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The Best Fitness Rollerblades 2021

Best Fitness Rollerblades

Fitness rollerblades can possibly be the most entertaining form of endurance exercise, as they allow you to travel far distances in an enjoyable way. An awesome set of fitness rollerblades are good for life, as they’ll keeping you rolling for hours comfortably.

The best fitness rollerblades online now are the RBXL Rollerblade Fitness Skates. This is because they are the highest quality built inline fitness skates around with an aluminium frame, along with added cushioning for added comfort.

In this article below is recommendations on the best fitness inline skates for any skater today. Make sure that you check the specifications before deciding on a pair such as high quality bearings, wheel diameter and frame structure.

Fitness Rollerblades Comparison

RollerbladesSizes(USA)Skill Level
RBXL Rollerblade16 & 17Intermediate
Endurance Pro7-13.5Pro
Roces LAB7-12Intermediate
Endurance Elite 110 8-13.5Intermediate
Macroblade 1005-10.5Beginner
Macroblade 84 ABT 6-10.5Intermediate

Whilst online looking for the best fitness rollerblades there are some key things to look at for such as a large wheel diameter to roll for faster and longer!

Moreover, other factors that should be considered is the fitness inline skates insole padding as this can effect comfort and ankle support.

Down below is an article for the best fitness rollerblades for any rollerblader.

The Best Womens Rollerblades

1. RBXL Rollerblade Fitness Skates

The best fitness rollerblades online today are the RBXL Rollerblade Fitness Skates. This is because they are constructed from a  extruded 13″ aluminum frame that is perfectly matched to this XL boot, perfect for any taller/larger person.

In terms of the features of the Rollerblade RBXL Fitness Skates, they include:

  • Wheels : 90MM
  • Fast SG7 skate bearings for brilliant speed with little effort.
  • Aluminum structure makes sure support is not compromised.
  • Skill level : Intermediate

Ultimately if you are looking at getting the best rollerblades for fitness, then these are the perfectly constructed and speedy skates that’ll help you on endurance runs with little physical input from yourself.

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2. Endurance Pro Fitness Rollerblades

The best long distance fitness inline skates are the Endurance Pro Fitness Rollerblades .This is due to them having large diameter wheels with a lightweight frame which allows you to seamlessly with little effort for long distances.

Features of the Endurance Pro Fitness Rollerblades, they include:

  • Wheels :1250MM
  • Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings to maximize speed.
  • 3WD Extruded Aluminium Frame – 320mm/12.6” laterally-adjustable frame engineered to support
  • Skill level : Pro

Overall this is the best long distance rollerblades for experienced skaters as it has premium qualities such as its carbon shell. Moreover they have vented soles and removable cuff which sets it above and beyond the rest of its competitors.

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3. Roces LAB Fitness Inline Skates

The fastest fitness rollerblades that you can purchase online are the Roces LAB Fitness Inline Skates, as they have speedy bearings with an extra light close-woven ‘Mega torque’ carbon fiber shell which will allow you to accelerate rapidly.

In terms of the features of the Roces LAB Fitness Inline Skates, they include:

  • Wheels : 100MM
  • Rapid ABEC 9 bearings, perfect for acceleration.
  • 84a totem Super furious wheels, perfect for outdoor conditions.
  • Skill level : Intermediate

Ultimately these are the fastest American made fitness inline skates as they have unique features that set it above its competitors such as its orthographically and anatomical balance preserving fit close foot bed allowing for you to be more agile.

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4. Endurance Elite 110 Fitness Rollerblades

If you’re looking at getting the most comfortable fitness rollerblades for those long sessions then the Endurance Elite 110 Fitness Rollerblades are the best candidate for you. This is because they have cushions for your feet and two micro-adjustable buckles with speed lacing system ensure that your feet are securely locked.

Features of the Endurance Elite 110 Fitness Rollerblades, they include:

  • Wheels : 110MM
  • Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings which is the most premium on the market.
  • Carbon shell with vented soles for integrity and strength.
  • Skill level : Intermediate.

The Endurance Elite has impressive features such as its anatomical padded premium liner which gives it long lasting comfort for the user. Additionally it has a 3WD extruded Aluminium frame to boost its strength within its construction.

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5. Macroblade 100 Fitness Inline Skates

The best budget fitness inline skates for casual rollerbladers are the Macroblade 100 Fitness Inline Skates as they offer incredible specifications for a fitness rollerblade on a budget. These impressive specifications include an athletic shoe with an engineered mesh upper for breath-ability and comfort padding.

In terms of the features of the Macroblade 100 Fitness Inline Skates, they include:

  • Wheels : 100MM
  • They have SG9 bearings reduce wear and  to maximize speed
  • 85A wheels, ideal for outdoor environments.
  • Skill level : Beginner

Overall if you’re in the market for fitness inline skates but are on a tight budget then these are perfect for any beginner rollerblader with its increased lateral support for improved acceleration and enhanced stability while skating.

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6. Macroblade 84 ABT Women’s Fitness Rollerblades

The best women’s fitness rollerblades are the Macroblade 84 ABT’s which have beneficial features for women such as the padding in the tongue & ankle areas, which consistently cushions the feet.

Features of the Macroblade 84 ABT Fitness Rollerblades, they include:

  • Wheels : 84MM
  • SG7 bearing spin helps to provide the suitable and efficient speed.
  • 84A wheels provide an equilibrium of speed & control for a moderate skate speed.
  • Skill level : Intermediate.

Ultimately if you’re looking for the perfect women’s inline skates then these are perfect with their ideal mix of lateral & flex support as it features ABT braking technology to assist skaters brake more confidently.

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Ultimately, if you’re getting a pair of rollerblades you should definitely consider a calculated criteria of perfect construction, quality and price. By covering these areas, you should be sorted for buying an ideal pair of fitness inline skates for those long endurance skates in the near future.

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