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The Best BMX Grips 2021

Handlebar Grips

BMX grips are essential on a BMX bike as the finest grips will allow for the greatest control of the BMX whilst using the handlebars.

The best grips are the Vans x Cult Flangeless Grips as they offer the rider with 3 different color-ways with the comfort of being soft grips with a large length to ensure the rider is comfortable and has optimum grip whilst riding and preforming tricks.

There can be different preferences for different people such as weight, colour, size, and material can have a profound effect on the users experience whilst riding their BMX.

BMX Grips Comparison

BMX GripsWidth(Inches)Color-Ways
Vans x Cult Flangeless Grips6.63
ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck Grips5.01
LYCAON Grips5.24
Black-Ops BMX Turbo Grips5.87
ODI Longneck ST Grips10.48
OUTERDO Grips4.94
BV Grips5.25
MARQUE Handlebar Grips5.113
Kutrick BMX Grips5.75

Important preferences can be factors such as ‘soft grips’ which are more preferred whilst riding as they offer shock absorber protection for the BMX rider’s hands from minor or major shocks whilst landing a trick.

You might find yourself changing your grips due to these personal preferences or due to other reasons such as it is likely you’ll replace your handlebar grips due to worn bars, detrition due to falls or general wear and tear.

It is important to have a functional pair of grips, as they’re essential for control whilst riding your BMX and for preforming tricks with your handlebars.

The Best BMX Grips 2021

1. Vans X Cult Flangeless BMX Grips

Vans x Cult Flangeless BMX Grips
The Vans X Cult Flangeless BMX Bike Grips are our highest recommended BMX grips, as they offer the best quality and style. This is due to the fact that they’re a collaboration with Cult who are one of the major BMX grip producers and Vans are leaders in the BMX apparel.

Other features of the Vans X Cult Flangeless BMX Grips include:

  • Length: 6.6 Inches
  • Color-ways: 33
  • Lightweight design at 127 grams.
  • Collaboration between two of the largest BMX brands.

Furthermore the grip uses a soft Vans proprietary rubber compound to ensure that it provides a soft grip on the hands for the user. The Vans x Cult Flangeless BMX Bike Grips have been popular amongst BMX riders around the world.

The popularity is mostly due to the collaboration of the two massive brands, as Cult already have a strong foothold in the BMX community for quality products and Vans have used their influence to design a vibrant design on the grips and it has grown a lot of interest from the BMX community.

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2. MARQUE Handlebar GripsMARQUE Handlebar Grips

If you’re searching for the most secure and ultra-grip BMX handlebars grips, then the best choice on the market are the Marque Grips. This is down to the fact that they have a multi-directional ergonomic grip surface pattern, which enables a firm and confident grip with your handlebars.

Other features of the Marque Handlebar Grips include:

  • Length: 5.1 Inches
  • Color-ways: 13
  • Single Aluminum alloy lock-on ring design to keep secure.
  • Special tacky TPR rubber material for absorb shock.

Ultimately if you’re searching for one of the most secure set of grips for your BMX handlebars, then the Marque Handlebar Grips are a sure option for you. Its attributes out weigh its rivals in the same price range, which is also affordable for its standards.

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A great set of bike grips for regular riders, who are searching for value for money are the Fifty-Fifty Bike Grips. This is down to their double lock on clamp design to ensure their secure, as well as lightweight at only 98 grams.

In terms of features of the Fifty-Fifty Bike Grips, they include:

  • Length: 5.3 Inches
  • Color-ways: 8
  • Lock grips to ensure they do not slip whilst riding.
  • Innovative no-slip textured pattern for extra grip.

Overall, in terms of value for money you will not find a better pair of bike grips then the Fifty-Fifty Bike Grips. This is due to their impressive attributes that out-weigh their competitors greatly such as lightweight design and easy installation.

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4. Kutrick BMX Handle Bar GripsKutrick BMX Handle Bar Grips

The best budget BMX handlebar grips on the market are the Kurtick Grips. This can be due to their impressive features such as the TPR rubber construction, which is offered at a low cost.

