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The Best BMX for Kids 2021

Child BMX

BMXing is becoming a huge trend in the cycling and extreme sports world, whilst having a large market of BMX’s out there to choose from it also should has the offerings out there for BMX’s for kids. Some of peoples happiest moments of their childhood were on a bike so why not find a BMX that suits them!

The best BMX for kids is the RoyalBaby BMX as it offers the rider with 6 different color-ways with the comfort of having contour seat to ensure the rider is comfortable, furthermore the BMX is also offered in five different size variants.

Buying a new BMX for kid’s can be a difficult task as there are many factors to look over such as style, comfort, sizing, weight and safety features.

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Best BMX for Kids

BMXAge RangeColor-Ways
RoyalBaby Kids BMX3-96
Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Kids BMX4-101
Titan Girl’s Flower Princess Kids BMX4-101
Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Kids BMX3-81
Hot Wheels Dynacraft Kids BMX4-81
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kids BMX3-73
Tauki Kids BMX3-86

It is important to look at reviews of certain manufacturers size guides as you’ll want to pick the most suitable one for your child’s size, additionally looking to see if they have adjustable seats for when your child grows.

Also ensure that you’re looking for a helmet with great safety features, as safety on a kids BMX is the highest priority of concern.

Below is a list of all of the best BMX’s for kids along with their features.

RoyalBaby Kids BMX

The first and top of the list for best BMX for kids is the RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s BMX bike, which has been one of the market leaders for kids BMX bikes.

There are many reasons to why the RoyalBaby has gained all of this popularity and reputation, such as the BMX comes with a huge variety of features and extras to make the kids happy with the amount they can do with the BMX and the parents happy as its amazing value for money!

Additionally, the RoyalBaby comes in an array of six amazing eye-catching colours as well as over five different variants based on size and options with stabilisers, all of these options make the RoyalBaby suitable for anybody’s child as a perfect gift.

Furthermore, the BMX has a very impressive high quality frame which provides excellent support and durability for any damage that your child would inflict onto it, ensuring its longevity and also offers practical solutions such as the user-friendly, easy to attach training wheels that would offer your child a greater stance to ensure they’re able to keep their balance to improve their riding ability until they’re confident enough to be without them.

Other factors that make this one of the best BMX bikes for kids include the seat which has a contour that ensures comfort for any child whilst riding, as well as safety precautions such as a chain guard to ensure the chain is protected from any damage or from the child riding the BMX bike itself.

The brakes have had highly regarded reviews themselves as they’ve been praised for their responsiveness as little pressure needs to be applied to ensure the bike comes to a full stop.

The RoyalBaby even comes with its own water bottle holder, overall this BMX bike for kids scores highly as it offers unbelievable standards of durability, safety and comfort for any child that’s lucky enough to be gifted with this BMX bike which is incredible value for money as it provides an excellent starting point for them to learn how to ride.

Final additional points to mention are that the RoyalBaby comes with a quick release seat post, suited styles for girls and boys, tools to assemble additional parts(although 95% is already setup) and even a free water bottle!

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Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Kids BMX

The next BMX bike for kids on this list is a dashingly yellow Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX bike that comes in a 16” size with a whole array of features.

The Dynacraft is an amazing BMX for street and dirt riding for kids that allows for them to ride around on an awesome BMX bike that guarantees their safety with its durability and impress their friends with its features.

Furthering the point of safety, the Dynacraft comes with safety pads across the BMX bike such as on the handlebars, to ensure the riders safety, as well having removable and adjustable training wheels to ensure your child’s safety as they will have an easier time balancing on the bike whilst riding.

The Dynacraft has some pretty cool features for kids as well, such as the ‘Major Damage’ logos printed across the striking yellow paint work the bike and has matching black saddle and grips boasting of the awesome colour scheme.

Additionally the BMX bike also comes with an adjustable seat, coaster brake making stopping smoother and easier to preform, all with a one speed allowing for your child to ride around the street with joy and fun with their friends.

Overall generic reviews from other sources have said that the Dynacraft Magna Major Damage is a comfortable, easy to pedal and sturdy BMX bike ideal for children between the ages of 4-10, which is amazing when you can consider the affordable price!

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Titan Girl’s Flower Princess Kids BMX

The next BMX bike as if it isn’t obvious enough to tell is more targeted towards the girls market, and especially suits the style as this is the Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX bike! On this list of best BMX bikes, I thought it would be a bit wise to also search for the best solution for small girls bikes, this coming up as a highly rated one amongst most sources.

The Titan comes with a 16” frame which is perfect for 4-10 year old girls as well as many extras such as a doll seat, basket and streamers, perfect features perfect for any little girl!

Other features that make this the perfect bike for girls are ones such as the bike includes a set of purple tires, instead of those boring typical black ones that most bikes come with, so Titan have made the perfect color scheme of having a pink bike frame with purple wheels to suit most girls preference.

Additionally there are also practical features to the bike as well such as the training wheels that’ll allow your child to learn how to balance with safety and comfort; these can also be removed easily.

Furthermore the bike comes with a white chain guard to ensure that your child is protected and not prone to dirt or a potential accident from the chain, most guard also look unattractive however the Titan’s guard is the polar opposite as it has fun characters, flowers and decorations, as well as the crank itself being a huge flower!

Other safety features included are safety reflectors to ensure your child is seen in low lighted areas and PVC pedals to ensure they don’t damage their feet and have a comfortable, safe ride whilst having fun with their friends all at amazing cost as the bike comes with so many features such as the basket for their toys and streamers.

