The Best BMX Handlebars 2022

BMX Handlebars

If you’re looking at upgrading your BMX bike, then you should start with your BMX’s handlebars. These dictate control of your bike which means they can be a challenging purchase.

The best BMX handlebars are Odyssey 10-4 BMX Handlebarsas they’re the best all-round 2-piece handlebars with traditional 7/8” crossbar for superior construction.

Included in this article are recommendations of the best BMX handlebars. Be sure to check out their aspects, like their width, rise and crossbar size as these can influence your control.

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BMX Handlebars Comparison

BMX HandlebarsType Of BMX BarWeight(LBS)
Odyssey 10-42-piece2.3LBS
Pro Taper XR502-piece2.6LBS
Big Roc Handlebars2-piece1.4LBS
Odyssey 49er 4-piece2.2LBS
Eastern Throttle2-piece1.9LBS
Odyssey ‘Aaron Ross’ Boss2-piece2.1LBS
Black Ops MX2-piece2.4LBS
Alienation 9S2-piece2.2LBS

It’s important to research features of a handlebar such as the thickness of your bar. This is to see if it fits the standard sizing criteria for stems and whether grips fit your bars.

BMX bars are important as their your main contact point of the BMX. There are many aspects which are important to research such as their width, rise and up & back sweep.

Below is a article of the best BMX handlebars online presently with their features.

The Best BMX Handlebars

1. Odyssey 10-4 BMX Handlebars

Odyssey 10-4 HandlebarsThe Odyssey 10-4 BMX handlebars is Odyssey’s answer to the best BMX handlebars for the casual BMX rider who has a preferred riding style of freestyle BMXing. This is because the Odyssey 10-4 handlebars are the biggest handlebars Odyssey has ever produced. It has a larger radius bends, thicker walled, butted tubing and a traditional 7/8” crossbar for superior construction which enables prolonged durability.

The Odyssey 10-4 handlebars are a proven set of BMX handlebars with high regards to its name as it has post-weld heat-treated for added strength along with large radius bends for greater durability, which probably explains why the Odyssey 1-4 BMX handlebars are guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects to ensure their usability.

Features of the Odyssey 10-4 Handlebars, include:

  • 30 inch wide
  • 10 inch rise

Final points to make are that the Odyssey 10-4 has extra 1.8/1.3mm thick multi-butted main grip tubing ensure high levels of strength to provide the rider with a long product life cycle and it only weighs in at 2.33LBS.

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2. Pro Taper XR50 BMX Bars

The best set of BMX handlebars for dirt tracks and freestyle BMX riding is the Pro Taper XR50 BMX Bars. This can be down to its 7 inch rise Chromoly bars, that have a raw finish with extremely resistant epoxy clear coat to protect it.

In terms of features of the Pro Taper XR50 Bars, they include:

  • 29.5 inch wide
  • 7  inch rise

Overall the Pro Taper XR50 Bars are a very premium set of BMX bars for those who love spending their time on the dirt tracks. This can be due to its very tough Chromoly design construction, along with its high-density foam bar pad which is included for protection.

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3. Big Roc Handlebars

A great set of budget BMX bars is the Big Roc Handlebars, as they are a thick set of Chromoly bars that come in at half the price of its competitors. In addition to that, the Big Roc Handlebars are heat-treated which ensure better durability.

Other features of the Big Roc Handlebars, include:

  • 22.2 inch wide
  • 8.0 inch rise

Ultimately if you’re looking for a budget set of replacement bars for your BMX that’ll outperform your previous manufacturers ones, then the Big Roc Handlebars are suitable for you bike setup.

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4. Odyssey 49er BMX HandlebarsOdyssey 49er Handlebars

The Odyssey 49er BMX handlebars are the best 4-piece BMX handlebars on the market readily available for purchase today. The reasons why the Odyssey 49er handlebars are the best are that firstly despite appearing as a traditional looking 4-piece bar the handlebars use multi-butted main tubing,  with traditional 7/8″ crossbar for strength.

Additionally, the Odyssey 49er handlebars has a larger radius bends for greater durability along with welded end caps to reduce flex and the handlebars are guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects to ensure their usability.

In terms of features of the Odyssey 49er Handlebars, they include:

  • 29 inch wide
  • 9 or 9.5 inch rise

The Odyssey 49er’s have the benefit of offering the rider of two choices for purchase size, which are choice  between 9″ or 9.5″ rise dependant on the riders preference, with the additional benefit of the handlebars being post-weld heat-treated for added strength all at a light weight of 2.2LBS.

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5. Eastern Throttle BMX HandlebarsEastern Throttle Handlebars

The Eastern Throttle handlebars are a great example of a suitable BMX handlebar produced for the masses of riders out there with great build-quality being from the reputable Eastern BMX brand, all at an affordable cost which is a great upgrade from you stock BMX handlebars.

