Best Dirt Bike Boots

The Best Dirt Bike Boots 2019

Dirt bike boots are vital pieces of gear when it comes to a rider, riding as it keeps them comfortable & versatile in various terrains. Dirt bike boots can be constructed from diverse materials for support & protection. The best dirt bike boots are the Alpinestars Tech 7 boots. This is because they offer the […]

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Best Dirt Bike Handguards

The Best Dirt Bike Handguards 2019

Dirt bike handguards are an important bit of kit when it comes to protecting a rider and keeping them safe on their bike. Handguards can be produced from various materials such as hard-shell plastic and aluminum for stability. The best dirt bike handguards are the Cycra Probend CRM, as they offer a rider with the […]

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Best Dirt Bike Body Armor

The Best Dirt Bike Body Armor 2019

Dirt bike body armor is a vital piece of gear that all riders should wear for their own safety & protection. Dirt bike body armor is produced from a variety of materials such as molded EVA foam or High-Density Poly Ethylene for quality protection. The best dirt bike body armor is the Leatt 4.5. This […]

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Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramp

The Best Aluminum Dirt Bike Loading Ramps 2019

Dirt bike loading ramps are incredibly useful tools to transport a dirt bike around the country. Dirt bike loading ramps are primarily compromised from high tensile strength aluminum which is able give loading ramps a high weight carrying capacity. The best dirt bike loading ramp is the Titan HD Ramp. This is down to the […]

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Best Dirt Bike Gloves

The Best Dirt Bike Gloves 2019

Dirt bike gloves are essential pieces of gear for dirt bike riders as they offer them comfort and protection. Dirt bike gloves can be constructed from various materials such as perforated leather which can offer better ventilation & comfort. The best dirt bike gloves are the Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves. This is because they offer […]

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Best BMX Tires

The Best BMX Tires 2019

BMX tires are incredibly important, as it can effect a riders performance & style of riding. This is because it can make a huge difference on their stability and control whilst riding their BMX bike. The best BMX tire is the Sunday Street Sweeper, which has a wide width and a high PSI level making it […]

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Best Gifts for Skateboarders

The Best Gifts For Skateboarders 2019

Buying gifts for skateboarders, especially around Christmas time is difficult, as you’re not sure whether the person who is receiving the gift will love it. Whether they are a skateboard related Christmas gift or a random present, there are thousands of skateboard gifts online. If you are not a skateboarder, you will most likely not […]

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Best Gifts for BMX Riders

The Best Gifts For BMX Riders 2019

Looking for gifts for BMX riders, importantly around Xmas time can be complicated, as you’re unaware whether the receiver will enjoy the gift or not. Whether they are a BMX related Xmas present or a random one, there are hundreds of BMX gifts online. If you’re not a BMX rider yourself, you will most likely […]

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Best Dirt Bike Goggles

The Best Dirt Bike Goggles 2019

Dirt bike goggles are vital pieces of protective gear for a dirt bike rider. This is because dirt bike goggles offer UV protection from the sun and lens’ to protect you from dirt & dust on the rigid terrains that you may be riding on. The best dirt bike goggles are the Oakley O-Frame Dirt […]

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Best BMX Helmet

The Best BMX Helmet 2019

BMX helmets are important for any rider of any level, as they provide protection to the most important part of your body. Whatever discipline/style of BMX doesn’t matter regarding having a helmet; it is a must as it can prevent serious injuries such as concussions. The best BMX helmet is the Flybar Helmet as it […]

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