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The Best BMX Cranks 2020

BMX Crankset

An important part of building a BMX is seeking out strong and efficient  BMX cranks as they can have a huge impact on your riding performance and comfort whilst riding your BMX as a decent set of BMX cranks can propel you further on your BMX.

The best cranks are the Odyssey Sunday Saker v2 for any BMX rider whether they’re a beginner or an experienced rider as these BMX cranks are incredibly durable as they’re produced from Tubular CRMO 3-PC and come at a very affordable price when compared to the rest of the market.

Buying new BMX cranks can be a time-consuming task as there can be many considerations you have to take into account, however key factors you should check before any purchase are the arm lengths, weight, material, whether they’re RHD/LHD compatible and what pinch bolt design.

Best Cranks for BMXing

BMX CranksWeight (lbs)Arm length (mm)
Sunday Saker v21.87lbs155mm/165mm/175mm
Eastern Throttle Cranks1.95lbs170mm/175mm
Odyssey Thunderbolt1lbs165mm/170mm/175mm/180mm
Redline Monster 21.9lbs175mm
Eastern Atom Series2.11lbs175mm

It is important to consider certain factors with BMX cranks such as the arm length  as this enables the BMX rider to have more comfort whilst rider which enables them to preform better.

Additionally its important to consider the spindle size as a great spindle will enable a BMX rider to have greater power to weight ratio whilst riding which makes riding more efficient and more comfortable for the rider.

Below is a list of all of the best BMX Cranks along with their features.

Sunday Saker v2

The Sunday Saker v2 is the best set of BMX cranks available for BMX riders on the market currently which are affordable, with astounding durability and easy to install.

The Sunday Sunday Saker v2 BMX crank only weighs in at 1.87lbs and comes in two fine, eye-catching gloss finishes of either black or silver, whilst coming with a standard arm length of 155mm/165mm/175mm.

  • Arm length : 155mm/165mm/175mm
  • RHD/LHD compatible
  • 19mm spindle (with spacers)

The Sunday Saker cranks are designed to be an efficient 3-pc crank with durable tubular chromoly arms that have an extremely user-friendly single pinch bolt design.

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Eastern Throttle Cranks

The Eastern Throttle BMX cranks are probably the best solution for new/casual riders as they’re extremely reliable set of cranks due to them being produced from heat-treated chromoly arms which ensures their durability whilst only weighing in at a lightweight of only 1.95lbs.

The Eastern Throttle are finished in a high-quality gloss black color-way, along with having the standard are length size of 170mm or 175mm and are a more affordable option on the market with quality standards it obtains against competitors in the same prize range.

  • Arm length : 170mm/175mm
  • RHD/LHD compatible
  • 19mm spindle (with spacers)

Additionally, the Eastern Throttle BMX cranks have certain premium qualities such as forged heads to improve performance and longevity as well as having 48 splines to boost riding efficiency, which means a better power to weight ratio for the BMX rider.

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Odyssey Thunderbolt

The Odyssey Thunderbolt are the most premium BMX cranks on the market, for great reason as they’re produced from the renowned 41 – thermal processing and heat treated which enables the BMX cranks to have a vast improvements the structural integrity has increased a considerable amount.

The quality of the Odyssey Thunderbolt has been back up by the fact that they come with a lifetime replacement warranty protects against bending, cracking, and breaking, furthermore they only come in at a lightweight of only 1lbs.

  • Arm length : 165mm/170mm/175mm/180mm
  • RHD/LHD compatible
  • 22mm spindle (with spacers)

Final points to make are that the Odyssey Thunderbolt has a ‘Never-Wobble’ crank arm and spindle interface which ensures comfort for the rider as well as having a traditional sprocket interface with an updated open-ended spindle cap, all together are valid points to why this is the best on the market however it comes at a more than above average purchase price although it’s very much so worth it.

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Redline Monster 2

The Redline Monster 2 is a perfect starter crankset for a beginner or new to average rider as its incredibly durable being produced from 100% heat-treated tubular chromoly and is a more than affordable set of cranks compared to it’s competitors in the market.

The Redline Monster 2 are a very user-friendly set of BMX cranks as they are single pinch-bolts & wrapped and welded at the pedal bosses enabling the users to make an easy install onto their BMX frame, furthermore they come in two different eye catching color-way options of matte black and chrome.

  • Arm length : 175mm
  • RHD/LHD compatible
  • 19mm spindle (with spacers)

Additional points to make are that the Redline Monster 2 is very lightweight at 1.9lbs which is a huge benefit for beginner riders as a lighter weight gives the rider more control and performance benefits whilst riding, finally the Redline Monster 2 has heat-treated chromoly spindle, spindle bolts, and sprocket bolt which further improves its durability which makes it perfect for beginners as the affordable price.

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Eastern Atom Series

The Eastern Atom Series is the most suitable set of BMX cranks perfect for any average/casual rider who is looking for a great step up from the stock parts on a complete bike.

The Eastern Atom Series BMX cranks have the BMX rider’s performance in mind as they only weigh in at 2.11lbs and have amazing build quality with its strong and light heat-treated arms and spindle.

  • Arm length : 175mm
  • RHD/LHD compatible
  • 19mm spindle (with spacers)

Additionally the Eastern Atom Series BMX cranks are ideal for an average/casual rider as they’re produced by Eastern who a reputable and reliable brand and it comes in an eye-catching fine gloss black.

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BMX Cranks Buying Guide

Browsing the market for BMX cranks/cranksets is a tedious and difficult task as many of the facts and figures of the cranks can get lost in translation, although in this guide we show important factors you should look out for before your purchase that will allow you to make the perfect decision.

BMX Cranks

Spindle Diameter

The spindle diameter can have a profound effect on your riding ability which effects your comfort and performance whilst riding your BMX. the spindle diameter is the thickness of the cranks axle that runs through your bottom bracket of your BMX bike.

Typically  the size ranges for BMX spindles are 19mm, 22mm & 24mm. Many riders have made remarks stating that the larger the spindles are, the more likely the stiffer and lighter they ought to be as well, although this has this sacrifices the strength of the cranks.

Additionally with larger spindles, they have smaller bearings which are more likely to blow out rather than smaller spindles.

Crank Arm Length

It’s an important factor to check the crank arm length measurements as it effects how your BMX handles! Sizes for a typical BMX bike should range anywhere from 155mm up to 180mm.

Crank arm lengths tend to follow a simple ruling where by the shorter the crank arms, the closer your feet are which makes preforming spin tricks a lot easier to preform as well as giving your feet more room as it clears space.

Another benefit to shorter crank arm lengths is also that they’re known to be more stiffer and tougher than their longer equivalents, however the longer crank arms tend to be better for those BMX riders who prefer to have a pedal efficiency as they have greater leverage.

Another additional point to make is that longer crank arms tend to make BMX riders feel more comfortable as they make your BMX feel more stable and sturdy.

Heat Treatment

It is a notable factor to ensure that your BMX cranks are heat treated as this means that the method the manufacturer has used to produce them has strengthened them in the production process.


To summarise there are many BMX cranks out there, however having inadequate BMX cranks will make your riding experience hard and uncomfortable, additionally its vital that you ensure your BMX cranks are the right size for the right riding preference you want to ensure you have all the benefits they can offer you!

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