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The Best Cheap Electric Skateboard 2021

Best Budget Electric Skateboard

Finding the best cheap electric skateboard can be difficult as you want to find the perfect board. One that offers a flexible ride, with innovative developments, whilst remaining affordable.

The best cheap electric skateboard on the market today is, the Teamgee H5, which has the most flawless performance capabilities, battery efficiency and tech.  

In this article will be many examples of flawless electric skateboards. These electric skateboards have critical factors to look out for such as battery range, weight and material construction. Ensure that you check these out.

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Best Cheap Electric Skateboards

Electric SkateboardTop Speed(MPH)Range(Miles)
Teamgee H52211
BLITZART Tornado2311
BACKFIRE G223.56-10
BLITZART Mini 125-8
BLITZART Huracane176-8
Surfwheel One Wheel1210
Teamgee H62211
Phoenix Mini169
Go Power1819

When searching for the best cheap electric skateboard, there are a few vital features to prioritise, such as the battery life/range of the e-board!

Moreover, the speed of the electric skateboard should be important as you want to be the fastest.

Below is a list of the best cheap electric skateboards for any skater.

1. Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard

The best electric skateboard currently available online today is the Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard. This is because it is the highest quality build you’ll find today. It is the thinnest E-Skateboard ever! Produced from the finest 10 ply Canadian Maple and 1 ply fiberglass which give its flawless flex.

Other features of the Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard include:

  • Range : 11 miles
  • Weight : 14.5LBS
  • Top speed : 22MPH
  • Charge time : 2 hours
  • Power source : 36V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Weight carrying ability : 200LBS
  • Motor : 380W x 2 motor

Overall, this is the sleekest, most stylish and practical electric skateboard you’ll find available for under $500. This is due to various factors such as, its perfect construction with wireless remote LCD screen and incredible performance in comparison to its rivals.

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2. BLITZART Tornado Electric Skateboard

The BLITZART Tornado is probably one of the best beginner electric skateboards available today. This is down to its ergonomic wireless remote, which is easy to use to control the speed of your board with the addition of having a battery of 7 days use on a single charge!

Other features of the BLITZART Tornado Electric Skateboard include:

  • Range : 11 miles
  • Weight : 13LBS
  • Top speed : 23MPH
  • Charge time : 3 hours
  • Power source : 36V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Weight carrying ability : 250LBS

Ultimately, this is a great beginner board for any new start looking to ride electric skateboards. This can be related to its unmatched beneficial factors, such as, its 7-ply maple wood deck with two layers of bamboo on the bottom and additional grip tape on top. This is perfect because it ensures the skaters safety with extra grip for balance and multiple layers for durability.

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3. BACKFIRE G2 Electric Skateboard

The best budget e-board online for skaters today is the Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard which offers unbelievable value for money. This is because it offers a rider quality attributes such as the BMS(Battery Management System) that the Backfire G2 boasts of in its arsenal.

Its purpose is that even when battery is fully charged, you can still do a high speed hard braking, without worrying about the huge reverse current from the motors.

Other features of the BLITZART Tornado Electric Skateboard include:

  • Range : 6-10 miles
  • Weight : 14.5LBS
  • Top speed : 23.5MPH
  • Charge time : 3.5 hours
  • Power source : 36V, 5Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Weight carrying ability : 220LBS
  • Motor : Two 350W In-Hub Motors

Overall, this is a great e-board that offers unbelievable value for money for any level of skater. This is a great board for those who want innovative features, such as how it is specifically designed that every battery cell is carefully fixed and arranged to prevent shocking damage during high speed riding, all for under $500.00.

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4. BLITZART Mini Electric Skateboard

If you’re in the market for mini e-skateboard then the ideal candidate would be the Blitzart Mini Electric Skateboard. This is because it boasts of unique features that make it stand out when you consider its compact size such as its ability to accelerate drastically with its hidden hub motors.

Additionally to control this impressive acceleration it has an easy-to-hold wireless remote that has user-friendly controls that enables acceleration and deceleration with a mode and speed for beginners or advanced skaters.

