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The Best Skateboard Deck Brands 2021

Best Skateboard Deck

In the more recent years, it is becoming more common to customize your skateboard. This includes finding new wheels, grip tapes or even a custom skateboard deck.

In this article, will be the best skateboard decks online today. In this list will be factors that you’ll need to consider before choosing a deck suited to your style of skating.

Since our deck takes the most abuse and your weight, it has to perfectly compliment your skating skills as you’ll have to ride on it with perfect balance.

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Best Skateboard Deck Brand

This list does not have a criteria that determine a brands place on this list. These positions are purely based on a brands reputation in the skating community.

In this article will be a brands flagship skateboard deck, along with a link to their product catalogue. If you’re a new rider who is looking to purchase a new deck, then this article will give you a good guidance on what suits you best.

Your choice should focus on areas such as:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Design
  • Customer Reviews

Here is a list I have complied of the best skateboard deck brands you can find online.

Birdhouse Skateboard Decks

Birdhouse is one of the most reliable and highly regarding deck brands in the skating community. This is down to their high quality builds that are constructed from the most durable maple wood, that features eye-catching graphics on the deck such as with the ‘Aaron Jaws’ Homoki Tiger deck.

Features of the Birdhouse ‘Aaron Jaws’ Homoki Tiger deck include:

  • Deck Size: 8.25″ width x 32″ length.
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy skate truck assembly.
  • W-concave which is the more preferred type among skaters.
  • 7-ply maple wood construction.

Ultimately this is the best skateboard deck brand that you’ll find online, as Birdhouse skate decks are rock-solid with tons of ‘pop’. They are perfect for every skill level from beginner to pro and are produced from the finest materials.

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Powell-Peralta Skateboard Decks

Powell-Peralta have probably been one of the longest standing highly regarded decks in the skating community. This is because they’ve been making high quality 7-ply maple decks since 1978 such as the ‘Flight’ decks.

Features of the Powell-Peralta Flight Skateboard Deck include:

  • Flight decks have stronger, thinner and lighter 7-ply maple wood which gives you greater pop for ‘Ollies’
  • Deck Size: 8.25″ width x 31.95″ length.
  • Medium concave
  • AirLam maple veneer press that increases its longevity
  • 7-ply maple wood construction.

Overall the Powell-Peralta flight deck is a perfect example of a long-lasting deck. This is because it is epoxy infused, fiber reinforced structure of the flight deck is resistant to breaking and gives them an everlasting ‘pop’.

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Baker Skateboard Decks

Baker decks are highly regarded among many skaters as being flawless, yet affordable decks that are perfect for beginner skaters. This is because they are constructed from a 7-ply maple wood veneer press which makes them super-durable such as shown with their flagship Baker Brand Logo deck.

Features of the Baker Brand Logo Skateboard Deck include:

  • Deck Size: 8″ width x 32″ length.
  • High quality maple construction with affordable price tag.
  • Suitable for beginners skating park & street.
  • The deck is available in different sizes.
  • 7-ply maple wood construction.

Ultimately if you’re looking at building your first complete skate setup, then this is the perfect deck for you. This is because it comes in different sizes to suit your build as well as variable colors. Moreover it is produced with longevity in mind and be able to take abuse, making it a perfect budget beginner skateboard deck.

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Enjoi Skateboard Decks

One of the more famous new companies that have been formed in the recent years, who have been making innovations creatively in the skateboard industry are Enjoi. This is because they’ve been producing eye-catching decks such as the with the ‘Whitey Panda’ deck which is suitable for all skill levels.

Features of the Enjoi Whitey Panda Skateboard Deck include:

  • Deck Size: 7.75″ width x 31″ length.
  • Suitable to use on the streets, pools, ramps, parks and vert.
  • Suitable for all skill-sets as it is constructed with long-lasting durability.
  • Professional skateboarders Rodney Mullen and Marc Johnson created the skateboard brand.
  • 7-ply maple wood construction.

Overall if you’re a casual or beginner skater who is looking to get into street or park skating, then an Enjoi deck is a perfect start deck which offers great lightweight distribution and durable construction that’ll be perfect for your setup.

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Element Skateboard Decks

It is quite likely that out all of the skateboard brands on the list, you’ve most likely heard of Element. This is because they produce outstanding boards with the largest innovative developments to enable their 7-ply maple wood decks to bear the harshness of any environment, which is shown by their ‘Section’ deck.

Features of the Element Section Skateboard Deck include:

  • Deck Size: 7.75″ width x 31.25″ length.
  • Superior innovative 7-ply Thrift-wood construction.
  • Feather light development, unlike its competitors.
  • Guarantee against all manufacturing defects.

