The Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket For Protection 2021

Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket For Protection
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Searching online for the best leather motorcycle jacket can be a difficult task, as there are so many variations and brands that can offer you great attributes!

Down below is a guide on the best leather motorcycle jackets online, along with suggested brands that may be suited to you.

Areas that we have analysed are:

  • Protective properties
  • Customer reviews
  • Comfortably

Whether you’re looking for a traditional leather motorcycle jacket or a new hybrid type, these are the best ones to check out!

Leather Motorcycle Jacket Brands

If you’ve been looking online for leather motorcycle jackets, you’ll notice that there are some quality brands which are associated with high cost like Alpinestars or RST. But on the other hand you’ll notice other brands such as Dainese and Ridex that are more affordable brands.

Ultimately you’ll want to spend a little on the higher side when it comes to leather motorcycle jackets, as they’ll be what protects you when you hit the asphalt in the event of the accident.

Even if you don’t like the top options that we selected below for the best leather jackets, we have also listed a few other top brands that you could research into.

The Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket Brands

  1. Alpinestars
  2. Joe Rocket
  3. RST
  4. Spidi
  5. Dainese
  6. Ridex
  7. Richa
  8. RK Sports
  9. Cafe Racer
  10. Weise

The Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets In 2021

Down below are our recommendations for the best leather motorcycle jackets.

Best For Protection – Joe Rocket Speedmaster Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Feel like you need an old school full leather jacket for protection? Then our choice for the best full leather motorcycle jacket for protection is the Joe Rocket Speedmaster.


Ideally you should be obtaining at least 1.2MM to 1.4MM of leather within the jacket fiber. This will provide you with more than enough protection than you need.

There is definitely more of a sense of durability & protection within this full leather jacket, especially when compared to the jackets previously mentioned. This is because there is more shoulder and surrounding area support. This is down to the fact that there is reinforcement by the use of titanium which provides you with immense protection.

Final points on protection to make are that it has a removable spine protector, which is C.E safety certified.


The Speedmaster is also focused on ensuring that you remain extremely comfortable for long periods of time whilst riding. Their ‘SureFit’ system ensures that you have the adjustment to make the jacket fit you suitably and to provide you with the perfect protection.

Ultimately there are six points of adjustment that are set on the sleeve in the Speedmaster. So it doesn’t matter on your size, you should easily be able to fit the jacket on you suitably.

Customer Reviews

Similar to the other leather motorcycle jackets previously mentioned, the reviews on the Speedmaster are also very good! Especially when marked up against the competitors, as no other rival delivers better value for money!

Should I Buy The Joe Rocket Speedmaster?

Ultimately if you are on the hunt for an awesome full leather motorcycle jacket, then the Speedmaster should be the best option for you. This is because it has a modern look, without compromising comfort or protection.

So if you are looking for the best leather motorcycle jacket for protection, then the Joe Rocket Speedmaster is perfect for you!

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Best Hybrid – Joe Rocket Radar Hybrid Leather Motorcycle Jacket

If you have ever been riding with a full leather jacket, then you’ll know that you can get really hot, very quickly which is a common problem. Normally if you’re looking for a well ventilated leather jacket, its very difficult to come by without spending a fortune on it.

The solution is to purchase a hybrid leather motorcycle jacket. This is because it combines the protection of leather, along with the breathability of mesh for those hotter climates to keep you cool.

The best hybrid leather motorcycle jacket is the Joe Rocket Radar. This is because combines the need leather protection along of the breathability of the mesh. This allows you to keep cool and comfortable for those very long rides on hot days!


When it comes to needing protection whilst in a crash, the vital areas in need of protection are the shoulders and elbows, so there is no real need to have a full leather protection.

The Joe Rocket Radar offers the protection that is needed in the shoulders and elbows in the form of a 1.2MM leather reinforcement.

Moreover the leather reinforcement is topped up with C.E safety certified armor that is in the design of the elbow and shoulder areas, along with the C.E safety approved spine protector.


As the Joe Rocket Radar is a blend of leather and ‘FreeAir’ mesh, it provides you with incredible breathability whilst compared to an full leather motorcycle jacket.

Additionally the Joe Rocket Radar’s hybrid leather construction gives it a more comfortable, flexible fit that keeps you well insulated as well.

Hybrid Material Construction

Just because the Joe Rocket Radar’s consutruction is that of a hybrid leather one, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t give you the same protection as a classic leather jacket.

The Joe Rocket Radar uses a Nylon ‘FreeAir’. This ensures that if you ever hit the asphalt in the event of an accident, then you’ll be fully protected.

Comparatively, it may not be as good as the leather alternative, but this hybrid jacket will provide you with better protection than cheaper textile alternatives on the market.

Online Reviews

The Joe Rocket Radar reviews are very good online, a lot better than cheaper textile alternatives. This means that this is the buyers choice when it comes to purchasing a hybrid leather motorcycle jacket.

Should I buy the Joe Rocket Radar?

If you’re riding in a warmer climate, then we would 100% recommend that you chose a hybrid leather jacket over a more classic ‘full leather’ jacket as it’ll keep you much more cooler and comfortable on your longer rides in the summer.

It may not be our first choice as it does have a price premium to pay, being a hybrid leather motorcycle jacket. But when compared to the other big name brands that are hybrid alternatives, it is a lot cheaper then those rivals.

So if you are looking for the best hybrid leather motorcycle jacket for protection, then the Joe Rocket Radar is an ideal candidate for you!

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Overall these two options mentioned are the best all-rounders for their type. As long as you cover the basis of good protection, value for money and comfort, then you should be on your way to finding the perfect leather motorcycle jacket for you!

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