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The Best BMX Tires 2021

Best BMX Tires

BMX tires are incredibly important, as it can effect a riders performance & control. This is because it can make a huge difference on their stability and control whilst riding their BMX bike.

The best BMX tire is the Maxxis Hookworm, which has a wide width and a high PSI level making it the perfect tire for street and freestyle riding.

In this article will be examples of BMX tires for different styles. Tires can have important features such as the PSI rating and the width of the tire. Check these features out to know if it’s suitable for your style of riding.

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BMX Tires Comparison

BMX TireWidth(Inches)Max PSI
Maxxis Hookworm1.95110
Maxxis DTH DC1.7585
Sunlite Freestyle Kontact1.9565
Sunlite MX32.2565
Bell BMX Replacement Tire2.2535
Diamondback L-Train1.9565
Eastern Squealer2.4100
ODYSSEY Sunday Street Sweeper2.4100
Goodyear Folding Bead2.165
Fiction Troop Tire2.365

Ultimately when looking for the best BMX tire, it is important to factor in PSI and diameter of the tire to ensure it fits onto your wheels. Other important factors such as grip and tread matter when considering your style of riding.

Lesser factors to consider, that may be of interest would maybe be various colors or designs which can have aesthetic benefits for your bike.

Below is a list of the best BMX tires that are suitable for street, freestyle, dirt, racing and casual riding.

The Best BMX Tires

1. Maxxis Hookworm BMX TiresMaxxis Hookworm BMX Tires

The Maxxis Hookworm BMX tire is a more than ideal option for a rider when searching for a suitable race BMX tire. This is because of its enhancements in grooved slick tread design which make it perfect for BMX racing and casual park riding on the off chance as well.

Additionally the Maxxis Hookworm has bead-to-bead tread, which provides immense durability and traction that the Hookworm has been praised for so much in the BMX community.

Other features of the Maxxis Hookworm BMX tire include:

  • Weight: 655g
  • Max Tire PSI: 110
  • Tire Width : 1.95 Inches
  • Race Winning Tires
  • Used by Professionals and Amateurs alike
  • Wrap Around Tread Pattern

Overall the Maxxis Hookworm is an exceptional option as a race BMX tire and it undeniably has amazing value for money with the various features which make it stand out from the rest of the market.

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2. Maxxis DTH DC Race BMX Tires

Maxxis DTH DC Race BMX Tires
The Maxxis DTH DC is an impressive dual compound technology race BMX tire, that deals with impacts & pressures of BMX race riding with ease.

In terms of the sizing, these BMX race tires vary from as little as  20 x 1.125 inches to 24 x 1.75 inches. This means that these BMX tires should suit the majority of race BMX bikes.

Other features of the Maxxis DTH DC Race BMX Tires include:

  • Weight: 245g
  • Max Tire PSI: 85
  • Tire Width : 1.25-1.75 Inches
  • 11 Different Sizes
  • Designed for the Olympic Beijing Games
  • Easily Fold-able Tire for Easy Storage when not on use

Overall, the Maxxis DTH DC Race BMX Tires are excellent all-round BMX race tire that has been specifically designed for BMX racing. It even has tread corners for hard-packed BMX tracks and rolls to cope with the higher speed on the straights on a BMX track.

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3. Sunlite Kontact Tire

Sunlite Kontact Freestyle Tire

If you are after a unique BMX tire with many different color variants then the Sunlite Kontact Freestyle tire is the best option. This is because it comes with over 10 different color-ways.

Other features of the Sunlite Kontact Freestyle tire include:

  • Weight: 720g
  • Max Tire PSI: 65
  • Tire Width : 1.75-1.95 Inches
  • 6 Different Size Options
  • Grippy Bead Tire
  • Wrap around tread grooves

Overall the Sunlite Kontact makes a great customizable tire as it comes with all the variable options to purchase it with along with having a directionally grooved tacky tread which is perfect for freestyle BMX riding.

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4. Sunlite MX3 BMX TireSunlite MX3 BMX Tire

If you’re searching for an exceptionally durable BMX tire, then the Sunlite MX3 BMX tire is probably the most suitable bike tire you’ll find on the market. This is because it comes with an extremely durable casing , that prevents pinch flats which makes riding less stressful.

Features of the Sunlite MX3 BMX tire include:

  • Weight: 452g
  • Max Tire PSI: 65
  • Tire Width : 1.75-2.25 Inches
  • 10 Different Size Options
  • 4 Different Color Options
  • Lower Resistance Tread Pattern

Ultimately, the Sunlite MX3 BMX tire is an amazingly durable bike tire which stands by it’s reputation of being long lasting. Moreover it is a suitable freestyle BMX tire, as it has a width of 2.25 inches which provides the rider with noteworthy amount of grip whilst riding park.

