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The Best Motorcycle Dryer Blower 2021

Best Motorcycle Dryer Blower

Using a drying towel to wipe your motorcycle dry, can be potentially dangerous as it can damage the paint. Alternatively you can use a motorcycle dryer blower, which can remove the water without marking the bodywork.

The best motorcycle dryer blower is the Metro Vacuum Masterblaster. This is down to its punchy motor that delivers 8 BHP and delivers 58,500 feet-per-minute of filtered air.

In this article is the best motorcycle dryer blowers for all types of motorcycles. Whilst looking at a blower dryer, you should look at its power output for effectiveness and its cord length for mobility.

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Motorcycle Dryer Blower Comparison

Motorcycle Dryer BlowersHose LengthElectric Motor Type
Metro MasterBlaster10 FeetDual
McKee’s 37 Turbo6 FeetSingle
BISSELL Garage Pro32 FeetSingle
Air Force Blaster12 FeetSingle
Chemical Guys Professional7 FeetSingle
Adam’s Dual Purpose CordlessSingle
BLO AIR-GT26 FeetDual
Vacmaster12 FeetSingle

The dryer blower that you deem best for you motorcycle, shouldn’t be too heavy and should be portable for ease to use. Furthermore you may wish to avoid loud blowers that make using them uncomfortable.

Although you may use the best products in regards to drying towels for your motorcycle, there still can be potential for them to damage your bike whilst drying.

Down below is a list of the best motorcycle dryer blowers, that remove water from paintwork safely.

The Best Motorcycle Dryer Blowers

1. Metro MasterBlaster Motorcycle Dryer and Blower 

The Metro Vac Company are by a long shot the most common American auto & motorcycle dryer and vacuum brand in the marketplace. This is because of their product range, as you can purchase a range of sizes, power outputs and price ranges. The best dryer blower for motorcycles is the Air Force Blaster, due to its incredible performance.

It is powered by two separate motors that control and have an out put of 8 BHP, this creates an air flow of 58,500 cubic feet per minute.

Additional features of the Metro Vac Master Blaster include:

  • Power Output: 8 BHP
  • 110V with a 12 foot power cord.
  • Includes a one year warranty.
  • Outputs clean, dry, warm and filtered air.
  • Made in the USA.

In addition to purchasing the Metro Vac Master Blaster, you’re also give plenty of accessories to use to keep your bike clean!

The Metro Vac Master Blaster is by a long way the most superior motorcycle dryer blower on the market, due to its performance and high-quality construction. Moreover to give you more confidence, they offer a generous one year warranty to ensure that your satisfaction is key!

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2. McKee’s 37 Turbo Motorcycle Dryer

The McKee’s 37 Turbo Motorcycle Dryer is the best innovative shoulder strap for usability. This is because it is American made, with a 35 foot power, which allow you to cover all of the motorcycle without being restricted.

McKee’s have an original vinyl coating across the motorcycle blower dryer, which means you don’t have the potential of risking scratching your motorcycle.

Other features of the McKee’s 37 Turbo Car Dryer include:

  • Power Output: 6.5 BHP
  • Comfortable shoulder strap.
  • 6 foot flexible hose.
  • Wall mounted option.
  • Replacement filters and accessories available.

Ultimately, the McKee’s 37 Turbo is a great portable motorcycle dryer blower, that is unrivaled. It is produced by a renowned detailing brand, which includes innovative features like the shoulder strap for portability and the vinyl coating to avoid scratches, ensures that its an unbeatable portable motorcycle dryer blower.

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3. BISSELL Garage Pro Motorcycle Dryer Blower

An awesome and reliable brand of motorcycle dryer blowers is Bissel, with their flag ship product the Bissel Garage Pro. This is because it is a versatile wall mounted unit that has a long 32 ft hose so you can fully reach around your motorcycle.

In addition to the Bissel dryer, you also get given seven other attachments to reach all aspects of a motorcycle.

Features of the Bissel Garage Pro include:

  • Powerful 12 amp motor
  • 12 foot long power cord
  • Suctions up wet and dry debris
  • Bagless 4 gallon dirt tank
  • Vacuum and auto blower

The one great feature of the Bissel Garage Pro is that it has an easy conversion system of vaccum to blower, which makes the Garage Pro a very versatile option of motorcycle detailing.

Furthermore the Bissel is actually very good value for money when it comes to what it offers and its affordable price.

