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The Best BMX Bike Brands 2021

Best BMX Bike Brand

If you’re new to BMX, you may be looking for a guide on the best BMX bike brands. In this post is a guide on the best BMX brands, for you to use to find the best BMX for your riding style.

If you’ve been reading our guide on the best basic BMX tricks, this will probably encourage you to look out for a better BMX bike to preform these tricks.

Within this article is a guide on recommendations of the best BMX bike brands you can find online. Ensure that you concentrate of certain factors such as the tires and handlebars as these can effect your performance and abilities riding.

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This list does not have a set of rules that determine a brands place on this list. These positions are purely based on reputation in the BMX community, how often they appear in online articles/videos and their bike sales.

In this article will be a brands flagship BMX bike along with a link to their product catalogue. If you’re a new rider and are looking to purchase a BMX bike, this article will give you a good ground to learn from.

Your choice should focus on areas such as:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Customer Reviews
  • Design

Before you start riding, make sure you have protective gear such as a BMX helmet.

Here is a list I have complied of the best BMX bike brands you can find online.

The Best BMX Bike Brands

1. Mongoose

Mongoose BMX Brand
Mongoose probably has the best heritage out of any BMX bike brand, as they’ve been producing BMX’s in California since 1974. They are well-known for making an all round high quality BMX, such as the Mongoose Legion which is a perfect beginner BMX.

Features of the Mongoose Legion include:

  • Frame: Full Chromoly, Removable Brake Hardware, Mid BB
  • Headset: 1-1/8″ Integrated
  • Stem: Mongoose Top Load, 50mm Length
  • Bars:Full Chromoly, 8.75″ Rise, 29″ Wide
  • Cranks: 2-Piece Chromoly, 175mm, 25T Alloy Sprocket
  • Rear Hub: Sealed 9T Cassette Hub
  • Forks:Full Chromoly, Tapered Leg, Threadless Steerer

Overall if you’re a beginner or casual rider than Mongoose is probably the best BMX bike brand for you as they’ll target your specific needs without breaking the bank.

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2. Elite BMX Elite BMX

Another notable BMX bike brand that has had a huge impact in recent years is Elite Bicycles. This is because they’ve been able to reach an equilibrium of producing quality products, yet retaining a reasonably affordable price tag such as with their Elite Stealth which is an awesome affordable BMX.

Features of the Elite Stealth include:

  • Frame: Hi-Tensile (20″ Toptube)
  • Headset: 1 1/8″ standard unsealed
  • Stem: Alloy (50 mm reach) top load
  • Bars: Hi-tensile steel (8.75″ Rise)
  • Cranks: 170 mm Chromoly 1-pc
  • Rear Hub: F 3/8 & R 14mm
  • Forks:Hi-tensile steel 1 1/8

Ultimately, Elite might be new comers in the market, but they’ve been dominating the afford BMX bike market, with quality BMX’s that you can rely on. Have a look at their range online and you can see why they’re a number one choice for a lot of beginners.

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3. We The People Bikes

We The People Bikes
We The People are one of the most upcoming BMX brands, with one of the best riders team. Along with their incredible team, they have exceptional complete BMX bikes such as the We The People Reason.

Features of the We The People Reason include:

  • Frame: 4130 crmo DT, TT & CS, tapered SS and CS
  • Headset: SALT PRO
  • Stem: SALT PRO Top Loading Stem
  • Bars: SALTPLUS Reason 4pc bar, full 4130 crmo
  • Cranks: SALT “REVO” square profile, 3pc 4130 crmo, 165mm, 8 spline
  • Rear Hub: SALTPLUS PRO Freecoaster Hub
  • Forks: SALTPLUS EX fork, full 4130 crmo

Overall if you’re really looking to improve your abilities on a BMX, you should definitely consider a We The People BMX. This is because only the best riders have these BMX’s and they have an unbelievable quality standards.

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4. Fitbikeco

Fitbikeco are a well known freestyle BMX manufacturer, that produce an exceptional standard of freestyle BMX’s that have an impressive specifications list. Their forerunner BMX bike is the Fit TRL HARTI and you can see why when you analyse it’s spec list.

