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The Best BMX Helmet 2020

Best BMX Helmet

BMX helmets are important for any rider of any level, as they provide protection to the most important part of your body. Whatever discipline/style of BMX doesn’t matter regarding having a helmet; it is a must as it can prevent serious injuries such as concussions.

The best BMX helmet is the Bell Sanction as it offers the rider with 11 different color-ways, with the comfort of having 12 air vents ensure the rider is cool and are dual certified helmets that are CPSC and ASTM Safety Certified.

Buying a new helmet can be a difficult task, as there are many factors to look over such as style, ventilation, comfort, weight and sizes.

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BMX Helmets Comparison

BMX HelmetColor-waysVents
Critical CM-1811
Bell Sanction1015
Triple Eight111
Pro Rider511
Bell Segment118
Fox Head Flight88
Triple Eight Gotham88
Razor V-171417

It is important to look at reviews of certain manufacturers size guides as some sizes that may appear to be the same such as an ‘XL’ between manufacturers but can have different head dimensions for the users.

Also ensure that you’re looking for a helmet with good ventilation, as poor ventilation leads to an over heated and comfortable riding session, which can hindering your riding abilities.

Below is a list of all of the best BMX helmets along with their features.

The Best BMX Helmets

1. Bell Sanction BMX Helmet 

The Bell Sanction BMX helmet is a BMX helmet for suited towards more experienced big air/dirt bike BMX riders. The reason why is due to it suiting this style and level of rider is because firstly and more obviously it provides a lightweight frame, sturdy full-face BMX racing helmet, at a rather generous price.

The helmet is hand laminated fibreglass shell that comes with an adjustable visor and is provided with 15 vents to allow the rider to have the comfort of ventilation for a warm day, which is a nice luxury to have in a BMX helmet.

The Bell Sanction is moto inspired and is extremely lightweight at only 950g, allowing for maximum movement and comfort for the rider, as it can also be used for other styles of biking, such as mountain biking.

All of these luxuries for the Bell sanction helmet come at an affordable price as well as being CPSC Bicycle certified to ensure its structural integrity and safety for the user. Finally the last benefit the Bell Sanction offers is its style as it offers the customer of 10 colour ways to choose from before purchasing.

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2. Critical CM-1 BMX Helmet 

The Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike CM-1 Helmet is high up there among the recommended best BMX helmets as it’s suitable for any rider of BMX.

It offers a stylish variety of colorways with over eight to choose from, also boasting of a lightweight design only weighing in at 1lbs. It also offers the BMX rider with an ABS outer shell and EBS padding help which prevents the rider from shock damage in case of an accident.

Other practical features include an adjustable click lock strap which is simple and easy to use for the rider as well as 11 vent holes for ventilation so the rider is more comfortable in hotter conditions. Continuing the helmet comes with interchangeable pads so the rider can find the most suitable and comfortable fit. Finally as well as meeting the CPSC safety standards the helmet comes at a very affordable price for the market in general.

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3. Triple Eight BMX Helmet 

The Triple Eight Helmet with Sweat Saver Liner is on the recommended list for best BMX helmets as it’s more suited towards the novice/beginner BMX riders.

The reason why this helmet is aimed towards that area of the market is because its competitive advantage over the other BMX helmets is its comfort properties/applications such as it comes with a ‘Sweat Saver’ liner comes standard with it, which is a stink proof, anti-bacterial treated moisture wicking layer that prevents sweat ‘drippage’ for the rider to enable them to be less uncomfortable whilst riding around in hot weather.

Additionally it comes with Triple Eight’s own terry cloth construction which is itch proof for the user, both of these benefits allowing the rider to feel more comfortable with the helmet on so they can rider for longer, safer.

Other added features the Triple Eight helmet has is its adjustable strap which ensures the helmet is securely fitted and it only weighs 0.91lbs adding to the comfort levels for the rider.

Although the helmet is fitted with a safe multi-impact design, it  does not meet the CPSC certification, although we still recommend the helmet as it provides protection at high levels of comfort for the user.