Other features of the BLITZART Mini Electric Skateboard include:

  • Range : 5-8 miles
  • Weight : 9LBS
  • Top speed : 12MPH
  • Charge time : 3 hours
  • Power source : 24V, 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack
  • Weight carrying ability : 250LBS
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5. Spadger Electric Skateboard

The best premium electric skateboard online for under $500 is the Spadger Electric Skateboard. This is because it has unique features which put it ahead of its competition standards such as super flexible skateboard deck.

The Spadger’s deck is 85% explosion-proof material, which improves its impact resistance up to 10 times! This makes the board very flexible when turning and easy to balance/control whilst skating.

Other features of the Spadger Electric Skateboard include:

  • Range : 12 miles
  • Weight : 19.5LBS
  • Top speed : 23MPH
  • Charge time : 2-3 hours
  • Power source : 36V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Weight carrying ability : 264LBS
  • Motor : 900W ‘Super-motor’

Moreover, important factors to mention about the Spadger is that it comes with a 1-Year manufacturer warranty against mechanical defects. Additionally, the board features an exclusive two-in-one built in smart LED lamp, in addition to a Bluetooth stereo audio speaker based on DSP tech.

Overall this is the most premium electric skateboard that’ll you find for under $500. This is because it has unique features that you won’t find on other boards such as has a fire-proof, explosion-proof and shock-proof deck in addition to its 30 LED light settings.

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6. BLITZART Huracane Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for a great example of a budget electric skateboard for new starters then the Blitzart Huracane is perfect cheap beginner deck.

This is because it has remarkable features such as its tough and supple 7-ply maple wood deck that has 2 layers of bamboo on the bottom of the board. This makes it perfect for a new starter who may loose control of their board a few times, as they will not have to worry about damaging the board due to its high build quality.

Other features of the Blitzart Huracane Electric Skateboard include:

  • Range : 6-8 miles
  • Weight : 13.6LBS
  • Top speed : 17MPH
  • Charge time : 3 hours
  • Power source : 36V, 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack
  • Weight carrying ability : 250LBS

To conclude this is a great buy for any new starter who requires a e-board that won’t break the bank. It also has some user-friendly benefits such as it comes shipped fully assembled and it has a convenient carrying handle integrated into the deck for transportation.

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7. Surfwheel One Wheel Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for a futuristic electric skateboard, then the Surfwheel One Wheel Skateboard will be perfect for you! This is because its the only board on the list that has solely one wheel that is designed for surfing on land as a new innovative transportation method.

Other features of the Surfwheel One Wheel Electric Skateboard include:

  • Range : 10 miles
  • Weight : 19LBS
  • Top speed : 12MPH
  • Charge time : 3 hours
  • Power source : 12 x 2000amh 3.6v. Dimension
  • Weight carrying ability : 200LBS

Overall this an incredible innovation in e-board development and is a great futuristic board to impressive friends and family with. This is because it boasts of certain features such as its Apple & Android application which allows you to control your boards speed and riding modes.

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8. Teamgee H6 Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for a fast electric skateboard then the Teamgee H6 should suit your preferences. This is because it has innovative new developments such as its 84MM in-wheel hubs.

These special in-wheel hubs offer a silent ride with regenerative breaking that gradually recharges the battery whenever you go, which is a far more innovative development than any of its competitors have made.

Other features of the Teamgee H6 Electric Skateboard include:

  • Range : 11 miles
  • Weight : 13.7LBS
  • Top speed : 22MPH
  • Charge time : 2 hours
  • Power source : 36V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Weight carrying ability : 220LBS
  • Motor : Two 380W BRUSHLESS HUB-MOTOR

Overall this is a great board if you’re looking for extreme acceleration, top speed and build quality. This is because its unmatched with its rivals due to its construction of its deck.

The deck is unique as it has 10 layers of Canadian maple wood and one layer of fiberglass, this allows the board bends and flexes similar to a regular longboard without forfeiting battery protection or reliability.

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9. Phoenix Mini Electric Skateboard

If you’re interested in purchasing a budget compact e-skateboard then the Phoenix Mini Electric Skateboard will be ideal candidate for you. This is because despite its low price it offers consumers flawless features like its 9.3 mile range despite its compact size that its perfect for children as a starter e-board.

