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The Best BMX Pegs 2020

BMX Grind

BMX pegs are accessories for BMX bikes that are usually fixed to the rear and front axle of the BMX bike. The benefit of using pegs on a BMX is that it expands the vocabulary of tricks a rider can do as this opens up the doors to tricks such as peg grinds or front wheelies.

Pegs are most often used to ‘grind’ across surfaces such as a rail or curbs as the rider balances whilst maintaining a slide across said surface.

The rider could additionally perform manuals on the BMX with greater ease using the pegs to maintain balance by placing their feet central across them.

The best BMX pegs are the Odyssey MPEG Pegs as they offer the rider with the toughest metal pegs which have a suitably strong structure as well as being lightweight and having a smaller diameter, providing the rider an easier chance of preforming tricks.

Buying a new set of pegs can be a difficult task as there are many factors to look over such as diameter, width, length, weight and suitability.

Best Pegs For BMXing

PegsWeight (lbs)Diameter (Inches)
Odyssey MPEG 1.13lbs1.3
Black Ops Lead Foot1lbs1.6
Diamondback Pro Drive1.1lbs1.3
Black Ops GL0.9lbs1.4
Black Ops Knurled Pro1.1lbs1.5

Odyssey MPEG Pegs

The first set of BMX pegs are produced from the well-known BMX brand ‘Odyssey’, who have created the Callaway MPEG axle pegs which are 14mm tough metal pegs, built to last for any level of rider whether they’re pro or a newbie.

A big upside to the Odyssey MPEG Callaway pegs is that they’re fairly lightweight compared to the rest of the competition, coming in at only 1.13lbs as well as having a relatively well built structure with its three anti-roll positions, which should fill the rider with confidence with its structurally sound body as it is not at risk of breaking like a plastic BMX peg would be.

Additionally the pegs come with a smaller outer diameter at 1.3 inches which allows for the rider to have an easier chance of preforming tricks. Impressively the Odyssey MPEG’s have adaptable axle sockets ensuring the usability with all axles and has a fine matte black finish all at an affordable price.

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Black Ops Pegs

A more affordable set of pegs for the calmer, more average rider would be the Black Ops Lead Foot BMX Pegs.

Although these are a more affordable set of pegs when compared to the previous Callaway pegs, these Black Ops pegs still have a structurally sound body as they’re produced from a fine steel that is Knurled & grooved, which ensures that the rider has greater stability and control whilst performing tricks or grinding as the surface is less smoother, which makes them suited towards the more average or novice rider.

The Black Ops pegs are also very adaptable as they have the thread pattern of 3/8 x 26t which suits most common BMX bikes, however I would double check before purchasing.

Finally the Black Ops pegs come with a 1.6 inch diameter making them more suited towards the average rider as they have a greater surface area for their shoes to make contact with the pegs.

Additionally they come in a nice glossy finish at a relatively cheap price when compared to the rest of the market.

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Diamondback Pro Pegs

The next set pair of BMX pegs that are recommended are also produced from a very reputable BMX brand called Diamondback.

The Pro Drive pegs are on the best BMX pegs list as they have a smooth glossy black finish that are CNC machined ensuring that they’re constructed with modern standards of versatility in mind.

The Pro Drive pegs are a suitable 14mm size designed for most BMX’s axles ensuring their suitability to fit all and also have a 3/8″ adaptor with no-slip bolt included to ensure its usability.

Additionally the Pro Drive pegs have a smooth finish to ensure that there is little friction for a smooth experience whilst grinding on rails and curbs, as well as being 4 1/4″ in length ensuring that its large enough for great surface area for the rider’s feet to preform tricks, whilst being nimble enough not to get in the way.

Finally the Diamondback pegs come in at a light weight of 1.1lbs ensuring that their weight is a hindrance ensuring the rider comfortable usage all at an reasonably priced cost.

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Novatec Steel Pegs

The next set product on the list for best BMX pegs is the Novatec Steel Pegs, which have also been an eye opener in the industry.

The Novatec pegs come in a fine glossy black finish, manufactured out of structure rigid steel that has had high praise from riders for its durability.

