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The Best Longboard Grip Tape 2021

Best Longboard Grip Tape

Longboard grip tape is an essential part of your setup, that allows you to maintain grip onto your deck. Great grip tape can aid your style of skating, whilst helping keep your balance.

The best longboard grip tape is the Black Diamond Grip, as it provides a highly rated 80 grit coarse carbide silicon for traction and grip that is unrivalled in the market.

In this article, you’ll find the best longboard grip tapes, suitable for different skating styles. Make sure that you check out if it has bubble-free application and the type of grit coarse it has, as you may wish to have a higher coarse rating for your skating style.

Longboard Grip Tape Comparison

Grip TapeDimensions (W x L)Grit Type
Black Diamond 9.0 x 60.080 Grit
MOB Grip9.0 x 60.080 Grit
Candy Grip10.0 x 41.024 Grit
Jessup11.0 x 60.080 Grit
Vicious 10.0 x 44.040 Grit
ZUEXT 11.0 x 44.024 Grit
DreamFire 10.0 x 43.024 Grit

While you’re trying to locate the best grip tape for your longboard, there are some factors you should consider. These include the strength of adhesive and if it can be effected by variable temperatures, plus if it has perforations for a bubble-free application.

Moreover you should check out the grip tape graphics, as some come as transparent now.

Down below is the best longboard grip tapes for amazing grip.

The Best Longboard Grip Tapes

1. Black Diamond Grip Longboard Grip Tape

The best longboard grip tape is the Black Diamond Grip, as it has an easy peel and a very sticky application which makes it ideal for longboards. Moreover its perfect for those who are looking to cut the grip tape for customer applications.

In addition to that, the Black Diamond Grip Longboard Grip Tape has industrial strength glue, which means it can adhere to any type of deck surface.

In terms of features of the Black Diamond Grip, they include:

  • Dimensions: 9.0″(W) X 60.0″(L)
  • Grit Type: 80 grit silicon carbide surface for traction.
  • Four different designs on offer.
  • Heavy duty & weatherproof.

Overall the Black Diamond Grip is the best all-rounder longboard grip tape. This is because it offers a great equilibrium in terms of excellent quality from its heavy duty grip tape that has incredible resistance and friction, plus a great affordable price.

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2. MOB Grip Longboard Grip Tape

The best grippy longboard grip tape is the MOB Grip, as it has a highly innovative design that allows for a bubble-free application. This can be down to hundreds of tiny perforations that allow for air to escape.

Moreover, its a extremely high-quality longboard grip tape, as it is high-strength, waterproof and tear-proof.

Other features of the MOB Grip include:

  • Dimensions: 9.0″(W) X 60.0″(L)
  • Grit Type: 80 grit silicon carbide design for grip.
  • Waterproof, tear-proof and high strength design.
  • Long-lasting adhesive.

Ultimately the MOB Grip is one of the best performers on the market, as its innovative design means for a user-friendly application. Plus its adhesive is highly effective, as it will no peel in volatile temperatures whether its extremely hot or cold.

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3. Candy Grip Coarse Grip Tape

The best longboard grip tape for downhill and cruising longboard skaters is Candy Grip, as it’s 24 grit per square inch design is one of the most highly regarded among longboarders across the world.

Moreover, the ‘Black Licorice’ design is a super durable design that is extremely durable and waterproof.

In terms of features of the Candy Grip, they include:

  • Dimensions: 10.0″(W) X 41.0″(L)
  • Grit Type: 24 grit silicon carbide surface for traction.
  • Waterproof and tear-proof.
  • Strong adhesive which isn’t fragile to variable temperatures.

Overall if you’re searching for a grip tape that is perfect for downhill and cruising, then the Candy Grip is the best longboard grip tape out there for you. It’s one of the highest rated among experienced longboarders and will not disappoint.

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4. Jessup Skateboard Griptape Roll

The most durable longboard grip tape is the Jessup Skateboard Griptape Roll, this is due to its silicon carbide grit, with its strong adhesive construction that meets the high demands of an aggressive riding long-boarder.

Moreover its solvent based adhesive sticks ensures that it’s applicable to any board and offers you to customize it with no limits!

In terms of features of the Jessup Griptape Roll, they include:

  • Dimensions: 11.0″(W) X 60.0″(L)
  • Grit Type: 80 grit silicon carbide surface.
  • Adhesive is solvent based.
  • Exceptional durability for long-term use.

Overall, the Jessup Griptape Roll is widely used among many skaters, due to its versatility an durability for longboarders. Moreover it has interesting developments such as its anti-bubble properties allow for easy conformity to your longboard deck.

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5. Vicious Griptape – Best Quality

The best clear longboard griptape is the Vicious Griptape, as it offers the sharpest and most coarse grip tape on the market. This means that sliding, drifitng, freeriding and slaloms can be done with ease.

In terms of features of the Vicious Griptape, they include:

  • Dimensions: 10.0″*4(W) X 11.0″(L)
  • Grit Type: 40 grit silicon carbide surface.
  • Easy to lay down and holds strong.
  • Very flexible and easy for contour forming.

Ultimately if you’re searching for the best clear longboard griptape, then the Vicious Griptape is ideal for you, as it does not compromise of performance whilst remaining clear. This is usually the case among many clear grip-tapes, although the Vicious Griptape is provides incredible performance that’ll last you years.

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6. ZUEXT Longboard Grip Tape Sheet – Best Budget

The best budget longboard grip tape is the ZUEXT Longboard Grip Tape Sheet, as it matches the performance of the big brands such as MOB and Black Diamond whilst remaining to have a modest price.

Moreover the ZUEXT Griptape is versatile enough to use not just on longboards, but skateboards and scooters alike too.

Other features of the ZUEXT Griptape include:

  • Dimensions: 11.0″*4(W) X 44.0″(L)
  • Grit Type: 24 grit silicon carbide surface.
  • Up to 1.5mm. Exclusive Silicon-Carbide grit binding.
  • Barely-visible perforations that allow air to escape.

Overall ZUEXT griptape is the best budget griptape out there and is perfect for any beginner or for someone who is looking for a cheap replacement grip tape. Moreover it provides great value for money as it anti-bubble perforations make application simple and stress free to do.

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7. DreamFire Grip Tape

Another notable mention of an excellent grip tape for your longboard is DreamFire Grip Tape, with their highly regarded grip tape. This has been highly praised due to its customization for various boards such as electric longboards, penny boards and scooters.

In terms of features of the DreamFire Grip Tape, they include:

  • Dimensions: 10.0″(W) X 43.0″(L)
  • Grit Type: 24 grit silicon carbide surface.
  • Perforations to allow air to escape for a bubble-free application.
  • Ideal for customization.

Overall a great choice of grip tape for your longboard is the DreamFire Grip Tape, as it offers all of the attributes that the big name brands do, but offering it at a lower price, which you can’t say no to!

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Ultimately there are a few areas that you need to check before purchasing a longboard grip tape. Each grip tape has their own unique advantages, which could be the fact that it may be easy to use or that they have unique qualities such as perforations for an easy bubble-free application. Or it could have a high grit type surface for better grip.

Ultimately you need to weigh up these factors and evaluate what is best for your skate style. Ensure that you also check out a cool design or graphic, as it’ll make your setup look way better!

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