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4. ProRider BMX Helmet

The Pro-Rider BMX bike Helmet is a highly regarded helmet from genuine riders from around the BMX community as it’s a simple helmet built for all styles, boasting of a very light weight design only weighing in at 0.7lbs which in return benefits the rider with better comfort and agility whilst riding.

The Pro-Rider helmet has a classic multi-sports helmet design with hard outer shell for added protection, this complies with the CPSC certification, it also has padded inserts to help adjust a more comfortable and protected fit for the rider’s benefit.

Finally the Pro-Rider also has luxuries for the rider such as a durable polyester strap with a quick-release buckle and ventilation channels to allow the rider to have a cool and comfort ride. Overall this well-rounded helmet which offers great protection, comfort and also comes in five different colour varieties.

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5. Razor Helmet

The Razor Full Face Youth Helmet is more suited towards big-air/dirt track BMX riding style as it’s a more heavy duty helmet. The Razor helmet is considered a more heavy duty helmet as it weighs 4.1lbs significantly more than the other substitutes which could be seen as a disadvantage however, this is because it offers more protection against shock damage from falls for the rider.

The Razor offers full-circumference head-band and padding protection, it even comes with a vented mouth protection for added protection. In addition it has certain luxuries on offer such as 17 vents for ventilation and cooling of the user, as well as extra pads that create a remarkably comfortable fit.

Additionally the helmet comes in two colourways and has a spacious eye port for if those dirt track riders who wish to use goggles for additional protection.

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6. Flybar BMX Helmet

The Flybar Dual Dial Helmet is a one of highest recommended BMX helmets in our list for many reasons, such as firstly it comes with a strong, protective ABS outer shell preventing the rider from injury, as well as having a sleek matte finish which comes in eight different colour ways.

Further protection includes soft foam inserts for the inside which adds extra comfort as well as a padded chin straps with adjustable straps to ensure the helmet is tightly secured to its rider in case of a fall.

The Flybar helmet also includes a adjustable dial on the back of the helmet to ensure a safe and suitable fit as well as a strong buckle to ensure it stays in place. Further benefits include its lightweight design which only weighs in at 1lbs as well as its 12 wide vents which will keep the user comfortable for long periods of time all at an affordable price.

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7. Bell Segment BMX Helmet 

The Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet is probably the highest recommended helmet as it’s the most affordable and simplistic one out there in the market. Firstly the Bell Helmet comes in the classic but not aged shape for a BMX helmet, as well as featuring over ten different colour variations for the rider.

It meets the CSPC certification of safety as it has an ABS hard plastic shell with a series of EPS foam segments connected by the reinforcing skeleton which tightly secures itself to the users head. The helmet also boasts of luxuries such as 8 cooling vents which keeps the helmet well ventilated, ensuring the users does not get hot and uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Further benefits include the size range it has as it goes from small to large and has an adjustable chin strap for the user, all coming at a very affordable price.

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8. Fox Head Flight Helmet 

The Fox Head Flight Sport Trail Bike Helmet is a more highly recommended helmet of the list of best BMX helmets due to many reasons such as firstly the pedigree of the brand, Fox are world renowned BMX apparel brand.

Additionally the Fox Head Flight is designed with the BMX/trail rider in mind as they offer a thin ABS shell with single density with EPS liner work so the structural integrity is high without the heavy weight at only 1.8lbs.

Further impressive features of the impressive Fox BMX helmet is that it has 8 ‘Big Bore’ vents that provide a large amount of airflow reducing the chance of discomfort with the rider as well keep them cool and collect. The helmet offers various amounts of sizes and colour ways to suit any rider; this includes their preference in riding style and level of riding ability.

Final thoughts to include about the remarkable helmet is that despite being a high end CSPC certified helmet, it comes with an adjustable strap to ensure its secured to the users head all at an affordable price.

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9. Triple Eight Gotham BMX Helmet 

The Gotham BMX helmet is from another world renowned BMX apparel brand, Triple Eight which had a helmet featured in this article earlier (Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner).

