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The Best Dirt Bike Helmet Brands 2021

Best Dirt Bike Helmet Brands

Whether you’re a new or experienced dirt biker, you know its important to ride with a helmet for your own protection and safety. Due to the over-saturated market, it can be difficult to find the best dirt bike helmet brands, as many are designed for specific people and riding styles.

You may of read articles such as best beginners dirt bike or tips for new starters, which will heavily advise you to wear a helmet for your own safety.

Within our article we have recommendations on the best dirt bike helmet brands out there, but before you buy one you should check out the helmets size, safety certifications, shell construction and quick release buckle system.

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On our list, we have not set a certain path that determines a helmet brands hierarchy on our article. These positions are purely based on the reputation of the brand in the dirt bike world, how many safety certifications they have and their sales in the market.

Within this post are the dirt bike helmets brands best flagship helmet, along with a link to their other products. If you are a new-starter and are looking for a new helmet, then this will be a great a guide for you to learn from.

Areas that you look around whilst purchasing a new dirt bike helmet, should be:

  • Safety Certification
  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Shell & Buckle Release System Design

It’s recommended as well before you start riding, that you check out other dirt bike protective gear such as neck braces and chest armor so you’re fully protected. Down below is a list we’ve produced with the best dirt bike helmet brands and their flagship helmets.

The Best Dirt Bike Helmet Brands

1. Alpinestars

One of the best dirt bike helmet brands around is Alpinestars, as they’ve been producing professional motosports protective gear since the 1960’s. In addition to that their build-quality and protection is unrivalled, which is shown by the Alpinestars Supertech S-M10.

In terms of features of the Alpinestars Supertech S-M10, they include:

  • Helmet Sizes: XX-Small – XX-Large
  • Safety Certification: ECE 22/05 & DOT FMVSS 218
  • Helmet Shell: High density carbon outer layer.
  • Ventilation: 19 intakes and 5 exhaust ports
  • Removable comfort liner, anti-moisture and anti-bacterial fabrics.
  • 3D contour foam.

Overall the Alpinestars brand is the most innovative out there with its highly advanced molding technology with a multi-composite combinations within their designs, plus the fact that all their helmets have amazing ventilation, improving comfort while riding and reducing the on-set of heat stress in extreme conditions.

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2. 6D Dirt Bike Helmets

One of the most premium dirt bike helmet brands out there is 6D Helmets, as they’ve been providing next level head protection with their helmet innovations. A great example of this is the 6D Helmets ATR-2 Helmet, which has a futuristic air gap ventilation system and a Washable Dri-Lex liner.

Features of the 6D Helmets ATR-2 Helmet, include:

  • Helmet Sizes: XX-Small – XX-Large
  • Safety Certification: U.S. DOT, FMVSS218 & ECE.
  • Helmet Shell: Multi-Impact Outer EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) Liner.
  • Ventilation: Air Gap ventilation system.
  • Washable Dri-Lex liner.
  • Emergency release cheek pads.

Ultimately, if you’re searching for the highest-quality in terms of safety for a dirt bike helmet brand, then the 6D Helmets brand is the way to go. It’s innovative development with its ultra-lightweight and rigid design make it unrivalled in the market.

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3. Fox Racing

One of the most popular dirt bike helmet brands is Fox Racing, as they’ve been producing market leading motocross gear from California since the 1970’s. They’ve been setting new bench-marks in the market with products such as their Fox Racing V3 with its ‘Fluid Inside’ design which is to help dissipate rotational and linear energy transmitted to the rider’s brain in the event of a crash.

In terms of features of the Fox Racing V3, they include:

  • Helmet Sizes: X-Small – XX-Large
  • Safety Certification: DOT & ECE 22.05
  • Helmet Shell: Shell construction that blends Carbon and FRP resins.
  • Ventilation: Injected Mesh vent screens provide superior ventilation.
  • Removable, washable ‘X-Static’ comfort liner and cheek pads.
  • Chin bar/eye port CAGE is intended to improve energy transfer.

Overall Fox Racing are one of the most popular dirt bike helmet brands for good reasons, such as the energy transfer design developments that ensure in an event of an impact you are kept safe.