Features of the Fit TRL HARTI include:

  • Frame: 100% CrMo, 21.25″ TT
  • Headset: Fit Integrated
  • Stem: FIT Forged Top Load.
  • Bars: 9.25″ x 30″
  • Cranks: Tubular CrMo 175mm.
  • Rear Hub: Cassette 14mm Axle w/ 10T
  • Forks: 33mm Offset.

If you’re in the market for a freestyle BMX bike, then the Fitbikeco BMX brand is a perfect manufacturer to look further into as they produce the best freestyle BMX’s in the industry.

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5. Cult Crew BMX BikesCult Crew BMX Bikes

Cult are again one of the more upcoming BMX brands that are very reputable among the community. This is because they produce some of the highest quality, premium BMX’s in the industry such as the Cult Devotion.

Features of the Cult Devotion include:

  • Frame: 21” TT 100% CROMO
  • Headset: Cult Integrated
  • Stem: CULT Forged Salvation V3 Top Load Stem
  • Bars: 9″ CROMO 2-piece
  • Cranks: CROMO 3 pc 175mm
  • Rear Hub: Sealed 9T Cassette Hub
  • Forks: 100% CROMO Fork

In conclusion if you’re looking for a quality BMX bike, than look no further as the engineering and precision that goes into Cult BMX’s is unrivaled.

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6. MafiaBikes BMX

MafiaBikes BMX


Mafiabikes are a household BMX bike brand name, as they’ve been producing high quality BMX bikes for freestyle and street with well known riders such as Harry Main. Their front runner BMX is the Mafiabikes Kush 2+, this is because it delivers on all the needs any experienced BMX rider requires and more.

Features of the Mafiabikes Kush 2+ include:

  • Frame: 20.4″ TT hi tensile steel frame
  • Headset: Sealed internal headset
  • Stem: Top load stem
  • Bars: 9” rise / 29.5” wide bars
  • Cranks: 4130 3-piece cranks
  • Rear Hub: Alloy semi sealed rear cassette hub
  • Forks: Super small and clean 14 mm drop outs

Overall the Mafiabikes product range offers any level of rider with a quality standard BMX for the riding styles of either freestyle or street with perfect features that’ll help you improve your abilities.

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7. Eastern BikesEastern Bikes

Eastern Bikes have been a great starter off BMX bike brand for many beginners. This is because they offer excellent standard BMX’s fit for purpose at affordable price. A great example of this would be the Eastern Cobra which is a great Beginner freestyle BMX bike.

Features of the Eastern Cobra include:

  • Frame: Hi-Tensile Steel Frame
  • Headset: 28mm Aheadset
  • Stem: Forged Alloy Top Load Stem
  • Bars: Hi-Ten 8.25″, Upsweep/Backsweep 12⁰/1⁰
  • Cranks: 3-Piece, Tubular Heat-Treated Chromoly, 165mm
  • Rear Hub: Sealed Bearings, cassette hub
  • Forks: Chromoly Steerer with Hi-tensile steel Tapered legs, 3/8″ dropouts

Overall if you’re looking to get into freestyle BMX seriously and are looking for a BMX with a unique design on the frame. Take a look at the Eastern BMX range as they’ll be the most suited to you.

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SE Bikes have been one of the longest BMX manufacturers, as they’ve been producing racing BMX’s since 1978. Moreover they’re some of the best racing BMX bikes out there and it recent times they’ve taken to producing big BMX bikes for adults, such as with the SE Racing OM-Duro.

Other features of the SE Racing OM-Duro include:

  • Frame: 27.5″, 100% Cr-Mo Tubing
  • Headset: Tange 1-1/8″ Threadless
  • Stem: Retro Alloy Top-Load
  • Bars:Big Honkin’ Cr-Mo Cruiser Bar, 31″ x 6″
  • Cranks: SE V-Ridge 3-pc Cr-Mo, Cranks, 175mm
  • Rear Hub: 148mm Rear Hub
  • Forks:Full Cr-Mo Landing Gear forks with 110mm-spaced dropouts

Overall the SE Racing brand is an awesome to choose that has to be one of the most respected brands out there. Big BMX bikes such as its SE Racing OM-Duro are ideal commuter bikes and for big adults who still want the BMX style.

