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The Best Motocross Neck Brace 2021

Best Motocross Neck Brace

A motocross neck brace is a necessity when it comes to riding safely on your dirt bike. This is because they prevent any injuries to your collarbone or neck. 

The best motocross neck brace is the Leatt DBX 6.5This is due to its innovative ‘MaxiWeave’ Carbon matrix design for increased rigidity and light-weight.

Below in the article are the best motocross neck braces online. These neck braces are ideal for various conditions and sizes. The important areas which you should concentrate on should be attributes like frame construction and inner foam lining.

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Motocross Neck Brace Comparison

Neck BraceWeight (LBS)Frame Construction
Leatt DBX 6.51.3MaxiWeave Carbon
EVS Sports R4 1.4Reinforced Nylon
Leatt GPX 5.5 1.9Reinforced Polyamide
Scoyco N02B0.8Polyester & Nylon
Alpinestars BNS Tech-21.9EVA foam compound
EVS Sports R2 0.5Polyester & Nylon
Atlas Air1.3Polymer
Ridbiker 1.5Carbon Fiber & Polymer

Whilst on the hunt for the best dirt bike neck braces, it’s important to consider a few factors before purchase. These incorporate its adjust-ability and quick-lock closure design.

Moreover, its important to consider if it has a removable and washable liner for hygienic reasons.

Below this section is an article on the best motocross neck braces for dirt bike riders.

The Best Motocross Neck Braces

1. Leatt DBX 6.5 Motocross Neck Brace

The best motocross neck brace on the market presently is the Leatt DBX 6.5. This is because of its innovative attributes, which set it far above the standard of the rest of the market and provide impeccable protection for those who use it.

These futuristic attributes include its ultra light-weight Carbon Kevlar & fiberglass-reinforced Nylon chassis for exceptional rigidity, without sacrificing its weight.

Other features of the Leatt DBX 6.5, include:

  • Features ‘MaxiWeave’ Carbon matrix for lightweight rigidity.
  • Innovative helmet rim striking platform profile.
  • On-board adjusting size.
  • On board 4-angle rear thoracic adjustment (o, 5, 10 Degrees).
  • Variable sizes & graphics.

Overall, if you’re in need of the best motocross neck brace that offers a perfect blend of value for money and quality safety standards, then the Leatt DBX 6.5 is a flawless candidate for you!

The DBX 6.5 builds on the already existing success of the ‘Pro Lite’ & 5.5 braces to offer the best light, ventilated neck brace on the market which is unrivaled among its market competitors.

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2. EVS Sports R4 Motocross Neck Brace

The best value for money motocross neck brace is the EVS Sports R4. This is because it comes in at an affordable price, whilst sharing attributes of other motocross neck braces that are double the price.

Some of these attributes include the fact that the EVS Sports R4 has a lightweight, form fitting race collar that offers incredible protection and coverage against collarbone and neck injuries.

Other features of the EVS Sports R4, include:

  • Variable sizes & color-ways.
  • Quick lock closure design for easy front entry.
  • rear strut is adjustable for personalized fit.
  • Inner bio-foam liner for extra impact absorption.
  • Hard molded upper surface to disperse energy to PU core.

Ultimately if your are looking at getting a motocross neck brace that delivers the best value for money, then the EVS Sports R4 is perfect for you.

This is because its low-profile design delivers comfortable & protective capabilities whilst being worn whether you’re on track or on a trail at an affordable price.

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3. Leatt GPX 5.5 Dirt Bike Neck Brace

The best motocross neck brace for experienced and everyday riders is the Leatt GPX 5.5. This is because it comes with the most technologically advanced attributes to make it one of the most comfortable, practical and mobile neck brace on the market for the price!

Other features of the Leatt GPX 5.5, include:

  • Three-way adjustablity.
  • Chassis construction produced of fiberglass reinforced Polyamide.
  • Four angle rear thoracic strut adjustments for personalised fit.
  • Sliding front & rear ‘SureFit’ adjusters for optimum fit.
  • Many variable sizes & color-ways to choose from.

Overall if you’re searching for a motocross neck brace for casual riders, then the Leatt GPX 5.5 is an ideal candidate for you. This is due to the fact that they allow great freedom of movement and adjustment to meet the needs of professional level racers, whilst remaining to have a sculptured, spilt front for improved comfort.

