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The Best Skateboard Wheels For Street 2021

Best Skateboard Wheels for Street

It’s important for skaters to find the best skateboard wheels for their style of riding. This is because it can effect the performance and balance the skater has on their board.

The best skateboard wheels for street are the Spitfire Skateboard Wheels. which have the perfect diameter & durometer ratings for any level of skater, without a high price.

In this article will be examples of different skateboard wheels for street. Skateboard wheels can have important features such as their durometer, diameter and weight. Ensure that you check these features to ensure its suitable for your riding style.

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Best Skateboard Wheels For Street

Skateboard WheelsDurometerDiameters (MM)
Spitfire Formula Four 99a56 & 58
Powell Peralta Rat Bones85a60
Shark Wheel78a60
Spitfire Classic Series99a52 & 54
Bones Wheels Rough Riders80a56 & 59
Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a92a52 - 57 & 60
Super Blanks Pro101a50, 51, 56 & 58
Ricta Clouds 78a78a54
Spitfire Bighead99a48 - 59 & 63
Santa Cruz Slime Squirt97a54

If you’re searching for the best skateboard wheels for street, then it is important factor to consider the durometer rating, to ensure its a low rating that’s perfect for rough terrains.

Additionally, consider checking that the wheels are a large diameter. This is because they’re ideal for picking up speed on the streets as you may need the extra acceleration boost!

Below is a list of the best skateboard wheels for street for any level of skater.

1. Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard WheelsThe Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard wheels are a more than suitable set of beginner wheels, for those new starters who wish to ride street. This is because they have a durometer of 99a, which is the recommended level for beginners who may not just ride rough roads but park and ramps also.

Other features of the Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard Wheels wheels include:

  • Timeless design style form Spitfire
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Weight – 260g
  • Diameters: 52mm
  • Width: 32.5mm
  • Reliable brand
  • Durometer : 99a

Overall, this is an ideal skateboard wheel for any beginner skater. This is because it has anti-stick slide to ensure grip in slippery environments. Additionally it is constructed from Urethane which ensures maximum shock absorption and can soften heavy impacts.

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2. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard WheelsPowell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

The best retro designed skateboard wheels for street skaters are the Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue wheels. This is because is not only their rich history of build quality it is down to its impressive features such as 85a durometer, which enables it to be one of the best set of skateboard wheels for rough roads.

Other features of the Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue wheels include:

  • Classic design style for cruisers
  • Perfect for cruising
  • Weight – 256g
  • Diameters: 60mm
  • Width: 44mm
  • Suitable for skateboards, cruisers & long boards
  • Durometer : 85a

Overall if you’re looking for a proven and effective skateboard wheel for street then the Powell Peralta Rat Bones is perfect for you. This is because they have had the same flawless design for over 30 years that are wide diameter which make it perfect for cruising and sliding, as well as having a 85a durometer which should allow it to take on any surface it faces.

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3. Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard WheelsShark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels

If you’re a skater that’s looking to be futuristic and innovative, then the Shark Wheel California Roll wheels should be suitable enough for you. This is because they’re smartly engineered in a hybrid round shape. This makes them remarkably unique and are three times as faster as conventional wheels, as well as being much more smoother.

Other features of the Shark Wheel California Roll wheels include:

  • Innovative & Futuristic design for smooth street skating
  • Construction supports with better slide control & grip
  • Weight – 560G
  • Diameters: 60 MM
  • Seven different color-ways
  • Durometer : 78a

Moreover, the innovative grooved design has its benefits as it is a multi-purpose detail that easily aids skating in the rain. Additionally its very eye-catching and will have you standing out from the crowd.

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4. Spitfire Classic Series Skateboard WheelsSpitfire Classic Series Skateboard Wheels

The best all-rounder skateboard wheels for those who are casual riders and don’t want to break the bank, are the Spitfire Classic Series wheels. This is because they have a unique sense of build quality as they’re hand poured & shaped, which is why they’re some of the best long lasting wheels you’ll find online.

Other features of the Spitfire Classic Series wheels include:

  • Modern design for street and park riding
  • Perfect for beginners or commuter skaters
  • Weight – 63G
  • Diameters: 52 MM & 54 MM
  • Two different color-ways
  • Durometer : 99a

Overall if you’re a casual or new skater, then this is the perfect wheel that meets the equilibrium of price and quality to meet all your needs. Such high quality standards include its durometer rating of 99a, which ensure its purpose of having nice speed and grip for an all-around good wheel.

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5. Bones Wheels Rough Riders Skateboard Wheels

Bones Wheels Rough Riders Skateboard WheelsThe best premium skateboard wheels for rough surfaced streets are the Bones Wheels Rough Riders. This is because it features their exclusive All-Terrain Formula™, which is excellent for rougher terrain so makes the road quality a non existent issue to the rider.