In conclusion this deck is perfect for any intermediate/casual skateboarders as it has a feather light construction, which makes it easy to carry and gives it extra ‘pop’. Moreover, it has a Thirft-wood construction as the Element brand is environmentally conscious.

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Girl Skateboard Decks

If you’re a casual/pro skater, then you may be looking at getting a deck that has rock-solid durability, along with tons of pop to tackle staircases. Girl sets the industry standard for skateboard decks for skaters as their decks offer a traditional 7-Ply construction at an impressive light-weight. A good example of an impressive Girl deck is the ‘Folded OG’ deck.

Features of the Girl Folded OG Skateboard Deck include:

  • Deck Size: 8.375 width x 32″ length.
  • Lightweight 7-ply maple wood construction.
  • Cory Kennedy Pro Model
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy skate truck assembly

Ultimately if you’re in the market as a casual skater who is looking for a rock-solid board with plenty of ‘pop’, then the Girl Folded OG skateboard deck and brand is the ideal candidate for you.

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Blind Skateboard Decks

If you’re looking at getting a deck that’s suitable for park and street as a casual skater, then a Blind board is probably the perfect deck for you to get. This is because they’re produced from a  7-ply 100% Canadian Maple with Epoxy Resin Glue.  This makes the deck extremely durable and resistant to easily getting damaged from impacts, whilst maintaining a great flex. This is shown by the Blind Maxham OG Reaper deck.

Features of the Blind Maxham OG Reaper Skateboard Deck include:

  • Deck Size: 8.25 width x 31.9″ length.
  • Incredibly durable 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple with Epoxy Resin Glue.
  • Single Deck Press (Same shape and concave every time)
  • Jordan Maxham pro model
  • Guarantee Against Breakage

Overall if you’re looking at a deck that’s had an amazing reputation for its ‘pop’ and longevity, then a Blind deck would be the best suggestion for you.

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Toy Machine Skateboard Decks

Toy Machine have been setting industry standards for deck innovations since the 1990’s, as they are definitely a contender for the best deck for ‘pops’ year-on-year with little competition. Also it’s manoeuvrability to pull off tricks on the street and vert is amazing as the deck is lightweight and has great flex. The best example of Toy Machine’s deck is their Monster deck.

Features of the Toy Machine Monster Skateboard Deck include:

  • Deck Size: 7.75″ width x 31.5″ length.
  • Mellow Concave.
  • Variable Colors and Sizes.
  • Made from 7-plys of hard rock maple wood.

Overall if you’re looking for a high quality product, then Toy Machine produce the best on the market. This is because their plys are kiln-dried at a high temperature and cross-grain laminated as it gives the deck extra strength. This in return results in a better ‘pop’ and a longer lasting board.

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Alien Workshop Skateboard Decks

Alien Workshop are a long running brand from the 90’s which have a reputation of high build quality. Alien Workshop have a reputation of producing eye-catching such as the Missing 3D Foil deck.

Features of the Alien Workshop Missing 3D Foil Skateboard Deck include:

  • Deck Size: 8.125″ width x 31.5″ length.
  • The deck produced from 100% North American Maple construction.
  • Great deck for skating on the street, vert, pool, or a park

Overall this is a more affordable deck which offers a decent pop on it that makes practicing tricks simple. This deck may be more appreciated by a beginner skateboarder more.

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The final brand on the list is Bamboo who have a more alternative approach to their deck design. This is because they’re produced from Bamboo instead of maple, which gives the deck a better pop, improved shock absorption and a longer life span. This is shown through their flagship Graphic design which is an Eco-friendly alternative that has improvement benefits that surpass its Canadian Maple rivals.

Features of the Bamboo Graphic Skateboard Deck include:

  • These boards are a 6 ply bamboo and maple hybrid which improves the sustainability while maintaining strength.
  • Available in multiple different sizes.
  • Bamboo Skateboards are made out of the highest quality bamboo which is an Eco-friendly and sustainable material.
  • Preforms better than conventional Maple decks.

Overall if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to a maple deck, that even out preforms it then this deck is the durable & sustainable option out there for you with multiple different designs and sizes.

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Skateboard Deck Buying Guide

A skateboard deck is the most important part of your skateboard setup. This is because it holds all of your weight and helps you balance whilst riding.

If you’re looking to build a new skate setup, then the first priority on your list should be to find a high quality skateboard deck brand. Even with a complete skateboard setup, sometimes you’ll have to change the deck dependant on how you treat it.