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5. Bell Replacement BMX Tire Bell Replacement BMX Tire 

If you’re looking for a spare/replacement tire that can be easily stored in a backpack for emergency’s, then the Bell Replacement BMX tire is probably the perfect candidate.

This is mainly due to the fact that it is a fold-able tire, due to its carbon steel bead design which means that it only requires a small amount of space.

Other features of the Bell Replacement BMX tire include:

  • Weight: 510g
  • Max Tire PSI: 35
  • Tire Width : 1.75-2.25 Inches
  • 7 Different Size Options
  • 2 Different ‘Run-Flat’ Options
  • Newly Designed Tread that allows for Superior Traction
  • Bell Flat Defense Technology Provides 25% More Strength

Overall, the Bell Replacement BMX tire is an ideal spare for anyone with any style of BMX riding. Additional benefits such as aggressive knobby tread, give it great traction and durability for all terrains and styles.

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6. Diamondback L-Train Dirt TiresDiamondback L-Train Dirt Tires

The Diamondback L-Train is a perfect dirt BMX tire as it has unique features which make it highly suitable for this style of riding. Such features include a oversized grip tread pattern with a tough profile for durability, which make it an ideal tire for dirt riding.

Other features of the Diamondback L-Train dirt BMX Tires include:

  • Weight: 1 LBS
  • Max Tire PSI: 65
  • Tire Width : 1.95 Inches
  • Wire-Bead Blackwall Wire for Extra Durability
  • 20 Inch Diameter

Ultimately, the Diamondback L-Train is a extremely practical BMX tire for dirt riding. This is because it’s features enable the rider to maintain large levels of grip with ease, whatever the weather conditions. Moreover, the lower PSI of 65 & greater weight allow you to have softer landings on the dirt trails, without a rough impact.

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7. Eastern Squealer BMX Tire

Eastern Squealer BMX  Tire

The best freestyle BMX tire is by far the Eastern Squealer, which is miles apart from the rest of the competition in the  industry.

A large portion to this heightened reputation in the BMX tire industry may be due to the extremely grippe Eastern rubber compound, which has been praised among many riders as the best tire for freestyle riding because of this.

The Eastern Squealer is an almost perfect BMX tire for freestyle due to the fact it has an exceptional width measuring at 2.4 inches wide, this is ideal for traction whilst riding around the skate park.

Other features of the Eastern Squealer Freestyle BMX Tire include:

  • Weight: 725g
  • Max Tire PSI: 100
  • Tire Width : 2.4 Inches
  • 2 Different Color Options
  • Unique Hot-Patched logo on sidewall for bold look
  • Smooth Center for Lower Rolling Resistance & Increased Speed

Additional final features include recessed tread for less resistance on grinds and sidewall tread designed for grippier carving which both make freestyle riding that much easier.

Overall if you’re looking for a freestyle BMX tire, you should look no further than this as the Eastern Squealer as it  has an abundance of features that make it the tire you’re looking for and more.

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8. ODYSSEY Sunday Street Sweeper Tire

ODYSSEY Sunday Street Sweeper Tire

Odyssey is a premium and renowned BMX tire brand, that have been huge player in the BMX parts industry. The Sunday Sweeper BMX tire may not be the most affordable option for a BMX tire but, it is the best BMX tire on the market today by a landslide.

The BMX street tire is a dual compound engineered tire, which allows the rider to have the roughest landings, without feeling the same impact. This means that you can remain comfortable and in control.

Features of the Odyssey Sunday Street Sweeper BMX tire include:

  • Weight : 730g
  • Max Tire PSI: 100
  • Tire Width : 2.4 Inches
  • 3 different color-ways
  • Popularity among pro riders such as Aaron Ross and Jake Seeleys
  • Center tread features softer durometer 
  • Side tread features like a harder durometer to withstand grinds

Overall the Odyssey Sunday Street Sweeper BMX tire is perfect for street BMX’s. This is because it offers premium features that simply are not offered with other BMX tires in the same price range.

All together these features along with the high PSI level of 100 & 2.4 inch wide tires allow this product to be the best street tire on offer today. There are even variable color variants to fit your preference and style of BMX.

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9. Goodyear Folding Bead Tire

Goodyear Folding Bead Street Tire

The Goodyear Folding Bead BMX tire is an exceptional contender for one of the best street BMX tires on the market. This is because it is the perfect width for a street tire at 2.1 inches wide with a superb tread pattern specifically designed for street riding as it offers incredible grip to any surfaces.

