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The Best BMX Travel Bag 2021


BMX Travel Bags are vital tools for riders who are packing up their BMX; relocating & transporting it efficiently whilst keeping the BMX safe, in the storage of the bag without causing the rider inconvenience during said travel.

The best BMX travel bag is the Callaway Odyssey BMX Travel Bag as it offers the best attributes for convenient travel for any BMX rider such as features which include grippy wheels and interior tool pouches which is great for practicality. 

Within the following article contains recommendations of the best BMX travel bags you can find online. Make sure you prioritise certain features whilst looking at BMX travel bags such as whether they have roller wheels, interior storage pockets, their weight and dimensions as these can effect the convenience of using the bag.

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Best BMX Travel Bags

BMX Travel BagRolling Wheels IncludedWeight (LBS)
Callaway Odyssey Yes10.2 LBS
DK Golf Flight Yes12 LBS
Evoc 4101-101 Yes15.4 LBS
B&WNo4.6 LBS
TUYU 1680D No4.9 LBS

It is a significant task to take into consideration certain factors of a BMX travel bag such as a analysing the travel bags dimensions in comparison to the dimensions of your BMX bike as you need to ensure it fits safely and easily.

It is additionally as important to ensure that your BMX travel bag has interior storage pockets as this will allow you to store necessary tools to rebuild your BMX or have an extra tire replacement in case the worst happens whilst travelling, you need the travel bag to be as practical as possible.

Below is a article of the best BMX travel bags online with their features.

Callaway Odyssey BMX Travel Bag 

The Callaway Odyssey BMX Bike Bag is the best bespoke BMX travel bag available on the market today for any rider who wishes to ride around world but needs an efficient storage and easy-going way of transporting their BMX around whether its on a aeroplane or in a car.

The Callaway Odyssey provides any rider with confidence whilst travelling with their BMX in the bag as it has heavy duty and grippy wheels to ensure that it’s efficient and convenient whilst travelling, whilst also having the confident that the BMX will be safe in the travel bag as it has multiple tie downs and straps to ensure your BMX is not moving about inside the travel bag whilst you’re transporting it.

  • Weight(LBS) : 10.2 LBS
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 35 x 17.7  x 11.8 Inches

Additionally the Callaway Odyssey includes an interior tool pouch, simple loading opening, BMX specific handle locations and reinforced/riveted handles to make traveling with your BMX bike a whole lot more convenient, all with minimal details for lightweight and stealth looks at a great value for money price.

DK Golf Flight BMX Bike Travel Bag

The DK Golf Flight BMX Bike Travel Bag is the best BMX travel bag for travelling those riders who travel a lot by airplanes as the unique design of the bag which features roller wheels and durable straps allow transportation of your BMX to and from the airport very straightforward and easy.

The DK Golf Flight BMX Bike Travel Bag conveniently features a large amount volume storage space and straps to hold your BMX bike down, which in return ensures that there is plenty of safe and secure storage space so that your BMX is travelled with accident or issue.

  • Weight(LBS) : 12 LBS
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 51 x 15 1/4 x 12 Inches

Final points to put out there about the DK Golf Flight BMX Travel Bag are that it offers great value for money as it has unique features that other travel bags do not have such as; it is produced from durable rip stop Cordura, has fully padded sides and has heavy duty zippers to ensure the BMX is secure.

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Evoc 4101-101 BMX Bicycle Travel Bag

The Evoc 4101-101 BMX Bicycle Travel Bag is the highest quality BMX travel bag on this list for good reason, with impressive features such as only the front wheel, handlebars and pedals must be removed pre-packing your BMX; which in return the Evoc travel bag provides the rider with an interior with inter-alloyed pocket for the front wheel, pedals and tool bag which boosts convenience for the rider greatly.

The Evoc 4101-101 BMX Bicycle Travel Bag has a surplus amount of useful features for a BMX travel bag such as a plurality of fastening straps with Velcro, 2 blocks cushion to protect for the rear wheel, padded seat for the fork, all of these features providing the rider with reassurance that their BMX will be safely secured without worry.

  • Weight(LBS) : 15.4 LBS
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 51 x 10.6 x 23.6 Inches

Additionally, the Evoc 4101-101 BMX Bicycle Travel Bag has multiple handles around the outside to ensure safe carriage;smooth running and durable skate wheels for a comfortable ride, all round making an exceptional travel bag.

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B&W International Bike Sack

The B&W International Bike Sack is the most suitable BMX travel bag for casual riders who are not looking to beak the bank as it is mainly targeted at larger bikes but still has competitive BMX related features such as being produced and constructed from robust nylon, ensuring its longevity. 

The B&W International Bike Sack has suitable and practical factors such as it is one of the bigger transport bags for your BMX compared to the rest of the market, additionally it has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap which makes it very user friendly and easy to use.

  • Weight(LBS) : 4.6 LBS
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 47 x 9 x 34 Inches

Bonus points to make about the B&W International Bike Sack is that whilst being a general bike travel bag, it does have targeted BMX benefits such as the two inside pockets to hold the wheels which in return makes the travel bag ideal for transporting your bike by train or by car.

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TUYU Bike Travel Bag 1680D 

The TUYU Bike Travel Bag is a perfect budget BMX travel bag for any BMX rider, although it is targeted at all bikes(not just BMX’s) it’s features are unbeatable for its price such as it has incredibly durable construction as it’s produced from heavy duty 1680D polyester, which is a material which is exceptionally durable and waterproof with high flexibility making it very suitable for travel.

The TUYU Bike Travel Bag also boasts of smart pocket designs as it has very easy to use pockets on the outside can accommodate tools and accessories that the rider may require to travel with. Additionally it has good tear resistance due to the durable heavy duty 1680D polyester material.

  • Weight(LBS) : 4.9 LBS
  • Dimensions(Inches) : 51.2 x 9.8 x 32.3 Inches

Final points to make about the TUYU Bike Travel Bag are that it can be folded in a small carrying case with two adjustable straps and two carbine buckle straps which makes travel very convenient and also comes 100% satisfaction and lifetime guarantee for their customers all round making it an excellent product.

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BMX Travel Bag Buying Guide

Purchasing a new BMX travel bag can be a difficult and long decision making process when considering travelling with your BMX simply and easily. Any rider will struggle with this task, although in this guide we show key important features you should keep an eye out for before your penultimate decision that will allow for you to make the perfect purchase.

BMX Travel Bag

Rollers & No-Rollers

Ideally you should be looking for a BMX travel bag with rollers, especially if you find yourself travelling by air or train a lot as you’ll have to move your BMX bag across train stations and airports. However having a BMX travel bag without rollers can be practical if you’re doing short car trips with your BMX as you only have to carry the bag for short periods of time.

Interior Storage Pockets

Having interior storage pockets in your BMX bag can be extremely practical in keep the tools to rebuild your BMX and with keeping spare parts such as tires or any other accessories so make sure you keep an eye out that your BMX travel bag has some!


Be sure to check out the weight of the BMX travel bag you’re looking to purchase as the lighter the bag the better, this is because it’ll be less tiring carrying a lighter bag whilst travelling making life easier for yourself!


Be sure to check the dimensions of your BMX before looking to purchase a BMX travel bag as you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your BMX and accessories do not fit!


A final few points to push are that overall your choice of BMX travel bag are dependant on your requirements, as each BMX travel bag has its benefits and drawbacks to certain areas of travel as mentioned previously. Just ensure that you check size dimensions so that you’re able to travel conveniently and comfortably.

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