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Jon Edward ridersvibe

Hello, I am Jon, the creator and primary author of RidersVibe. Since I was a young child I have been obessed with all aspects of extreme sports and would attempt to gain any footing in any way whether it was BMXing or riding on my dirt bike. I have a vast amount of experince with anything that involves wheels, bearings or gears!

Different to other extreme sports websites, we have a huge amount of pride with working with genuine enthusiasts of these sports. As a group, we’re inolved in every sport we produce content about, which means we’re able to carry out primary research and test the products where able to.

If you wish to contact me directly, please be sure to message myself via [email protected] . Otherwise you can get in contact with us through our Facebook page or our Instagram page where we’re more active.

Why Did I Start RidersVibe?

The idea of RidersVibe was bouncing around my head for many months, although in the summer of 2018. The aim for me was to produce an extreme sports that has trusted reviews and guides, that have been created by real enthusiasts.

Whilst there may be other sites that have a similar ideology, they aren’t written by true enthusiasts which I found annoying. This was the pure motivation behind the build of this website and provide product reviews and guides that you could 100% trust.

What Do I Do at RidersVibe?

Whilst I founded RidersVibe, our team has grown progressively become larger. Although, I still create a large proportion of the content on the website and take upon myself to research and test most of the products where I am able to. For further information about myself or the rest of our team, please visit our about page.