Other features of the Kurtick BMX Handle Bar Grips include:

  • Length: 5.7 Inches
  • Color-ways: 5
  • Compatible for scooters and other bikes
  • TPR rubber material construction

Ultimately if you’re searching for a simple and budget replacement for your already worn existing BMX bar grips, then the Kurtick Grips are a suitable choice for you. Their low cost and easy installation make them one of the best choices for your BMX setup!

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LYCAON BMX GripsThe Lycaon BMX handlebar grips are a premium set of grips as they have a unique feature, which is having an Aluminum lock. The purpose of this lock is to fix the grips onto the handle bar, as most grips over time slip along the handle bars which lead them to tearing easily.

In terms of features of the Lycaon Bike Grips, they include:

  • Length: 5.2 Inches
  • Color-ways: 4
  • 15 months warranty guaranteed.
  • Features a screwdriver to tighten Aluminum grip.

The LYCAON grips come with a Worry Free Warranty at LYCAON: 15 months warranty guaranteed, which gives it a competitive edge over the other grips which do not match this standard.

Further benefits even include a screwdriver amongst the package to tighten your grips. Overall these grips provide great value for money as well as a perfectly textured pattern to allow or some immense pressure to be put onto them to absorb shock the enabling the rider comfort.

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6. Black-Ops Turbo BMX Bike Grips

Black-Ops Turbo BMX Bike Grips
The Black-Ops BMX Turbo Grips are great grips for beginners/ kids as they come in a variation of colors such as black, purple, blue, red, green, orange, white and are only 5.1 inches long.

Furthermore, they have a rigged shock absorbing design so that they do not damage the rider’s hands and allow for them to be comfortable whilst riding.

Other features of the Black Ops Turbo BMX Bike Grips, include:

  • Length: 5.1 Inches
  • Color-ways: 7
  • Shock absorbing design.
  • Can be cut to fit to size.

Similarly to the LYCAON grips, these can also be cut to fit the handlebars they’re intended for without affecting the overall design of them as they’re rigged as well.

The main advantage of the Black-Ops Turbo grips is that they’re more affordable, when compared to the rest of the market and they offer a wide colour range for the riders choosing, compared to other brands which offer little in colour customizing in comparison.

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7. ODI Longneck ST Grips

ODI Longneck ST BMX Grips
The ODI Longneck ST Handlebar Grip is the more recommended BMX grip for experienced users, due to the ‘Longneck’ design as they allow the user to obtain more grip surface area whilst performing trips.

Furthermore, this is another product developed by ODI who are dedicated handlebar grip manufacturers; this is what they specialise in, so the grips are robust and have a great reputation amongst riders.

In terms of features of the ODI Longneck ST Grips Bike Grips, they include:

  • Length: 10.4 Inches
  • Color-ways: 8
  • Lock-On-Grip system for security.
  • Large ‘longneck’ width, although can be cut to size.

Further benefits for experienced riders who purchase these BMX grips are firstly that because they’re 10.4 inches long, which allow for the rider to cut them to the length they wish to for ultimate comfort and functionality.

It has been recommended that riders use these grips for the ultimate grip as ODI have a reputation for producing the best grips due to the proprietary compounds being extensively researched and tested for flaws with the overall aim of providing the highest level of comfort and reliability as possible.

Furthermore, ODI are the leading innovators in BMX grips of the Lock-On-Grip system which enable for grips to be secured onto the handlebars effectively.

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The Outerdo BMX handlebar grips provide an ergonomic comfort handlebar grips that should fit any regular BMX handlebars, similarly to the other grips they also provide shock resistance to allow the rider to feel comfortable whilst riding.

In terms of features of the Outerdo BMX Grips, they include:

  • Length: 4.9 Inches
  • Color-ways: 4
  • Manufactured using TRP rubber grip.
  • Easy to install for quick setup.

The Outerdo BMX handlebar grips also have a range of customization regarding the color selection such as you can chose to have red, pink, purple, blue, green, black, white and they’re a reasonable size at 4.9 inches long.

The overall reputation of the Outerdo BMX grips is that they’re easy to install and quickly fit onto the bars, durability seems to be long-lasting as well from the general review consensus. They’re also very affordable when put up against the rest of the market whilst offering a large range of colours.

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9. BV BMX Grips

BV BMX Grips
The BV Bike Handlebar grips are a higher class recommended BMX grips due to their creative Maya design, which is a standard fit to any BMX handle grips.

