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The Best Dirt Bike Engine Oil 2021 : 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke

Best Dirt Bike Engine Oil

Dirt bike engine oil is a necessary lubricant to regularly change for you bike. This is due their special additives that are designed to maintain the engine.

The best dirt bike engine oil is the Maxima Castor 927 oil. This is because its biodegradable and is suited for unleaded & leaded fuels.

In the article is a list of the best dirt bike engine oils. These oils are spilt between 2-stroke & 4-stroke types. It is vital to ensure that you select the correct oil type that aligns with your engines needs, along with attributes such as compatibility with leaded & unleaded fuels.

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Dirt Bike Engine Oil Comparison

Engine OilOil TypeSize
Castor 9272-Stroke64 oz
Premium44-Stroke128 oz
Yamalube All Purpose4-Stroke128 oz
Lucas 2-Cycle2-Stroke128 oz
Castrol POWER 14-Stroke32 oz
Yamalube 2S 2-Stroke160 oz
Motul Aceite4-Stroke168 oz
Honda HP22-Stroke16 oz

While searching for the best engine oil for your dirt bike, its essential to consider multiple factors before buying. These include its beneficial additives that are included in it premix to benefit your engines health.

Additionally, it is important to factor in whether the motocross engine oil is biodegradable.

Below this section is an article on the best dirt bike engine oil for motocross riders.

The Best Dirt Bike Engine Oil

1. Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil 

The best 2-stroke dirt bike engine oil for motocross riders today is the Maxima Castor 927 2-stroke racing engine oil. This is because the Maxima Castor 927 has a unique blend of highly refined castor oil, that is specially synthetic and an additive to reduce Carbon and gum formation.

The benefit of this innovative Castor blend is that it provides an excellent rust and corrosion protection.

Other features of the Maxima Castor 927, include:

  • Castor 927 is biodegradable.
  • Has an exclusive additive to keep power valves cleaner.
  • Suited as a premix for leaded and unleaded fuels.
  • Keeps lubricated whilst other lubricants vaporize.
  • protection on cylinder walls, bearing journals whilst at temperatures at other lubricants.

Ultimately if you’re looking for the best performing 2-stroke engine oil that’ll increase the longevity of your dirt bike, then the Maxima Castor 927 is the best 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil for you.

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2. Maxima Premium4 4-Stroke Motocross Engine Oil

The best 4-stroke dirt bike engine oil for motocross riders today is the Maxima Premium4 4-stroke racing engine oil. This is down to the fact that it has a high-performing and advanced additive technology, which is highly stable and a long-life multi-grade motocross bike specific oil.

Other features of the Maxima Premium4, include:

  • Premium4 has a blend of petroleum base stocks & anti-wear/sheer additives.
  • Assures viscosity stability for all air and water cooled 4-cycle engines.
  • Formula has anti-scruff additives to handle extreme loads and peak temperatures.
  • Formulated for wet clutches, all weather formula reduces friction for easier starts.
  • Produced from a premium petroleum base, is Turbo certified.

Overall if you’re looking for the perfect 4-stroke engine oil for your motocross bike, then the Maxima Premium4 is the best candidate for you. This is down to the fact it’ll benefit your engine’s health with its unique anti-wear and anti-shear additives, improving its longevity.

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3. YamaLube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Dirt Bike Oil

The best all purpose four stroke motocross bike engine oil is the Yamalube All Purpose 4. This is because it is the most versatile performance motor oil available on the market, as it can be used in any motorcycle, as well as ATV’s.

In terms of the features of the Yamalube All Purpose 4they include:

  • Actual Yamaha OEM product.
  • Performance blend oil is suitable for all motorcycles, scooters & ATVs.
  • Oil exceeds the JASO MA standards.
  • Mineral oil provides stable clutch performance.
  • Strength to protect engines from wear & tear.

Ultimately if you’re looking for a versatile four stroke engine oil for your dirt bike, that is also versatile and adaptable enough to use on you’re other vehicles then the Yamalube All Purpose 4 is an ideal candidate for you!