Best Skate Deck

Skateboard decks sometimes come across as a simple part of a skateboard setup, although they come in many different styles and sizes.

To make the correct decision, you should be aware of the correct size and style is suited towards your type of skating. As if you choose more suitably to your style, it will enhance your decks capabilities.

Length Of The Deck

Skateboard decks will tend be sizes in and around 28-32 inches. It is highly recommended that beginner skaters to start on decks that are 31.75 inches long.

If you find that you ride at slower speeds, to preform technical flip tricks it may be in your interest to get a shorter deck. But the average skater should aim to find a deck that is 30-32 inches long.

Width Of The Deck

  • 7.5  – 8 Inches – Standard board for adult riders skating streets or doing more technical tricks
  • 8.0 – 8.25 Inches – Skating pools, ramps, and parks
  • 8.25 Inches & Greater – Vert, pools, cruising, and just going old school

Wheel Base

On your deck you’ll notice that you can see holes on each half, which are the mounting holes(which are used to mount the deck to the trucks).

The distance between the holes on each side is called the ‘Wheel Base’. In simpler terms, its the distance between the two sets of wheels.

You’ll find that the average wheel base distance is between 13 – 15 inches long. These should be decided in relation to the skaters height and personal preference.

There tends to be only a singular wheel base length on a deck. although on some decks there are multiple mounting holes which can give your skateboard a varied wheel base.

This distance can be decided upon your experience and will effect your performance significantly. If you adjust it, it will clearly and greatly effect your control whilst cruising on your board.

Nose & Tail Of A Skateboard Deck

It’s quite simple but sometimes misunderstood that the nose of the deck is the front and the tail is the back.

If you’re a beginner this can be difficult to distinguish, however most skateboard brands have graphic designs that clearly display the difference.

Moreover, another way of distinguishing this is by finding out which side has the bigger kick. This is because the side with the larger kick should be the nose, where as the side with the lesser kick will be the tail.

Understanding Skateboard Concave Shapes

A skateboard decks concave plays a huge job of a decks performance.

There are multiple variable types of concave shapes around these days, which allow you better foothold as compared to a flat deck. The benefit of this is that it improves your drifting, sliding & turning.

Best Street Skateboard Desk
Photo by @conquest_skateshop

Below are some of the types on concave shapes you’ll expect:

  • Radial Concave – Common shape, which is in a U form where most decks have it. This concave enables better foot grip for all styles of skating.
  • Progressive Concave – Better version of radial concave, but with a steep wall on the rail with a wide base. This results in a more locked in feel for secured footing.
  • Tub – Which is sometimes know as flat-cave. Similar to radial concave but with sharper angles on the rails of the deck. Allows the feet to be flatter and help you with sudden shifts in movement.
  • W-Concave – Has an additional curve in the centre of the deck, giving you better energy from the heel to your toe. The benefit of this is more precision and briskness whilst on your board.
  • Flat – This has no concave. A few drop down long-boards have this. This allows for more room for your feet and more space to preform tricks.
  • Asymmetrical – Concave found in decks with rails slightly risen. They are risen at varied angles. Thus giving the riding more power in their heels.
  • Convex – Opposite to concave shape. Decks are upward shape, which are only produced for pro-skaters for downhill races.

Mounting Holes

Another feature that you may be new to with your deck is that there are mounting holes drilled into it.

The purpose of these mounting holes is that they attach the trucks to your deck, using skateboard hardware.

As previously mentioned, a lot of skateboard decks tend to have only one set of mounting holes.

How A Skateboard Deck Can Effect Your ‘Pop’

If you buy a skateboard brand that produces high quality decks as mentioned above in this article, you will notice how responsive deck is when you preform tricks.

As wood becomes aged and begins to flex, you’ll notice that its ‘pop’ will gradually decrease.

This is why skaters will often swap their decks over time.

A new innovation in skateboard deck developments is the use of Bamboo for a deck material. This is because Bamboo generally offers a better ‘pop’ when new and tends to be more durable.

What Happens If You Buy A Cheap Skateboard Deck?

Generally, a lot of skaters including yourself may just be looking for a cheap alternative for a new skateboard deck.

However if you go for a cheaper substitute, you’ll notice that they have rubbish durability and even have a tendency to snap under hard impacts!

If you want a deck that complements the rest of your deck, then spend the appropriate amount of money so it lasts.


Ultimately, you’ll need to research into factors of your selected skateboard deck, such as it’s price, quality, design and customer reviews. If you cover these four easy to understand principles, you should be fine and on your way to finding the perfect deck.

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