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The Best BMX Sprocket 2020

BMX Drivetrain

BMX sprockets are difficult parts for a BMX to discover online, finding the perfect sprocket can be time-consuming but it is an important task as it can effect speed and riding efficiency hugely, a decent sprocket can allow you pedal further with a lesser amount of effort.

The best sprocket on the market today is the Eastern Phorcys for any level of BMX rider as the sprocket is compatible with most if not all BMX chains, comes with five different color-ways and has a six month manufacture warranty.

In this article will be various examples of BMX sprockets for different BMX  riders, factors include the amount of the teeth on the sprocket as well as the weight of the sprocket. Ensure that you check these preferences suit your riding style.

Best Sprockets for BMXing

BMX SprocketsWeight (LBS)Teeth
Eastern Phorcys0.13LBS25
Odyssey La Guardia MDS20.26LBS25
Sunday Sabretooth 0.23LBS25
Black Ops Micro Drive 1.99LBS25/28/30
Eastern Medusa0.13LBS25

It is vital to take into account certain key points of a BMX sprocket such as the teeth on the sprocket as less teeth mean less effort to pedal, making your pedals more efficient with less effort, where as with more teeth it propels you further with each pedal however there is more effort involved.

Furthermore its paramount to consider the weight, as a BMX sprocket with a lighter weight means less effort to propel the pedals and the BMX itself.

Underneath is a list of all of the best BMX sprockets along with their features.

Eastern Phorcys

The Eastern Phorcys is the best available BMX sprocket out for purchase for any BMX rider online presently, which offer outstanding value for money and incredible durability due to its alloy construction.

The Eastern Phorcys is on sale with five different color-ways including matte and gloss finishes, additionally the Phorcys BMX sprocket has rounded tooth profile for increased life of sprocket & chains prolonging the longevity and has a 15/16 inch bore Plus 19mm free adapter included which fits most BMX cranks.

  • Weight – 0.13LBS
  • Sprocket Teeth – 25
Final points to put out there are that the Eastern Phorcys BMX sprocket extremely durable as it is forged from strong 6061 alloy, then CNC machined for a perfect finish, is lightweight and all round affordably priced.
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Odyssey La Guardia MDS2

The Odyssey La Guardia is probably the most suitable BMX sprocket for more experienced riders as its produced from 7075 Aluminum which enables it to be a stronger and lighter BMX sprocket, improving riding performance hugely.

The Odyssey La Guardia is currently being produced in two different color schemes of black/chrome, compatible with all chain widths as described by Odyssey themselves who are a massive reputable brand in the BMX community.

  • Weight – 0.26LBS
  • Sprocket Teeth – 25
Additionally it is a key point to mention that the Odyssey La Guardia is the Million Dollar Sprocket version 2, an already successful improvement of an existing sprocket developed by Odyssey which has been praised for its abilities which include handling half-link chains and having the materials thickness increases as you get closer to the guard to increase the strength overall of the sprocket.
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Sunday Sabretooth 

The Sunday Sabretooth is a highly recommended BMX sprocket amongst many BMX riders as it’s praised for its high built quality and affordable price from the reputable Sunday BMX brand.

The Sunday Sabretooth is a exceedingly durable due to its 6061-T6 aluminum construction, which allows you to throw as much abuse as you can at it with it remaining tough and structurally sound as it has a thickness width of 6mm which probably aims this BMX sprocket more at dirt and street BMX riders.

  • Weight – 0.23LBS
  • Sprocket Teeth – 25
Finaly points to make about the Sunday Sabretooth is that the sprocket is available in an eye-catching matte black color, suited for any BMX and compatible with all chain widths all at a great-value for money price as it has a exceedingly high durability reputation amongst the BMX rider community.
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Black Ops Micro Drive 

The Black Ops Micro Drive is the ideal BMX sprocket aimed at beginner/casual BMX riders as it comes in at an affordable size with three different tooth sprocket sizes and two different color-ways, giving the BMX rider many choices for purchase.

The Black Ops Micro Drive additionally offers the rider with a special feature of having a unique 1/8″ quiet drive technology, meaning reduce noise whilst it also fits 3-pc BMX cranks and is compatible with all chain widths on the market.

  • Weight – 1.99LBS
  • Sprocket Teeth – 25/28/30
Moreover, the Black Ops Micro Drive BMX sprocket is the most durable BMX sprocket on this list, perfect for beginner or casual riders as it has a heavier than usual weight, thick width and is CNC machined 6061-T6 alloy steel is extremely hard-wearing.
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Eastern Medusa

The Eastern Medusa is a perfect BMX sprocket for an experienced rider who is looking for a sprocket that has a timeless and reputable  Eastern Bikes design that comes with over four different eye-catching color-ways.

The Eastern Medusa is incredibly durable as well for those BMX riders who are accident prone as the BMX chainring is forged from 7075 aluminum alloy, increasing the products life-cycle.

  • Weight – 0.13LBS
  • Sprocket Teeth – 25

A final point to make about the Eastern Medusa is that it is one of the most compatible BMX sprockets out there as  it has 8 crank holes, meaning it fits most BMX cranks and has a 15/16 inch bore Plus free adapter included, all at an affordable price.

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BMX Sprockets Buying Guide

Browsing the market for BMX sprockets is a time consuming task as there are so many factors with sprockets that can get lost in translation, however in this guide we show relevant points to focus on for you and your riding style and what you should keep an eye out for in order to get the best out of your sprocket purchase!

BMX Sprocket

Sprocket Teeth

The amount of teeth on the sprocket should be coordinated with the amount of teeth on the rear hub to achieve the riders ideal gear ratio. If you’re going to change the sprocket with a different amount of teeth, you’ll need to change the amount of teeth on the rear hub as well to maintain the same feel/tension on the chain. A smaller sprocket will create more acceleration whereas, larger one will create more top speed.


The Bore refers to the hole in the sprocket where the spindle goes through for the cranks, it is important to coordinate the spindle with the sprocket bore size

How to mount sprockets onto cranks

Sprockets are fitted onto cranks in two different ways they’re either bolted to the crank arm or pressed on using the spline drive or sprocket drive system. It is important to coordinate the sprocket and cranks as not everything is compatible.


Some BMX sprockets either allow or have a built on bash guard, which is an additional piece of material that hangs past the chain to create a protective layer. So instead of hitting your chain, you hit your guard preventing the chain from breaking incase you jump or fall off a grind.


Final points to summarise are that there are many sprockets out there with different benefits for the type of riding style you ride with, although by following this guide it can give you a helping hand with purchasing the correct sprocket for your BMX!

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