Other features of the Phoenix Mini Electric Skateboard include:

  • Range : 9 miles
  • Weight : 10LBS
  • Top speed : 16MPH
  • Charge time : 2 hours
  • Power source :  Lithium battery is 29v 4400mAH
  • Weight carrying ability : 220LBS
  • Motor : 350 W dual hub motor

Overall, this is a perfect compact budget e-board that offers a new starter with all the thrills of having a smaller deck without the price. Additionally, as well as its exceptional features like its various riding modes to suit the skater, it comes with a warranty of 12 months for any mechanical issues.

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10. Go Power Electric Skateboard 

If you’re looking for a long-lasting electric skateboard that has extensive battery life, then the Go Power e-board will be a perfect recommendation for you. This is because it has an astronomical battery travel life of over 18 miles which is unheard of with rivals, as well as having front suspension to absorb shocks, and to give a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Other features of the Go Power Electric Skateboard include:

  • Range : 19 miles
  • Weight : 14LBS
  • Top speed : 18MPH
  • Charge time : 4 hours
  • Power source : 36V 5.2 Lithium Battery
  • Weight carrying ability : 265LBS
  • Motor : 900W motor

Overall, if you’re looking for an electric skateboard with flawless battery life then this is the best candidate for you. Moreover it has beneficial features like having three adjustable ride heights, along with front & rear LEDS.

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Cheap Electric Skateboards Buying Guide

Electric Skateboards are a new innovation that are taking the leisure industry by storm. This is because the difference between an electric skateboard and a regular skateboard is that they have a motor attached to them.

This makes electric skateboards perfect for your daily commute. This is because they allow you to transport within tight gaps in cities with ease.

Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

Although they boast of many benefits, they do come at a cost as they are high-end kit but in this guide we will point out certain factors to look out for to find the best suited affordable electric skateboard for any rider.

Finding a budget electric skateboard is no simple task as there are many examples freely advertised online. Although you have to take into consideration more factors than just the price they’re offered at.

So in this article we have developed a detailed buyers guide for cheap electric skateboards.

Deck Materials

Electric skateboards are constructed from tough and flexible materials which are available in two options, these are:


Maple is more often then not the most common material found within skateboard decks. This is because it’s a flawlessly durable material that offers substantial stiffness which leads to great control whilst riding the board.

Electric Skateboard Under 500

Moreover maple offers other benefits such as natural vibration properties which means that you’ll feel more comfortable whilst riding, as it is less hard-wearing on your feet.

If you look at the more premium electric skateboard models you’ll tend to notice that they have in addition to the maple, two layers of bamboo. This is because it sandwiches the outside of the maple layer allowing the deck to be much more flexible, whilst simultaneously retaining the maple’s stiffness.


If you’re shopping for a more premium electric skateboard then you’ll notice that a fair amount of them will be constructed from carbon.

Carbon decks tend to have more preferable characteristics such as remarkably low weight and high integral stiffness which makes it perfect for having a rigid electric skateboard.

Best Affordable Electric Skateboard

Additionally a large benefit of using carbon is that its properties may be adjusted by changing its core. This enables engineers to have more options to make a flawless deck for perfect control and balance for the skater.

However a big drawback of a carbon deck is that they are more expensive than a maple alternative.

Build quality/Warranty

Electric boards are bought to be skated on all terrains for long periods of time, so face many tests against their durability and longevity. So when considering this it is important to discover a skateboard that will have high build quality and be able take the abuse that it may face.

Affordable Electric Skateboard
Photo by @jaybostonyoutuber

Additionally, it would be in your best interest to protect yourself with a manufacturers warranty so that technical difficulties don’t hinder your skating. Ensure that you read the terms & conditions of the warranty to see what aspects of the board are covered.

Typically the better brands will offer a one-year manufacturing warranty which is more than ideal. But ensure you have at least six months to cover you as a precaution.


Wheels can be a game changing factor as they effect control and ride comfort. Most wheels in this article and commonly associated with skateboards are produced from Polyurethane, which is a perfect material that can offer different ranges of comfort & hardness.

More can be found out about skateboard wheels and their durometer which measures hardness here. Typically most Polyurethane wheels are perfect for managing city terrains and general suburb environments that you’ll encounter.