Other features of the Bones Wheels Rough Riders wheels include:

  • Perfect for cruising on rough streets/roads
  • Weight – 1 LBs
  • Suitable for cruisers & long boards
  • Diameters: 56 mm
  • Width: 40mm
  • All skate one Corporation products come with a warranty
  • Durometer : 80a

In conclusion this is a skateboard wheel that can take abuse and maintain it’s resilience. It has incredible durability and resistance to flat spots. Additionally the Bones Wheels Rough Riders have a durometer rating of 80a, this further backs the fact that the wheels are good for rough surfaces.

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6. Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard wheels

Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard wheels

The Ricta Clouds 92a’s are undoubtedly a creative and comfortable set of wheels that are in the premium side of the market. This is because they offer riders NRG Hi-Energy urethane formula, which makes them perfect for road cruising and comfortable.

Other features of the Ricta Clouds 92a wheels include:

  • Timeless design style form Spitfire
  • Hi-Energy urethane construction
  • Weight – 221g
  • Diameters: 52mm
  • Width: 34.5mm
  • Popular brand
  • Durometer : 92a

Overall if you’re looking for a set of wheels that offer you a smoother rider and skate rough spots, without compromising performance then these are perfect for you.

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7. Super Blanks Pro Skateboard Wheels

Super Blanks Pro Skateboard Wheels

If you’re looking at a cheap set of replacement skateboard wheels for street, then the Super Blanks are an ideal set for you. This is because they come in at a minimum cost far lower than any other wheel available on the market with a surprisingly high level of quality.

Other features of the Super Blanks Pro wheels include:

  • Simple design
  • Perfect for cruising and street skating
  • Weight – 270g
  • Diameters: 50MM, 51MM, 54 MM, 56 MM & 58 MM
  • Width: 44mm
  • Durometer : 101a

Overall the Super Blanks Pro wheels are a great replacement wheel set for a complete deck or for any beginner who is looking to spend not a large amount on wheels. Moreover they come in a standard rating of 101a durometer with over five different size options.

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8. Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheels Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheels

The Ricta Clouds are probably the most comfortable street skateboard wheels out there for any street skater. This is because they come with a smooth, yet fast 78a soft urethane which makes the roughest of surfaces feel like you’re riding in a skate-park.

Other features of the Ricta Clouds wheels include:

  • Solid 78D core
  • Modern design style
  • Perfect for filming or cruising
  • Weight – 256g
  • Diameters: 52, 54, 56, 57, 60mm
  • Width: 34mm
  • Durometer : 78a

In conclusion if you’re in the market for exceptionally comfortable wheels that make skating less hard wearing on your feet, or are looking to be a filmier with less bumpy clips, then these wheels are 100% suitable for you.

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9. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard WheelsSpitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

The best skateboard wheels for beginner street skaters today are the Spitfire Bighead wheels. This is because they’re renowned amongst the skating community for its rolling efficiency on smooth surfaces as its durometer is 99a which is the hardest type available which enables sufficient grip.

Other features of the Spitfire Bighead wheels include:

  • Diameters: 48mm, 50mm, 51mm, 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 57mm, 59mm & 63mm
  • 6 color-ways
  • Weight – 240g
  • 100% guaranteed authentic with manufacturers guarantee
  • Reputable brand with great history
  • Durometer : 99a

Overall if you’re new to street skating then these may be perfect for you as their durometer rating of 99a allows you to maintain large amount of ‘hugging’ grip that is soft for rolling and is produced by a well-known brand that has historic record of durability.

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10. Santa Cruz Slime Squirt Balls Skateboard Wheels

Santa Cruz Slime Squirt Balls Skateboard Wheels

The penultimate skateboard wheels which are the Santa Cruz Slime Balls skateboard wheels are probably the most eye-catching set you’ll find online today. Moreover they are probably in the top tier for quality as they’re produced by the reputable and long running brand, Santa Cruz which many riders still stand by today.

Other features of the Santa Cruz Slime Balls wheels include:

  • Creative & Futuristic eye-catching design
  • Brand is reputable and has a long running history in the skating community
  • Weight – 257G
  • Diameters: 54 MM
  • Two different neon color-ways
  • Durometer : 97a

Overall these wheels are a more than suitable option for any experienced rider as they’re extremely long lasting and have impressive quality such as its lightweight construction and durometer rating of 97a which is perfect for park and street.

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Skateboard Wheels For Street Buying Guide

Skateboard wheels are a incremental part of your board setup. Having a proper set of wheels that are suited to your style will go a long way in allowing you to have better grip, balance and speed.

Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads

The best skateboard wheels will be produced from a reputable brand that has top Polyurethane construction, additional factors to look out for is variable diameter sizes and various durometer ratings to suit your style of riding.


A very important factor you must take into account is the diameter of the skateboard wheel that you wish to purchase. Typically you’ll find that they’re measured in millimeters(MM) and the range of sizes you should expect can be from 50MM-75MM.