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4. Scoyco N02B Neck Protector

The best affordable neck brace for dirt bike rider who don’t have an expansive budget is the Scoyco No2B. This is because it has a surprisingly affordable price, whilst offering a surplus amount of features that’ll keep a rider comfortable and protected.

In terms of the features of the Scoyco N02Bthey include:

  • Reputable brand, with recognised past in producing motocross gear.
  • Breathable PU fabric material.
  • Constructed form environmentally friendly fabrics.
  • Variable sizes.
  • Effective to prevent axial compression & hyper flexion.

Ultimately if you’re in the market for a cheap and affordable neck brace for motocross riding, that also provides decent attributes for reliability and comfortableness, then the Scoyco is a perfect candidate!

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5. Alpinestars BNS Tech-2 Neck Brace

The most versatile motocross neck brace is the Alpinestars BNS Tech-2. This is because it is offered in many sizes and color-ways, which makes it perfect for any conditions or rider.

Moreover the Alpinestars BNS Tech-2 incorporates a bio-organic engineered design for superb ergonomics, which has revolutionised the way neck braces are produced.

In terms of the features of the Alpinestars BNS Tech-2they include:

  • Compressed EVA foam compound padding to distribute impact force.
  • Quick release system for rapid fitting & removal.
  • Completely new Alpinestars design – updated chin-plate.
  • Lightweight strap system to can be worn over/under jersey.
  • Multiple sizes & color-ways available.

Overall if you’re searching for an innovative and versatile motocross neck brace, then the Alpinestars BNS Tech-2 is more than suitable for you with it’s futuristic design attributes.

These attributes that set a new standard in the industry include it’s rear stabilizer promotes the progressive force relief and dissipates energy loads. It does this by transmitting them across the back and shoulders, away from the spine.

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6. EVS Sports R2 Neck Brace

If you are in the market for a user-friendly & easy to use neck brace then the EVS Sports R2 neck brace is your candidate. This is because it has a simple easy front entry system for easy removal and closure, which is extremely efficient.

In terms of the features of the EVS Sports R2they include:

  • Efficient front entry system.
  • Low profile design.
  • Removable and washable liner.
  • Connection loop to allow a direct connection to chest protectors.
  • Adult & youth sizes.

Overall if you’re looking for an easy to use and setup neck brace for motocross riding, then the EVS Sports R2 is more than ideal for you!

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7. Atlas Air Motocross Neck Brace

The most innovative motocross neck brace that is out on the market place at the moment, is the Atlas Air. This is due to it having an ultra flexible Polymer spilt-frame construction, which creates the embodiment of comfort & mobility.

Other features of the Atlas Air, include:

  • 30MM of chest suspension to give controlled head movement on impacts.
  • Ultra lightweight 7000 series Aluminum release system.
  • Head, height & size adjustment options.
  • Variable color-ways & sizes.
  • Redesigned wireless tether.

Ultimately this is the most innovative neck brace that you can find on the market. This is supported by its futuristic attributes such as its incredible Polymer frame which creates an incredibly strong, yet lightweight design.

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8. Ridbiker Neck Protector

The best budget motocross neck brace is the Ridbiker as it provides a motocross rider with all attributes they need to have a safe and comfortable ride.

In terms of the features of the Ridbikerthey include:

  • Produced from high quality Nylon.
  • Features environmentally friendly XPE foam protection.
  • Offered in variable color options.
  • Supports helmet during impact to avoid hyper-flexion injury.
  • Anatomic profile promotes helmet contact & mobility.

Ultimately if you’re in need of a protective motocross neck brace that promotes great protection without compromising affordability, then the Ridbiker is more than perfect for you.

Despite it’s budget price, the Ridbiker motocross neck brace is still able to provide high quality attributes such as with its ultra lightweight EVA foam on the underside for impact distribution and comfort.

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Ultimately locating for the best suited motocross neck brace for yourself can be very difficult, as there are many different ones of the market for various reasons. This makes finding the ideal neck brace hard to find.

Although if you cover a criteria of checking the manufacturers sizing guidelines, safety certification, value for money and customer reviews then you should find a perfect one for you to use and protect yourself for years to follow!

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