Why Are BMX Bikes So Small?

Why Are BMX Bikes So Small

BMX bikes are so small because by having a smaller frame it enables the rider to be more agile, to be able to jump higher and to withstand hard impacts whilst on the tracks or ramps.

BMX bikes typically have 20-inch wheels, with only one gear type due to their hubs. They have a relatively small frame size in comparison to other road or mountain bicycles.

You can see this with race BMX bikes that you would see at the Olympics. Because the BMX bikes are so small, it helps riders repeatedly absorb high impact jumps on the track and is extremely lightweight for speed.

The Benefits Of BMX Bikes Being Small

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different answers on ‘why are BMX bikes so small?’. The main benefits of to why are BMX’s so small, is that it helps a rider jump higher! In addition to that, along with the 20-inch wheels, it helps the rider propel themselves and accelerate quicker too.

The Benefits Of BMX Bikes Being Small


Being able to accelerate quickly in a BMX race is especially important, which is why the BMX bikes are much smaller than their counterparts. Moreover due its size, it helps BMX freestyle riders have an easier time whilst preform tricks, as the bike is lighter and there’s less of the frame to manoeuvre.

Ultimately the general answer you’ll get from official BMX institutions such as USABMX, is ‘its so you can go big’ or ‘they’re designed to get you moving in a hurry and control your BMX in the air with ease.

BMX Bike Sizing Guide

Considering BMX bikes are so different when compared to their other counter parts, we’ve decided to create a simple sizing chart to help you choose the correct frame.

BMX Bike Sizing Guide

BMX frames will come a singular frame size, however be mindful that their lengths can be different. The most variable part of a BMX bike size wise, would be the wheels size(diameter).

BMX Bike Size Guide

Rider Height(Feet & Inches)Top Tube Length(Inches)Wheel Size(Inches)
2.0FT - 3.0FT12.012.8" - 13.0"
2'8" - 3'4"14.012.8" - 14.5"
3.0FT - 3'8"16.014.5" - 17.0"
3'6" - 4'5"18.017.0" - 18.5"
4.0FT - 5'3"20.018.0" - 20.20"
5.0FT - 5"8'20.020.0" - 20.5"
5'6" - 6.0FT20.020.25" - 21.0"
6.0FT +20.020.75" +

As long as you roughly follow our size guide, you should find the most suitable BMX bike size for you. If you need any other help with finding out the best frame for your style, it may be worth checking out our BMX frame guide.

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