The Best Soft Panniers For Adventure Motorcycles 2022

Best Soft Panniers For Adventure Motorcycles

Soft panniers for adventure motorcycles can be important attributes, especially considering their helpful attributes & benefits of carrying gear whilst travelling long distances.

The best soft pannier for adventure motorcycles is the Nelson-Rigg Sierra Dry. This is due to it’s build quality, because it is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Down below is an article on the best soft panniers for adventure motorcycles. These soft panniers are perfect for variable climates and situations. The vital areas that you should focus on are pannier capacity and heat shield protection from your exhaust.

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Soft Panniers Comparison

Soft PannierCapacity (Liters)Heat Shield Included
Nelson-Rigg Sierra Dry27.5No
Giant Loop Coyote27.5Yes
Giant Loop Great Basin50.0Yes
Wild Heart 50.0No
Chase Harper21.0No
VUZ Moto 2 24.0Yes
Giant Loop Mojavi12.0Yes
Wolfman E-1225.0No

While on the search for the best soft pannier for adventure motorcycles, you should consider a few things before buying. These include a panniers waterproof ability and its additional compartments.

Moreover it is important to factor in reflective accents for better visibility at night.

In this section below is an article on the best soft panniers for adventure motorcycles.

The Best Soft Panniers For Adventure Motorcycles

1. Nelson-Rigg Sierra Dry Soft Panniers

The best soft pannier for adventure motorcycles is the Nelson-Rigg Sierra. This is because its an incredibly durable and weatherproof, as all the seams are electronically heat welded for a complete seal.

Moreover its construction is one of the best on the market as its mounting hardware is aircraft-grade aluminum. This keeps the stiffness and the saddlebags in shape, whilst empty.

Other features of the Nelson-Rigg Sierra Dry, include:

  • Capacity : 27.5 Liters
  • Rigid internal back plate to support saddlebag.
  • 100% waterproof saddlebags.
  • 4 quick release cam buckles for convenience.
  • Double pull straps to securely mount each saddlebag.

Ultimately if you’re looking at getting the best soft pannier for your motorcycle, then this is the perfect candidate for you that additionally comes with a lifetime warranty!

Moreover there are exclusive features to the Nelson-Rigg pannier, which include the fact that it has replaceable pads which prevent the saddle bags from rubbing on you motorbike.

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2. Giant Loop Coyote Motorcycle Panniers

The best roll-top luggage system for adventure and dual sports riders is the Giant Loop Coyote motorcycle pannier. This can be down to its unique features such as its vinyl-coated Polyester construction that prevents any damage to the items it contains.

Additionally the Coyote motorcycle saddlebag has a horse-shoe shaped design, which allows for it to fit over the rear of the motorbike without affecting the riders control.

In terms of the features of the Giant Loop Coyote Motorcycle Pannierthey include:

  • Capacity : 27.5 Liters
  • Variable color-ways to choose from.
  • Vinyl-coated Polyester reinforced with ballistic Nylon.
  • Reflective accents for enhanced visibility at night.
  • Cinch ring & side-release buckle additional gear.

Overall the Giant Loop Coyote is an ideal soft pannier for your adventure motorbike as its has features that go far beyond its competitors features.

Moreover the Coyote soft pannier includes a laser cut aluminum Hot Springs Heat Shield to prevent your bags/items from warming up and melting.

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3. Giant Loop Great Basin Motorcycle Panniers

The best large soft motorcycle pannier on the market for adventure motorcycle riders is the Giant Loop Great Basin. This is because it has a capacity of 45-60 liters, with lash loops that attach ‘Possible Pouch’ for external pockets.

The Giant Loop Great Basin additionally has reinforced roll-top closure for a user-friendly, efficient waterproof seal.

Other features of the Nelson-Rigg Sierra Dry Soft Panniers , include:

  • Capacity : 50 Liters
  • Side compression straps & molded rubber handles.
  • Reflective accents for nighttime visibility.
  • Multiple color variants on offer.
  • Separate mounting & compression straps for easier access.

Ultimately you will not find a better large soft pannier for adventure motorbike riding than the Nelson-Rigg Sierra Dry. This can be down to it’s extravagant attributes which make it so beneficial for any rider in need of efficient and easy storage of luggage.

Attributes like its super-tough, highly waterproof resistant vinyl tarp outer shell that is reinforced with ballistic Nylon ensure that it’ll be a long lasting motorcycle pannier for years to come.