Other features of the Goodyear Folding Bead BMX tire include:

  • Weight : 750g
  • Max Tire PSI: 65
  • Tire Width : 2.1 Inches
  • 2 Different Color Options
  • Folding Bead Tire
  • Fits rims 1.5-2.125 inch

Ultimately, this is an exceptional street BMX tire as it is offered in various colors. Moreover it is a low weight BMX tire, making it an agile tire to work with when preforming street tricks. Additionally it has an affordable price making it a great replacement tire as well for the high quality standard it offers, compared to its competitors in the same price range.

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10. Fiction Troop BMX Bike Tires

Fiction Troop BMX Bike Tires

The Fiction Troop is an ideal BMX tire best suited towards BMX freestyle riding. This is because it has a wide width of 2.3 inches, with a high PSI level allow it to maintain large levels of grip with smoother impacts from jump/ramp landings.

Additionally the Fiction Troop has deeply grooved directional tread pattern which enable it to have one of the best grip levels on the market, making it perfect for freestyle BMX riding.

Other features of the Fiction Troop Tires include:

  • Weight: 710g
  • Max Tire PSI: 85
  • Tire Width : 2.3 Inches
  • Jungle Camouflage BMX Tire Style
  • Steel Tire Beading for Enhanced Durability
  • Clincher Tire Type

Overall the Fiction Troop is an exceptional freestyle BMX tire with its suitable features, although unlike the rest of the market it comes with this unique camouflage design which makes it stand out from the rest of crowd.

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BMX Tire Buying Guide

This article provides many various options for the best BMX tires to purchase. Although, at the end of the day you have to find a BMX tire that suits your style of riding whether its freestyle, flatland or jump BMX riding .

To help you with choosing the best BMX tire for you preferred style of riding, follow the buying guide below.

Best BMX Tires for Street

If you are a new comer when it comes to purchasing a new BMX tire, you may not be aware of the differences when deciding between them for a suitable tire for you bike.

Although when you analyse what type of riding style your BMX tires will be used for, then there are a lot of differences between various tires in the market which can benefit you style of riding. These may change you decision before deciding upon a purchase.

What’s The Difference Between BMX Tires And Regular Bicycle Tires?

Different biking types have different tire constructions and designs. For instance mountain bike tires need to be rigid and tough, with a wide width  and knobbly grip so that they can maintain traction and grip on slippery environments. On the other hand, road racing tires have very thin tires, with little tread and width. This allows them to cut through air resistance easier, have a lighter gross weight, which in return enables them to let the rider accelerate faster and more efficiently.

Best BMX Tires For Park

The difference when it comes to BMX tires is that they need to be more hard wearing and durable then other biking disciplines. This is because they have to take the abuse of high impact landings, whilst holding high PSI pressure levels within their inner tubes.

Every style of BMX riding style need a tough and durable tire for this reason. Although different styles of BMX riding need different tread patterns and widths for different benefits of that style.

Do Different Styles Of Riding Need Different Tires?

Whilst reading the article, you may have notice factors of certain types of BMX tires, as different styles of riding do nee different tires. An example of this may be that tires for freestyle riding tend to have little tread patterns and are smoother for high impacts and grip. Dirt tires have thick tread patterns, to provide better grip on muddy trails. Be sure to check out down below to see how styles of BMX riding need different tire requirements.

What are the different types of BMX tires?

The latter of BMX tires tend to be thick and chunky (wider than most mountain bike and road bike tires). They’re usually very rigid and tough similar to their mountain/dirt bike counterparts. Although, BMX riders don’t tend to do a lot of off-road riding, so it can be beneficial to do some research before purchasing.

Best Race BMX Tire

Moreover, dirt BMX tracks usually are hard, smooth surfaces without any rocks or hard lumps in the ground. This means that there is no need to have a unsuitable chunky BMX tire, as it’ll just hinder your performance.

Flatland/street BMX bikes tires are designed to cope with stability and preforming tricks on flat and smooth ground. Whereas, jump bike tires tend to be wide and rugged for extra grip/surface area onto the ground to enable a lot of grip and balance for the rider. These are important factors you definitely should consider before purchasing a new set of tires.

General Advice For Riders To Tires

Firstly it’s probably a good idea to measure your wheel and frame size as BMX’s can come in many sizes such as Junior and Pro. Most BMX’s will be ‘Pro’ types as that’s the size aimed at teenagers and adults, which for your reference have a wheel diameter of 20 inches.

Additionally whilst selecting your tires, you should pick a certain genre you have a preference in as this will factor which tire you’ll need such as if it’s needed for flatland, jump riding or freestyle.

Best Street BMX Tire

What are the Different Types of BMX Tires?

