The Best BMX Wheels 2022


BMX wheels are a vital part of a BMX setup, as they’re designed to be lightweight so the rider is able to propel themselves further and faster while withstanding high impact landings.

The best BMX wheels are the Weinmann DM30’s. This is because they’re the best all-round freecoaster rear wheel, with a unique external slack adjustment on the freecoaster hub.

Before buying a new BMX wheel, check the dimensions so that they fit your BMX tires. Moreover check out their weight, rim width & size, hub type and spoke pattern.

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BMX Wheels Comparison

BMX SeatFront/Rear WheelHub Type
Weinmann DM30Rear WheelFreecoaster
Sta TruFront WheelNo Hub
Wheel MasterRear WheelFreecoaster
Wheel Master SetFront & Rear WheelNo Hub & Freecoaster
Odyssey Hazard Lite Rear WheelFreecoaster
Eastern EzraRear WheelFreecoaster
Eastern Buzzip Front WheelNo Hub

It is essential to understand key features integrated into a BMX wheel such as the BMX hub, whether it is a freecoaster or cassette and how that can effect your riding.

Additionally, be sure to check that the BMX wheel’s axle size is a standard 14 MM fit so that it is compatible with all dropouts on your frame and forks.

Below is a article of the best BMX wheels online with their specifications.

The Best BMX Wheels 2022

1. Weinmann DM30 BMX Rear WheelWeinmann DM30 BMX Rear Wheel

The best all-rounder rear BMX wheel is the Weinmann DM30. This is due to its impressive attributes such as its high-strength construction, which is a laced 3 cross spoke and rim design ensuring safe landings and durability.

Other features of the Weinmann DM30 BMX Wheel include:

  • Hub Specs : 9-T Driver, RHD or LHD
  • Rim Dimensions : 1.75 Inches wide
  • Wheel Weight : 3.9 LBS
  • ISO Diameter : 20.0 Inch
  • Wheel Type : Rear Wheel, Freecoaster Hub
  • Axle 14 MM

Ultimately if you’re searching for the best all rounder rear BMX wheel, then the best choice for you would be the Weinmann DM30. This is down to its strong and stable design, which remains lightweight and relatively cheap compared to its rivals.

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2. Sta Tru Alloy BMX Hub Front WheelSta Tru Alloy BMX Hub Front Wheel

The best budget front BMX wheel on the market today is the Sta Tru Alloy BMX Front Wheel, for those who are looking for a budget friendly replacement. This is because the Sta Tru BMX wheel has attributes that exceed its competitors in the same price range such as its Alex Y303 single wall 36h rim for durability.

In terms of features of the Sta Tru BMX Wheel, they include:

  • Hub Specs: None – Free wheel
  • Rim Dimensions: 1.75 Inches wide
  • Wheel Weight: 1.5 LBS
  • ISO Diameter: 20.0 Inch
  • Wheel Type: Front Wheel
  • Axle: 14 MM

Overall if you’re searching for a quick and simple replacement for your front BMX wheel, then the most suitable on the market today is the Sta Tru BMX. This is due to its simple setup through its bolt-on axle, as well as having UCP spokes for strength.

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3. Wheel Master Rear Bicycle WheelWheel Master Rear Bicycle Wheel

The best budget rear wheel, that is ideal for a cheap and easy to install replacement is the Wheel Master Rear Bicycle Wheel. This can be due to its impressive features such as its impressive Shimano hub driver.

Other features of the Wheel Master Rear Bicycle Wheel include:

  • Hub Specs : 9-T Driver, RHD or LHD
  • Rim Dimensions : 1.75 Inches wide
  • Wheel Weight : 2.0 LBS
  • ISO Diameter : 20.0 Inch
  • Wheel Type : Rear Wheel, Freecoaster Hub
  • Axle 14 MM

Overall the Wheel Master Bicycle Wheel is the best cheap alternative for an easy replacement rear wheel for your BMX, that can be setup changed over and fitted in a matter of minutes. Moreover it comes in a slick gloss black appearance and has a quick release axle for simplicity.

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4. Wheel Master BMX Wheel Set PairWheel Master BMX Wheel Set Pair

The best BMX wheel set pair replacement wheels for those who are looking for a set of wheels, instead of a singular one is the Wheel Master BMX Wheel Set Pair. This is down to their durable and long-lasting design, whilst maintaining a modest price.

Other features of the Wheel Master BMX Wheel Set Pair include:

  • Hub Specs : 9-T Driver, RHD or LHD & Free Front wheel
  • Rim Dimensions : 1.6 & 1.75 Inches wide
  • Wheel Weight : 2.0 LBS & 2.6 LBS
  • ISO Diameter : 20.0 Inch
  • Wheel Type : Rear Wheel, Freecoaster Hub & Front Wheel
  • Axle 14 MM

Overall if you’re in need of a set of replacement wheels for your BMX setup instead of a singular wheel, then the Wheel Master BMX Wheel Set Pair are for you!