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4. Shoei Helmets

Another notable dirt bike helmet brand is Shoei, who have been manufacturing and developing superior helmet technology since 1958. This is shown by their Shoei VFX-EVO helmet which has a Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus construction, which combines high-performance fibers with organic fibers to create a solid and safe  shell structure.

Features of the Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet, include:

  • Helmet Sizes: X-Small – XX-Large
  • Safety Certification: U.S. DOT & SNELL M2015.
  • Helmet Shell: Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Shell.
  • Ventilation: Sixteen intake and exhaust vents in total.
  • Max-Dry liner material absorbs and dissipates sweat.
  • Emergency release system for emergency personnel.

Overall the Shoei VFX-EVO is a top of the range dirt bike helmet, from one of the best dirt bike helmet brands. Shoei have been a trusted brand among the dirt bike community, that many rely and trust still today.

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5. Troy Lee Motocross Helmets

Troy Lee is another very notable brand among the motocross community. This is partly due to their reputation of providing top tier quality helmets, similar to the likes of Alpinestars and Fox Racing as mentioned before, but with a more affordable price range. A good example of this would be the Troy Lee SE4, which incorporates brain rotational protection.

In terms of features of the Troy Lee SE4 Motocross Helmet, they include:

  • Helmet Sizes: Small – X-Large
  • Safety Certification: DOT approved & meets FMVSS 218 Standards.
  • Helmet Shell: Polyacrylite Shell construction.
  • Ventilation: 16 intake ports to channel cool air & six rear exhaust ports.
  • Anatomical  3D contoured cheek pads.
  • Emergency release system for EMS responders.

Ultimately Troy Lee are a tried and trusted brand that you can rely on for protection. It’s durable helmets such as the Troy Lee SE4 is durable Polacrylite design that is used among pros and other experienced riders.

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6. Bell Dirt Bike Helmets

If you’re searching for value for money in a dirt bike helmet brands, then a great candidate is Bell. This is because they have the perfect equilibrium between safety performance and affordability, which can be shown by its Bell Moto-9 MIPS that has Tri-Matrix shell that has Carbon fiber strength, yet it has a modest price.

Features of the Bell Moto-9 MIPS Helmet, include:

  • Helmet Sizes: X-Small – XX-Large
  • Safety Certification: U.S. DOT & SNELL M2015.
  • Helmet Shell: Carbon Fiber Shell.
  • Ventilation: Velocity Flow Ventilation.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Flying Bridge Visor system.

Ultimately Bell are an astonishing dirt bike helmet brand that can provide you with impeccable and not matched safety protection, which can be identified with the Bell Moto-9 MIPS Helmet.

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7. Fly Racing 

The best budget dirt bike helmet brand is Fly Racing, as they’re able to provide amazing head protection for around the $100 range which is remarkably lower than some of the other brands previous brands mentioned, which can top out at around $500. A great flagship dirt bike helmet from them is the Fly Racing Kinetic Helmet, which has a durable and lightweight polymer shell construction.

In terms of features of the Fly Racing Kinetic Helmet, they include:

  • Helmet Sizes: X-Small – XX-Large
  • Safety Certification: ECE/DOT approved.
  • Helmet Shell: Durable and lightweight polymer shell.
  • Ventilation: TFV (True Functional Ventilation).
  • Custom molded rubber trim with integrated nose guard.
  • High-flow mouthpiece is replaceable.

Overall Fly Racing are world-renowned the world of motocross. They may be a budget brand but they pass all safety certifications and have awesome graphics to suit anyone’s style.

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8. Leatt Motocross Helmets

A notable dirt bike helmet brand is Leatt, as they have major innovations in the development of motocross helmet safety technology. This includes its 360° Turbine Technology, which reduces head impact at concussion and rotational acceleration to head and brain, a great example of this in their products is the Leatt GPX 4.5 motocross helmet.

Other features of the Leatt GPX 4.5 Helmet, include:

  • Helmet Sizes: X-Small – X-Large
  • Safety Certification: ECE and DOT certified.
  • Helmet Shell: Injected Polymer Compound shell.
  • Ventilation: Leatt Maximized ventilation.
  • Visor with breakaway function for rotational reduction in a crash.
  • Emergency cheek pad removal.

