What Are The Different Types Of BMX Stems?

Different Types Of BMX Stems

Arguably the most vital component of a setup, is a BMX’s stem. Whilst searching for the most suitable BMX stems, you need to ensure that the one you choose provides excellent balance whilst riding.

Before choosing a BMX stem for your bike, you should be informed on specifications and types of BMX stems that exist, which include ‘top load‘ and ‘front load‘ stems.

A lot of riders may not notice the properties which are shared between the two types of BMX stems, although it is important to know the differences with the two types. In this article below we discuss the variable benefits that either stems provide.

What Types Of BMX Stems Are There?

Front Load BMX Stems

Front loaded BMX stems are designed with a vertical front plate, for you to remove in order to install your handlebars. Because of this innovative design, they generally have a lower bar position, in comparison to top load stems.

Front Load BMX Stems

A large proportion of riders have a train of thought that front load stems are weaker and less reliable when compared to their top loaded stems. This can be due to their pressure which is primarily spread onto the bolts that connect the plate and hub together. Because of this, they can be more aggressively worn out.

Although many manufactures will argue against this statement, as a majority of front loaded BMX stems are produced by high-quality producers. If you have a preference on having lower bars or having a forward position over your bars whilst riding, then the front load BMX stems are better for you.

Top Load BMX Stems

The more popular type of stem, is the Top Load BMX stems. These have a top plate, which is removed for handlebar installation. The benefit of a top load stem, is that it gives you a higher handlebar position whilst riding.

Top Load BMX Stems

With the key factor of a top load stem is providing you a higher riding handlebar, this benefits those riders who do not like harder and front wheel biased landings.

How Does A BMX Stem Effect Your Riding


Depending on the type of BMX stem you use, it can effect your reach. This results in you requiring to setting your preferential height. If you prefer riding a BMX bike, with a higher handlebar position, you should consider purchasing a top load BMX stem. Alternatively, if you prefer riding at a lower position and lower, then a front loaded BMX stem may be more desired for your setup.

Bar Positioning

On top of that, you should consider your BMX’s handlebar position and how it can effect your BMX’s ride. In regards to this, you will need to discover if you prefer to have a lower ride height, then a front load BMX stem would be more suitable for yourself. Where as on the other hand, if you prefer a higher handlebar ride height, then you should factor in purchasing a top load BMX stem.


The two types of BMX stems are a front load stem and a top load stem, putting aside their different designs, they have the same functionality. As a precaution before purchasing one type, you should see if that type suits your preferences, as this can effect your comfort and performance of your BMX bike.

A more popular choice among riders for those who want a stable BMX stem, even at high speeds, is the the top load stem. Alternatively if you preform more technical street tricks, then a front load BMX stem is better for you.

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