Furthermore, they are also produced with a TPR material which will absorb and reduce shock to the rider, whilst it lessens the chances of the rider feeling fatigue and pressure on their hands whilst riding.

Other features of the BV BMX Handle Bar Grips include:

  • Length: 5.2 Inches
  • Color-ways: 5
  • Double clamp design so security.
  • TPR rubber material design to reduce shock.

Another plus of the BV Bike Handlebar grips are that they boast a color range of four choices which include; blue, gold, green and red.

Similar to other BMX handlebars featured in this article, the BV Bike handlebar grips also have the luxury of the double clamp design, which ensures that the grips stay in place, that they’re tight and secure. Overall these grips are highly recommended for average riders as they boast benefits many benefits such as they’re robust, comfortable and unique in design compared to the rest of the products in a similar range.

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10. ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck Grips

ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck BMX Grips

The ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck Grips Softies are the most common and mass produced BMX grips on the market. ODI specialise in producing BMX, mountain bike and motorcycle grips,.

This is a good sign for this product as when a business focuses on one particular product they tend to have robust and high quality ones as they’re product development and research department is extensive, furthermore it can easily be seen from their product range that they focus all of their efforts on producing the best range of grips.

Other features of the ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck Grips include:

  • Length: 5.0 Inches
  • Color-ways: 1
  • Robust and comfortable due to their rib pattern.
  • Flangeless grips are preferred for riders.

Many consumers praise the ODI grips as robust and comfortable for even daily users of BMX bikes. They are simple but comfortable, most likely due to their rib pattern which could be argued that are quite boring compared to others in the market, however they’re one of the best sellers for a reason.

You can also purchase ‘flanged’ grips, however the flangeless grips are the more preferred rider’s choice of grips, furthermore due to them being flangeless, if you chose to cut them down to size, it can be easily done by yourself without effect the design negatively.

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BMX Grips Buying Guide

Trying to get a new pair of grips onto BMX handlebars has always proven difficult even for experienced riders, many recommend to use products such as washing up liquid or grease however, this will leave the grips slipping around the handlebars for a few days after they’ve been put on.

BMX Grips Buying Guide

The first method of inserting grips onto the BMX handlebars is the ‘zip-tie method’, whereby if you insert four zip ties (more the easier) into the centre/middle of the grips, then start to push the grips onto the handlebars whilst ensuring you are spreading the zip ties beside the bars which will eventually slip the grips onto the handle bars (this may take some time).

Once they’re at the level you wish them to be at, you simply pull the zip ties out with some grips and the grips should be tightly and securely inserted onto the BMX handlebars.

Another BMX rider recommended tip is to spray hairspray onto the handlebar, and then quickly insert the grips onto the BMX handlebars whilst there is still liquid on there. After a few seconds it’ll disappear into vapour, however if you’ve put the BMX grips on fast enough they should be tight once inserted onto the BMX handlebars.

BMX Bar Ends

BMX bar ends are essential for the BMX handlebar grips so that you do not hurt yourself with the bars whilst riding and so that the grips do not slip off the actual BMX handlebar.

Some BMX handlebars do not come with ends in the package or some become worn or not of a high standard, so it’s important to have BMX bar ends of decent quality. The most mass marketed BMX bar ends are simple rubber/plastic ‘push-in’ ones, however some higher quality ones are metal ‘lock-on’ ones which are shown below.

Domain BMX Bar End CapsDomain BMX Bar End Caps

The Domain Bar End Plugs Caps are mass-marketed, affordable recommendation for a simple ‘push-on’ bar end.

They’re clearly designed as an easy option to protect the BMX handle bars from damage, similarly to prevent the rider from also injuring themselves due to the handlebars.

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Wake BMX Bike Bar End CapsWake BMX Bike Bar End Caps

The Wake Handlebar End Caps are a more premium recommended BMX bar handle bar ends as they’re constructed from aluminium which makes them great quality whilst being incredibly durable.

Furthermore, an added benefit of the Wake Handlebar Ends Caps is that they also come in a variety of colors which include; black, red, gold, blue and grey.

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Overall there are a number of BMX grips out there however not having the correct preferences can make your riding experience uncomfortable, furthermore its vital that you ensure the grips are the correct size for your handlebars!

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