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The Best Freestyle BMX Bikes 2021

BMX Freestyle

Freestyle BMX’s are the more common riding platform of BMXing as it involves stunt riding, preforming tricks across five main areas of riding which include; street, park, vert, trails & flatland riding styles.

The best freestyle BMX is the Mafiabikes Kush 2 BMX, which is renowned for its 2.4 inch Fat Crawler Street Tires which have immense grip and it’s lightweight 26 LBS construction which both make it the best preforming freestyle BMX.

Within this article contains recommendations of the best freestyle BMX’s you can find available online. Ensure that you concentrate on certain areas of a freestyle BMX. These areas include the tires & handlebars width, weight, hub type, frame type and cranks  as these factors can affect your performance ability whilst riding.

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Best Freestyle BMXs

Freestyle BMXTire Width (Inches)Frame Size (Inches)
Mafiabikes Kush 22.4 Inches20.4 Inches
Fit Hango2.4 Inches21 Inches
Eastern Cobra2.25 Inches20 Inches
Mafiabikes Supermain2.4 Inches20.6 Inches
Fit PKR Bagz2.4 Inches20.6 Inches
Elite Destro2.4 Inches20.5 Inches

It’s an essential task to observe specific features of a freestyle BMX, such as the tires width. This is because freestyle riders tend to prefer a larger width tire as this can effect your grip and impact shock upon landings from preforming tricks whether you’re at a park or a dirt track. Be sure to check out the BMX tires post for a more specific guide on tires widths.

An additional feature to keep an eye out for when purchasing a freestyle BMX is the handlebar dimensions as these can have an effect of your type of freestyle style riding. For instance shorter width bars suit a street style more, opposed to wider bars which will suit dirt-track freestyle riders more.

Here is an article of the best freestyle BMX’s online with their various features

Mafiabikes Kush 2 Freestyle BMX

The best BMX freestyle bike available online is the Mafia Kush 2, as it’s a lightweight freestyle BMX with a very high quality of  specifications. These features include a reliable KMC chain, along with 2.4 inch Fat Crawler Street Tires which are perfectly suited towards freestyle BMX riding.

In terms of the features of the Mafiabikes Kush 2 BMX, they include:

  • Weight : 26 LBS
  • Bars : 2-piece – 9 inch rise / 29.5 inch wide bars
  • 20.4 inch TT hi tensile steel frame
  • U-brake with soft clear anti scuff pads
  • Sprocket : 25t / 9t gearing
  • Alloy single wall front rim and double wall rear rim
  • 14 MM Axle/Dropouts

The Mafia Kush 2 is very suitable for any level riders as it features beneficial parts such as an integrated seat clamp for user-friendliness and soft kraton grips to absorb any shock from high impact landings.

Overall the Mafia Kush 2 is the perfect freestyle BMX as it’s an excellent BMX with high quality features such as plastic VP slim pedals which are lightweight and prevent the rider from shin injury. Although it comes in at a affordable price which will not break the bank.

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Fit Hango Freestyle BMX

The Fit Hango BMX is one of the highest quality freestyle BMX’s out there, which does come with a higher price than normal. Although the Fit Hango BMX has exceptional features such as grippy 2.4 inch FIT OEM tires which are more than suitable for freestyle BMX riding and two tough Fit Bikes OEM steel pegs which can taking any abuse from grinding.

Other features of the Fit Hango BMX includes:

  • Weight : 26.5 LBS
  • Bars : 2-piece – 9.25 inch rise / 30 inch wide bars
  • 21 inch TT chromoly steel frame
  • Brakeless
  • Sprocket : FIT Key 25T
  • FIT OEM Double Wall Rims
  • 14 MM Axle/Dropouts

The Fit Hango BMX is for suited to casual or experienced freestyle BMX riders as it has suited features such as a LHD Cassette 14mm BMX hub which is ideal for ‘fakie’ related BMX tricks, additionally it has FIT Longtech Flangeless which are more than exceptional for maintaining grip whilst preforming big-air BMX tricks at the park.

