Why is BMX Bike Saddle Tilted Back?

BMX Bike Saddle Tilted Back

You may notice after trying out your friend’s BMX’s, that riders have different preferences when it comes to their BMX seat’s position. This is because most riders prefer their BMX bike saddle tilted back.

Typically, this can be due to a rider’s riding style or stance, however having your BMX bike saddle tilted back alleviates pressure around the groin region.

Moreover this BMX seat position can be different between riding styles, such as racing, freestyle and dirt jumping. Although down below we will discuss variable positions that you can put your BMX seat into and why those positions are beneficial.

BMX Bike Saddle In A Normal Position

When a BMX bike saddle is in a level position, it grants your pelvis/region to be in a neutral position. The outcome of this, is that your knees can be correctly aligned.

An important aspect of rearranging your BMX seat position, is that it can effect your performance outcome, as well as comfort and injury prevention. If you are to have a BMX bike saddle in a level/neutral position, you must double check that, your body remains close to the saddle whilst riding.

Factors that you should remember are that when you’re downhill riding, your saddle should be tilted upwards, whilst on the other hand when you’re cycling uphill, the nose of the BMX seat should be tilted downwards. By adjusting the BMX saddle by a few degrees, it will help with comfort massively.

Benefits Of Tilting Your BMX Saddle Up

The major draw for BMX riders tilting their BMX saddle upwards is because they want to prevent from sliding forwards. This is due to the fact that when the BMX saddle is tilted downwards, its assists with reducing pressure in the groin region.

On the other hand, if you may experience yourself beginning to slide forwards, which can cause some discomfort. You should check out what type of BMX saddle may suit your preference, in order to boost comfort levels.

Benefits Of A BMX Saddle Tilted Down

Many riders prefer to have their BMX bike saddle tilted downwards, but there are problems associated with this method. These include having unneeded pressure in your upper body and knees, which could lead to strain.

Moreover, your upper body will hold you back, which can effect your breathing whilst riding. One benefit of the BMX bike saddle being tilted down is that its put pressure on you to ride on the front part of the saddle. This then results in you being able to release pressure from your arms, knees and shoulders region.

Although, by having your BMX bike saddle tilted down, you do not get proper support from your saddle, resulting in lower back problems potentially.

What Do BMX Riders Have Their Saddles Tilted Back?

What Do BMX Riders Have Their Saddles Tilted Back?

The main reason to why a large proportion of BMX riders tilt their saddle back, is to release pressure around the groin region of their body. This means they reduce pressure of potential strain and lets you to comfortably ride for longer sessions.

Although this isn’t the correct position, as its disproportions pressure to other regions of your body. Alternatively you could seek out a better suiting BMX seat in order to reduce discomfort.


Ultimately, the position of a BMX saddle is up to your preference. Some riders prefer to ride with a high-positioned BMXsaddle, where as others prefer to have a BMX bike saddle tilted downwards and some may even prefer it at an even position.

You may experience in your time of BMX riding that the chosen position you have your BMX seat in effects your riding and causes you discomfort. If this is the case, make sure that you keep adjusting it until you hit a comfortable angle, where you are not straining yourself. By having your BMX saddle tilted back, it will prevent injuries and relieve pressure to your groin and thigh region.

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