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The Best Skateboard Helmet 2021

Best Skateboard Helmet for Street

If you’re looking to start skateboarding, it is heavily required for safety reasons that you should wear a skateboard helmet. This is because in an event of an accident, the helmet you choose may make the difference between a serious or minor injury.

The best skateboard helmet is the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet, which is CPSC & ASTM safety certified, and has multiple different color options to choose.

Factors such as styling, ventilation and fitting are the three main concerns for many people. Although, before purchasing a helmet that meets your preferences, you should ensure that the skateboard helmet is CPSC safety certified.

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Best Skateboard Helmets

Skateboard HelmetSafety CertificationSize Range
Triple Eight Dual CertifiedCPSC/ASTM18.9 - 24 Inches
JBM CPSC/ASTM18.1 - 23.2 Inches
Pro-Tec Classic None20.5 - 23.6 Inches
Outdoor Master CPSC21.3 - 23.6 Inches
Flybar CPSC/ASTM20.8 - 24 Inches
Yellow JacketCPSC/ASTM19.5 - 24.5 Inches
Triple Eight SweatsaverNone19.5 - 24.5 Inches
Punisher Pro SeriesCPSC/ASTM20.8 - 23.2 Inches
Retrospec CM-1ASTM/CPSC20 - 24.7 Inches
TourdarsonNone19.6 - 24.0 Inches
Pro-Tec The BuckyNone20.5 - 25.2 Inches
S-ONE LiferCPSC/ASTM21 - 23.5 Inches

It may be very tempting to choose a budget example that may just about meet your safety requirements. Although, you must ensure that skateboard helmets protect your head and you will want one that’ll exceed your safety requirements.

Choosing the correct fitting can be an issue, but most manufacturers will base their sizes off your head circumference. It is highly recommend to use a cloth tape to measure your head, for a helmet before purchase.

A suitable skateboard helmet that exceeds basic safety certifications is a worthwhile investment, as they can save you from serious injury. Below is a list of the best skateboard helmets that come in a range of styles and sizes for any skater.

Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet

The Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet is by far the most popular skateboard helmet among most street and park skaters. This is due to its durable construction along with its budget, affordable price that will meet all of the safety standards and your needs.

Triple Eight are a widely renowned skateboard helmet manufacturer as they produce helmets that have multi-impact construction, with unique design and unbeatable quality perfect for any street or park rider.

Moreover, its features are specialised and suitable for any skater. These features include the outer shell and sweat saver liner in the inside of the helmet. This helps prevents sweat drips on your face, preventing you from constantly wiping your face and being uncomfortable.

Features of the Triple Eight Dual Certified include:

  • Comes with 2 sets of fit pads just in case you need a customize fit.
  • Dual Certified: Complies with U.S. CPSC & ASTM safety certifications 
  • ABS Outer Shell with EPS liner
  • Perfect for skaters, bikers longboarding skaters and roller skater.
  • Complete with our renowned Sweatsaver Fit Pads for added comfort
  • Meets the US standards for roller-skating, skateboarding, and even bicycle riding for children over the age of 5
  • Multiple color options to choose upon

Overall, the Triple Eight skateboard helmet is a stylish, well ventilated helmet that has boundless amounts of features which put it as a top tier skateboard helmet.

These features such as 360 degree wrap around design that ensures there is no liner separation in the interior of the helmet for better comfort and protection.

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JBM Skateboard Helmet

The JBM Skateboard Helmet is an ideal helmet for a skater who is a beginner skateboarder looking for a simple and user friendly helmet.

When it comes down the safety, the JBM skateboard helmet is up there in the rankings. This is because it is CPSC & ASTM certified, which ensures the best safety from any type of impact and will offer you the best protection.

Features of the JBM include:

  • Dual Certified: Complies with U.S. CPSC Bike and ASTM Skate safety standards
  • Suitable for skaters, bikers longboarding skaters and roller skater
  • PVC & PC with EPS foam protects your head from direct impacts & absorbs impacts
  • Comes in several sizes to fit heads from 18.1 to 23.2 inches
  • These helmets come with an adjustable strap which make it flexible to fit the size of Kids / Child
  • Use of multiple vents, special aerodynamic design and breathable foam to reduce sweating
  • Variable color choices to choose from

Overall the JBM is a perfect skateboard helmet for a beginner as its extremely user-friendly and simple as it comes with adjustable straps and three size variations. These allow you to manually adjust the straps and side buckle to a size that fits.