Different BMX tires have different purposes; such as race, freestyle, street and dirt BMX tires. Moreover, some BMX tires are aesthetically different, whereby they have various color-ways and unique designs.

Freestyle Tires

Freestyle BMX tires ideally need to be at least 2.2 inches wide to cope with higher impact landings, moreover they need a larger amount of grip around skate parks that usually have concrete or wooden surfaces which can be slippery.

Best Freestyle BMX Tire

Furthermore, you should aim to have a PSI of at least 70 for freestyle BMX riding as it’ll allow you to have softer landings when riding and preforming tricks on ramps.

Race Tires

Race BMX tires should be quite narrow in-comparison to other BMX tires types. An ideal size you should be searching for should be around 1.25/1.375 inches which allows for you to be as agile as possible whilst racing.

Moreover, you should aim to have a higher than normal PSI rating of at least 80 PSI which reduces resistance whilst maintaining high levels of traction, perfect for racing.

Dirt Tires

If you’re preference lies in the style of a dirt rider, you may choose to have thinner tires than a freestyle tire as you’ll want a lighter weight to gain a larger amount of air with.  A recommended aim size would be between 1.9 and 2 inches.

Best Budget BMX Tire

Additionally the tire tread should feel deep and ridgy as you need deep treads for dirt jumping to grip the terrain closely whilst riding. Finally you should have a fairly high PSI rating of at least above 40 but not beyond 65 to ensure softer landings.

Street Tires

Street BMX Tires tend to be at least 2.1 inches wide for your average frame size as they’re needed to take impact whilst being wide enough to take high impacts.

Furthermore, opposed to the jump riders tire grip you should start searching for a tire with a smoother grip without the deep ridges as you’ll be riding mainly on concrete/flat surfaces which will improve grip onto them.

Best Dirt BMX Tire

Recommended PSI for a street BMX rider should be at least in between 40 and 70 PSI for a softer ride however, you should always check the side of the tire for manufactures recommendations.

Other Desirable BMX Tire Features

Many BMX riders have certain preferences for their tires such as having variable colors or white-walled tires which can improve the overall look of their BMX.

Some BMX tires can come in different patterned designs which change the pattern of the grooves to make it look more aesthetically pleasing too.

Moreover having a fold-able BMX tire is a high preference among many riders as it makes for easy storage in a backpack for emergency’s, rather than taking a full blown 20 inch diameter tire which is inconvenient.

What Size BMX Tire Should I get?

Make sure that before you buy a BMX tire, that you check your wheel and frame size. This is because BMX bikes come in four different size variants which are: pro, expert, Junior and mini.

The chances are that if you’re above the age of 12 you most likely have 20 inch wheels. So make sure that the tire you choose is the correct size!

What Is The Best PSI For BMX Tires?

There is no true correct best PSI for all BMX tires, as different tires/styles of riding require different PSI levels as they can effect impact absorption and grip. So to make it easier for you I have created a rough guide on what style of riding suits what PSI level you should have below:

  • Street BMX : 40-70 +
  • Racing BMX : 80+
  • Dirt BMX : 40-65
  • Freestyle BMX : 70 +

Although this may be a rough guide, be sure to follow the manufacturers guidelines on the side of the tire wall for exact PSI levels.

How To Chose The Correct Tire For My BMX Bike

To choose the perfect tire for your BMX, you should really figure out what style of riding you will be doing. This is because BMX tires for freestyle, dirt and racing will be very different from each other. This means if you pick the perfect tire for your style, then you’ll notice a significant improvement in your riding.

Generally, if you’re riding with 20 inch diameter tires then tires that are 2.1 inches wide will be ideal enough for freestyle and street riding. By having this thickness for your tires, it will enable you to have the appropriate amount of control and grip for your style of riding.

Best Tires For Begineers

Moreover, it may be a simple rule to follow, but for dirt riding the deeper the grip tread, the better. Although when considering this, for freestyle and street riding the opposite rule applies for grippy riding whilst on concrete as they need a smooth and shallow tread.

Finally for PSI, a general rule to follow is to look for tires that have a PSI rating of 40-70. This allows the level of pressure in your inner-tubes to be significantly hard, but provide enough cushioning for those high impact landings. You may notice a lot of pro or experienced riders have their PSI levels at 100, which enables them to gather more speed around the skate-park however they’ll feel impacts a lot more.


Overall you need to ensure that you pick the perfect BMX tire for your preferences, For instance for a racing BMX tire, you’ll need to be searching for a narrower tire with a high level PSI.

Where as with a freestyle BMX tire you should be looking for a wider BMX tire for grip with a higher than average PSI level for softer landings. Be sure that you check out factors that will benefit your style of riding before buying!

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