The Difference is that this Gotham helmet offers more than superb protection for the user compared to the rest of the market, it has CPSC bike and ASTM safety certifications. The Gotham is able to offer this protection through having an ABS outer shell with patented cone head EPS liner technology which offers greater shock energy dispersement on impact compared to the rest of the market at a relatively light weight of 1 lbs, which is very impressive.

Similar to the other Triple Eight helmets, it also offers high comfort levels with a ‘sweatsaver’ fit pad with grooved EPS for excellent air flow preventing the user from discomfort in higher temperatures. Other additional features include a adjustable fit dial system with reflective dial to allow the user to have a custom fit to ensure the helmet is secure and tight, furthermore it offers a huge colour range all at an affordable price.

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10. Pro-Tec ‘The Bucky’ Helmet

Pro-Tec have released a fairly impressive helmet called ‘The Bucky’, which takes its style inspiration from the old school skate design helmet as the brand has a long 45 years of producing the most high quality and stylish protective gear in the market presently and historically.

The BMX helmet is inspired more specifically the Pro Skateboarder Bucky Lasek’s helmet along with his signature translucent colours which is presented on a HDPE plastic, which is renowned for being extremely durable.

‘The Bucky’ sets a new standard in helmet design as its only weighs a mere 2lbs whilst offering an ABS plastic outer low profile outer layer, as well as offering a 2-stage premium Dri-Lex wrapped liner in the inside which gives the user huge levels of comfort.

Notable features also include the various amount of sizes offered to suit any rider and adjustable length straps with a secure locking buckle to ensure the helmet is secure, all at an affordable price for the timeless design.

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11. Razor V-17 Helmet

The Razor V-17 BMX helmet is our highest recommended BMX helmet for children/youth as it is only produced in the smaller sizes. Despite being a youth helmet, the Razor V-17 offers a great deal of protection from preventing the user from injury as it comes with an ergonomic interior padding with a harder outer plastic shell which offers a CPSC certification level of protection at a light weight of only 0.9lbs.

The helmet boasts of luxuries such as 17 top and side vents allowing the user to keep cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days and comes with a range of colours, adjustable strap all at an affordable price that’ll guarantee your child’s safety.

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BMX Helmet Buying Guide

Purchasing a new BMX helmet can be a problematic task as a new or experienced rider, however in this guide we show key factors you should look out for before purchase that will enable you to make the perfect purchase.

BMX Head Protection

Be Sure To Check BMX Helmet Sizes

Guide of the common size categories:

Helmet Size Head Size
XS 20.10”– 20.50”
S 20.60”– 21.30”
M 21.40” – 22.00”
L 22.10” – 22.90”
XL 23.00” – 24.00”

It’s important to consider helmet size whilst considering purchasing one as with the wrong size the benefits of wearing one are lost. Firstly measuring your head is simple as you measure the circumference of your head. This is vital for finding the correct size as you can have the most impressive helmet in the world but if it does not fit suitably, it could potentially cause more harm than good in an accident.

Furthermore if your helmet is too big, the helmet will probably annoy you as it’ll rattle around and irate the rider whilst using it. On the other hand using a helmet that’s too small for your head will cause excessive pressure on the outside of your head, which again is another annoyance.

Furthermore it’s important to look at the sizes of the helmet you’re purchasing as well, one brands ‘XL’ may be different to another, however using this guide may give you a common ground on what to look out for when looking to purchase a new BMX helmet.

Although you should probably check the manufacturer’s specific helmet size guide to guarantee your safety upon purchasing the product!

Features Of BMX Helmets

It is advised to look at other features when purchasing a BMX helmet that may effect the performance or comfort of the rider such as the vents of the helmet, as a well ventilated helmet will keep the rider cool and comfortable. The weight of the helmet can effect the riders performance as a lighter helmet will make you more agile when riding around and preforming tricks.

Finally an important factor is the style as the rider may be using the helmet everyday, so looking for a helmet with different color-ways can be important as the rider can have a helmet that is stylish for their preference.


Overall there are a number of helmets out there however not having the correct preferences can make your helmet using experience uncomfortable, furthermore its vital that you ensure the helmet fits you other wise the safety purposes are made redundant whilst you’re riding!


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