Moreover the brand has the highest quality hard outer shell to ensure protection, along with its aerodynamic design with a number of vents to ensure proper air flow to keep you cool whilst skating.

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Pro-Tec Classic Skateboard Helmet

If you’re looking for a highly regarded safe helmet that has been rating among reviewers and professionals for it’s safety features, then the Pro-Tec Classic Skateboard Helmet. This is because it has an injected-molded PE shell which offers unreal protection from low impacts whilst retaining its outstanding standard of beauty.

Other features of the Pro-Tec include:

  • High density, inner 2-stage foam liner protection with high levels of comfort
  • Plush moisture wicking liner & fabric prevents sweat from dripping onto the riders face
  • 11 large air-flowing vents which improve airflow channeling for the rider
  • Five different size options, fits heads 22.0-22.8 inches (56-58cm)
  • 9 different color variants

Overall the Pro-Tec brand has been pioneers in developing high quality protective helmets for the best part of over 40 years. This means that they have been consistently the top option for skateboarders all around the world.

This is because it provides the perfect means for a protective helmet without hindering the comfort of the rider with ease with features such as its 2-stage inner foam liner which prevents sweat drip-page and enables comfort for long periods of time.

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Outdoor Master Skateboard Helmet

If you’re looking at purchasing a helmet with one of the most highly regarded safety ratings, then look no further than the Outdoor Master skateboard helmet. This is because it boasts of impressive safety specifications such as its ABS outer shell with a EPS core, this enables it to offer exceptional protection whilst having more than suitable comfort standards.

Other features of the Outdoor Master include:

  • Reinforced ABS Shell
  • Shock Absorbing EPS Core Inside of Helmet
  • Removable Lining that is washable to get rid of sweat
  • Classic low Profile Skater Design
  • 10 different color-ways
  • Three different size options, fits heads 21.3-23.6 inches (54-60cm)

Overall the Outdoor Master is an excellent choice of skateboard helmet for all levels of rider which can very from if you’re a beginner or if you’re a pro. This is because it has practical features such as 12 different air vents which keep you cool and comfortable whilst riding. Moreover it comes with a 1 year warranty, which is rare for a helmet.

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Flybar Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet

If you’re looking for a perfect all rounder skateboard helmet that’s perfect for skateboard and other activities such as bicycling and long boarding, then the Flybar skateboard helmet is more than suitable for you. This is because its dual certified with both CPSC & ASTM certifications which proves its amazing status of one of the safest helmets on the market today.

Other features of the Flybar include:

  • 11 different color-ways
  • Three different size options, fits heads 20.8-24 inches (53-61cm)
  • Tough and Rigid ABS Outer Shell for high impacts
  • Comfort enhancing EPS Foam Inner Lining

Overall the Flybar is a perfect all rounder skateboard helmet for all skaters of any experience level and of any age. The massive edge that this helmet has over others in the same industry is that it comes with an adjustable fit.

This adjustable fit allows the helmet within reason to be compatible with most peoples head sizes, just in case you wish to let someone to borrow your helmet and have a safe and comfortable fit.

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Yellow Jacket Certified Skateboard Helmet 

If you’re an experienced skater who is looking for a proper riders helmet, then the Yellow Jacket is a perfect choice for you. This is because it’s a classic brand that has the retro styling with the ultimate comfort as it has multiple vents, along with its breathable form and aerodynamic design.

Other features of the Yellow Jacket include:

  • 4 different color-ways
  • Two different size options, fits heads 19.5 -24.5 inches (49.5-62.25cm)
  • ASTM & CPSC Safety Certified
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • 100% Money back guarantee

Overall if you’re a casual and experienced rider, than this helmet is ideal for you. This is because it has breathable foam for comfortable and cool use, as well as having a durable tough shell with a soft liner. This is important as it should absorb any external pressure caused from any high impacts.