Overall the Leatt brand is trusted, as they’re always front-runners in the market with their research and development, such as with its ‘Dri-Lex’ moisture wicking, breathable, anti-odor and washable inner liner.

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9. LS2 Helmets

An affordable brand that is very notable among dirt bike riders is LS2. This is because they produce safety certified and comfortable helmets at a fraction of the price of the big name brands. A great example of this is their LS2 Subverter motocross helmet, which has a unique lightweight, strong shell made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy.

In terms of features of the LS2 Subverter Helmet, they include:

  • Helmet Sizes: X-Small – XXX-Large
  • Safety Certification: DOT approved & meets the FMVSS 218 Standard.
  • Helmet Shell: Shell made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy.
  • Ventilation: 35 Total intake & exhaust vents.
  • Revolutionary wicking material absorbs 5x faster than competitors.
  • Nanoparticle shell-rotational force mitigation.

Ultimately the LS2 helmet brand is a great choice to go form, especially if you’re a new starter who is searching for a cheap alternative. Unlike other lesser known and budget brands, it does not compromise in terms of safety.

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10. O’Neal Dirt Bike Helmets

A final stylish option for a dirt bike helmet brand is O’Neal, which have been style leaders in market for years. This is can be shown by O’Neal 2 Series helmet, which comes in a range of styles and colorways that will suit any gear style.

Other features of the O’Neal 2 Series Helmet, include:

  • Helmet Sizes: X-Small – XX-Large
  • Safety Certification: Meets ECE and DOT standards.
  • Helmet Shell: Shell is constructed with ABS.
  • Ventilation: Multiple air vents ventilation and cooling.
  • Rubber roost nose guard.
  • Plush removable/washable padded liner.

Overall if you’re searching for a trusted, safe and stylish dirt bike helmet brand, then O’Neal is the option you should head towards. Moreover, they’re highly regarded among the community and have amazing reviews from other riders who use their helmets.

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Dirt Bike Helmet Brands Buying Guide

Searching for the best dirt bike helmet brands can be a difficult task, especially if you’re a beginner, as well as an experienced dirt bike rider. This is due to there are many areas which can effect your decision, this includes its shell design, safety certification, pricing and reviews online from other rider’s. However this buying guide should guide you with some advice which could help influence your decision.

Best Dirt Bike Helmets

Stay Away From Cheaper Dirt Bike Helmet Brands

Be sure that if you’re looking for a safe dirt bike helmet to begin riding with, that it is a known brand such as Alpinestars, Fox Racing or Troy Lee. This is because they’ll be tried and tested brands, that will have guaranteed safety certifications to ensure your protection.

Advancements In Dirt Bike Helmet Technology

You should be aware that developments in dirt bike helmet technology are progressing at a fast growing rate. You’ll find that many helmets will be constructed of materials that you may never of heard of, plus they’ll have numerous amounts of vents integrated to keep you cool.

Best Motocross Helmet Brands

Check Customer Reviews On Helmets

It’s essential that you take into consideration other customers perspectives and opinions on dirt bike helmet brands, as they’ll give you insight on aspects that manufacturers may not tell you and how comfortable they are for your style of riding.

Dirt Bike Helmet Safety Certifications

Whilst reading over the product descriptions of the many helmets you may be looking into you may find that they have certain codes in their descriptions. These codes are safety certifications and they may be these ones here:

  • U.S. DOT.
  • SNELL M2015.
  • FMVSS 218 Standards.
  • ECE Certification.

Make sure you helmet has at least one at the minimum of these safety certifications, if not a few of them. This is because it means they have been tested and can guarantee a helmets safety in protecting you to injuries if the worst case scenario of an accident happens.


Ultimately you should’t base your entire decision on a new dirt bike helmet on this post alone, you should use it as a helpful resource which can help you with terminology and good examples of brands.

It’s also important that you research factors into your dirt bike helmet such as its price, safety certification, build-quality, shell & buckle release system design and its customer reviews. Providing that  you cover those areas, then you should be on your way to finding an great and protective dirt bike helmet so that you can start riding in safety.

In addition to that, its essential that you have other protective dirt bike gear for riding safely, these include dirt bike armor and motocross neck braces as these will keep you protected from serious injuries!

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