The pegs fit most BMX bikes as they come in a 3/8 inch axles fit and are 4.3” in length ensuring a large surface area for the rider’s foot to grab onto, allowing for an easier peg to perform tricks on for more inexperienced riders.

Furthermore it has a more ridged surface which means more friction ensuring a safer peg grind as the surface is less smooth which allows the rider to be in control, all in all at a good price for what you get for the more average riders.

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Black Ops GL Pegs

The next set of BMX pegs are best for more inexperienced riders or ones who have a creative side to them as firstly, and a huge plus is that they come in six different sizes and because they’re hard plastic ones they’re very user friendly as they are easily interchangeable.

These are the Black Ops GL BMX pegs that come in a variety of  trendy bright colours and are produced from super hardened nylon construction which has many benefits, such as they’re surprisingly lightweight at only 90grams, which is significantly lighter than their aluminium or steel counterparts as mentioned before, which allows the rider to have more control and potentially have an easier time attempting tricks or grinds.

Additionally the GL BMX pegs come in standard 3/8″ fit perfect for 14mm axles which ensure they’re suitable for all BMX bikes and they’re 4 inches which makes them great even for experienced riders as they have a plentiful amount of surface area for the rider’s feet to maintain control, all at a decent price.

The only drawbacks to these pegs are what makes them great, the material they’re manufactured from as plastic does not have the same durability as steel pegs, however their durability does come close to their metal counterparts.

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Black Ops Knurled Pro Pegs

The final set of pegs that are on the recommended list are from the reputable Black Ops BMX brand again and they’re the Knurled Pro BMX pegs.

These pegs are manufactured from a special metal alloy which has the highest reviews of its durability, which is a surprise as they’re also inexpensive compared to a lot of the market.

They also have a thread of 3/8” fit so they’re standardised to fit all 14mm BMX axles and have a ridged surface, which enables them to have more control whilst in a grab or grinding for the rider which makes them suited towards the more average or beginner rider.

The Knurled Pro pegs also come in a nice gloss finish suited for any BMX and since they’re made from a high strengthened alloy have a strength advantage over a lot of the market since their structural rigidity is much higher.

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BMX Pegs Buying Guide

Overall you should clearly think what your preferences and needs are whilst riding before making a decision on a set of BMX pegs as certain factors can really benefit your riding style and aid you in being comfortable and have a better achievement rate of preforming your tricks. Most BMX pegs are rigid, tough and fixed to the axle of the BMX as this reducing risk of slipping or breakage of the BMX peg.

BMX Pegs

Metal Pegs .Vs. Plastic Pegs

Pegs are often either metal or rubber/hard plastic, metal pegs tend to be the more preferable choice for experienced riders as they’re tougher and have a better slippery surface across the peg, rubber/hard plastic tends to be for more novice riders as it offers better grip with a less slippery surface.

Furthermore the flatter the tops, the better the grip for the riders shoe there is, additionally the width of the peg can be of importance for the riders grip too as the space provided by the peg allows for better foot placement for various tricks for the rider to perform.

The big debate among BMX riders is between having plastic or metal pegs as both have advantages and drawbacks.

Surprisingly for such a simple BMX accessory, there are a large amount of differences between a plastic and metal bike peg, first of the differences you need to consider is that plastic pegs more than often are sold as sleeves that have a metal inner shell as it is needed for structural rigidity needed to attach itself to the BMX bike axle without worry of it being prone to breaking.

The major advantage of using these plastic BMX pegs are that they can be interchanged and replaced easily as after a few months wear and tear can make them needed to change as worn pegs can start to affect your performance whilst attempting tricks such as grinds or manuals.

Other reasons to change the BMX plastic peg can be due to preference/taste choice as they’re easily changeable and relatively affordable to swap over frequently and if you’re not a pro rider the difference in performance of having a metal BMX peg is probably not noticeable.

Some riders make the argument that plastic pegs can also be more slippery for grinds which may also attract certain riders who want that preference, although the design is complicated and prone to breaking at a much higher chance than a metal peg which structural integrity is high in comparison.


Overall there are a number of BMX pegs out there however not having the correct preferences can make your BMX peg trick’s experience more difficult, furthermore its vital that you ensure the pegs fits your BMX other wise you’ll be unable to use them, so make sure to check sizes before purchasing!

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