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Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboard Helmet

If you’re on the hunt for the most comfortable skateboard helmet, then the Triple Eight Sweatsaver is probably the most suitable helmet for you. This is because its Triple Eight who are among one of the most reputable helmet brands in the industry who have produced a helmet with a special sweatsaver.

By having this sweatsaver, it allows you to have replacement liners which in return can be swapped out and cleaned whenever you deem suitable.

Other features of the Triple Eight Sweatsaver include:

  • Sweatsaver liner comes standard
  • Two different size options, fits heads 19.5 -24.5 inches (49.5-62.25cm)
  • ABS outer shell with our renowned Sweater saver liner for comfort
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • Multi-impact design
  • Classic skate side cut helmet design

Overall this is great, comfortable skateboard helmet for a more casual and beginner skater. This is because it comes with the sweatsaver feature and adjustable straps, with the vents which enable the skater to be incredibly comfortable whilst riding.

Although this helmet is not CPSC rated, it is incredibly safe and protected as Triple Eight have been a highly regarded skateboard helmet manufacturer for over 20 years in the industry.

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Punisher Pro Series Skateboard Helmet

If you’re on the hunt for a skateboard helmet that is comfortable and convenient  for fitting your kids or teenagers head, then the Punisher Pro-Series is the ideal helmet for that. This is because it comes its a ‘one size fits all helmet’.

This means that it has 3 pad sets(small, medium & large) that can be interchanged to ensure that it fits any size head, additionally it has a easy to use quick release buckle turn-lock strap adjustment to ensure easy and fast chin strap fitting.

Other features of the Punisher Pro Series include:

  • 3-Heat Sealed Removable Foam Pads to Allow helmet to fit as a Small, Medium, or Large
  • ABS Protective Shell
  • EPS Impact Absorption Liner
  • 13-Vent Air Cooling Vents
  • ASTM & CPSC safety certified 
  • Sweatsaver Liner

Overall, if you have a kid who is growing up, getting into skating then this helmet is perfect as when their head grows you can interchange the pads to ensure they’re comfortable and safe.

Furthermore, the Punisher comes with over 9 different color options which means there is plentiful choice of design that would be perfect for any young skater.

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Retrospec CM-1 Skateboard Helmet

If you’re looking for a more multi-purpose skateboard helmet with exceptional safety ratings for an affordable price, then the Retrospec CM-1 helmet would be the most suitable helmet for you.

This is because the Retrospec helmet has all the important safety certifications, whilst having interchangeable pads that’ll keep you comfortable and safe all at a more than reasonable price.

Other features of the Retrospec CM-1 include:

  • 2 interchangeable sets of pads for a customer & comfortable fit 
  • Fully Formed ABS Protective Shell
  • EPS Impact Foam Protective Liner
  • 8-Vent Air Cooling Vents
  • ASTM, STM, CFR & CPSC safety certified 
  • Additionally suitable for bicycles, roller-skates, scooters and skiing.

Overall this is an awesome skateboard helmet for those who are active riders looking for something that’s comfortable and looks stylish, as the Retrospec has over 15 color options which means you’re sure to find something you’ll like.

Additionally, the Retrospec is safety certified for other sporting activities so feel free to use this helmet for bicycles, roller-skates, scooters and skiing as its compatible for all of these activities as well!

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Tourdarson Skateboard Helmet

If you’re looking for a budget skateboard helmet that meeting all the safety standards to keep you protected, then the Tourdarson skateboard helmet suits this profile perfectly.

This is because its has the high level protective standards of and ABS outer shell & a EPS high density foam to protect you from any high impact falls.

Other features of the Tourdarson include:

  • Aerodynamic design with breathable foam to keep you cool
  • ABS Outer Protective Shell
  • EPS Impact High Density Foam Protective Liner
  • Vent Air Cooling Vents
  • Additionally suitable for bicycles, roller-skates, scooters and skiing.
  • Three different size options, fits heads 19.6 -24.0 inches (50-61cm)
  • Suitable return policy if helmet does not meet your satisfaction

Overall the Tourdarson helmet is the perfect budget buy if someone wishes to stay protected whilst skating at an affordable price, moreover it is also a multi-purpose helmet so use this for any sporting activity!