The Fit Hango is a high quality freestyle BMX that does come with an expensive price tag but is totally worth the purchase. The features of the BMX, such as the FIT Cafe Tripod BMX seat are way ahead of it’s rivals in terms of quality and the BMX has an easy assembly with user-friendly instructions.

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Eastern Cobra Freestyle BMX 

The Eastern Cobra BMX is an ideal freestyle BMX for either a beginner or casual BMX rider as it has plentiful, close to high-end features at an affordable price. Some of the reasons to why it is a great starter freestyle BMX are features such as wide 2.25 inch Eastern OEM tires and an adjustable padded seat to make the BMX more user-friendly.

Other specifications of the Eastern Cobra BMX includes:

  • Weight : 27 LBS
  • Bars : 2-piece – 8.25 inch rise / 29 inch wide bars
  • 20 inch hi tensile steel frame
  •  U-Brake, Forged Alloy, Wide Body, Clear Brake Pads
  • Sprocket : Eastern Phorcys, Cold Hard Steel, 25T
  • Alloy, Single Wall, Drilled for 36 Spokes Rims (for 20 inch tires)
  • 14 MM Axle/Dropouts

The Eastern Cobra is ideal for new starters or causal riders for the riding freestyle as it includes features which prove it strength and rigidness such as its KMC Z510 chain which has an unbeatable reputation. Additionally it features an all round reliable 3-pc tubular chromoloy cranks which are renowned as being some of the toughest crank sets out on the market.

In conclusion, the Eastern Cobra BMX is the best freestyle BMX for new starters or casual riders as it offers all that is required and beyond for this level of rider all at a low cost for the high standard of quality.

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Mafiabikes Supermain Freestyle BMX

The Mafiabike Supermain BMX is most likely the best freestyle signature BMX online for purchase today. This is because it has been developed by Mafiabikes and Harry Main who has rather made a mark in freestyle BMX, which means this BMX has exceptionable features such as massive 2.4″ lagos crawler tanned tires  enabling the rider to have an exceptionable amount of grip whilst riding park.

Additional features of the Mafiabike Supermain BMX includes:

  • Weight : 25.5 LBS
  • Bars : 2-piece 9.2 inch rise / 29 inch wide bars
  • 20.6 inch hi tensile steel frame
  • Brakeless
  • Sprocket :BBS hitmain – 25t / 9t gearing 
  • Alloy single wall front rim and double wall rear rim
  • 14 MM Axle/Dropouts

The Mafia Supermain BMX may be one of the more expensive BMX’s you’ll see online, although it comes with the best features you’ll find on a BMX out there perfect for an experienced freestyle rider such as tough 4130 chromoly steel handlebars which are near enough to the toughest ones available to any rider. Additionally the Supermain has 130 cro-mo forks with hitmain topcap and tapered fork legs to prolong it’s product life cycle and reliability.

Overall the Mafia Supermain is probably the highest quality freestyle BMX you’ll find online currently but it does come at an expensive price. However if you require a perfect freestyle BMX that’ll take any impacts, is exceptionally lightweight with a massive amount of specifications this is the ideal freestyle BMX for you.

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Fit PKR Bagz Freestyle BMX

The Fit PKR Bagz is a surprisingly great value for money mid-range freestyle BMX, which is ideal for any casual BMX rider. This is because it has impressive specifications such as 2.4 FIT OEM wide tires which enable a humongous amount of grip for the rider, as well as having shock absorbing FIT Savage w/ Flange grips.

In terms of the features of the Fit PKR Bagz, they include:

  • Weight : 27.2 LBS
  • Bars : 2-piece 9.25 inch rise / 30 inch wide bars
  • 20.6 inch TT chromoly steel frame
  • U-Brake, Forged Alloy, Wide Body, Clear Brake Pads
  • Sprocket : FIT Key 25T.
  • FIT OEM Double Wall Rims
  • 14 MM Axle/Dropouts

The Fit PKR Bagz is a perfect mid-range freestyle BMX for any casual/average BMX rider as it has parts produced from long life materials. These parts include its frame which is produced from chromoly steel and has practical parts for freestyle such as it’s 14 MM cassette hub perfect for ‘fakie’ tricks in the park.