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9. Redline Bikes

Redline BikesA notable BMX brand for freestyle riders is Redline Bikes, as they’ve been producing ‘shredders’ perfect for track and park riding since 1974. Their amazing product line is shown by their Redline Bikes Rival, which is a fierce competitor in the freestyle BMX market, as its price is so competitive.

Features of the Redline Bikes Rival include:

  • Frame: Hi-Ten (20″ Toptube)
  • Headset: Threadless, 1 1/8″
  • Stem: Top Load 40mm
  • Bars:Hi-Ten 8.25″ Rise/ 25″ Wide
  • Cranks: Forged, 165mm, One Piece design
  • Rear Hub: Cassette Driver, LB, 14mm axle
  • Forks: Hi-Ten Tubular

Ultimately Redline Bikes is an incredible brand that make BMX bikes that are suitable for track, street or park. If you check over their range, you should find a BMX that would rival a Cult or WeThePeople BMX, without sharing the same price.

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10. Radio BMX BikesRadio BMX Bikes

The best BMX bike brands for racing is by far Radio Bikes, as they’ve bee producing top quality and lightweight race BMX’s bikes that have been winning races since 1990. These high performance attributes can be shown by its race BMX the Radio Helium.

Other features of the Radio Helium include:

  • Frame: Hydro form 6061 T6 alloy
  • Headset: “PRO” int. headset, sealed bearing, 1 1/8″-1.5″
  • Stem: RADIO “Xenon Pro” top loading stem, 53 mm
  • Bars: full 4130 seemless crmo
  • Cranks: RADIO “Xenon Pro” cold-forged alloy 2pc crank
  • Rear Hub: RADIO “Xenon Pro” alloy cassette hub
  • Forks: full crmo, 1 1/8″ butted steerer

Overall if you’re searching for a top-quality BMX bike racing brand, then its highly recommended that you check out Radio Bikes. This is because their BMX bikes have been rivaled on the race track, as well as in quality construction.

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BMX Bike Brand Buying Guide

Buying a BMX from the correct brand be a difficult choice to make. This is because there are many factors that play a role in your decision making such as their flagship parts, history, team riders and their reputation online through articles and reviews. Although within this buying guide should be some small tips to guide you in the right direction.

Best BMX Brand

Avoid Cheap BMX Bike Brands

If you’re going to make a purchase of a complete BMX bike, make sure you at least try to attempt to spend over $200.00. This is because if you spend less you run the risk of buying into a poor quality BMX bike where you could end up spending just as much on repairs and maintenance than you did on the BMX bike.

Check Customer Reviews

Check customer reviews to ensure what you’re buying into to is the correct BMX bike for you. This is additionally useful when seeing if the BMX is reliable as you want to be doing as little repairs as possible.

Style of BMX Riding

If you ride street, ensure that you find a BMX bike that suits that preference. Same goes for freestyle, dirt, race and park. This is important as by having a BMX bike that doesn’t suit your style of riding, it can hinder your performance and abilities.

Why Are BMX Bikes Smaller Than Other Bikes?

BMX bikes are smaller so that you can preform tricks on them and it makes it easier to race them on tracks. This is why they tend to be lighter and have a smaller frame then a regular mountain or road bike.

Best BMX Bike Brands

Is It Legal To Ride A BMX Bike On The Road?

Yes, technicality a BMX  is a regular bike, which makes it legal to ride on the roads in the states. However based on comfort we wouldn’t recommend riding long distances on one. If you choose to, we recommend raising the seat so that you reduces chances of a back injury.

How Are BMX Bikes Sized?

You’ll notice a lot of BMX bikes are measured from 20.0 inches to 24.0 inches. This measurement is relative to the center of the head tube, to the center of the seat tube of the BMX frame.

Best BMX Brands

Are You Supposed To Have Brakes On Your BMX Bike?

You may notice, especially if you ride street, that a lot of riders go brake-less when riding as it makes preforming tricks such as bar-spins a lot easier. However you’ll find that if you partake in events such as a racing event, it is mandatory to have rear brakes.


Overall be sure that you research into factors of the your selected BMX bikes such as quality, price, customer reviews, design. As long as you cover these four simple basics, you should be fine and be riding away on a BMX bike that suits your preference and riding style.

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