A rule of thumb with diameter’s on skateboard wheels is that the smaller the diameter, the slower speed you’ll get. Where as the larger sized ones will enable you to have more speed and acceleration.

Cheap Skateboard Wheels

It is clear to understand that there is a correlation of a skateboard wheel’s diameter and the speed you’ll attain, along with effecting your acceleration and how agile you can be whilst turning.

Underneath I have produced a guide to different ranges of diameter of a skateboard wheel and how they’ll effect your performance.

  • 50-53MM : These are typically the smallest set of skateboard wheels, which are more than ideal for new starters as they offer great stability.
  • 54-59MM : These are the average sized wheels that are most commonly found in shops which are perfect for intermediate/casual skaters.
  • 60MM+ : These are considered for experienced/professional skaters. Typically designed to roll across and terrain as well as reaching high speeds.

Best Skateboard Wheels for Pavements

Overall you should definitely consider the diameter size of your wheel. This is because it can effect your performance and balance when riding a board.

For instance if you’re a new starter it would be more than suitable for you to obtain a smaller diameter sized wheels such as in the range of 50-53MM.


Durometer is a term that is thrown around a lot in the skateboard wheel industry. Durometer refers to the measurement of a skateboard wheel’s hardness, the higher the durometer, the harder your skateboard wheel would be.

The durometer is measured on an ‘A’ 100 point scale. Additionally there is a ‘B’ scale measuring on a 20 point scale which measures 20 points lower meaning it has an additional 20 points for more harder skateboard wheels. For instance a 80b wheel could have the same durometer hardness as a 100a which is on a different scale.

Long Lasting Skateboard Wheels

A common rule to follow about the durometer of a wheel is that the harder a wheel is the faster you’ll be able to ride. Where as the softer the wheel the more slower it’ll be however, it’ll absorb impacts betters as well as providing a smoother ride on street surfaces.

Here is a basic durometer scale and how it will effect your riding performance:

  • 78a-87a : These are probably the softest wheels you’ll find that are perfect for rough surfaces, longboards, cruisers and street boards that require lots of grip to comfortably roll over cracks.
  • 88a-95a : Soft wheels that are good for street and rough surfaces, although a bit harder for speed and suitable grip
  • 96a-99a : This level of wheel has the perfect balance of speed and grip which makes it an all-around good wheel. Ideal for complete skateboards for beginners  who rider skate parks, ramps and smooth surfaces.
  • 101a+ : These will tend to be the harder wheels, which means that they’re the fastest with the least grip. Tend to be bad for slick/rough surfaces(pro wheels)
  • 83b-84b : Typically ‘B’ scale wheels tend to be much harder, measuring 20 points less than the ‘A’ scale so that the overall scale can extend a further 20 points for the hardest wheels.

Contact Patch

A contact patch is an important part of your skateboard wheel that you should consider looking at as it can effect your performance massively.

Pro Street Skateboard Wheels

The contact patch is the surface area of your wheel that has contact with the ground whilst you’re skating. If you have a longboard or a cruiser board, you’ll tend to steer towards a larger contact patch as it’ll allow you have greater contact of grip.

A small contact patch means that your body weight will be distributed on a small area will increase the compression of urethane in the wheel which decreases rolling resistance, this means faster acceleration.

Which Shape To Choose?

To get the most optimum cruising wheels for your style, you must consider shape as an important factor. Down below are the types of wheel to consider.

Best Skateboard Wheels for Park
Photo sourced from @Timbershop

Sharp-lip Shape

If you are in the market of searching for a skateboard wheel that will enable you to cruise, carve and slalom effectively, then the sharp-lip would be ideal for you. This is because they offer more grip, especially during hard turns.

Round-lip Shape

The best wheel type for those who want to preform carves and slides are round-lip shaped wheels. This is because with the round-lip profile that will offer the most optimum finish perfect for anyone learning to power-slide.

Why are Skateboard Wheels Made of Polyurethane?

Polyurethane(also known as PU) is a heat-resistant and tough plastic. With these two strengths, Polyurethane’s construction makes it extremely competitive and affordable up against other materials of its class. Hence this is the reason why Polyurethane is used in many different variations of products world wide.

Beginner Skateboard Wheels
Photo sourced from @conquest_skateshop

Other benefits of Polyurethane include that its can be widely found anywhere and is recyclable as it’s used on a massive manufacturing scale under strict sustainable standards. Additionally Polyurethane is easy to form into variable sizes, measurements and shapes.

The reason to why then Polyurethane is used in skateboard wheels boils down to a few select reasons such as its ability to flex which makes it absorb shocks and impacts. Other similar type materials which have the same use may crack or break under these forces.


Overall if you’re searching for a new set of street skateboard wheels then you should base your decision on certain few incremental factors. These factors include the durometer of the wheel which can effect your comfort and ability to ride over rough terrain, moreover there is also the diameter of your wheel which can effect your ability of reaching higher speeds.

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