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Benefits Of Rollerblading

The Top Ten Benefits Of Rollerblading

Before diving into a new sport, it’s good to evaluate them to see how they can effect your life in a more positive manner. So we’ve decided to create the top ten amazing benefits of rollerblading, to encourage you to buy a pair!

Although rollerblading is not a conventional sport such as baseball or football, there are still many benefits of rollerblading, which include similar health benefits.

Furthermore many studies suggest, that some of the benefits of rollerblading include that its one of the top three activities to maintain and improve your overall physical health.

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You may also notice that people who rollerblade tend to be in groups, so it can be a very social activity to take part in and make friends! You can even buy your kids a pair of kids rollerblades that can make it a great family activity!

Top Ten Benefits Of Rollerblading

The benefits of rollerblading are very vast, which we will go into detail with below, but without a doubt its a great exercise method. It has been stated that you can burn up to 400 calories an hour rollerblading!

If you’ve never attempted or considered rollerblading before, we’ve created a listing of the top ten amazing benefits of rollerblading in order to convince you to start!

The Top Ten Benefits Of Rollerblading

1. Helps With Weight Loss 

Many people find rollerblading to be a great form of exercise that isn’t too stressful on your joints, yet is effective at burning calories. On a lot of forums, rollerbladers who use it as a form of exercise can burn a minimum of 400 calories an hour.

Furthermore you can get purpose made fitness rollerblades, which have larger wheels so you can go further with less effort. Ultimately if you’re looking for a more entertaining method of exercise than jogging or going to the gym, then rollerblading is for you!

2. Improvement With Balance & Coordination – Rollerblade Benefits

If you’re someone who struggles with their balance in other activities such as surfing, skating or ice skating, then rollerblading can be beneficial for you as it provides you with a great foundation to learn from.

Advantages of rollerblades

Improving your balance from the use of rollerblades can bring a lot of health benefits, such as improved posture and endurance whilst your back muscles are engaged in activities.

3. Enhanced Muscle Endurance

Another large health benefit of rollerblading is that it can improve your muscle endurance greatly, especially in-comparison to running. This is due to the pressure and use of all of the upper leg muscles, back muscles and use of your hips.

You’ll start to notice that after your first few sessions, you’ll begin to ache, which means it is working! Moreover by improving leg muscle endurance, it’ll help with improvement with balance as you’ll require to remain upright whilst riding.

Bonus tip – because you’re using your leg muscles and they’re the largest in your body, this burns more calories then a normal exercise such as swimming.

4. Contributes To Better Mental Health – Benefits Of Rollerblading

A huge benefit of rollerblading is that it can help you mental health in a great way. This is because you’re exercising outdoors, whilst socialising or connecting with nature. Exercising outdoors can be much better for your head-space than in a dark and dismal gym.

Health Benefits Of Rollerblading

Moreover, regular exercise adds to improve your serotonin levels, which aids in happiness, relaxation and stress levels. An important factor about serotonin is that it helps with the reduction of suffers of depression and anxiety, so rollerblading can benefit your head health, as well as your body’s.

5. Reduces The Likelihood Of Heart Disease

It’s a typically known fact that regular aerobic exercise can reduces the chances of you from suffering heart disease. It’s stated that the irregularity of cardio based exercise can be a huge role in those suffering from heart disease.

Why Is Rollerblading Good

With rollerblading, a great benefit is the improvement on muscle endurance and stamina. This is one of the most beneficial forms of aerobic exercise, so that your chances of heart disease is reduced.

6. Reduced Chances Of Diabetes

Similar to heart disease as mentioned before, your chances of developing Diabetes Type 2 can be greatly reduced through the use of exercise. The best all over body and aerobic exercise you can do is rollerblading as its strength and cardio based, meaning your body can be put through its pace.

Maintaining a regular aerobic exercise schedule can help with the control of insulin levels in your body, as well as cholesterol levels. So overall by regularly rollerblading, you can reduce the chances of Diabetes and improve body health greatly.

7. Rollerblading Is The Best Low-Impact Exercise

We all know the best form of exercise, is the one that you have to input the least amount of effort into. Examples of this can be swimming and skiing, but a more accessible method is rollerblading.

Rollerblading is great for exercising

A big benefit of rollerblading is that it uses most of your body, without impacting it as much as exercise such as a gym workout or running would do. This means if you’re a suffer from joint issues, then rollerblading is the sport for you!

8. Helps With Your Stamina

If you’re looking to improve your cardio, then rollerblading can be massively beneficial for you endurance and stamina. As suggested before, rollerblading will assist with your muscles endurance, which means that you can have harder sessions, for a longer period.

This benefit is not a stand alone one to rollerblading, it’ll also assist with other forms of cardio based exercise such as running or swimming. So ultimately any forms of endurance exercise can be beneficial for your cardio, although rollerblading is more beneficial as its a low-impact exercise.

9. Rollerblading Is Great For Making Friends

Another notable benefit of rollerblading is that of a social aspect. This is because its gives you an excuse to hang out with friends and make news one who share a common interest.

Rollerblading benefits

Rollerblading with your friends is also a great and entertaining way of reliving stress and having a great time. Use it as an excuse to create a rollerblade friendship group who have sessions regularly as it promotes exercise, health and mental health well-being.

10. Rollerblading Is Cross-Training

A final honourable benefit of rollerblading is that it can be a substitute of a cross-training exercise. This is due to the fact that rollerblading incorporates a large amount of cardio based movement, as well resistance movements for a perfectly rounder exercise.

This is great for muscle and stamina growth as previously mentioned, plus it offers you the benefit of different environments and scenery. Overall rollerblading is considered to be an awesome well-rounded exercise for those looking to get fitter.


Overall, you should definitely consider rollerblading, as it offers an overwhelming amount of benefits to your life. Rollerblading will encourage you to exercise more regularly, socialize more frequently and make new friends!

The amount of positives it brings to your life is countless, each individual one can make you a much healthier person, whether it be mentally or physically. So making sure you start of by shopping for a pair here!

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