Although if you’re looking to purchase an off-road unit then ensure that it features pneumatic wheels/tires as these are able to sustain great levels of comfort whilst riding rough terrain. This is because they’re constructed with the main factor of shock absorption in mind.


One of the most incremental factors that you’ll have to consider before purchasing a new electric skateboard is obviously the battery range/life.

A general rule to follow is that the larger the battery capacity, the larger the battery range will be on one charge. Although, you have to remember that the amount of ampere hours does not translate accurately to having a larger range on the board.

All Terrain Electric Skateboard
Photo by @jaybostonyoutuber

You’ll have to consider that variable factors can effect a e-boards travel range. These factors can include the motors power output, the weight of the actual board setup and the weight of the rider.

So overall a good factor to follow when you’re check the features of a electric skateboard is the range described in miles/kilometers(distance), rather than the ampere hours. This is because it’ll clarify a much easier translator of the electric boards range capability, but also remember the variable factors which can play a role in diminishing the range such as weight and the speed you’re travelling at.

Motor type

Electric skateboards have motors which tend to be available in two options, which are:

Hub Motor

Hub motors are the more common type to expect on an electric motor. This is because they are a more cheaper alternative, which are in addition compact and light.

Moreover hub motors have only a small number of moving parts which makes them more user-friendly to work on and quieter whilst in use.

These are more often than not found mounted onto street units as they have a quick rate of acceleration.

Belt Drive/Motor

Belt driven motors are found on some electric skateboard as well which have different benefits opposed to a hub motor. Belt driven motors turn the wheels via through connecting belts.

The downside of this is that they are far noisier and more difficult to preform maintenance on. Although the big benefit of a belt driven motor is that they produce an excellent amount of torque in comparison to a hub motor.

Best Electric Skateboard Under 300
Photo by @danorman_

When you consider all options, a belt driven motor definitely is a more powerful/economical option as you get more distance for the same amount of battery life.

Overall it’s important to consider both options as your decision has to be based on your skating style and the environment you’ll skating around.

Which one of these two options you are going to opt for largely depends on your driving preferences.

Strength and flexibility

Finding the perfect equilibrium between strength and flexibility can be a difficult situation to manage. This is because the stronger and stiffer decks will allow you to have greater balance whilst riding on your board as you have more control of your wheels and board typically, however you will be faced with a more bumpier rider.

Alternatively, you could have a board more suited towards the flexible side where you’ll have more flex in the deck, meaning a more comfortable experience and a less bumpier rider. However this has the reverse problem of lesser control as the deck may feel more floppy.

You’ll have to find the perfect board that’ll either suit your style of control & comfort that you wish to have or find the perfect match of having the equilibrium of both.

Advanced Features Of Electric Skateboards

Some electric skateboards may come with additional premium features that’ll make your skating experience more enjoyable as listed down below:

Reverse Gear

Some E-boards will have a reverse gear which can be very beneficial, especially when you’re feeling lazy.

Grip tapes

Be sure to check out what grip tape your skateboard has as this can effect your control of your skateboard, due to the amount of grip obtained.

Remote access

Electric boards sometimes will have a remote access feature where you can use your board via an application on your mobile. This is great as you don’t have to carry an additional remote supplied with the board around with you.

LED control display

It is quite common for some skateboards to come with an LED control display which displays important information such as speed and battery usage.

DIY Electric Skateboard
Photo by @danorman_

Carrying handles

Carrying handles are incredibly useful if you use your board intermediately whilst using other transportation methods as you can quickly pick up your board. These are highly recommended for city commuters.

ABS technology

ABS technology can be important for all skaters whether they’re pro or a beginner. This is because ABS will assist you stop faster and smoother, in the same way ABS assists with car brakes, these can be a life saver.

Water Resistance

Something you should understand is that electric and water don’t mix well together. So bearing this in mind, it is important to ensure that your deck is water resistant.

Most electric skateboards will come with a standard IP45 battery, so ensuring that this is water proof is essential. If not it can get easily damaged and make the motors on the board useless.


All of the electric skateboards mentioned are fantastic examples of affordable electric skateboards that won’t break the bank. After reviewing the buying guide and checking over the article you’ll find the perfect one for you.

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