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Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Kids BMX

The next BMX bike is the Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boys BMX bike which is more suited to young children between the ages of 3-8 years old as it is only a 12” bike, although just because it’s smaller doesn’t make it less of a bike than the others because it just means your child will have an easier time controlling it as another side benefit is it’s lightweight design which is a tiny weight of 21lbs, which is nothing when compared to the rest of the market.

The Dynacraft magna has so many awesome features such as its coaster brakes on both wheels which makes braking a lot smoother and controlled in a riding environment , as well as having adjustable training wheels to ensure its rider of confidence whilst riding the BMX bike in a balanced and comfortable manner.

The DynaCraft Magna Gravel Blaster is a really cool bike as it comes in a crazy eye-catching green and black colour scheme which would impress anyone’s friends, as well as featuring safety options such as a handlebar pad to ensure your child’s safety and an impressive life time warranty on the bike frame and forks!

Overall the Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster comes in at great value for the price as the bike has a sturdy, yet lightweight frame which only comes in at 50lbs, as well as having awesome decals that your child will love for life where ever they’re riding whether it be on gravel, dirt or at the skate park, this is a highly recommend kids BMX bike from a lot of reputable sources.

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Hot Wheels Dynacraft Kids BMX

The next highly reviewed BMX bike is the Hot Wheels Dynacraft Boys BMX bike which is our highest reviewed boy targeted BMX bike.

The Hot Wheels Dynacraft is a boy’s beginner BMX bike riddled with many impressive features such as a colourful authentic Hot Wheels based design with a cool two-tone black and orange tire design, along with its red rims which would impress any boy and his friends.

The Hot Wheels Dynacraft also comes with features that’d suit the preference for parents as well such as adjustable/removable training wheels allowing for your child to learn how to balance and control their BMX bike at their own pace, furthermore it comes with a lifetime warranty on both the frame and the forks, ensuring your trust in its durability and high quality.

Additional features of the BMX are impressive ones such as a handlebar shield with its awesome Hot Wheels design and a stylish rev grip for your Hot Wheels racer BMX bike whilst also having an impressive two-way brake system enabling a smooth and controllable stop.

The bike comes with an adjustable premium padded saddle, along with a sturdy lightweight frame at only weighing in at 81lbs.

Finally the Hot Wheels Dynacraft comes with a handlebar pad to ensure your child’s safety whilst riding as that is a main priority; furthermore the bike is suited to the ages of 4-8 as it’s a 16” size, perfect for any young child all at a great value for money.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kids BMX

The next bike is an awesome themed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Boy’s BMX bike which is purposely manufactured for all the kids. This bike will make their day with the amazing design along with all the features such as turtle-hand styled grips as well as a coordinating chain guard.

The bike comes with a set of adjustable/removable training wheels which is perfect for enabling your child to learn to ride with balance and control, as well as having a face plate with cool face plate graphics.

Simple features such as the seat tube with an adjustable leaver to make it a suitable length for a comfortable ride on the deluxe saddle.

The bike comes with easy to use coaster brakes that enable a smooth and controlled stop, as well as it being suited towards 3-7 years old as it’s a 16” BMX bike. Overall these are very impressive features along with an awesome design suited for any little rider, which all comes in at a very affordable price worth spending.

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Tauki Kids BMX

The final BMX bike in this list is the Tauki Kid BMX street BMX bike for Boys, which comes already 95% assembled, in a variable eye-catching six different color options and two sizes suiting for all different tastes.

The Tauki comes with impressive features such as that it is available in two sizes (12” and 16”) which means the age range of this bike can be from 3 year old to potential 10 years old, allowing for any child to benefit from learning to ride on this bike that has adjustable/removable training wheels, allowing for your child to learn to balance and control their bike whilst riding.

The bikes six optional designs are very cool and desirable for any child as well, making this a highly recommended bike purely based on it variability.

Additionally the bike comes with an adjustable setting lever for the seats and handlebar as well as having a sturdy and lightweight frame that only comes in at between 70-80lbs depending on what size you purchase.

Overall this is a great starter BMX bike for any child who is looking to begin riding that also comes 95% assembled upon delivery as well as all being at a great price for a whole bucket load of impressive features.

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Buying guide for BMX’s for Kids

In conclusion this article provides many various options for the best BMX for kids to choose from however, at the end of the day you have to find a BMX bike that suits your child’s age size range and whether they have a more preferred style choice for their BMX such as one more aimed to a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or one more aimed at girls.

BMX kid

Things to consider

BMX bikes for kids have come a long way in the last few years, due to gender targeted BMX’s especially for girls or themed BMX’s, with additions of stabilisers to ensure your child’s safety all at an affordable price.

Important factors

Further improvements over the years have included better components to ensure better strength and usability for kids all whilst being lightweight, it’s an important point to make that on this best BMX for kids list, it shall include various sizes for different ages of kids so make sure you double check the size before considering to purchase!

Whilst factoring safety for your child whilst riding with protective gear on the BMX such as foam padding, it is probably also a wise idea to find a good helmet to ensure they’re not prone to further potential injury!

As you’ll need the perfect size for your child as it makes their riding easier-going! And make sure you check out its safety features on the BMX such as padding on the handlebars or chain protectors.


Final points to make are that overall your choice of a BMX for you child can be dependant on their age and riding ability, as each BMX for kids can have its benefits and drawbacks to certain ages of the riders as mentioned previously.
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