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4. Wild Heart Motorcycle Saddlebag

The best motorcycle saddlebag for adventure motorcycle riding for protection against heavy rain is the Wild Heart saddlebag. This is because it has a waterproof level of IPX6, which is more than above the market standard.

In terms of the features of the Wild Heart Motorcycle Saddlebagthey include:

  • Capacity : 50 Liters
  • Variable color options.
  • Tight compact design.
  • Two bags can be separated to be used individually.
  • High strength & durable design.

Overall the Wild Heart motorcycle saddlebag is a perfect soft pannier for those adventure motorbike riders who tend to travel in wetter conditions & climates.

Moreover the Wild Heart’s adjusted foam Velcro piece design, ensures to help consolidate the two bags firmly attached to your bike, as well as having a large reflector design to enhance vision at night.

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5. Chase Harper Phoenix Motorcycle Saddle Bags

The best protective saddle bags for adventure motorcycles is the Chase Harper Phoenix. This is due to the fact that it it is constructed using thick 1/4″ foam walls on all sides to provide insulation and protection.

Other features of the Chase Harper Phoenix Motorcycle Saddle Bags , include:

  • Capacity : 21 Liters
  • Pocket located on front under main compartment for smaller items.
  • 1/4″ thick foam walls for insulation against volatile temperatures.
  • Thick foam top flaps overlap & connect via Velcro to cover main compartment.
  • Constructed from industrial grade ballistic Urethane-coated Nylon.

Ultimately the Chase Harper Phoenix is a more than ideal candidate for a protective soft pannier for adventure motorcycles, as it attributes out rank any other motorcycle soft pannier in the market.

Moreover the Chase Harper pannier has more impressive attributes which make it long lasting, such as its rubberized Polyester material cover on the exterior to prevent wear and scratching.

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6. VUZ Moto 2 Adventure Motorcycle Soft Panniers

The most versatile soft pannier for adventure motorcycles is the VUZ Moto 2, which sets new standards in the adventure motorcycle pannier market.

The VUZ Moto 2 has a unique, yet innovative roll top design with an air valve which keeps luggage dry and compact.

Other features of the VUZ Moto 2 Motorcycle Soft Panniers, include:

  • Capacity : 24 Liters
  • Durable design that is waterproof PVC with Neoprene shield.
  • 4 compression straps per bag compartment.
  • Scrambler straps for single bag mounting.
  • East mounting for any dual-sport & adventure motorcycle.

Overall if you’re looking for an incredibly practical and versatile soft pannier, then the VUZ Moto 2 is perfect for you. This is because its completely waterproof  and has high-frequency welded seams to keep all items within protected.

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7. Giant Loop MSB2 Mojavi Motorcycle Saddlebag

The best lightweight soft pannier for adventure motorcycle is the Giant Loop Mojavi. This is because it has two compact 6-liter compartments for your essential items, which in return gives you a lighter weight of only 6LBS.

In terms of the features of the Giant Loop MSB2 Mojavi Motorcycle Saddlebagthey include:

  • Capacity : 12 Liters
  • Super tough truckers strap – vinyle coated Polyester.
  • Water resistant YKK zippers.
  • Includes ‘Hot Springs’ heat shield.
  • Military-spec materials for construction.

Overall if you’re a person who travels light and only requires a compact soft pannier for their motorcycle, which is lightweight then the Giant Loop Mojavi is an exceptional choice for you!

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8. Wolfman E-12 Saddle Bags

The best all rounder saddle bags for adventure and dual-sport motorcycles is the Wolfman E-12’s. This is because they offer a perfect blend between affordability, mobility and carrying capacity.

Furthermore the Wolfman E-12’s have highly adjustable mounts that are able to fit on any Enduro, dual sport and adventure motorcycle.

Other features of the Wolfman E-12 Saddle Bags, include:

  • Capacity : 25 Liters
  • Two adjustable straps to fit on most motorcycles.
  • Full 1680 Denier Ballistic Vinyl construction.
  • Extra sleek profile while gaining more internal capacity.
  • ‘V’ compression strap on each bag to keep items secure.

Overall the Wolfman E-12 saddle bags are perfect motorcycle saddle bags for any casual or beginner rider who is needing an ideal blend of affordability and carrying capacity for convenience.

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Overall finding the best soft panniers for adventure motorcycles can be challenging. This is because there are so many different ones on the market for different purposes.

Although if you cover certain areas such as carrying capacity, heat shield protection. value for money and customer reviews then you’ll be on your way to finding your perfect soft pannier for your adventure motorcycle!

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