The Eastern Throttle handlebars are an exceptional example of a dependable and rigid bar which you can really depend and rely on as they’re constructed from 100% durable chromoly steel which ensures the handlebars longevity and makes it even more impressive as it only weighs in at 1.9LBS.

Other features of theEastern Throttle Handlebars, include:

  • 30 inch wide
  • 10 inch rise

Additionally, the Eastern Throttle handlebars have extra thick grip tubing for a rider bonus and has a 10° backsweep along with a 2° upsweep which makes these bars perfect for any dirt or freestyle BMX rider.

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6. Odyssey ‘Aaron Ross’ Boss Handlebars

Odyssey have released most likely the best signature BMX handlebars of 2019 from team rider Aaron Ross, who is one of the most notable and characterful BMX riders out there at the minute, which reflects onto his signature handlebars as they’re one of the most rigid and performance orientated BMX handlebars out there.

The Odyssey Boss BMX handlebars have many features to why its one of the best performance orientated handlebars out there such as it has a multi-butted, traditional 7/8″ crossbar for a high quality build which enables it for high levels of strength and rigidness, these bars are backed up by the fact that they have a legendary lifetime replacement warranty.

Additionally the Odyssey Boss BMX handlebars have unique factors which makes it exceptional such as it is manufactured from proven 41-Thermal processed 4130 chromoly, which has been laboratory tested and team proven by Odyssey’s ‘Stampy Test’ which ensures it’s high levels of build quality.

Other features of the Odyssey ‘Aaron Ross’ Boss Handlebars, include:

  • 29 inch wide
  • 9.125 inch rise

Final points to reveal about the Odyssey Boss handlebars are that it comes available in Rust Proof Black or Chrome, along with a 12° backsweep, 2° upsweep and only weigh in at a minuscule weight of 2.1LBS.

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7. Diamondback Trail Bike Handlebars

Diamondback Trail Handlebars

The Diamondback Trail handlebars are most likely the most suitable BMX handlebars for the day-to-day average BMX rider as they provide an expansive amount of features and durability for a tough going rider, all at an affordable price that doesn’t break the bank.

The Diamondback Trail BMX handlebars are constructed from 4130 Chromoly, which allow the rider to feel secure and comfortable with the peace of mind that the bars are exceptionally durable and rigid, allowing any BMX rider to perform with high confidence levels.

The Diamondback Trail handlebars comes with offerings of a tremendous ED black texture finishing, along with its flawless time-tested 2-piece design which has been heat treated to ensure its durability.

In terms of features of the Diamondback Trail Handlebars, they include:

  • 27.5 inches wide
  • 8.5 inch rise

Additionally, performance wise these are very light BMX handlebars as the Diamondback Trail handlebars only weigh in at 1.75LBS which is an exceptional wight considering its dimensions and long-lasting, tough durability.

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8. Black Ops MX Bike Handlebars

Black Ops MX Handlebars

The Black Ops MX handlebars are perfect handlebars for any entry level rider who is completing their first setup as these are pretty basic bars with little to go wrong with them, for a below average price.

The Black Ops MX handlebars are exceptionally durable as they’re produced from chromoly steel with a thickness of 7/8 inches, which ensures they’re strength and durability, this does come in at a more than average weight of 2.4LBS thus proving their ruggedness.

In terms of features of the Black Ops MX Handlebars, they include:

  • 27.5 inches wide
  • 8.25  inch rise

Additional highlights to make about the Black Ops MX handlebars are that it comes in two eye catching color-ways, it has solid construction most likely due to its good welds and also fits large framed(fixed wheel/cruiser bikes very well).

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9. Alienation 9S BMX Bars

Alienation 9S BMX Bars

A great set of lightweight handlebars for your BMX bike are the Alienation 9S BMX Bars. This is because they have impressive features that are shared with professional level bars such as its 11 butted 4130 chromoly tubing.

Other features of the Alienation 9S BMX Bars, include:

  • 29.9 inch wide
  • 9.75 inch rise

Ultimately the Alienation 9S handlebars would make an awesome addition to your setup. This can be down to an abundance of factors such as its 100% heat-treated after being welded, which ensures that the structural integrity is much stronger than its competitors.

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10. BOX COMPONENTS Maximus Bicycle HandlebarBOX COMPONENTS Maximus Bicycle Handlebar

If you’re searching for a set of BMX handlebars that offer you with a perfect blend of price and durability, then the BOX Components Maximus’ are perfect for you! This can be due to their impeccable design, which is constructed from 4130 chromoly for reinforced stiffness.