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Pro-Tec The Bucky Skateboard Helmet

If you’re looking for the best signature skateboard helmet that provides excellent protection as well an amazing standard of comfort then the Pro-Tec ‘The Bucky’ is the best helmet online for you.

This is the signature skateboard helmet by the infamous 6 time X-Games Gold Medal Skateboarder Bucky Lasek. Moreover, apart from its rich heritage ‘The Bucky’ has exceptional comfort features such as the 11 strategically placed air vents that allow for hot air to exhausted and bring cool air inside of the helmet, keeping you comfortable for longer.

Other features of the Pro-Tec ‘The Bucky’ include:

  • 2-Stage premium soft-to-hard foam
  • High-density polyethylene shell
  • HDPE shell with 2-stage foam liner wrapped in Dri-Lex for maximum riding comfort
  • Easily adjustable, nylon webbed straps.
  • 11-Vent Air Cooling Vents
  • Dri-Lex moisture wicking liner
  • Lightweight helmet with unique style.

Overall if you’re looking for a great pro rider’s helmet, then look no further than ‘The Bucky’  as its a perfect helmet with premium features such as the two stage soft foam liner that keeps you comfortable at a lightweight.

Moreover Pro-Tec has a rich 45 year history of producing skateboard helmets that are highly regarded among riders, so its a reliable skateboard helmet manufacturer you can choose amongst the over saturated industry.

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S-ONE Lifer Skateboard Helmet

The penultimate skateboard helmet is the S-One Lifer, which is one of the best fitting and safest helmets on offer online today. This is because it offers specially formulated EPS fusion foam which enables the S-One Lifer helmet to be 5X more protective than the average skateboard market in the market today.

Other features of the S-One Lifer include:

  • Certified Multi-Impact (ASTM)/High Impact (CPSC)
  • Deep Fit Helmet Design
  •  EPS Fusion Foam for Comfort
  • Additionally suitable for bicycles, roller-skates, scooters and skiing.
  • Replaceable Liners for Perfect Fit
  • Anti-Microbial/Moisture Wicking design

Overall this is a great skateboard helmet for any rider wanting to have a simple to use product that offers them the best protection with impressive features such as user friendly replacement liners to ensure a perfect fit for effective protection from impacts.

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Skateboard Helmet Buying Guide

Having protective gear is a must have whilst skateboarding, as this is a dangerous sport that makes you incredibly prone to accidents. By wearing protective gear such as a helmet, it’ll prevent you from injuries whilst riding awesome parks and street spots.
A factor you’ll need to bear in mind is that in some skate park’s in Europe and North America, you’re required to wear helmets upon entry as if you don’t it’ll go against the parks insurance policy.
 Best Skateboard Helmet for Park
Additionally it is important to replace your helmet regularly as they can become damaged or potentially fatigued from years of use. Moreover if you’re a youth age range, your helmet may begin to feel too small, so you’ll have to upgrade the size!

Essential features of a skateboard helmet you’ll always want to consider are such features like the size & style of the helmet so it suits your comfort and riding style preferences.

Furthermore you’ll wish to have the highest safety certifications along with a proper level of ventilation to keep you nice and cool whilst riding for long hours.

Knowing what factors on can be difficult, however below is a guide on the specific areas on which you should focus on to choose the right helmet for you!

Why Wearing a Helmet When Skateboarding is Vital

Whether you’ve been skating for years or its your first time on a skateboard, the minute you stand on a board you’re at risk. This is because the control is no longer within your feet but it is now interpreted by the board and this can vary surface to surface.

Additionally you never know if the surface you’re riding on is hard, such as concrete compared to a wooden ramp as this will be what you’ll be landing on if you crash.

It is important to remember that if you fall onto your arm or collar bone, they break but they’ll heal. If you have a bad fall onto you head, the brain doesn’t heal as well and can lead life changing consequences. Your head deserves protection.

