peg grinds or front […]

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BMX Hacks

Best BMX Hacks Guide

Riding BMX can be a really enjoyable past time which at times can be tough or expensive, however amongst the riding community there are a lot of BMX hacks or tips that can make your riding life that much easier or cheaper as a keen rider. Here is a blog of the most useful BMX […]

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