Features of the BOX Components Maximus Handlebars, include:

  • 28.2 inch wide
  • 8.5 inch rise

Overall if you’re searching for a relatively inexpensive option for a set of reliable BMX bars that’ll last you for years, then the BOX Components Maximus’ are the perfect set of BMX bars for your setup.

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BMX Handlebars Buying Guide

BMX handlebars have a significant effect on how your BMX handles, as they are your main contact point of the BMX and most of them look seemingly similar although there are small differences in geometry which can effect your control and tricks.

Purchasing new set of BMX handlebars can be a challenging decision to make when creating your first BMX setup. Any rider whether they’re a rookie or a veteran rider can struggle with this task, although in this guide we show key important features you should keep an eye out for before your purchase decision that will enable you to make the ideal purchase.

BMX Bars

Difference between a 2-piece and a 4-piece BMX Handlebar

Most new/rookie BMX riders can get confused over the two different types of handlebars which are either  a 2-piece or a 4-piece. The difference between the two types of handlebars is purely aesthetic, there is no clear difference in the function of the two as it does not effect the strength of the handlebars with either option.

A 2-piece BMX handlebar is usually constructed from bending a long tube into what will later be the grip-sections and stem clamping area of the BMX handlebars, with then a second significantly shorter tube which in return is used as the crossbar.

A 4-piece BMX handlebar typically has two separate tubes for the grip sections, with two crossbars with only one having the stem clamping area.

BMX Handlebars Width Guide

Most BMX handlebars on offer today are more than offered in the size options from 27″ to 30″, the ‘width’ of a BMX handlebar is the width of the distance from bar-end to the other bar-end which is typically measured in inches.

Most riders recommend that a reasonable handlebar width for a riders BMX is in line with the riders shoulder width as this will allow the rider to have the best use of their arms when preforming a hop/trick.

A less worrying fact about the width of a BMX handlebar is that they can be easily be cut down to size if they’re too large, so do not lose sleep at night if you have to purchase a wider than expected set of handlebars(most people use a pipe cutter).

It has be recommended by riders that if you’re more interested in tricks that are more street orientated such as bar spins, you should get a narrower set of handlebars to make preforming them easier. Although if you suit a more freestyle/park riding style, its more suitable to have wider handlebars to preform tricks such as turn downs.

BMX Handlebars Rise Guide

Most BMX handlebars at this moment are typically offered in the sizes of 8.25″ – 10″ +, the ‘rise’ of a BMX handlebar is measured from the bottom of the clamping surface to the top of the grip surface relatively speaking.

Most riders state that the shorter the BMX handlebars, the easier it is for a rider to bunny hop higher as you have more room to pull the front wheel of the ground with your momentum.

On the other hand taller BMX handlebars improve a riders posture and makes their riding time generally more comfortable. This is because it reduces the impact of having back pain and cramps whilst riding for long periods of time.

Down below is a table created to find your ideal rise height guide based on your height to maximize comfort, whilst optimizing hop height.

BMX Rider Height(Feet & Inches)Suitable Handlebar Rise(Inches)
5'5"8.25" - 8.5"
5'6" - 5'10"8.5" - 9"
5'11" - 6'2"9" - 9.5"

BMX Handlebars Upsweep & Backsweep Guide

The ‘up-sweep’ of the handlebars is the upwards angle of the top-grip section of the bar, typically the angle of the degree vary from 1-5 degrees for the up-sweep.

Finding the perfect up-sweep degree can be difficult as everyone’s wrist are different and handlebar width as previously mentioned can have a profound affect on it.

Up-sweep can effect your riding as it creates a level surface for a contact point for your hands on the grips as this allows you to properly absorb the impact of a landing of a trick without causing discomfort to yourself.

It is important to define that the perfect angle for the up-sweep for your BMX handlebars will allow for your inner and out wrist to be in contact with the bar grips simultaneously, which will provide you with the maximum amount of comfort.

An essential rule to put out there is that most riders state that the wider you hold your hands apart whilst riding, the more likely you will have a need to increase the angle of your wrists, which means that you should compensate with more up-sweep to ensure a comfortable ride.

The ‘back-sweep’ of a BMX handlebar is the backwards angle of the top bar, grip section of your BMX bars. Typically most BMX bars will offer the angle of degrees from 9-12 degrees of back-sweep.

Ensuring that you have the perfect amount of back-sweep, similarly to up-sweep is incremental as ensuring proper hand contact onto your grips provides you with suitable impact absorption, preventing injury to your wrists and improving comfort.


A final few points to push are that overall your choice of handlebars are dependant on your style of riding, as each handlebars whether they’re a 2-piece or a 4-piece handlebars has their benefits and drawbacks to certain areas of riding as mentioned previously. Just ensure that you check sizes so that you’re able to ride at peak performance whilst remaining comfortable.

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