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4. Air Force Blaster Sidekick

One of the best smallest motorcycle dryer blowers is the Air Force Blaster Sidekick, which is another practical and portable product by Metro Vac. It’s practical design makes it one of the most versatile to work with around a motorcycle.

Furthermore to keep it portable and practical to use, it has a 12 ft power cord along with a 950 Watt motor.

Other features of the Metro Vac Air Force Blaster include:

  • Reputable brand and made in the USA
  • Neoprene blower nozzle
  • 950 Watt powerful electric motor.
  • Versatile grip for mobility.
  • Extra attachments available.

Ultimately, the Metro Vac Air Force Blaster is by a long way, the best compact motorcycle air dryer online. This is because it practical diesgn and powerful motor, makes motorcycle detailing and drying effortless.

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5. Chemical Guys Professional Air Dryer Blower

An awesome dryer from a highly reputable motorcycle and auto detailing brand is the Chemical Guys JetSpeed VX6. This is down to it complexity for uses as a dryer, as you can choose up to 6 speeds from the punchy 5 Amp motor.

Furthermore, the JetSpeed VX6 has practicality attributes such as its removable nozzle for easy storage.

Features of the Chemical Guys JetSpeed VX6 include:

  • 0 – 12,000 Revolutions Per Minute
  • Optionally used as a vaccum.
  • Weighs just 2.4 LBS
  • 92.4 cubic feet per minute
  • 5 amp electric motor

Chemical Guys have been market leaders for years now, especially with producing innovative solutions to detailing. The JetSpeed VX6 has been used and be praised for it ability to produce a lot of power and remove all water marks.

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6. Adam’s Dual Purpose Vacuum & Dryer

The best professional cordless air blower and dryer is the Adam’s Polishes Dual Purpose Vacuum & Dryer. This is due to its high-power filter blower, which is one of the most effective blowers at removing standing water on your motorcycle.

Features of the Adam’s Dual Purpose Vacuum & Dryer include:

  • 15 Minute Run Time.
  • 1-7 Variable Speed Settings.
  • Lightweight at 4.0 LBS
  • Powers up to 63.5 m/s Air Speed.
  • Removable tip for storage.

Overall, if you’re searching for the most effective blower dryers, that even the professional detailers use, then the Adam’s Dual Purpose Vacuum & Dryer is the perfect candidate for you!

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7. BLO Car & Motorcycle Dryer AIR-GT

A new competitor that has entered the auto & motorcycle blower industry is the BLO Dryer brand. Currently they are producing two models which are the AIR-GT and AIR-RS. The GT model has the best power output, with its dual motors that produce a powerful 8 BHP.

Other features of the BLO AIR-GT include:

  • Power Output: 8 BHP
  • 26 ft long hose.
  • Selective air speed control.
  • 16 foot long power cord
  • Dual electric motors

Ultimately the BLO AIR-GT is a great new product on the market place, especially with its attributes such as its dual blower motors that produce up to 64,000 FPM which make it one of the most powerful on the market!

Furthermore, if the GT model is too expensive you can alternatively use the RS model, which is slightly less power at 5.5 BHP but still very effective.

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8. Vacmaster Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum with Detachable Blower

A final great mention of a budget choice when it comes to a motorcycle blower dryer is the Vacmaster Combo. This is because it has a detachable auto blower, with a blower speed of 240 MPH which makes it very practical when it comes to working in tight spaces around a bike with little worry.

Other attributes of the Vacmaster Combo include:

  • Power Output:  2.5, 3 or 5 horsepower motors.
  • Multiple tank sizes *2.5, 4, 5, 6 and 12 gallon).
  • 12 foot power cord with storage wrap.
  • Multiple accessories and replacement filter provided.
  • Can choose a color-scheme of blue or white.

Ultimately, the Vacmaster is an awesome budget all-round option that provides practical performance and excellent affordability. Furthermore it matches attributes of the big name brands such as it extras, with 11 attachments for effective dryer for detailers.

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Ultimately, when considering an investment into a dryer blower for motorcycles, analysing the benefits they are not just efficiency but also the ability to safely dry you car. This is because drying towels can have small stones or dirt in them which can scratch the surface of your motorcycle.

All of the suggestion in the article are suitable for types of motorcycles, budgets and power outputs. To avoid complications or confusion, if you’re a newbie to motorcycle detailing its probably worth your while to get a reputable brand that you can rely on from other customer reviews. This is because they tend to have extra accessories and spare parts for replacements.

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