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5. Odyssey Hazard Lite Freecoaster – Best Rear WheelOdyssey Hazard Lite Freecoaster - Best Rear BMX Wheel

The best BMX wheel available online is the exceptionally reputable Odyssey Hazard Lite Freecoaster Rear Wheel, which features Odyssey’s Clutch V2 Freecoaster Hub integrated with their Hazard Lite Rim which results in an incredible wheel for the rider which has huge benefits such as light weight and has a super-durable drag mechanism design.

Other features of the Odyssey Hazard Lite Freecoaster include:

  • Hub Specs : 9-T Driver, RHD or LHD
  • Rim Dimensions : 1.25 Inches wide
  • Wheel Weight : 3 LBS
  • ISO Diameter : 20 Inch
  • Wheel Type : Rear Wheel, Freecoaster Hub
  • Axle 14 MM

The Odyssey Hazard Lite BMX wheel features a Odyssey Freecoaster Hub integrated within the wheel which as determined from a previous post is the best BMX hub out there as it features benefits such as a full 14mm chromoly axle and a unique external slack adjustment feature for the riders convenience.

Final additional points to make are that the rim of the wheel is the Odyssey Lite Rim which has exceptional features such as it’s constructed from 6000 series aluminum alloy meaning it has great flex from impact from landings whilst retaining it’s structural rigidity.

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6. Eastern Freecoaster Rear Wheel x Ezra Eastern Freecoaster Rear Wheel x Ezra

The Eastern Freecoaster Ezra Rear wheel is an exceptionally highly regarded BMX wheel among riders who are looking for a easy, user-friendly BMX wheel as it has practical features such as a double wall alloy rim ensuring its structural integrity to provide the rider with confidence with high impact landings.

Other features of the Eastern Freecoaster Ezra include:

  • Hub Specs : 9-T Driver, RHD
  • Rim Dimensions : 1.3 Inches wide
  • Wheel Weight : 2.8 LBS
  • ISO Diameter : 20 Inch
  • Wheel Type : Rear Wheel, Freecoaster Hub
  • Axle : 14 MM

The Eastern Freecoaster Ezra Rear wheel has distinctive features that separate it from other rear wheels such as precision welded seams for a stronger wheel, this makes it an ideal BMX wheel for street and dirt riding as it can take these high impacts, with these welded seams and double wall alloy rim it ensures the BMX wheels longevity .

Moreover the Freecoaster Ezra has a heat treated chromoly axle, with adjustable slack which is very user friendly for when you’re wanting to change hub preferences to suit your style of riding. Additionally the wheel features high strength 7075 alloy hardware, with 5 sealed bearings and a Pawl Engagement system proving that the Eastern Freecoaster Ezra’s great value for money.

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7. Eastern Buzzip – Best Front BMX Wheel

 Eastern Buzzip - Best Front BMX Wheel

The Eastern Buzzip is different compared to the other wheels as previously mentioned in the article as this is a front wheel for a BMX. It has specific features which make it the best front wheel for a BMX available online today such as it’s high grade construction which derived from the fact that it has a strong double wall welded seam 36H rim, with a lightweight and durable 6061-T6 alloy shell design.

Other features of the Eastern Buzzip include:

  • Hub Specs : None – Free wheel
  • Rim Dimensions : 1.25 Inches wide
  • Wheel Weight : 2.25 LBS
  • ISO Diameter : 20 Inch
  • Wheel Type : Front Wheel
  • Axle : 14 MM

Additional points to put forward about the Eastern Buzzip that you should be aware of are that it’s heat treated chromoly with female Allen head bolts for a smooth look and improved user friendliness.

It has a clean design with performance and style in mind as proven with it’s precision sealed bearings. If you consider the features previously mentioned about the Eastern Buzzip you can clearly drawn upon the conclusion that it is a perfect front BMX wheel for street and park for the affordable price which no other product will match on the market for the quality it provides you with.

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BMX Wheels Buying Guide

BMX wheels come in various different sizes, materials and purposes, which can make deciding which one to purchase a difficult task. Although in this guide we will show significant features to keep an eye out when looking around online for that ideal purchase.

Best BMX Wheels

BMX Wheels have two key design objectives to them which are to be durable and have high strength rigidity as they’re designed for the toughest riders in the world to take the biggest impacts from street, park, race, dirt and flatland BMX riding.

