What Are The Best BMX Handlebars For You?

What Are The Best BMX Handlebars For You?

Whilst searching for better parts so that you can upgrade your BMX , you may be wondering what are the best BMX handlebars for you.

This can be a challenging, as there are so many different types off BMX handlebars on the market, which offer many benefits to your riding style in order to enhance your performance.

Nevertheless, to help to you find out about the performance attributes that you should check out when searching for the best BMX handlebars, we’ve created a guide below.

Whats The Best BMX Handlebars Material Type?

If you’ve done a small amount of research on BMX bars, you’ll discover that they can be manufactured from different materials. These materials include Chromoly, Aluminum and even Carbon Fiber.

These materials all of their own strengths and weaknesses when compared against each other, so we’ve decided to create a guide on the BMX handlebar materials.

Aluminum BMX Handlbars

These tend to be incredibly lightweight, along with having high levels of strength when compared to other materials. The drawback to Aluminum is that its prone to bending, so if you’re a big park rider who has high-impact landings, then these aren’t the bars for you.

Chromoly BMX Handlebars

If you’re searching for a durable set of handlebars, then the best BMX handlebars material for you is Chromoly. This is because its a very strong material, which can withstand any high-impact, so may be perfect for park and dirt jump riders. If you don’t want heavy bars, then you should stay away from these.

Carbon Fiber BMX Bars

If you’re a racer, then the best material type for your BMX handlebars, would be Carbon Fiber. This is due to their incredible lightweight structure, although they are not as that strong when compared to other material handlebar types.

What Are Best 2-Piece Or 4-Piece BMX Handlebars?

One important factor about BMX handlebars that you should be aware of is their design. This is because they can come in two separate structures, which are a two-piece and a four piece handlebars.

2-Piece BMX Handlebars

These have a design where it is constructed of 2 tubes. One of these tubes is much longer than the other, plus is bent in multiple areas, which forms the main handlebar.

2-Piece BMX Handlebars

The second bar piece is a thinner than the main one, plus it is passed between the center, connecting the bent parts of the main longer tube. This then improves the rigidness and durability of the handlebars overall.

4-Piece BMX Handlebars

4-Piece BMX handlebars are more unique than 2-Piece ones. This is because they feature 4 bars in their design, with two of them being positioned vertically, parallel of each other.

4-Piece BMX Handlebars

Typically the two bars are connected with each other by two crossbars. One bat is located at the bottom, whilst the other one is located at the center.

Whats The Correct Rise Of A BMX Handlebar?

When debating on whether to purchase a new BMX handlebar, you should consider some facts such as its rise. A typical range for a BMX handlebar’s rise is anywhere between 8.0 to 10.0 inches.

best bmx handlebars

The rise can be figured out by measuring the dimensions from the top of the grip surface to the bottom on the clamp surface. Many BMX riders have a preference to have a shorter handlebar rise, as they enable to have more space for room to pull up your front wheel. This is beneficial for those who wish to preform basic tricks.

Although having a larger BMX rise is more preferential for some riders. This is because it makes riding more comfortable, as there is less back and shoulder strain whilst riding.

How Much Do BMX Handlebars Cost?

Purchasing a set of BMX handlebars can be challenging price wise, as sizes and material types can effect its pricing. So for instance, a Carbon Fiber handlebar would be much more expensive than a Chromoly handlebar.

How Much Do BMX Handlebars Cost?

Although the price of a BMX handlebar can usually determine its quality and durability. So this means that a more pricey handlebar set would last a lot longer than a cheaper alternative.

On the other hand, especially these days there are more and more great quality, affordable BMX bars. Just be sure that you check out their customer reviews to check out their reputation.

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