Best Skateboard Helmet

Ensure that you purchase a specifically produced for skateboarding and not a multi-sport one. This is because every helmet is purposely produced for a specific sporting activity with the safety needs it requires.

A final point to hit home is that if you’re an expert skateboarder who hasn’t fallen or had an accident in a while you probably don’t worry about it. However that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. Being protected from the ground whilst riding parks on on the street on a pavement is an essential thing to do.


Ventilation is taken for granted with helmets. This is because especially on warm or active days it can make a huge difference on your comfort levels.

By having a well ventilated helmet, it’ll ensure that you’re kept cool and comfortable. With a limited ventilated helmet, it’ll make you hot and bothered whilst skating which will lead to yourself sweating and being uncomfortable.

Be sure to check the ventilation of a helmet before you buy, the golden rule is the more, the better! This is because it’ll allow for more hot air to be exhausted, whilst allowing for cool air to flow into the helmet keeping at a happy medium temperature.

Getting the Right Helmet Fit

To ensure that your head is safely protected, you’ll need to properly measure your head to make sure it fits securely in the helmet.

Best Skateboard Helmet for Pros

Whatever brand you choose, just be sure that your helmet fits well and has the suitable protective padding. Be sure that your head will not rattle around inside whilst skating so that it fits snugly across your forehead.

Below is a helmet sizing guide:

Helmet SizeHead Size (Inches)
XS20.1 – 20.5
S20.6 – 21.3
M21.4 – 22
L22.1 – 22.9
XL23 – 24

Be ensure that you double check the manufacturers sizing guide as they can vary from this.

Helmet Padding and How It Effects Comfort & Durability

You need to also remember that inner padding can play an important role regarding comfort with a skateboard helmet. This is because the if you find the helmet to become less and less comfortable you are likely to wear it, which increases your chances of injuring yourself.

More commonly skateboard helmets tend to have two layers. The first layer of which is usually a hard foam material that connects to the out shell(which takes most of the impacts). This layer should not be touching your head.

The second layer tends to be the comfort layer which is typically attached with Velcro, so it becomes replaceable. So be sure to switch this layer out to keep it clean!

Safety Factors to Keep in Mind

There are certain safety factors you will need to pay attention to such as the type of outer shell. This is because many are durable but, some tend to offer a lot more protection then others as they’re produced from ABS plastic, Kevlar, carbon fiber or fiber glass.

You want to have a helmet with dual certification realistically. This means that they’ll offer you the best inner and outer helmet protect from any impacts and reduce the potential injuries.

Best Skateboard Helmet For Adults

Make sure at the least your helmet is certified as it means that it meets all safety standards. A skateboard helmet that is not certified will potentially not be as safe as a certified one.

Different Types of Helmets

Whilst looking for skateboard helmets, you may encounter various multi-sport or specifically targeted sports helmets online.

  • Casual Skateboard Helmets – This is a typical traditional skateboard helmet. These are typically lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, but tend to be more expensive than others.
  • Full Face Skateboard Helmets – This is the most protective helmet for yourself. This is because it protects your entire face from a fall. This means you’re at less risk of scratching your face or breaking a tooth or your jaw in a fall.
  • Youth Skateboard Helmets – These helmets are small enough for children to wear, as these can be difficult to find. Make sure these are safety certified, so that your child is protected properly.
  • BMX Bike Helmets – This is an easy alternative way of protecting your head. This is because BMX helmets are very similar size, style and safety certification wise. So if you find a BMX bike helmet that you like, don’t worry about it as it should fully protect you.

Skateboard helmet safety laws

Skateboard helmet laws can change dependant on where you live. Some states in the USA tend to mandate that riders must wear a helmet if they’re under a certain age.

A good example of this law in effect would be in California. In California, all riders under the age of 18 years old must wear a CPSC certified helmet whilst riding at all times.

If you do not comply with these laws, in some states you may be subject to a fine. If you’re to meet the laws requirements, its best to always to seek out a skateboard helmet with a CSPC certification.


Overall, if you’re in the market for a new skateboard helmet your purchase can be dependant on many factors. Many of these factors that you’ll have to keep an eye out for is that it has a safety certification, well ventilated and comfortable padding.

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