Similarly to other bicycles, BMX wheels have various features and incarnations such as the size of the actual wheel(rim width and diameter), amount of spokes, hub type and rim(material). Bonus features include various color-ways.

Size Of Your BMX Wheels

The standard size diameter wheel for a regular BMX is a 20 inch diameter! Keep an eye out for that particular size as smaller BMX bikes have and 18 inch diameter and the larger/cruiser BMX bikes have a 24 inch diameter.

For most common BMX’s you’ll ideally want to be searching for a 20 inch wheel to fit you forks and frames, if you’re ever confused for your specific size requirement be sure to check the sidewall of your tire for the wheel diameter.

The standard rim width is 32 MM for most BMX wheels, although they do come in a range of sizes. Smaller riders such as junior/kids riders or racers should ideally be searching for a narrower rim of about 30 MM as it gains them more speed and weight advantage as it reduces rotational weight. Although if you’re a freestyle or street BMX rider you should be searching for a wider rim such as a 36 MM as it’s a more rigid wheel setup for high impact landings.

Spoke Count & Spoke Pattern

BMX wheels can be integrated with various numbers of spokes, which can influence a wheels performance for the rider. BMX spokes can be a difficult topic to wrap your head around but there is one key rule to follow; the greater the number of spokes used, the more integral strength the wheel obtains, although it comes with a cost of added weight which could hinder a riders performance.

Similar to a size diameter of wheel, there is a norm or average for spokes as well which is 36 spokes for any common rider. This ensures the ideal amount of performance as it’s tough enough to take a lot of impact, yet light enough to ride comfortably with.

Most freestyle and street riders who tend to have high impact landing tricks tend to opt for the 48-spoke BMX wheels as this provides them with greater strength for high impact landings. Race riders on the other hand would be searching for 28-32 spoke BMX wheels as this is a lighter wheel set which will benefit in the speed department.

Spoke lacing is the term best described as the method or pattern to install spokes in to a wheel. Most BMX wheels are built in a traditional three-cross(3X) spoke pattern which allows for each spoke to pass another, either over, under it or over the three others between the hub and rim.

More heavier duty rims that are a 46-spoke wheel pattern will most likely use a 4x lace pattern, which is vice-versa for smaller race BMX wheels with a 2X or 1X lacing pattern to enable weight reduction.

More commonly than not, BMX wheel spokes are produced from steel wire. They come in two formats; plain gauge whereby the wire is the exact thickness for the entire length of the wire, or butted models which is thinner in the centre of the wire to reduce weight without effecting the strength of the wire.

BMX Rim Type

There are two main types of rims that can be fitted within a BMX wheel, which are pinned or welded. This relates to how each end of the hoop of the rim is joined to the other to create the circular rim.

Welded joints tend to be the strongest and more suited to experienced riders, although pinned rims which is when each end is attached to each other by a small metal join is mainly found on most factory spec BMX’s.

BMX rims vary in their internal wall structure. This is because some internal wall structures have multiple-walled ‘box-section’ rims which feature hollow internal chambers, whereas single-wall rims do not.

The expectation is that multiple-walled rims (double or triple) are stronger than the single ‘skin’ wall rims as they have a more supportive structure but this comes with the problem of added weight.

This means that doubled-walled rims tend to be suited towards more casual riders giving the best of all attributes. Where as single-walled suit BMX racers as its more lightweight which improves speed and triple-walled rims for freestyle and street riders

BMX Hub Type

An incremental part of a BMX wheel is the type of hub it has integrated within it, especially with a rear BMX wheel as front wheels are free wheel and do not integrate a hub within it.

BMX hubs are made up of an alloy housing that contains two or more sets of bearings that an axle is integrated within. If you want good quality bearings they will prohibit dirt and water getting inside of it hub and damaging it. Additionally the better quality hubs have cartridge bearings where steel balls rotate in a cartridge that can be easily removed for replacement.

A standard axle fit size would be 14 MM for most BMX bikes available for purchase today. A key note to remember is that for front wheels, they have a standard axle fit size of 10 MM. Remember to checkout your drop out sizes of your frame and forks before making a purchase.

An important feature of a BMX hub is the driver, which is integrated with a chain to transfer power from the pedals momentum into propulsion for the BMX.

There are two main types of BMX hub

  • Freecoaster hub – which has an internal clutch system
  • Cassette hub – which uses an internal driver that presses against the hub shell, runs sprockets as small as 8 teeth offering a lighter weight, most common type of hub.

Conclusion -Best BMX Wheels

Final points to make clear is that your choice of BMX wheels can be dependant on your style of riding, as each wheel has its benefits and drawbacks to certain areas of riding as mentioned previously due to many critical factors integrated into the wheel such as diameter size, spokes and hub type which can all play a key role in your performance.

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