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4. Lucas Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Dirt Bike Oil

The best quality 2-stroke motocross bike oil for motocross riders is the American produced Lucas Semi-Synthetic Oil. This is down to the fact that it is specifically designed to prevent Carbon deposits to the piston rings, skirt and crown areas to prevent exhaust port blocking.

Other features of the Lucas Semi-Synthetic Oil , include:

  • Preferably to be used on oil injection systems.
  • Diluted with special solvent to allow mixing with gasoline at low temperatures.
  • Innovative low ash additive system.
  • Advanced TCW3 ‘low smoke’ technology.
  • No filter clogging & ensures engine longevity.
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5. Castrol POWER 1 2-Stroke Dirt Bike Oil

This specialised dirt bike oil is one of the best on the market. This is because the Castrol Power 1 acts as a protector for the gearbox, engine and clutch of your motocross bike.

In terms of the features of the Castrol Power 1they include:

  • Racing derived technology for incredible engine acceleration.
  • Formulated with Trizone tech to protect engine, clutch & gearbox.
  • Extreme high temperature air-cooled performance.
  • Oil exceeds the JASO MA standards.
  • Unique Power Release Formula.

Ultimately the Castrol Power is a more than perfect dirt bike engine oil for those riders who have high-performing dirt bikes and need the ‘Trizone’ technology to improve their acceleration standards of their bikes.

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6. Yamalube 2S Performance Two Stroke Motocross Oil

The Yamalube S2 Performance is one of the most reliable and technologically advanced 2-stroke dirt bike engine oil available to motocross riders today. This is down to the Yamalube S2 Performance has an advanced semi-synthetic base stock and additive which provides all-season performance.

In terms of the features of the Yamalube S2 Performancethey include:

  • Greatly reduces visible smoke.
  • All season performance.
  • Reduced Carbon & Varnish deposit means longer engine life.
  • Provides exceptional lubrication in all temperatures.
  • Special additive maintain flow & prevents ‘gelling’ in cold conditions.

Overall the Yamalube S2 Performance dirt bike engine oil is one of the best 2-stroke oil for reliability. This can be due to its special blend with additives that allow it to preform amazingly in any conditions.

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7. Motul Aceite 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Engine Oil

The Motual Aceitie dirt bike engine oil is one of the most reliable 4-stroke oils, this is because it has a new innovative ‘Ester’ technology to improve engine response and performance.

In terms of the features of the Motul Aceitethey include:

  • Oil meets the JASO MA standards.
  • Innovative ‘Ester’ technology to improve engine performance.
  • Newest API rating of SL for catalytic converters.
  • Extreme pressure formula to protect gearbox.
  • Notable oil brand.

Overall the Motul Aceitie dirt bike engine oil is the 4-stroke oil that you need, if you’re in need to keep your motocross bike in good health, with high-performing acceleration standards.

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8. Genuine Honda HP2 2 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

The best motocross 2-stroke engine oil for giving you maximum wear protection is the Honda HP2 oil. This is because of its unique, premium synthetic base stocks with high film strength.

Other features of the Honda HP2, include:

  • Finest two-stroke dirt bike engine oil money can buy.
  • Case of twelve.
  • Special additives to minimize friction for better performance.
  • Clean formula minimizes Carbon deposits.
  • Oil blend extends spark-plug life.

Ultimately if you’re looking for the ideal two-stroke motocross engine oil that enhances engine life massively, then the Honda HP2 is one of the best options out there for you!

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Overall whilst analysing the market for the best dirt bike engine oil, it can be difficult to distinguish products from each other. There are many variable motor oils for different types of engines, so be sure to check whether your engine uses 2-stroke or 4-stroke oil firstly.

Then you’ll want to ensure that it has beneficial attributes for engine health and longevity. Once you’ve established this along with customer reviews and value for money, then you can be sure you’ve found the perfect engine oil for your dirt bike!

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