Overall if you’re an average freestyle BMX rider this is a perfect BMX for you. The Fit PKR Bagz is a mid-range exceptionally lightweight freestyle BMX which has a huge list of features which others at the same price do not offer.

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Elite Destro Freestyle BMX

The Elite Destro is an ideal freestyle BMX for any casual rider who wants a bit of choice and style to their BMX freestyle bike. This is because the Elite Destro BMX comes in five different variations of color-ways, as well as having suitably wide 2.4 inch wide freestyle BMX tires which are perfect for freestyle BMX park riding.

Other features of the Elite Destro BMX includes:

  • Weight : 26.2 LBS
  • Bars : 4-piece 8.75 inch rise / 29 inch wide bars
  • 20.5 inch Hi-tensile steel frame
  • Tektro Alloy U-brake
  • Sprocket : ELITE 25T, DRIVER: 9T
  • Elite alloy single wall front rim and double wall rear rim
  • 14 MM Axle/Dropouts

The Elite Destro BMX is an exceptional freestyle BMX that has offerings like none other, as it offers more unique features that others in the same price do not. Examples of this include it’s 4-piece handlebar design which is very aesthetically pleasing, additionally it comes with a set of bespoke steel BMX pegs so there is no worry to purchase additional parts.

Overall, if you’re looking for a varied package for a complete freestyle BMX, the Elite Destro BMX is perfect. The BMX has so much to offer that others don’t in its range and the BMX comes 85% assembled!

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Freestyle BMX Buying Guide

Purchasing a new freestyle BMX can be a challenging decision to decide upon when browsing online. Many newbie or even experienced  riders may struggle with this task, especially when not knowing which factors to look at for. Although in this guide we explain key features you should check out before purchasing a freestyle BMX !

Freestyle BMX


Firstly when purchasing a freestyle BMX you’ll want to ensure that you’re searching for a setup with the weight range of around 24 – 28 LBS, as this gives you a lightweight BMX to work with enabling you to have better performance abilities whilst preforming tricks.

Frame Size

A typical frame size of a freestyle BMX ranges anywhere from 20-22 inches, smaller frames are more suited to street freestyle riding. Moreover the opposite is the rule for dirt track and park riding where a large frame is a more suited preference for riders.

Handlebars Size

If you’re more of a dirt track or park type of freestyle rider it may be in your interest to find handlebars that have a larger width as this will benefit your riding style more.

The ‘width’ of a BMX handlebar is the distance from bar-end to the other bar-end which is generally measured in inches. If you prefer a more freestyle/park riding style, its more suitable to have wider handlebars to preform tricks such as turn downs.

Where as if you’re more suited to tricks that are more street orientated such as bar spins, you should get a narrower set of handlebars to make preforming them easier

Double-Wall Rims

Double-Wall Rims are more of an essential part for casual/experienced riders as a freestyle BMX’s rear wheel can take a lot of abuse in it’s lifetime from high-impact landings.

Really good freestyle BMX’s typically offer front and rear Double-Wall rims as these are much more stronger and rigid than regular single-wall rims which you’ll find on beginner/cheaper BMX’s.

Double-Wall rims have their benefits such as they’re less likely to be flat-spotted or dented and will reduce the frequency of you needing to have your wheel straightened/repaired every other week.

Moreover, it gives the rider much more security and confidence whilst preforming larger air-based tricks knowing their BMX can take the high impact landings.


The thicker the width of the tires, the better. That is the general consensus whilst riding freestyle, especially for those who are riding primarily dirt tracks and in the skate-park as wider tires allows for great grip which can tend to range from 2.2 inches wide to 2.5 inches wide for ultimate grip. However street riders may tend to prefer smaller width tires, more details on BMX tires can be found here in tire buying guide section of this post.


A final few points to push are that overall your choice of freestyle BMX can be very dependant on your style of freestyle riding, as each freestyle BMX whether they’re a beginner, mid-tier or expert ability has their benefits and drawbacks to certain areas of riding as mentioned previously. Just ensure that you check sizes, dimensions and weight so that you’re able to ride at peak performance whilst remaining comfortable.

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